tagGroup SexThe Doctor Diaries Ch. 08

The Doctor Diaries Ch. 08

byThe Big Bopper©

Dr James Martin is your everyday dedicated general practitioner … the family doctor who has devoted a 25 year career to curing patients when they are sick. His only problem is that in the past two years, the good doctor has embarked upon his mid-life crisis, becoming very free with his hands and cock when treating his female patients. In spite of one of his patients filing a complaint, the Medical Tribunal has exonerated him and allowed him to continue in practice after a brilliant defence by the doctor's sexy attorney.

In Part 7, James and his wife have spent the night at his attorney's home, where the doctor deflowered a virgin, who thought she was gay, but ended up being bi -- and leaves her no longer virginal. The doctor's long-suffering wife has retaliated by enjoying a night in bed with the lawyer's handsome young assistant, Geoffrey, who practices tantric sex, with its multiple sexual positions and equally multiple orgasms.

Warning: I write stories with quite a lot of meaningful dialogue between the main characters, as well as some hot descriptions of people having mostly good sex … if any of this could offend you, better not read on.

Chapter 28

After at last enjoying sex with my beautiful 30-something attorney, Beverley, then following it up in the same bed by taking the virginity of her 20-something pa, Michelle, how could I have a care in the world? You might wonder, but yes I did and my major concern was the state of my marriage and the well being of my 52-year-old wife, who had been introduced to multi-orgasmic sex by the lawyer's young assistant, Geoffrey.

I tried to engage my wife in conversation about the tantric sex episode several times in the week that followed, but she seemed reluctant to discuss any more of it with me. It wasn't so much the events of that night that I needed to discuss … we had already covered that at the time. What I really wanted to know was how her newly developed wider sexual awakening might manifest itself in the future.

After that night, I kept a closer eye on my wife. Why was she dressed up to go out, who was she seeing? From what I could see, nobody yet, least of all Geoffrey who had introduced her to tantric sex. One night about ten days after that momentous evening, my wife admitted to me that she had phoned Geoffrey, curious as to whether he might be up for a repeat performance. She conceded that he had rebuffed her, dismissing any prospect of seeing her again.

My wife said she was hurt by his attitude, but not entirely surprised. Realistically, she knew that the 20-something law cadet only spent the night with her -- a mature 52-year-old woman - to please his boss, my attorney Beverley.

So my next concern was whether my wife would wish to build on her sexual awakening by seeking another male, or males, for sex outside our marriage. I asked her straight out one night. She said that she had thought of it, but wouldn't know how to meet anyone. She even admitted that she had thought of both of us indulging in a wife swap (a mature age person's expression for swinging), but she said she wouldn't want to suggest it happening with any of our close friends.

I have to say that I was surprised at the latter suggestion. My staid, conservative wife would never have even mentioned wife swapping before I had started to act indiscreetly with some of my female patients. Clearly, I had brought this current dilemma on our marriage.

About one week after my wife's unexpected suggestion of wife swapping, I had a consultation with a female patient, in her early thirties. She looked apprehensive and nervous, so I attempted to put her at ease with a bit of my nonsense chatting and my winning bedside manner.

At last, she plucked up the courage to reveal "Doctor, I am having these terrible stomach cramps. I just got my period today, the cramps started yesterday."

"Have you ever had cramps with your periods before?"

"No, I never have. My girlfriends have always told me how lucky I am that I don't. So to suddenly get them now at my age sounded like there could be something wrong inside me … I thought I better come and see you."

"I will need to have a look at you then, Melanie. Go around behind the screen and take off everything below the waist please."

"Oh shit, is that the only way for you to check. As I said, I only started my period today, I could be a bit messy down there."

"I am a doctor, Melanie, that's what I have to contend with from time to time. Don't give it another thought, I'm used to it."

She did as I asked and went around behind the screen. I could hear her clothing being removed in the otherwise silent room and my cock stirred in my boxers as I tried to picture what each item was as I heard it fall. I busied myself at my desk, updating the patient notes. This was my first patient arousal in some weeks, and the first since the Tribunal cleared me to keep my medical practice.

When the room had again fallen silent, I stood up and moved around behind the screen. There she was, my patient Melissa, lying on her back on my examination table. She had picked up the top sheet that lay nearby and had draped it decorously over her lower body, from waist to knees. She still wore her white blouse on the top half of her body. Her dark shoulder-length hair was spread out on the white pillow. Melanie looked very desirable, this could become a very tempting consultation, in spite of her having her period.

I grabbed two disposable plastic gloves from the nearby box and pulled them on. I stood beside the table, alongside her thighs and lifted the sheet back, revealing her smooth skinned thighs, then her bare crotch, neatly shaved -- she took care of her appearance. The white string appearing from between her tight labia indicated she was a tampon woman, not a pad woman. I left the top sheet bunched at her waist and placed my two hands on her smooth flat belly.

"Do you actually have the cramps at this very moment, Melanie?"

"Yes, yes I do," she admitted as I began to exert pressure on various parts of her stomach and abdomen, testing for her reactions. She grunted at my touch on several strategic spots and I looked up to see her watching my face apprehensively, probably looking for me to show concern at her reactions.

"I guess you are carrying spare tampons in your purse, Melanie?"

"Yes!" she replied nervously.

"That's good, because I am going to have to remove this one and examine you internally."

"Oh, that's what I was afraid of."

"Nothing for you to fear, it's just what I need to do to make my diagnosis."

"But without a tampon in, I could make a mess of your table."

"That's all right, I have throw-away paper down under your arse." And what a nice arse it appeared to be as I had watched her slip behind the screen a few minutes ago.

I took a hold of the white string coming from her mons, placed the other hand gently on her belly, just above her concealed clitoris and pulled on the string. The tampon emerged, considerably coloured with her discharge. It looked like it was nearly time for a change anyway. I dropped the used tampon into a silver tray beside the table for later disposal.

I needed to get myself into a better position for the rest of the examination, so I lifted her legs and placed them in the table's raised stirrups and pushed the bottom half of the table in under the rest of it. This enabled me to stand in the vee between her spread thighs, close up to her exposed crotch.

I reached out and parted her outer labia lips wide. The usual pink lining was red from her monthly discharge. I reached across and grabbed a small tube of KY Jelly and moistened the area. "Melanie, I need to ask you do you have regular sexual activity? In other words, are you in an ongoing relationship which entails having intercourse on a regular basis?"

She laughed, possibly the first time that anything about this medical visit had amused her. "I'm sorry, doctor, it's just that you medical people are so stuffy and formal with your words. What you really mean is do I get to fuck a lot? And my answer would be yes, I've been married seven years. My husband and I are pretty active still, but on top of that, we go to swinger's parties too."

"So you have had multiple partners?" I asked as I placed two fingers at the entrance to her vagina and nudged them as gently as I could inside her, feeling her open up naturally at my insistent pushing.

"Uh oh!"

"Is there something wrong, Melanie?"

"Err, no … not really! I … err … it's just that I … err, I kind of like having something up inside me there, particularly if it's human and constantly moving. I hope I don't embarrass myself here on your table."

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about, my dear. This is a perfectly normal procedure for me." I might have tried to reassure her how normal it was, but inside my pants, my cock had become a fully-fledged hard-as-a-rock-boner. If she managed to get a look down at my trousers, she could not miss the tent that had formed in there.

I was incorrigible, I knew that by now. I didn't just push my two fingers slowly into her vagina the way any respectable doctor would do. I found myself finger fucking them inside her, two parts forward and one part back. I even lazily rested my thumb on the outside, right up against the spot where her clitoral bud was starting to emerge with her heat.

"Oh yes!" she mumbled, "Oh, that's good! Yes, just there!"

I obliged, doing just as she was urging, my two fingers got a rhythm going in and out and my thumb rolled around and around her clitoris. Her body began to hump back at my hand. I was right in the thick of it again. I hadn't learned a thing from my scary day in the Medical Tribunal.

I tried to come to my senses, but I had left that too late. "Melanie, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done it this way, please forgive me."

But I was too late with the retraction, I couldn't retract those fingers and thumb now. She was wildly in the throes of a build up to a climax. "Don't stop now," she screamed at me as I tried to withdraw my fingers, her hips humping up off the examination table, her legs shaking within the clamped grip of the stirrups.

I relented, maintaining the rhythm that I had created, bringing her quite swiftly to a shuddering orgasm. I could only stand there between her spread thighs, my two fingers pushed fully into her vagina, my thumb now resting still against her clit, and watch her body complete its spasming release.

"That wasn't very clever of me, I am so sorry," I told her contritely while my cock pulsed within my pants, straining to get out.

"Wrong doctor, it was so very clever, you are amazing. Sex was the last thing on my mind when I came in here, what with my period and all. Yet you got me up there from nothing … that's a very special talent you have, doctor."

I cleared my throat nervously, "I'd say we better complete the examination now, Melanie."

"You can do what you want now, doctor. I'm good, real good … just feel away all you want."

I placed my left hand back on the flat of her stomach and moved my fingers around inside her vagina. She moaned appreciatively until I touched a spot that brought a different reaction. Her whole body flinched, "Ooh shit, that's the spot, that's where the cramping seems to be coming from. Oh, what is it, doctor?"

I reluctantly pulled my two digits from within her vagina, my plastic glove now coated in a mix of her juices and the reddish residue of her menstrual discharge. More of it leaked from her passage after the departure of my fingers. I grabbed a couple of tissues and mopped away the mess from around her pubis.

"Now, where are those fresh tampons?"

"In my purse, doctor, I left it just there with my skirt and panties. But don't worry, I can do it."

"No, I've got it. With your legs in the stirrups, you're at a good angle for me to insert it for you." I tore off the messy glove and stretched a clean replacement onto my right hand. I grabbed her purse, opened it up and reached inside for the tampon box. Taking out one along with the applicator, I quite efficiently inserted a clean fresh tampon into her vagina, then removed her legs from the raised stirrups and fully extended the table so she could stretch her fine looking legs back out.

When I had done all that, I stepped up alongside her … she was still exposed naked from the waist down. "So what's the verdict, doctor? I felt the cramping worse when you touched me somewhere in there, do you know what's causing it?"

"Yes I do, you actually have a pelvic inflammatory disease. The infection is at your cervix, which comes down out of the uterus into the top of the vagina. I can treat it with antibiotics, but you will have to advise your current sexual partner. And, err … I think you said that you were into swinging, so if that entails other sexual partners too, then you will have to let them know too."

"Oh shit, is this like a sexually transmitted disease?"

"That's what it is, Melanie. One of the men you have been with may have had gonorrhoea or chlamydia … they will have to be alerted, so they don't spread it to others. I don't want to seem judgemental, but you might have to give the swinging a rest for a while."

From where I now stood adjacent to her waist, I could see that from time to time, her eyes were flitting down to my still tented trousers, only to switch back up to look me in the eyes. She did seem to be distracted by my condition that had not abated since delivering the attractive young woman her powerful orgasm.

"You might find this hard to believe, doctor, but I wouldn't have got it from any partners that I met at the swinger's club. They are scrupulous in control of infections. No, I'm guessing where this has come from. My husband will be the culprit … I have suspected for some time that he was not content with just swinging. I'm sure that he's been having a bit on the side with some bitch, I don't know who yet. I'll bet he got it from her, whoever she is."

I had pricked up my ears when Melanie first mentioned the swinging, due to my wife having expressed an interest, although she had called it by its older name of wife swapping. I was very curious, but needed to be careful about my inquiry, given my standing as a respected doctor in this community.

I allowed my eyes to drift down one last time to the exposed mons immediately beside me, filing away the mental picture of how good her pubis looked. "I guess we better cover you up, Melanie," I said as I pulled the sheet down over her thighs and looked back to catch her eyes again peering at my tented trousers.

"Speaking of cover ups, doctor, that seems to be quite a good one you've got covered up down there."

I followed her eyes to where she was looking and saw that my erection had not reduced in size at all. "Oh, yes that is a problem that I get when I examine an attractive woman such as yourself. I can't keep the damn thing down, it gives me away every time."

I was surprised to see and feel her hand lift up from the table and rub that bulge on the outside of my trousers. "Umm, do you mind if I have a look?"

My mind whirled, was that a good idea? I had already transgressed to my wicked ways by finger fucking this patient to an orgasm. Should I compound the situation by exposing myself to her? I watched as her fingers were already pulling my fly zipper down. Resignedly, I let her do what she wanted. I felt her fingers reach inside my trousers … she fumbled with my boxer shorts and the next thing out came her hand holding my rampant erection.

"Well doctor, that is quite a hard-on you've got there. Did I cause that?" she asked in a little girlish type of voice that she must have known would excite me.

Her fingers stroked back and forth along my solid shaft and I rocked a little unsteadily on my feet. "You did look after me very well, doctor … what would you like me to do with this? Would a hand job do the trick?" She emphasised her question by stroking her encircling fingers up and down my shaft several times. "Or, perhaps you might like to bring it up here, closer to me. I have been complimented for my blow jobs."

What a temptation, I looked at that mouth that had just made me that offer and imagined having my hard cock pushing in and out of it. However, just as quickly, reality set in … I was about to write a script for antibiotics to treat an STD in her cervix. She is blaming her husband for giving it to her, but what's to say she doesn't have a similar condition inside her mouth?

"No, the hand job will be fine, thanks Melanie."

"Are you really sure?" she asked, forming her mouth into an oval into which I could see that my cock would fit superbly.

"Yes I'm sure," I told her, but I wasn't sure at all. I would love to have her suck my cock to a finish, but I would have to make do with her hand. I was beginning to push my cock through her rounded fingers once more.

Melanie very expertly tugged on my hard-on while I stood beside the examination table and thrust my erection into her encircling fingers. It might not be a blow job, but she did a hand job well too and I soon found myself fighting against the intentions of my testicles that seemed hell-bent on an early release of my pent-up cum.

I really had nothing special to hold back for, this woman had been well and truly satisfied by my fingers. So I let it go, committing my hard thrusts through her hand to the wild abandon phase. My tip leaked clear juice and Melanie managed to swirl that around with the palm of her hand over the head of my cock, making it slide better through her hand.

I rose up on my toes, experiencing the pause phase where everything stood still as I could feel the jism surging from my balls through my shaft, then to the outside world as my cock erupted into powerful spasms. I found myself uncaring where my cum would land, I was just so lost in the moment as the waves of pleasure raced through my body. My hips fell forward against the examination table as my feet struggled to hold up the weight of my body.

I looked down at Melanie laying there on the table and saw that she had brought her second hand into play, cupping it so that my release would pool in the palm of it as her first hand continued to pump my cum from my cock. Then, when she appeared to be satisfied that she had most of it, she up-ended her hand over her open mouth and her tongue snaked out and licked her palm dry of my cum. It was at that moment that I wished that I had taken a chance on the health of this woman's mouth to suck on my cock.

"So Melanie, before you go, can I get a bit of detail about the swingers club that you've been using?" I said as I withdrew my cock from her hand and put it away safely, back in my pants. "My wife has actually expressed an interest in trying one these past few weeks. I am not certain how serious she may be, but I would like to too. However, I must be very careful just who might be there, could see me and cause trouble."

"Doctor, you would be an instant hit with the women of the club, they never seem to have enough good regular men and I hear that you are very popular with your patients. So what can I tell you?"

"That's just it, I have to be careful going to one of these. If any of my patients were there, they might get the wrong idea about me."

"I don't think they would. I'd guess that most of your patients already consider you a virile, horny man. Turning up at a swingers party would just confirm their suspicions."

"How well run is it and would we be able to become members?"

"Doctor, they are very well organised, they only meet about four times a year, so they leave everybody wanting more. I could get you an invite if you want. It's always at a resort or country club and they're held over two nights on a weekend. You have to be available for both nights and it all starts at 3pm on the Friday. It's $100 per couple up front to register with the club and then you pay for your accommodation to the hotel. When you register with the club for that particular weekend, each of you fill in an application form listing all of your likes and dislikes, the type of woman you want, any fetishes, etcetera. They feed all your answers into a computer and it matches you up with your ideal mate for the first night, the Friday. Then, on the next night, it matches you with your second best match up."

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