tagGay MaleThe Extramarital Affair

The Extramarital Affair


Last summer, I worked a part-time job involving pool and yard maintenance. Living in California had a high cost of living and I needed something extra to pay for college tuition. A friend of mine referred me to a very nice young couple in their late 20's who owned a mansion on the rich side of town. The area was very remote, so I had to drive there every Saturday and Sunday to fulfill my duties.

I remember one Wednesday I arrived and Nancy, the proud wife, gave me an earful of shouting because there was a build-up of algae in the shallow end of the pool. "Why the hell are we paying you if our pool gets dirty? You need to shape up and start doing your job. If the pool and the yard continues to look like garbage, I'm installing cameras to monitor you."

"I'm sorry, Nancy," I said, "but I can't help what builds up over the week while I am gone. All that I can do is clean it up when I get here."

Nancy looked at her Cartier watch over her exposed, perfectly aligned cleavage and then back up at me. "I'm late for lunch with Stacy. You'd better clean that up and make sure that it never comes back." She fished through her Louis Vuitton purse and shoved a $100 bill into my chest. "On your way home, go find an algae killer."

I nodded and slipped the cash in my pocket. On that note, she stormed off towards her Lexus, her black high heels clicking and her nice, round butt swinging from side to side. She was a very attractive woman. I sensed that a lot of the anger she directed towards me was a result of a very poor marriage. I also knew that rich people associated negative stereotypes with Asian American males. If I didn't speak perfect English, I wouldn't have this job. Mind you, I never associated myself with Asians very much.

I picked up my bucket and walked towards the shallow end where the algae formation was heavy. The sun burned down on me and I had a hard time breathing the humid air. Knowing that Dan was at work, I had the backyard and the poolhouse to myself. No one else could see me because Dan and Nancy's mansion occupied four acres of land, complete with a tennis court and this pool that I got stuck cleaning.

Whenever I knew I'd be alone, I'd use the time to work on a full body tan. I took off my tank top and dropped it onto a lawn chair. I then slid my shorts down and threw them into the heap. I wore a red thong that day that perfectly shaped the contours of my round bubble butt. I looked at the reflection of me in the window for a moment to see my naked physique in the sun. I wasn't very big or tall, only 5'8" with a muscular and cut athletic build. I gave myself a full body shave every morning - under my armpits, around my crotch, around my asshole, and all over my legs. With my long hair, average sized build, and well developed pectoral muscles, I've been able to pass as a girl sometimes.

I grabbed a bottle of sunscreen from my bucket and applied it all over my body. My skin now glistened under the sun. It felt so nice being in nothing but a thong. Over the week I had been doing this and the result was a very sexy thong tanline. It drove my sexual partners crazy in bed whenever they would take me from behind.

I tied my hair back into a ponytail, leaving a couple of loose strands in front. I felt very sexy doing this job. I enjoyed the privacy. I picked up a sponge from my bucket and leaned over into the pool with my stomach on the ground. With my right arm, I scrubbed the algae away. I moved all the way around the shallow end and then hopped into the pool to clean the hard to reach areas. Once I was done, I got out of the pool and sat on the edge. I grabbed a nearby towel and dried myself off for about a minute. When I turned around, my eyes popped open in shock.

It was Dan.

My mouth was wide open. "Mr. Hale!"

Dan sat on the lawn chair that I had set my clothes upon, with my clothes now at his feet. "How's it going, Tony?"

I felt the redness flush through my face to match the colour of my thong. Utter embarrassment filled my whole body as I covered my waist with the towel. "I-I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean--aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"I never go to work on Fridays," he said. "I tell Nancy I'm going to work. But I really just leave the house, work out at the gym for a couple of hours, and then hit the country club to play a few rounds of golf. Oh, and then I come back here to watch you clean my pool in nothing but a thong."

I looked to the ground, still absolutely embarrassed. But I sensed a shiver of attraction from him, as he smiled throughout our entire exchange. I walked towards him, reaching for my clothes. "I'll get back to work immediately," I said.

As I reached for my clothes, he blocked my hand with his foot, and then ripped the towel from around my waist.

"I think that you've worked enough today," said Dan. "Your sexy little ass gets a bonus today."

I smiled, the embarrassment now beginning to fade. "I never knew that you were--"

"Well, not until I hired you. I've been watching you every week."

Dan reached under the fabric of my thong, feeling my smooth balls, pelvis, and then pulled me forward so that I straddled his lap. His hands ran over my small, squishy, round butt and then worked their way up to my smooth armpits while I unfastened my ponytail and let my hair drop. Dan wore a pair of gray cargo shorts and a lime green buttoned short-sleeve shirt, which I began to unbutton.

I pulled the shirt open to reveal his broad chest and well developed abs. He was very cut like me, except on a much larger frame. It made me so hot to see this real life Greek god in front of me. We kissed immediately, his hands running all over my body and my hands running through his short brown hair. I moaned gently when I felt his thumbs twirl around my nipples.

Dan's large hands rendered my body small and effeminate as he held my small, six-pack waist while we kissed. His tongue swirled all around mine. As I sat on him, his package grew rock solid. I knew that was my time to work my magic. I slid down, sucking on his neck, his chest, and his abs to leave hickies wherever I could. Once that was done, I got to my knees as he sat and unbuttoned his cargo shorts. I pulled his cock out and discovered it was smooth shaven like mine.

The only difference was that Dan's cock made mine look like a dwarf. Along with his large physique was an equally blessed penis. I grabbed the thick, nine inch cock with both hands out of worship and began licking it like a lollypop.

"Ohhh, fuck yeah," he said. "You're my Chinese Nancy."

I giggled at his joke. Even though I was Korean, I still found it funny. I began sucking his dick up and down, feeling a surge of revenge towards Nancy. She had always been a bitch towards me and I enjoyed every moment of me sucking her gorgeous husband's dick. He moaned and groaned, and began to stiffen up as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around.

I felt him near the commencement of an orgasm, so I stopped completely and stood up. I drew a grin on my face. "Mr. Hale, you'll have to fuck me if you want to finish."

With sweating dripping from his forehead, he slid off his unbuttoned shirt and kicked his unbuttoned shorts off. His dick was so rock solid that it scared me. At 6'4" tall, I felt weak and submissive. He grabbed me under my armpits and picked me up like I was a little girl.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms over his shoulders immediately. I furiously sucked his neck as he walked me inside of the house, his hands firmly on my butt. I had never been inside the mansion; I was only allowed inside of the pool house for my breaks. Dan took one hand off my butt to open the screen door and then walked me inside. I continued to suck on his neck to keep him excited and we kissed in between as he walked me past the kitchen and towards the stairs.

A variety of Matisse paintings adorned the white walls of the beautiful house. That Nancy was one lucky bitch to live here and have such a man, but Nancy was nothing now. Her husband was now groping ME and kissing ME.

"Mmmm, you're so gorgeous," I whispered to Dan.

"I'm gonna fuck you til you scream," he answered back.

As he walked me up the stairs, I felt his finger go underneath my thong and and swirl around my asshole.

"How's this for foreplay?" said Dan. "Cuz this is all you'll get. I can't wait any longer to pound your little hole."

I gave him the thumbs up for my approval. He kicked open the double doors to the master bedroom and walked me in. He promptly threw me onto the bed. I gazed at his dick, which was upright and at attention. Precum oozed out and dripped to the carpet floor. His physique was flawless and I felt unworthy. He paced back and forth and waited patiently as I slid my thong off.

What followed was animalistic rage.

Dan rushed towards me and immediately threw my legs over his shoulders. Immediately his dick slid into my asshole. I was shocked at how thick it was. It got stuck halfway as my sphincter tightened up.

"Ohhh my god," I said. "Ohhh my god this hurts, Mr. Hale! Take it out for one second. Pllleaaase, take it one for one sec."

Dan shook his head no. "Breathe out."

I did as he said. I let my body relax and slowly let my asshole gape as much as it could. One push later, and Dan entered me completely. He grunted, and his face wore a grin of satisfaction.

"You're so huge, Mr. Hale," I said.

With my hole now loosened, Dan pumped me five good times, making me scream each time. "You're already better than Nancy," he said. "That bitch can never take the whole thing."

From that point on he continued to pound my hole to the extreme. Every time it was nine inches in and nine inches out. A few times I tried to put my hand on his pelvis so that he wouldn't go all the way. However, I could tell he was annoyed with that as he grabbed my wrist and pushed it back to my chest everytime. I felt all nine inches of him work high into my body.

A few times he hit the prostate, which created a pleasure sensation that rendered me in tears. My dick was wet with precum. The whole time our eyes were glued together. Anytime I had looked away, Dan grabbed my jaw and focused my eyes back to his. I endured another fifteen minutes of this punishing but pleasurable sex until I felt a hot surge of cum rush into my body. I felt relieved. It was over.

Or so I thought.

Dan flipped me over onto my belly and pushed my ankles forward so that I was on my knees. I got up on all fours and looked behind me as I saw Dan's limp penis grow back to life. He truly was a sex machine, and it looked like he had been sex deprived for quite some time.

"Nice tattoo," said Dan as he ran his thumb over the Snoopy tattoo I had over my thong tanline. I smiled, and then grimaced slightly as Dan grabbed a handful of my long black hair and shoved my face into a pillow. I could smell Nancy's perfume in the pillow as he rammed his cock into my hole once again. This time it felt even deeper and he pumped me even faster. Each thrust was relentless as he did not hold back an inch. With my hole already lubricated from his previous ejaculation, his giant cock slid in and out with ease.

Soon I felt myself running out of air face down in the pillow and I tapped on the mattress with my right hand to let Dan know. He pulled my head up by the hair but didn't stop pumping me as I gasped for air. His grunts grew louder and louder. I looked into the full scale mirror in front of us and examined my facial expression and his. I looked on the verge of tears with my eyes closed while his clenched teeth and narrowed eyebrows conveyed an anger I had never seen before.

Dan kept hitting my prostate and my voice began to crack as I screamed. It was at that point that he gave me a reach around and I felt my body stiffen as I ejaculated a load right onto Nancy's pillow.

Dan continued to pound my hole, stuffing my face into the semen wad on the pillow. He swirled my face around as he gave me some of his fastest and hardest thrusts. I could tell he wanted to finish. My cock was limp and my sexual drive had gone down considerably, but I still felt the obligation to be the receptacle for Dan's animalistic sex drive.

Finally, Dan pulled his big dick out of me and turned me around so that I lay flat on the bed. My own semen covered my own face in a soapy texture. On the verge of his second orgasm, Dan shoved three inches of his dick in my mouth and I immediately grabbed onto the rest and began pumping. Within seconds I felt his body stiffen up. I could feel his cock vibrating in my hand as the semen traveled towards the opening and then shot out, hitting the inside of my cheek. I angled it that way so that I would not choke.

The second volley shot out, followed by a few more. At that point I had to gulp the semen down to make room for more. Dan kept shooting his wad, groaning after each shot. The excess cum dripped from the ends of my lips. I gulped a second time, and then a third. I hoped that would be the last of it.

My hopes were fulfilled as all that was left was the leftover semen dripping off the head of his cock. I let my head drop back as my arms and legs lay sprawled out on the bed. Dan rolled off the bed and headed for the bathroom. He came back out wearing a robe with a few towels in hand. He threw me a towel along with a robe that said "Nancy" on the side. As I cleaned the cum off of my face with the towel, Dan picked up the thong I wore.

"I'm keeping this," he said. "Once you're done cleaning up, come downstairs"

A few minutes later, Dan and I stood in the kitchen drinking Heineken beer. We talked about how he'd been watching me all this time and about the steamy encounter we had. It was truly a spur of the moment affair for me, but for Dan, this was somewhat planned.

"I've been having intimacy issues," he said. "Nancy never lets me fuck her the way I want to fuck her. What happens is I never get to finish and it frustrates the shit out of me."

I nodded and then smiled. "I felt some of that rage first hand."

"Yeah," said Dan. "I'm sorry about that. Next time we'll set some ground rules before we start."

"It's okay," I said. "It was actually very hot!"

Dan smiled. "Well, how about this? I'll double your pay under the table if we can make this a weekly thing."

I looked up and to the left for a moment, and then met eyes with him. "You've got yourself a deal, Hercules."

I looked at the clock on the microwave and then back at Dan. "Your wife's due home soon," I said. "I better get back out in the yard and pretend that I'm working!"

Dan winked at me, and when I turned around, he smacked me on the butt. I looked back and smiled at him as I made my exit. I took off Nancy's robe, placed it on the patio table, and then changed back into my clothes, sans underwear. My legs were still weak from all of that sex and my hole felt very sore. But from that point on, I knew that every condescending remark Nancy made about me had zero worth, because her husband fucked me good and wanted more.

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