tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Door in the Oak Ch. 45

The Door in the Oak Ch. 45


More gay stuff.


"Old Dougal has petitioned my father to have his nephew pardoned," princess Rebekah told Ruby and Amber, "apparently royal privacy is not as important as it used to be."

We were all lying on the big bed in Rebekah's bedroom. Rebekah was sitting up talking to us while Ruby and Amber cuddled on one side of her and Ewan and I cuddled on the other.

"At least you recovered the picture before it became public," I said.

"What does 'become public' mean?" Asked Rebekah.

"You know," I replied, "gets seen by lots of your subjects."


"Sssh," Ewan leaned his head back and whispered in my ear, "don't get her worked up."

"Sorry," I whispered back.

He was lying in front of me and I kissed him gently on his neck. He reached back and caressed my thigh with his delicate fingers. I reached around him and took his flaccid cock in my hand.

"I had that thought," Amber said softly as she looked at me, reached around Ruby, who was in front of her, and took her large soft penis in hand.

Rebekah saw what was happening, so she slid down the bed a little way until her cock was level with Ewan's mouth. I looked over his shoulder to watch as he opened his mouth and let her put the tip in.

"Wank him while he sucks me off," the princess told me, "he sucks better when he is being brought off."

I nuzzled his neck while I carefully rubbed his cock until it was as stiff as a pole. He let out muffled mewing sounds as my hand stimulated him, making his cock excrete a copious amount of pre cum. I noticed Ruby lean forward slightly and nibble Rebekah's lovely ass with her perfect little incisors.

"Mmmmm, yes," Rebekah said softly as Ewan sucked on her big stiff cock, letting her feed more of it into his mouth.

"Oh Amber," moaned Ruby, letting off from nipping Rebekah and tilting her head back, "oh my love."

I could see that Amber's hand had picked up speed and that she was wanking Ruby quite rapidly. Ruby had her eyes shut and a look of concentration on her face, it was plain to see that she could feel the end approaching rapidly. Rebekah was making tiny thrusting motions as Ewan sucked on her and I picked up speed with my hand.

"Mmmmmph!" Went Ruby and a streamer of thick white cum left her cock.

"Wow!" I said as it left a long stripe which covered Ewan's thigh, my hand and Rebekah's calf.

Ruby wasn't finished either, several more jets of spunk spewed forth, adding to the mess which Ewan, Rebekah and I were being coated with.

"Ooops, sorry Becky," giggled Ruby as she opened her eyes to see what she had done.

"Don't worry," said Rebekah in a husky voice.

Ewan let out a muffled grunt and started to ejaculate. His spunk shot out pretty much the same way as Ruby's and Rebekah's legs received even more white stuff, but she was not in a position to care, as she threw her head back, let out a long low moan of pleasure and began to fill Ewan's mouth with her cum.

"Is there much?" I asked, looking over his shoulder to see him swallowing rapidly.

He nodded in reply and kept swallowing.

"Now then, cum-slut," Rebekah said to me after she had finished emptying her smooth round balls into Ewan's mouth, "you can clean me up."

Ewan got off the bed to allow me to get next to Rebekah. I knelt beside her and lifted her beautiful slim leg. I put my lips to the trails of spunk that were running up, down and across that leg and began to lick them off. I drank the mix of elf and shemale cum, enjoying it's salty taste.

"Uuuuh!" Moaned Ewan.

I looked up to see him on his hands and knees behind Ruby with Amber kneeling behind him. She had obviously just put her cock up him.

"Is that nice, elf-boy?" Asked Rebekah as she watched her friend fuck him.

"Yes your highness," he replied, "it is lovely."

Ruby got off the bed and padded across the room towards the washroom. As I licked her leg clean, Rebekah took hold of Ewan's dangling cock and began to gently wank it.

"Oh my," moaned Ewan, "oh your highness."

"The gods, he takes cock well," said Amber, "almost as well as the cum-slut."

I really did not like being called that.

"THE GODDDDDDDSSS!" Shouted Amber, and then she stopped moving.

"Oh my!" Cried Ewan as he felt her come, pumping what must have been a massive load up his rectum.

Rebekah moved her hand rapidly up and down, Ewan gave a squeak and spunk started to spill from his cock. I looked on, my turgid balls aching as Amber and Ewan came.

"I'm going to wash," said Rebekah, climbing off the bed and walking away, "will you join me, Amber?"

Amber pulled out of Ewan, who fell forward onto the bed, a very big smile of satisfaction on his face, and slid off the bed to join her friend. I lay on my back, my cock sticking up into the air, clear liquid running down the shaft.

"Did we neglect you?" Ewan asked, "poor Joe."

I turned my head and looked at him. He smiled, shuffled towards me, raised his head, opened his mouth and took my length in.

"Mmmmmm," I murmured as I felt his tongue run over my glans, paying special attention to the ridge.

He put a finger to my ring as he sucked me and I spread my legs wide and wriggled down, encouraging it to enter me. He took the hint and pushed it in me up to the first knuckle.

"More," I said softly, "put it in me more."

He pushed his finger all the way inside me and pressed on my prostate gland. I gave a grunt and began to shoot my load into his mouth, he was prepared for it and swallowed all I had without a pause.

"Nice?" He asked as he took his mouth away and wiped the residue of my spunk from his lips with his fingers.

"Lovely," I replied, smiling at him.

He put his fingers in his mouth, sucked the last few drops of my cum from them and swallowed it down. I lay still for a while, enjoying the moment, as happy as I had ever been in my life.

* * * * * * *

"So Amber," said Rebekah, later that day, "my father says that you are to go and get Dennis the dwarf back from the trolls."

"Very well," replied Amber.

"You will have to buy him back and will be given gold with which to do so. You must travel to the island of the trolls to get him. You can take the cum-slut to keep you company."

I really did not like being called that.

* * * * * * *

"We shall stay here for the night," Amber said as we reached Roger's tavern, "and engage a captain and crew to take us to the island in the morning."

"Yes, Amber," I replied as we dismounted, "will we be sharing a room?"

"Of course," she answered as she pulled me to her and kissed me forcefully.

I led the horses across the road to a livery stable where an old dwarf took them from me. When I went into the tavern, Amber was seated at a table with two jugs of ale in front of her.

"Is this for me?" I asked, indicating one of the jugs.

She nodded in reply and I sat next to her, picked it up and took a swig.

"Ale!" Boomed a voice.

"I know that voice!" Called Amber as Cedric Cedar came into view.

"Ha! Mistress Locks!" Boomed Cedric, "it is indeed a pleasure to see you! May we join you?"

Jed was sent to get the drinks and Cedric sat opposite us. We learned that Cedric was touring the kingdom entering tournaments and was in the area for a summer fayre.

"Have you sampled the delights of mistress Lock's appendage?" Cedric asked me in a conspiratorial tone.

"Oh, he certainly has," Amber replied on my behalf, squeezing my thigh under the table as she did so.

"Jed has not stopped talking about it since, have you Jed?" Said Cedric.

"No master, I haven't." replied Jed as he put two jugs of ale on the table.

"Would you like to share our room tonight?" Amber asked.

Two heads nodded enthusiastically in reply.

* * * * * *

"That was a fine supper," said Cedric as we entered our room.

"And I'm looking forward to the afters," Jed whispered in my ear.

My balls began to tingle as I felt his hand brush against my ass as he whispered to me.

We all got undressed and climbed onto the big bed in the middle of the room. Neither Cedric nor Jed seemed at all coy about being naked and on a bed in front of another man.

"Will you suck my cock, Jed?" Amber asked him.

He knelt between her outspread legs and leaned down, his mouth open. She let out a sigh as he closed his lips around her shaft and began to suck on her. Cedric knelt behind Jed, put some blue jelly on his fingers and gently pushed them up his squire's exposed anus.

"Is this nice?" I asked Cedric as I knelt behind him, reached around and took hold of his stiffening cock.

"Mmm, yes," he replied in a much softer voice than usual.

I leaned to the side and looked past him at Amber. She had her eyes closed and was smiling a wide smile. I looked at Jed, whose head was bobbing up and down and whose back was arched, allowing his master's fingers to probe him as deeply as possible.

"Oh Joe," said Cedric as I wanked him, "oh the gods."

I squeezed his shaft with my hand and increased the speed of my arm, I could see that the effect was for him to start to finger-fuck Jed quite rapidly. Jed, in turn, worked his head faster, causing Amber to moan loudly. A few more flicks of my wrist and they all finished.

"OH JOE!" Cried Cedric as his cock spat out string after string of spunk which landed on Jed's back, his ass and the backs of his thighs.

My eyes widened in amazement, I had never seen so much spunk come out of a cock!

"Mmmmmm!" Jed Mumbled loudly as he began to release his cum, which squirted out of him and down onto the eiderdown.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" Cried Amber as she began to fill Jed's mouth with her cum.

After a few moments they had all emptied themselves and relaxed. My cock was very stiff and my balls were beginning to ache, I was desperate for release.

"What about me?" I asked in a plaintive voice, "can I come?"

"Oh you poor thing," said Amber, "are you feeling frustrated?"

"Yes I am," I pouted, "very frustrated."

"Well, clean Cedric's mess off of Jed and we shall see what we can do."

Cedric moved aside and I knelt behind Jed. I started by licking the cum from his back, licking it up and swallowing it down. It tasted very salty, but not unpleasant. Amber came and knelt by Jed's side. She began to lick the cum from his ass cheeks as I moved my attention to the backs of his legs. There certainly was a lot of it and we were kept busy for what seemed like quite some time.

"Would you like me to buy you the pixie from downstairs?" Cedric asked as I straightened up, wiping my lips with my fingers.

"That would be nice," I replied, thinking that he meant Lettie.

Jed put his breeches on and was dispatched to get the aforementioned whore. While we waited I lay on the bed between Amber and Cedric and gently caressed their cocks.

"When you are ready mistress," Cedric said to Amber, pointing to her penis, "you might like to remind me what it feels like to have that lovely beast inside me."

"It will be my pleasure," Amber replied.

"Here he is," said Jed, leading Lennie into the room.

"Oh," I said, "I thought you meant his sister."

"One blue pixie's ass is much the same as any other's," said Cedric.

"I fancied a bit of cunt for a change," I replied.

"Well, I've bought him now," said Cedric.

"I'll have him if you don't want him," said Jed, "I think he is quite cute."

All the while that we were discussing his merits or demerits, Lennie was undressing. I looked over at him and my balls started to tingle, he was cute, very cute, just like his sister.

"Who is to have me first?" Lennie asked.

"Me!" I said loudly, "I am having you, you were bought for me."

"Who's keen all of a sudden?" Chuckled Amber.

Lennie climbed onto the bed and got on his hands and knees. Cedric took great delight in applying the blue jelly to his puckered ring, sliding two of his rather large manly fingers all the way inside the young pixie.

"Don't stretch him too much," said Amber, "I want to feel squeezed when I put my cock up him."

"Ha!" Boomed Cedric, "not before you have put it up me though, mistress!"

"No, of course not, but the night is young and I think I might be abusing his pink ring before the dawn breaks."

All this lewd talk was making me more and more aroused. As soon as Cedric withdrew his fingers I knelt up, shuffled behind Lennie, held my cock to his ass hole and pushed it in him.

"Oh!" He cried softly as my engorged purple helmet forced it's way in.

"How is he?" Asked Cedric.

"Lovely," I answered, "lovely and tight."

"Ha!" Boomed Cedric, "Marlock's jelly is truly a magical potion!"

I buggered the teenage pixie-whore-rent-boy-slut slowly and carefully, enjoying to the full every thrust and every withdrawal.

"That looks nice," said Amber, "are you pleased that Cedric bought the brother for you and not the sister?"

"Yes Amber," I replied, "very pleased."

"Come on Joe," urged Jed, " hurry up, I want a go on him."

I increased the speed of my thrusting and Lennie moaned with pleasure as my cock pressed against his prostate. Within a short time I let out a groan, stopped moving and my cum began to boil over.

"Oh my," said Lennie, softly, "you're coming."

"Yes, yes I am," I replied, "and It feels wonderful."

I pumped a load up him, a big load, probably as big a load as I had ever delivered.

"Uuuuuuuh!" Moaned Lennie, and he began to ejaculate onto the bed.

"Do that to me," Cedric told Amber, "do it to me now!"

Amber knelt behind Cedric and pushed her cock up his ass. He moaned loudly as he took her length inside him. Jed stood astride his master and offered his stiff cock to Amber. She opened her mouth and allowed him to put it in, then she started to suck the squire as she fucked the knight.

"Shall I go?" Lennie asked me, "they seem to be satisfying each other."

"I'd stay if I were you," I answered, "you could earn a fair few silver coins tonight."

We sat on the sofa which was to one side of the room and watched Amber, Cedric and Jed. Cedric was smiling like a Cheshire cat, his prostate being stimulated by the large cock which was being pushed in and pulled out of him by the randy shemale. Amber had a look of concentration on her face as she multi-tasked, fucking and sucking at the same time.

"I think Jed is about to come," Lennie said to me.

He was right. Jed arched his back and let out a moan of pure pleasure as Amber's expert fellatio brought him to the finish. I could see his cock shaft throbbing as he put a load down her throat.

"Oh fuck, that was a lot!" Amber said once Jed had withdrawn.

"Uuuuuh!" Moaned Cedric.

Cedric started ejaculating again. I thought that after his last load, there would not be much left, but he proved me wrong. Even though it was not as much as before, he still managed to coat the eiderdown, adding to what Jed had deposited on it earlier.

"The gods!" Cried Amber as she shot her load up Cedric's back passage, "this is soooo nice!"

The goo covered eiderdown was dispensed with and the three of them lay side by side on the undersheet. They all looked very pleased with themselves.

"Go and get some nettle wine," Amber told me, "I am thirsty."

I pulled my breeches on and went down to the bar where Lettie was busy serving.

"Is my brother coming back to help?" She asked.

"I don't think you will see him again this evening," I told her.

I carried the tray of drinks back upstairs. When I entered the room, Lennie was on his back on the edge of the bed with Jed and Cedric stood to the side, each holding one of his legs in the air. Amber was standing in front of him, just about to push her stiff cock inside him.

"Oh Mistress Locks!" Cried Lennie as he took her length up his ass.

"Oh yes!" Cried Amber as she felt his rectum squeeze her cock.

I put the tray down, stood next to Amber, reached forward, took Lennie's cock in my hand and began to wank him in time to Amber's thrusts.

"Oh the blessed gods!" Cried Lennie as my manual stimulation and Amber's phallic stimulation raised him to a state of bliss.

It lasted a minute or so, the combined wanking and fucking. Amber gave a grunt and Lennie gave a squeak, Amber stopped thrusting and Lennie closed his eyes as his cock exploded like a roman candle, sending ropes of thick creamy cum high into the air and landing back down on his chest and stomach.

"Still coming," Amber moaned softly, "still......coming."

Eventually she pulled out. Cedric and Jed let go of Lennie's legs and they flopped down, to hang off the bed. I released his now flaccid cock and we all moved away to let him recover.

"I think he enjoyed that," said Jed as we looked at the young pixie lying there, covered in his own cum, the widest smile on his face that I had ever seen.

Cedric knelt beside Lennie, leaned down and began to lick the cum from his torso. As it became clean Amber, Jed and I caressed his body with our hands. Cedric licked and kissed his way up to Lennie's mouth and kissed him gently on his lips, I had always considered Cedric a big noisy blusterous man, but I could see that he did have a sensitive side too.

"Once we have completed our task," Amber said to me, "I might buy him for the princess, I am sure she would like him."

"I think you are right," I agreed.

Half an hour later, Amber was showing her less sensitive side as she buggered the pixie doggy-style, pounding his pink ring with her large stiff cock.

"The gods, this is nice!" She cried out as she rammed her meat in and out of him and pulled his hair, forcing him to arch his back.

"Oh mistress Locks!" Cried Lennie, "oh mistress!"

Amber emptied her balls yet again, putting whatever she had left inside the panting Lennie. As soon as she pulled out, Jed took her place.

"I haven't had him yet," he said in a gruff voice, "I have been wanting to have him all evening."

"Take me then!" Shouted Lennie, "have me as you want to!"

And he did.

Five minutes later, Jed was sitting on the floor, panting, his flaccid cock dripping in cum, both his own and that of Amber. Lennie was still lying on his back, also panting, with cum running from his gaping ass hole onto the bed.

"I've nothing left," said Jed, "that was fantastic!"

"There's always tomorrow," said Amber as she plumped up a pillow to lay her head on and curled up on the bed.

Cedric pulled Lennie up the bed, rolled him onto his side and lay behind him.

'Ah, that's sweet,' I thought to myself as I watched Cedric put his arm around the young pixie and drift off to sleep.

Jed lay behind Amber and I decided to sleep on the sofa. No sooner had I lay my head down than I was in a deep sleep.

* * * * * * *

I awoke to the sound of grunting. It was Cedric grunting as he shoved his cock in and out of Lennie, who was lying on his side in front of him.

"Oh Lennie," Cedric whispered between grunts, "oh Lennie."

"Fuck me!" Lennie replied, "fuck me hard and fuck me deep."

I sat up and watched as the mature knight used the teenage whore to satisfy his carnal desire. I could feel my cock stiffening and my balls fizz as I looked on.

"Oh yes!" Cried Cedric.

"Ooooooh!" Cried Lennie.

Cedric had stopped thrusting and was delivering one of his ridiculously huge loads to Lennie's colon. A smile of satisfaction had appeared on Lennie's face as he felt Cedric's cum fill him.

"Are you going to let me fuck you now?" Lennie asked Cedric after he had pulled out.

"Yes," Cedric replied, stroking Lennie's cheek.

Cedric got on all-fours and Lennie knelt behind him. I began to stroke my stiff cock as I watched Lennie lube up Cedric's rear end and push his cock inside him. I could see spunk dribbling out of Lennie's ass and running down his legs, Cedric certainly had put a lot inside him.

"Nice?" Lennie asked.

"Mmm, yes," replied Cedric.

Lennie began to thrust, his smooth balls swinging back and forth as he moved his hips. Cedric let out moans of pleasure as he received cock, cock which he had paid for.

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