tagLesbian SexThe Divorcee's Proposition Ch. 01

The Divorcee's Proposition Ch. 01


We all love a good lezzie story. Maybe it's the combination of rawness, emotion and intimacy that you don't get with M/F stories, who knows?!

I just know this; that I've watched too much lesbian porn and that there is no such thing as too much lesbian porn.

I took cue from some of my favourite MILF porn stars for this one. And to any ladies who laugh at my inability to think or feel from a woman's perspective; yeah no shit, but I got off on writing it lol please enjoy and thanks for reading.



What a waste!

Such was the thought that crossed Rachel's mind as she lay naked atop her bed during the more restless nights.

Because Steve had become disinterested, and more and more distant as time went by, she had put herself into raising their daughter right, holding down a career he'd told her time and time again that she didn't need, and trying to save her marriage in little ways; like more dusting, more baking, more shutting the fuck up...

How could the man of her dreams, the love of her life, become such a callous, unloving, uncaring bastard?

And since Steve left he no longer cared for their daughter. It destroyed her and it destroyed Rachel to know that she couldn't make it right.

It wasn't for the lack of trying. She knew deep down, middle age's greatest fear, that her father was having an affair. She did what so many other married women did in such times of doubt.

She doubted herself above all else; told herself she was just being paranoid!

To his credit he'd had a string of affairs while Rachel endured their increasingly sexless marriage. Now he was gone, she was left cold enough for the both of them while he ran to the hills with whatever pack mule he'd settled for now.

Well he didn't get off so lightly before he abandoned them both, not without putting Emma through college and letting go of Rachel's share, and the house.

That worked out just fine since hubby dearest had actually assassinated her career, trying to cut her completely out of the picture. In time Rachel would begin again, but working through the depression was hard, to say the least.

She was sure she was missing something. Wasn't she supposed to feel happier?

Wasn't she supposed to feel freed from the deceit and the stress of never being able to do right by this man she had given her life to?

Instead she found herself at a loss as to what she should do with the emptiness left inside her.

And not to mention the fact that a beautiful, well-endowed brunette, blessed with a great body had no place on the social scene and yet still had urges; long-built up sexual urges which sometimes raged for an escape. Being forty and divorced sucked.

It became so distracting that she failed to realise Emma's blossoming sexuality, namely the closeness of her girlfriends and the lack of boys sniffing around. It led to the shock of her life one day when she was cleaning up Emma's room.

She happened upon the 8" strap-on dildo while sorting Emma's sock drawer. What was she doing in there? She didn't even do Emma's laundry. She just "happened" upon it, aimless and looking for some way of being useful.

When she came face to face with the monster she instinctively wrapped her hand around the long shaft and held it right out in front, letting it dangle before her own eyes.

'Oh my God,' she gasped, 'what on Earth?'

Then with the thought that this monster had probably already had its wicked way with her little queen, she dropped it like a hot potato and backed away fast.

'Oh... oh my goodness,' she stammered and then she did what any concerned mother would do - under the circumstances that they had a friend who did know about these kinds of things - she took a photo and sent it to Donna with the no less revealing caption:


'Wtf hello lol,' Donna replied, sardonic wit intended.


'Please tell me what to do here, because I am just freaking out,' Rachel pleaded half an hour later over coffee in the living room.

Donna, one of her closest friends of many years and an outwardly bisexual - also a divorcee - was a down to earth dirty blonde with a love for beer and gutter humour. Luckily for Rachel she had a knack for making people feel stupid wherever rightfully so, or vice versa when they wrongly felt so stupid.

'First off, don't do anything,' her friend assured, 'there is nothing wrong with this,' she went on, waving a hand at the flexible silicone phallus now having a gay old time atop the coffee table. 'But if you can't at least laugh it off, just accept it for what it is.'

'How do you figure? My daughter has a fucking powertool for a dick.' And how Donna laughed. 'Is she one of those dominatrixes or a gimp or something?'

'I can't answer that last question. Who knows?! Most likely she's bi or lesbian, though. I have one of these myself. I love my strap-on cock!'

'Really?!!' Rachel reacted, bewildered, to which Donna beamed a huge smile and came clean, 'yeah, well duh I prefer women but I still love the cock. You figure it out.'

'Jesus, I just can't get around it,' Rachel remarked. Donna couldn't help herself.

'Heard that before,' she said and then laughed down Rachel's protests of what she insisted was an inappropriate reply. 'Well you thought it, girl,' she dismissed.

'Well you know more than I do...'

'Yes I do,' Donna agreed with a nod. 'And what's more you should probably be grateful. This thing won't get her pregnant. You don't need to remind me of the times you wondered what life would be like now had you not gotten pregnant so soon. Remember that?'

'I suppose that's true.' Rachel then allowed herself an irrational outburst, proclaiming, 'the little bitch!'

'Rachel!' It was now Donna's turn to protest.

'She likes girls and she still gets more cock than I do?!'

Donna nodded with that knowing look of hers. That told Rachel a lot, like how deep in over her head she was, and how little she truly knew. Was she really so naive?

'It's not fair. I've been going out of my mind lately and then I see this humongous cock just sitting all cosy in her sock drawer like, "hello, I was wondering if you could spare a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, Cockzilla?"'

'You mean to say you don't even have any toys of your own?' Donna's mouth fell open.

'You're forgetting who I was married to!'

'Well, toys get boring eventually anyway. They do say there's nothing like the real thing, but then most likely they've never been strapped,' Donna ruminated and then flashed a cheeky grin.

Rachel couldn't help but smile shyly at that. 'Oh come on, think about it,' Donna nudged, 'a hot chick to look at while she fucks you with a fat cock - do you really have to be that way inclined to be turned on by the thought of it?'

'Never thought about it,' Rachel dismissed, looking the other way.

'Really? What about now?' Donna asked and she mistook it for a proposal. Her heart skipped more than a single beat. She gasped and then found it hard to regain her breath, her face a picture, though not pure red with embarrassment. And Donna was impatient for a response. 'It's never too late to think for yourself, babe.'

'Ummm, do you really want an answer?'

'Honey, I know what you're thinking otherwise. Fuck men and fuck the problems they bring with them. You'd take a one night stand in an instant if you were attracted in the slightest and so why not a pretty woman instead if the opportunity introduced itself?'

'I'm just not that way inclined?' Rachel remarked emptily.

'Bullshit!' Donna rejected. 'You get soaking wet and turned on just thinking about a little intimacy thanks to Steve the shithead leaving you high and dry for so long. How you managed not to cheat on him all the same is a miracle.'

'You're right about that at least.'

'Hey,' Donna stared deep into her friend's dark brown eyes, 'wanna hear a sexy secret?'

'Oh, well, since we're in the presence of Mighty Joe Dong,' Rachel said passively but inside she was more than slightly apprehensive.

'For a time there I was so pissed off at how you were wasted on Steve that I thought I might have been able to bring you over to the dark side. And I thought A LOT about it. And I mean A LOT...'

'Really?' Rachel asked. Butterflies began to stir in the pit of her stomach, rising into a frenzy when Donna nodded in all seriousness. 'Gosh!'

'Really! Gosh indeed! Now how do you feel about that?'

'In all honesty?' Donna nodded again. 'In all honesty, I do appreciate you thinking about me and wanting to help me. You've always been a great friend and you know I love you. But you're still a woman and I'm still not that way inclined.'

'I'm no mere woman. Rach, I'm a fucking sex goddess and I know more about a woman than any cheating POS midlife crisis man,' Donna boasted to humour her troubled friend. 'But it's true, and if it made you feel any better, you're a gorgeous woman going to waste and I have to be brutally honest. I still would.'

'Wow... just wow...'

'Give me your hand,' Donna whispered. Still she took the initiative, knowing that Rachel wouldn't pull away. She held her gently and looked her dead in the eyes and reassured her. 'It's going to be alright. Just live with it. You've lived with worse. Where's the harm in this?'

'I knew I could count on you to make me see sense in all of this. I'm just shocked, really,' Rachel said with a heavy sigh.

'Just think about it though,' Donna insisted. 'It's time to start thinking about yourself. Emma needs you to do that.'


'I'm gonna get up and give you a kiss and a hug and then I'm gonna head on home,' her friend finished, or so Rachel thought. 'But I'm gonna go out on a limb here, so please don't judge.'

'If I was the type then you wouldn't be my friend,' Rachel said.

'True enough, but stand up,' Donna replied, getting up herself and leading her by the hand.

'Now what's-

Rachel couldn't get her words out. Donna's lips were pressed softly up against hers before she could finish, but with no hint of force. Then just as the shock wore off, she pulled away.

'Well that was...'

'Pretty nice,' Donna finished for her. 'You do have adorable pouty lips though. Good for kissing.'

'You're unbelievable,' Rachel gasped with an uncertain half smile. She didn't know what to believe.

'Well if you think that's unbelievable,' Donna said and then returned for another kiss and before Rachel could sense what was happening, her lips were being coaxed apart and a most friendly tongue was suddenly tickling the tip of her own.

She didn't back away. But she didn't reciprocate. Instead Donna had been the one to pull away the second time, still holding her by the hands.

Now Rachel was breathing heavily, becoming flustered, feeling a sudden...

Another kiss, again so soft and beautiful and Rachel closed her eyes and let out the faintest hint of a whimper. She pulled away panting, Rachel matching her breaths.

'What are you doing to me?' Rachel begged.

'Kissing you,' Donna said.

'No you're not,' Rachel retorted, pulling her back in. And that time it was her kissing Donna. Some long minutes later they were leaning against each other matching breath for breath and gazing deeply; lost for words.

'My mind is going a million thoughts per second, Donna,' she panicked. Donna pulled into her for a tight squeeze.

'You just opened your eyes is all,' she whispered back. 'Exciting isn't it?'

'And scary.'

'Well I am scary,' Donna supposed with a shrug. That made Rachel laugh, although nervously.

'No you're not,' she said. 'You're beautiful, you're so sweet, so smart, and I wouldn't change you for the world.'

'I love the pants offa you,' Donna smiled.

'Well you're certainly trying.'

'How are you?' Donna asked.

'I'm good,' Rachel nodded.

'Tell me the first thing on your mind.'

'That's hardly fair after-

'Just tell me!'

'That kiss,' Rachel recalled longingly. Donna knew the look in her eyes. It was the same she'd seen in the eyes of quite a few women. But in Rachel's eyes she could swim freely in it without a care; she could revel in it. Then, 'your turn!'

'Really?' Donna's eyebrows raised into a silent question, her mouth jutting partly open as if waiting for the words to roll out.

'Girl if you got any deep itches, and I know for sure you must, I would love to give you some really good sex right now and satisfy you on an almost spiritual level!'

'Oh I don't know,' Rachel said, a shadow falling on her worried face. Her eyebrows became knitted together ever more closely the longer she thought about it. 'Really good sex does sound really, really good...'


Donna showed Rachel all of the most wonderful aspects of sex between two women. And oh dear lord the kissing!

It was as though Rachel had closed her eyes and teleported to the master bedroom. She didn't remember how they got there.

At first, careful, gentle and loving, Donna undressed her friend down to her bra and panties, then laid her down on the bed.

She then stripped down to her own as Rachel commented on how beautiful she was. She didn't know the half of it, at least that was the first thing that sprang to mind.

Donna was blessed, endowed with bold beauty; plentiful breasts that looked phenomenal even clothed. And then those hips and thighs. She was a strong woman and it showed.

But to Donna, Rachel had the kind of body she desired most, and the fact that she was so in love with her beautiful eyes, tipped the scales.

Rachel was petite but built for pleasure, especially after having given birth. The softness associated with domestic life just made the thought of having her hands on Rachel's body drove her crazy. But she tried to hide that fact, at least for now, because she had so much to show her.

Joining her on the bed then, in a writhing mess of limbs, they caressed each other and explored between sweet kisses before the last of their clothing was discarded.

For the first time in her life Rachel made love to another woman's body, kissing, licking and sucking her breasts and the motherly pretty dark pink nipples that stood to attention at even just the anticipation of her touch. Then Donna took charge.

It was the first time anyone had ever gone down on her and orally gratified her sensitive and still virgin-like pussy.

Even the very first lick, by the time Donna stopped teasing her, caused her to sigh and to shudder. Before long her hips were gyrating and her inner muscles contracting; Donna's tongue working wonders like she had never imagined.

And the sensation between Rachel's thighs - Donna's mouth clamped firmly around her best kept secret. How her tongue probed and lapped at her, seemingly melting into her with such ease.

As her head smooshed into the pillows and she surrendered to those sensations, she was well aware of the sounds of her own incessant wetness.

'How about a couple of fingers,' Donna insisted and Rachel was in no mood to argue. Soon she was arching her back, wrapped around Donna's slippery wet hand as she rubbed at her G-spot and lifted her to orgasmic heights she'd never before known.

Then her legs were in the air and Donna was attacking her clit with hungry kisses as she fucked her into submission.

'This is what I want,' Donna confessed excitedly. 'You look so beautiful up there, looking down at me. As I make love to your pretty MILF pussy...'

'My WHAT???' Rachel squealed, which in turn became a stifled scream as she surrendered to another little death.

When she came again, her world exploded. The pure adrenaline rush of excitement, lust and fear never gone, she came for what felt like the first time in her life, because she had only ever known sex with a man, and a man too conservative and retired for his own good.

At that moment her soul was screaming FUCK YOU, STEVE!! for all she was worth, and at the same time embracing the love and desire of her best friend.

For a little while they lay together in a tangle, her head on Donna's breast, tousling the ends of her hair and staring off into space, just making idle chat.

'I could have done with knowing how good that was about twenty years ago,' Rachel smiled contently.

'Well it's not too late to catch up,' Donna imparted wisely. 'A lot of my bi and lesbian friends always thought you were hot. You might even think about playing the field again.'

'No way!'

'No way, what?' Donna asked. 'A lot of divorced women switch teams. They spend their whole lives trying to live up to traditional conservative expectations rather than the liberal attitudes that attracted them to other people to begin with. Sound like anybody you know?'


'So you find something you enjoy, what do you do? You explore it and open yourself to more possibilities!'

'No, I agree, I was just thinking how I'd really love you to fuck me right now,' Rachel said casually, 'You and you only!'

'Oh baby,' Donna said with a gulp. Her jaw dropped. 'I thought you'd never ask.'

'I'm fucking soaking at the thought of you wearing that big strap-on cock; taking me like only a real man could.'

Donna's mouth yawned wide open in silent laughter, her breast heaving and knocking Rachel off before she kissed her on the head as an apology and pulled her into a long, lingering smooch.

Running her fingers through Rachel's pubic hair and then up between her labia, she realised that Rachel was not lying or exagerrating. She was burning to be taken.

'Rachel, honey,' she said, 'no man could ever make love to you like a woman could, and no man will ever fuck you like I'm about to.'


'Fuck, I am going to enjoy sliding into that amazing cunt,' Donna gasped, tangling herself in the straps of the device and buckling up.

Donna parted Rachel's legs, which she had shyly crossed with a feigned virginal smile on her face, and positioned herself close between her thighs.

Running the head of the flexible flesh-coloured dildo up through the rut of Rachel's pink little entrance and against her clit, she teased and she teased, smiling and assuring her friend that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.


'I only bullshit over cheap prosecco,' Donna proclaimed.

'There's millions of women out there who...'

Donna dipped in the tip, distracting her, then withdrew to slide around her clitoral area with it.

'Younger women, women with-

'Well then right now, you are my world and therefore the most beautiful woman in the world.'

'Oh do I make you hard?' Rachel quipped sharply. Donna giggled. 'I knew you were thinking with the other brain.'

'You know, I actually wish I had a real cock right now, even just to share the first plunge,' Donna confessed before slowly sliding into her pussy. Rachel gasped a long, deep breath, gazing into Donna's eyes and with a gratifying smile as she seductively began to work her hips.

That hourglass figure, those full breasts, her beautiful blonde hair, that absurdly long cock disappearing out of sight where her sex parted to invite her deep.

Donna leaned forward, running her hands up Rachel's own breasts, her ribs and the softest inside flesh of arms, pressing their breasts together and then their lips to engage in another passionate and seductive kiss.

'Oh my god,' Rachel repeated over and over, enraptured by the sight and the sensation of being taken by another woman. 'Oh Donna, just like this,' she purred and began to synchronise her own hips with Donna's. She moved so effortlessly in and out of her pussy, all the while being careful not to give her too much too soon, but as the clock revolved and the minutes approached the next hour, she was taking it all in and she couldn't get enough.

'God, just imagine if we had done this sooner,' Donna panted as she drove home easily. 'Miserable Steve coming home to that smell of hot sex in the air, the bedsheets soaking, your neck and face flushed from all these sweet orgasms I'm giving you?!'

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