tagNovels and NovellasThe Engagement Ch. 09

The Engagement Ch. 09


Dinner and More With the Rourk's

Friday arrived rather quickly, and while Dutch still had some apprehension about Rosa's acceptance of group sex with Robert and Alice the next night, Rosa had none at all. In fact, she was looking forward to it, but held back from admitting it to her lover.

That is until they were making love in their bedroom, trying to keep the noise down with Kathy in the living room watching television. He had just finished coming and they lay entwined recuperating.

"Can I tell you something Dutch?"

"Sure, go on, my buxom wench."

Being called his wench brought a smile to her face and she allowed her fingers to wrap around some hairs on his chest.

"You know, I always had high hopes you were interested in me, but thought I was seeing things in my own mind," she confessed. "I thought it would always be a dream to be with you like this - not a reality." The fingertips of her right hand began to titillate the already pebbled nipple.

"I'm more than interested, Rosa. I've become completely intrigued with you. How many times have I told you that I love you?" He watched as she took the bud and stretched it out, then released it to snap back to its original shape.

She smiled and said, "You can never tell me that you love me to many times. Keep on saying it. I love hearing it. And I love you so very, very much to. I would do anything for you."

By this time Dutch was sucking on the puffy brown aureole atop her right breast, laving it with the tip of his tongue.

She groaned, but managed to continue with her train of thought.

"Seriously Dutch, I'm not just a fling am I?"

Still sucking on her breast, he replied, "I'm much more interested in you than a simple fling."

"Hmmm, good," she moaned in a delightful tone, "I knew it." Mentally, she kicked herself for seeking his reassurance. Still, hearing him say it made her giddy with joy and her hand snaked down to her unhooded clit.

Happy at having placated his lover, he removed his mouth from her breast and while continuing to squeeze and massage it, moved slightly lower, kissing and licking her midriff and tight stomach.

She moaned happily and surrendered to him. Minutes later as his thick prick surged into her for the second time and her orgasm was rapidly approaching, she grunted out, "Oh, yeah, fuck me good and I'll let you watch as I go down on Alice tomorrow."

Dutch responded by grabbing her hips and ramming his entire length into her. "Gonna blow Robert too?" He asked as his voice cracked.

"Yes, you bet I am!" She growled as the sweat rolled down between her breasts. "I want to taste his black dick."

Savagely, Dutch pounded his rock hard cock into her. "Gonna let me fuck Alice up the ass?"

The impact of his thrusts forced a grunt from her lips, "Fuck me there first and I'll help ya put it in her."

Dutch went wild, pummeling her with his massive cock and Rosa started screaming his name as well as other nasty suggestions as she came hard. It was a long time before her orgasm subsided.


In the next room Kathy frantically masturbated using the dildo her mother had given her. Hearing her mother making love had gotten her hotter than she could remember. Only this time she was using Dutch as her imaginary partner, wishing it were she and not her mother that he was fucking to climactic heaven. It wasn't until later that she even wondered why it was Dutch she was dreaming about and not one of the jocks at school. And who were those other people her mother kept talking about. That was SOOOO nasty. Maybe it helped turn her on . . . maybe.


Dutch moved into Rosa's embrace. She hugged him tightly and kissed his shoulder while her hands were busy rubbing hard against his back. "That was sensational!" Rosa moaned, filled with satisfaction. "I must have come a hundred times."

"Oh, really, so you're counting them now?" His laughter assured her that he was only teasing.

"You are the world's greatest lover, baby. That's how come I love you so much."

He kissed the tip of her nose. "I hope to hell Kathy didn't hear us. Or I should say I hope she didn't hear you."

"I have a confession to make."

"Give me a second while I put my collar on," he joked

Giggling, she gave him a half-hearted slap on the shoulder.

"I knew she would be hearing us from time to time and we had a discussion . . . well I kinda went round and round with her. Anyway, Kathy told me how horny she was getting. Especially after hearing us in here one night, so I bought her a dildo."

He laughed, "No shit?"

Her face revealed her surprise. "You're not pissed off?"

"No, I think it very sensible. Hey look, she's a beautiful kid and every dork in that high school must be dreaming about getting into her pants."


"Don't Dutch me. I know what goes on at that age."

She knew what went on at that age as well as he did. And she knew just how horny a young girl could get, having been there herself. "Oh, Dutch, I love you!" And she hugged him close.


In the next room, Kathy reached her climax and with her hand clenched between her teeth she rocked into blissful ecstasy. Ironically, she too called his name out as her orgasm savaged her young torso.


Later, when Dutch was fast asleep, Rosa poured herself a glass of milk, removed her makeup and took a shower. Afterward, with a towel around her hips, she examined herself in the mirror.

'Not so bad for thirty-eight,' she told herself. Then hefting her right breast she carefully examined the aureole. As she looked, her nipple stiffened and pretending she was Dutch, she kissed it, drew it into her mouth and gave it a playful nip.


Saturday afternoon in their bedroom the two were getting dressed, both were slightly nervous about what lay ahead for them that evening. They had never swapped before. Dutch reflected on their encounter at the doctor's office, but didn't count that as he had fucked Rosa and Timmy had fucked Sharon. True the next day Rosa had gone down on the doctor and Cindy, but again, that wasn't swapping mates.

Rosa knew his behavior well enough by now to see that he was apprehensive about the evening ahead. She looked at him as he pulled his slacks on. "Are you thinking about backing out of this?" She asked as she laid yet another dress out on the bed.

"What?" He said, pausing before slipping his foot into a tasseled loafer. "Why would you think that?" He looked at her and his cock began to rise. She stood there before him, no bra, no panties, just a garter-belt to hold up her black stockings. She had trimmed her pussy hair into a heart shape around her mons. To Dutch, she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever known.

She noticed the bulge in his slacks and decided to tease him. "I don't know. It is a big change for us, but I don't mind at all. In fact I'm looking forward to sampling Robert's black cock."

"You never cease to surprise me, baby. You know I've been with Alice before don't you?"

"That's pretty obvious, isn't it? You do recall the other night?""

"Well without going into all the details, and I expect you to keep this to yourself and not discuss it with either Robert or Alice . . . ever. I screwed her on her wedding night."

Rosa was stunned. "Wow! It's no wonder you don't want me talking about it."

Trying to change the subject, he pondered aloud, "I wonder what she's doing right now?"

"Might be she's using a vibrator on her ass to get ready for you, big boy."

"You know," he had to laugh; "sometimes you amaze me with how sluttish you can get."

She put her left foot on the chair and smoothed her stockings. 'Yeah, yeah, you can take the girl out of the gutter, but you can't get the gutter out of the girl." She knew she was providing him with a spectacular view of her pussy.

"You never commented on my little heart," she whined and pretended to pout.

He was ready to take her then and there, but held off knowing a difficult evening lay ahead.

"You know I love anything you do to make yourself even more desirable to me."

"Damn if you don't seem to say the right thing every time." Now we better get ready, we're running late as it is."

"Rosa? What's Kathy doing this evening?"

"A stay over at her friend Peggy's," she said selecting a black sheath from the bed and putting it on.

"Have you ever met Peggy's parents?" Dutch inquired as he adjusted his cufflinks.

"No, but that is very much on my agenda." Smoothing the dress along her hips, she continued.

"I've being cheating Kathy insofar as spending time with her. And that goes for her friends. I mean, I know Peggy, but do I really know her?"

"True," he responded. "We have to keep an eye on both her and her friends."

Rosa felt a tingle ripple through her. 'He really cares about Kathy,' she thought, dabbing some fragrance behind her ears and between her abundant cleavage. 'I'd do anything for him, anything.'

"Dutch, can you come here and fasten this necklace for me?"

He strode over to her and fastened the pearls around her neck. "Wow! You look fantastic, Rosa, just fantastic."

"I hope so," she smiled and then glanced in the full-length mirror, "since I don't have a stitch on underneath this thing. You're going to set Alice's heart aflutter when she sees you too."

He ran his hand along her thigh and traced a finger along the garter-belt she wore. "Except this and I know Robert won't mind it."

She giggled, "That's for Alice silly, the dress is for Robert."


As Dutch backed his battered Volvo from the garage he looked at Rosa and asked, "Do you think we should let them make the first moves?"

"Absolutely, it's their home. We play by their rules," she grinned at him and moved her hips on the seat to get a little sensation across her bottom.

"You sound like you've done this before," he smiled.

Nervous because he might think less of her, Rosa's hands went to her mouth and she sputtered, "No, honestly, I've never done this before."

"Hey, take it easy, I believe you."

The drive itself took 40 minutes. Dutch eased onto 710 then merged onto the west Gardena Freeway. Traffic was mounting as people were headed out to eat or play and he took 405 toward Santa Monica.

"Do you have good directions?" Rosa inquired gently, not wanting to offend.

"Yeah, Robert and I discussed them earlier," he answered and concentrated on his driving, taking the California-91, Artesia Boulevard exit towards Redondo Beach.

Rosa relaxed for the first time since getting into the car and wondered what Alice would taste like.

Dutch turned right onto Artesia Boulevard, then left onto Hawthorne and finally made a right onto 190th Street. "We're almost there," he said glancing at her and thinking about how she would respond later as both he and Robert fucked her.

Hermosa Avenue led them to Beach Drive and at Fourth he pulled into a magnificent bricked driveway. A huge mansion loomed in front of them. Looking around she saw elaborate landscaping visually stunning in the night lighting. Terraced flower beds and azaleas in bloom, intricate rock gardens and a wall of towering desert cacti.

"Wow!" She said, very impressed.

"The boy's done well for himself," he said. "The girl's handled herself fairly well too," he smiled and opened his door and moved around to Rosa's side. "Opulence and decadence awaits us, my fair maiden," he said as he opened the door for her. Rosa made sure he got a good look at her pussy as she got out of the Volvo. They walked to the front door and Rosa touched the bell.

"It's such a lovely home, I bet it went for almost 2 million," she said.

"You're the realtor," he said laughing, "you should know, I never asked, but Robert can afford that range."

"At least that," she added having run some figures through her head. Just then Robert opened the door and greeted them warmly.

"Good evening, Rosa, Dutch. Welcome to our home."

Rosa spoke first, "Hi, Robert. Thanks for having us."

Dutch followed with, "You might want this for dinner, or another time," and handed Robert a bottle of Merlot.

"Why thank you, you really shouldn't have," he said and then led them into the sumptuous living room where a fire was roaring in the stone fireplace. Rosa let her hand slide over Robert's fingers just a fraction of a second longer than normal. He noticed and gave her a wry, knowing smile.

Just then Alice appeared, talking to someone on a cell phone. She waved gaily at them and indicated she'd be right with them. A moment later she terminated the call and made for them. Hugging Dutch and grinding her crotch against him, she said, "Hello Dutch, good to see you again!"

Turning to Rosa she smiled and said, "and you . . . Rosa, I can't believe it, you're absolutely stunning in that outfit. Where did you find it?" Even as she asked the question Rosa's eyes took in the spacious living room.

It faced the beach, fifty feet of glass panels, two stories high. Rosa blinked and remembered to respond to Alice's query and paid similar complements to Alice in return.

The girls had theirs arms around each other as Robert escorted everyone into the library where cocktails awaited them. Rosa and Dutch accepted long stemmed glasses of Merlot from Alice who was wearing a tight white dress over her almost Mediterranean toned skin.

Rosa had to ask, "Tell me Alice, have you ever modeled?"

Alice smiled demurely and said, "no, but I have been approached about the possibility."

"Come on," Robert said, "the truth of it is that she was pursued by several famous photographers from Cosmo and Vogue pleading with her to pose for them. But she felt it would interfere with her studies and legal career."

"It would have too," she added, then took a sip of her wine. "Besides my life is less complicated this way, I have my career and don't need to worry about gaining a few pounds to the point I become paranoid about it."

Dutch smiled and told her she could still model as far as he was concerned.

"Sure," she laughed, Penthouse or maybe Hustler, huh?"

"He laughed too. "Well them too, I suppose, but I was thinking of the fashion magazines and what about the catalogues?"

She finished her wine and responded. "Uh huh, like Victoria's Secret?"

Rosa changed the subject, asking, "Where did you guys meet?"

Robert decided to answer that one. "We were both born and raised here in Southern California. And I'll tell you now with you're asking, I'm 46 and Alice is 39. She was a student at Berkley when we met. I had just gotten out of the Navy, where of course I met Dutch. Anyway, with Alice and I it was lust at first sight. Sort of happened that way with the both of you too didn't it?"

Rosa felt herself blush. "Yes," she said, we met at the beach and he took my mother home and screwed her ass off. I came home later, a little drunk and we wound up making love at the foot of my mother's bed."

"Damn," Robert said as he shifted position to compensate for his swelling erection. Alice stood up and went into the kitchen, returning with a tray of canapés and circulated in the room making sure that everyone had one before setting the tray down and picking up her wine glass.

Twenty minutes later dinner was served. Following desert and coffee, Robert asked Rosa if she would like a tour of the house.

Rising and folding her napkin, she replied, "I love to. Dutch are you coming?'

"He's seen this place plenty of times," Alice said and shooed her husband and Rosa off. "I'll keep him company," she purred.

'I'll bet,' Rosa thought, 'but then again, I bet we'll make a stop along the way too." "Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't," she called over her shoulder as she followed Robert from the room.


As soon as they left the room Alice stood up and performed a brief striptease for him. As soon as she was nude, she went to him and tore at his belt and ripped open his fly. Dutch managed to remove his slacks and shorts before Alice gently grasped his scrotum with one cool hand and placed her other hand firmly over his ass.

He shivered with delighted expectation as her fingertips crept into the crack of his ass, and as she started pulling him closer, her warm, open mouth engulfed his thickened member in its entirety. He looked down admiring her fellating skills just as her head began to bob up and down from the tip of his helmet-like knob to the thick swirls of pubic hair on his groin.


Robert's hand rested lightly on Rosa's rear as they entered the master bedroom.

"It's enormous!" She said aloud, and it was. A huge 30 x 30 foot room with what must have been a 20 x 20 foot master bath. The king-sized bed draped with raspberry and lemon colored parachute silk. Several bottles of expensive perfume and a beautiful tortoiseshell comb were arranged on the inlaid empire dressing table he had bought Alice in Paris.

"Yes it is," he replied, but his voice, heavy with suggestion took on a different meaning. Added to this, his fingers tightened on her ass.

She was smart enough to grasp what he'd said and replied, "I'm sure it is, Robert. As I recall you told me it was ten inches."

"I'd like to show it to you if you don't mind."

She smiled, "I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see it," her eyelashes fluttered as his hand went to his zipper. Her pulse rate soared as she saw the long, dark penis exposed for the first time.

Licking her lips unconsciously, Rosa had to swallow before speaking for her throat had gone dry. "It is enormous," she managed and began to kneel, her eyes sparkling with anticipation.

"Rosa," he said gently, "once we start we'll be going pretty good. I think you should remove your clothing. I wouldn't want it to get torn or stained."

Nodding her agreement, she rose and turned away from him. Robert unfastened her black dress and pulled the zipper down. Rosa shrugged her shoulders and let the sheath drop to the floor.

It was his turn to stare as Rosa stood naked save the garter-belt and black stockings.

"You look like someone out of a Playboy centerfold," he said quietly, obviously awed by her statuesque beauty.

"Not bad for 38, eh?" she said, but still felt her dusky body flush under his gaze.

"I'd never take you for 38, perhaps 23 or 24, but never even 30." His eyes were riveted to her. Then shaking his head to clear it, he moved to the closet, rummaged around for a minute and returned bearing a luxurious full-length mink coat.

"Put this on," he said.

She did. She had never worn a mink in her life; had never contemplated wearing one, not withstanding owning one. Rosa was thrilled and tears formed in the corners of each eye.

"Model it for me, please."

Feeling silly, but enormously special, she sauntered around the room, clad in the mink and garter-belt; spinning, opening the coat to flash him erotically and she started to giggle as his cock grew larger and soared up to lay pressed against his flat stomach.


He came! Alice could feel it spraying her esophagus and then the sides of her throat as she slid him back from the recesses of her throat. His hot cum poured into her mouth and she let it fill up before swallowing. But he kept spurting and she found herself delightedly swallowing over and over; and when he'd finished, she licked his entire member clean and then with a deliberately languid motion, hiked her dress up around her hips and placed her legs on his shoulders.

"For dessert why not dine at the 'Y'?" she murmured.

He smiled down at her and lowered his face between her thighs. "Why not?" He said, although his voice was already muffled.


Robert removed the coat and laid it on the king-sized bed. Waving his hand he gestured for Rosa to position herself on it. Moving quickly she did so, but not before he caught a glimpse of her labia shimmering with juice already seeping out.

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