tagGroup SexThe Erotic Adventures of Juicy Kelly &...Ch. 1

The Erotic Adventures of Juicy Kelly &...Ch. 1


It was such a gorgeous day, I thought that I would head to the beach...

The sun was shining, and I really needed to get a tan... So I grabbed my new white string bikini, jumped into the car and drove down to the beach.

I found a spot, with not too many people about, put my towel down and laid back. I thought about sunbathing naked, but I realised that there were still a few people about. I felt the sun beaming down onto my nipples through the thin material, and this felt divine. I opened my legs up and let the sun warm my pussy through the material... It felt so good, and I was getting extremely wet. I had bought a book to read, an erotic thriller, and I decided to read that...

"Oh Sandy I want to feel your toungue stroking my hole, while I lick your cunt"... I had just got to the hot part, and I was EXREMELY horny, I could feel the juices running down my legs, and puddling in my hole... I just got to the part of the book where Becky and Carmen go down on Sandy, Becky is licking her clit, while Carmen licks her hole, Becky is fondling her tits, and Carmen is slowly inserting one finger up her ass...

I was so horny, I was swimming in my own juices... I went back to the book, when a girl came and sat in front of me, she was in a leopard string bikini, and I would see the outline of her cunt lips, and her breasts were fantastic, nice and round and hard. I almost came right then...

She looked at me, and said "I'm Miranda, and I see that you have a problem, and I was hoping that I could help you.."

'What problem is that?'

She pointed down towards my pussy... the white material had started to go see through because I was so wet...

"oh' I said, quite embarrassed.

"it's ok" she said "I'll rub it dry for you"

She reached down and started rubbing my pussy through the material, she gently stroked me up and down my lips... I couldn't help it and I moaned.

Miranda kissed me, her hot tongue swirling in my mouth her hand rubbing my pussy...

"Well, that didn't work, you just seem to be getting wetter" she said to me.

I couldn't help my self, I reached up and removed her bikini top, and revealed her gorgeous breasts, they tanned and brown, with massive brown erect nipples... I took one of her nipples into my mouth and started nibbling gently... I gently plucked at the other nipple and she moaned...

Miranda, told me that she was here to make me cum, hard... so she put me on my back, and slowly outlined my nipples through the material of my swimsuit... I reached back and undid the tie, and let my DD breasts fall out, the hard pink nipples pointing straight at her. Miranda sucked my nipples, and then started to remove the bottom half of my bikini.

She slowly slid her fingers along my pussy lips, teasing me, and started to press my clit... I was moaning, and writhing, begging her to fuck me. She kissed me all the way down to my stomach... "fuck me, fuck me" I moaned.

I had shaved my pussy that day, leaving a little tuft of hair, and she kissed me everywhere where there was no hair, she licked the outside of my lips, and I begged her to fuck me. She slowly parted my swollen pink lips, and started to lick my hot wet slit. I grabbed her head and buried it in my pussy, she looked up at me and I could see all my juice covering her face... She went back down and started sucking on my clit, she stuck her fingers in my cunt... "I'm going to come..."...

It was then that I realised that there was someone else there... A guy, tall, was watching us... he had his cock in his hand and was jerking himself off.

"come and join us" Miranda said, and he came over.

"I'm Greg, let's fuck."

He grabbed Miranda from behind, and started sucking her cunt, Miranda finished the job on me and I came with a bang.

I went over to Greg, and grabbed his big cock in my hand and started stoking it, and I stuck my finger into Mirandas tight cunt, she was wet, he was hard...

Miranda was shuddering, she came and her juice ran all over us. I turned back to Greg, and licked one side of his shaft and down the other... Miranda fingered his arse and played with my big tits... I closed my lips around his cock and sucked up and down... he came and spurted into my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

Miranda licked my pussy until Greg was ready to go. This time, she said she was directing, and she wanted me to cum like I never have before. "Stick that big cock into her Greg, give it to her hard"

Greg came over and straddled me over him, and lowered me onto his cock. Miranda came up behind me and started rubbing my clit and tits... My juices were running down Greg shaft, and I begged him to pump me harder... my pussy was slick, and throbbing...

Greg started thrusting harder and harder, my tits were jiggling and bouncing while Miranda sucked them and she played with my clit... I came so hard, that my juices gushed all over Greg... he spurted his jizz inside me...

Miranda decided that she would clean me out, and lick all the juice and jizz from my hot cunt... She reached over and licked me while I sucked Greg clean... I was writhing and moaning, and I had never been fucked this good before... Greg said that he was going to cum and I asked him to spurt all over my big round tits... he gushed cum all over my tits, and I rubbed it all over my tits... Miranda then licked it off... we were all exhausted and decided that we would have to meet again... then Miranda suggested that I should have two men and one girl for the ultimate fuckathon...

To Be Continued...

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