tagBDSMThe Family Ritual Ch. 39

The Family Ritual Ch. 39


©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

*I think we have between five and ten chapters left. I will let you know when we are at the final three. I am glad you stuck with me. Remember this was my dream. Thanks for hanging in there.

Angelface195 

If you need a list of the cast of Cassidy's please refer to chapters 1 -- 36.

Lacy Alexis -- Sister to Valentina

Ellen McGraw -- Pregnant stalker and supermodel

Derrick Cassidy Kennedy -- Suitor to Lacy Alexis


Margaret Jones -- Assistant to Hayley

Brian West -- Assistant to Jake

Marvina -- New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake


When Lacy woke up she was not in her room, she was naked, bound and blindfolded lying on the floor of the Danger Zone.

After she fainted, Blake had Henry inject her with a drug that would put her asleep for a few hours. They stripped her of her clothes and brought her downstairs where Blake bound her so that her ass and breasts were available to him. For the next two days she would be punished and at the end of it she would belong completely to Derrick if he chose to have her. If he didn't she would be sent to an asylum owned by the Cassidy family in Germany where she would spend the rest of her natural life.

Lacy read parts of the Ritual which she shouldn't have but she didn't know they were about and for her. Derrick phoned Blake and they discussed the situation.

Derrick told Blake that Lacy would sign the contract and belong to him. He was in love with her and he would accept her as his bride. This breech was not as serious as it could have been if she had read the entire contract. It was serious in that she had seen the contract. Blake took responsibility as did Henry. Kenneth was called and he told them that as long as she was punished and signed the contract after her punishment everything would be fine. He didn't want to call a board meeting for this because of Derrick's feelings for Lacy and Lacy being Valentina's sister. Blake agreed and so did Derrick.

The two men talked about Lacy's punishment, Henry would be included since Blake believed it was his keys she had stolen. Blake and Henry would punish her the first night, then Derrick, Henry and Blake the second. After the punishment Derrick would ask her to marry him. Derrick would tell her that if she didn't she would never see him again neither would she have any communication with her sister.

Derrick had his mother's engagement ring. She had given it to him before he came to New York. "Just in case" She had told him and now he was at this moment. He had intended to wait, but when Blake told him why she broke into his office, he just had to smile.

Blake was an expert in bondage. He learned the art of Kinbaku, Japanese rope bondage and many other methods. Derrick received photos of Lacy in bondage and thought she looked beautiful.

Henry and Blake would spend the first night with her, and then tomorrow Derrick would join them.

Lacy squirmed in her bondage as she awakened. "Who's there?" She said as she was blindfolded and couldn't see. Henry turned on the lights. He had a tray of food with him. Henry's dick grew hard in his pants as he set the food down on the table. He scooped Lacy up and placed her on the bed. "Pleesse, where am I, what's happening?"

"Shush" Henry said and ran his hand down the side of Lacy's face. He traced his finger down her throat and her cleavage. At her nipples he pinched them hard. Lacy groaned, "Please, please let me go and you can do whatever you want, please."

Henry chuckled as he captured her nipple in his mouth and sucked hard on it. Lifting his head he said, "I plan to do whatever I want except fuck your pussy." He said and went back to sucking her.

"Henry, please" Lacy choked. Henry pushed her down on the bed and removed the rope covering her pussy. He licked her juice and Lacy squirmed, "Ahhh"

Blake entered the room, "Feed the girl, then you may feast on her pussy all you like."

"Sir, is that you?" Lacy cried.

Blake came close to her, "It's me and before this night is over, you'll learn exactly who I am."

Henry went over to the table and brought over the soup. He fed Lacy while Blake chose what implements he would use for her punishment.

After the soup and some crackers, Henry gave her water to drink. When she was finished he took the tray out. Blake left her for a few moments to change into the leather pants he would wear for this punishment. Henry returned wearing a pair of short leather pants and nothing else. His dick was nearly coming out his pants. He turned Lacy onto her knees on the bed. He admired Blake's knot tying.

Blake took down the whip and let it whistle in the air as he slashed it near Lacy's face. Lacy heard it and she began to cry. Henry took her face in his hands and kissed her. "I am so looking forward to your tears my dear." Henry said as he twisted her nipples.

Lacy groaned, "Ahh, please stop." She cried. Henry twisted both nipples again.

"Ouch" Lacy said and Henry slapped her face hard, "You are a little bitch, aren't you. You thought you could blackmail my Master? You made a fool out of me and betrayed Master's trust in you. You are very lucky that Valentina is your sister or Master would have told me to kill you, you whore." Henry said and slapped her again.

Lacy was screaming and crying. Blake came over to Henry, "Enough. It's time the real punishment begins."

Earplugs were placed in Lacy's ears and then headphones. A ball gag was placed over her mouth to muffle her screams.

Blake picked up the whip and began to whip Lacy as she screamed. Henry got underneath her and moved the rope and began eating her pussy as Blake continued whipping.




The whip came down on Lacy's legs and buttocks. After two more hits with the whip, Blake picked up the cane and began systematically hitting her buttocks as Henry ate her pussy. Lacy's brain was sending all kinds of signals to her body; extreme pain, then pleasure, then pain, then pleasure and she felt as if she were losing her mind.

Blake kept using the cane and he could see the conflict Lacy was having. Her body betrayed her and she came in Henry's mouth. She would have screamed if the gag had not been in her mouth.

Blake stopped caning her. He unbuttoned his pants and took them off. His dick was hard as steel and he stroked it. Blake brought his cock close to Henry's face and Henry who was underneath Lacy took his Master's cock in his mouth and sucked on it. "Very nice, you are still the best cocksucker I know, next to my wife that is." Blake said chuckling.

"Keep eating that pussy, but no fingers. You may use a vibrator on her clit, but her hymen is to stay intact." Blake ordered.

"Yes Sir." Henry said returning to eating Lacy's pussy.

Blake took the ball gag from Lacy's mouth and the earplugs and headphones from her ears. He kissed her. She cried, "Please Blake, please Sir."

"I know you want to cum again and you will. You'll cum until you can't stand it anymore and then I'll let you sleep, but right now dear Lacy I want to hear you scream." Blake said kissing her again.

"Please Sir, please I'm sorry. I didn't mean..." She blubbered. Blake just laughed.

"You didn't mean to get caught you cunt, you thought you'd blackmail me to get what you wanted, you thought you'd get Derrick. Well my dear be careful what you wish for." Blake said pinching her nipples hard then bending down to bite them.

"Oh my God" Lacy said.

"Get ready bitch and pray..." Blake said as he lubed his dick. "You are lucky I love your sister. Blake said as he slid one finger with lube in her ass then the other.

Lacy groaned, "Oh please Sir, please, you'll tear me, you'll rip me. Oh God, please..." She cried, tears streaming down her face.

Blake grabbed her ass with one hand and his cock with the other. He positioned the head at her opening and began to push in.

Lacy screamed and begged, "Please, please, pleasssse...and then she fainted as Blake pushed all of himself inside her.

Blake held still and then began fucking in and out of her small anal passage. Henry kept licking Lacy's pussy as Lacy came awake. She couldn't see or hear she could only feel. Sensations in her body were all coming together.

Blake moved more of himself into her ass. He grabbed hold of her hips and pushed his full length inside her. Lacy screamed again as Blake's balls hit her ass; he was all the way inside.

Blake grimaced, god she was tight. He would have to make sure he did this every night until she moved in with Derrick, then he would encourage Derrick to keep the momentum going. Blake chuckled, knowing that Derrick would.

Henry got up and retrieved a small vibrator from the table. He turned it on and used it on Lacy's clit as Blake began to now really fuck her ass.

Blake pulled out slowly and then pushed back in. Lacy felt stuffed. She also felt her explosion building as the vibrator did its thing on her very stimulated pussy.

Blake began fucking in earnest. He held on to Lacy's hips and slammed in and out. Lacy was moaning. Her mind was begging him to stop while her body wanted all of this to continue.

"Please Sir, please Ma..." She couldn't say it, she wouldn't say it.

Blake slammed inside her again, "Please what Lacy, you know you want to submit, you know you want to do whatever it is I want to do to you. You've been building up to this moment. Tell me Lacy, say it, say it!" Blake ordered as he slapped her sore ass.

Lacy felt her orgasm building; she knew she wouldn't be able to stop it. "Sir, yes, yess, Master, please fuck me, please may I CUM, I'm so very close, please."

Blake smiled and slammed in and out of Lacy as Henry used the vibrator to bring Lacy over the edge. Lacy moved her ass back on Blake's dick. She wanted him inside her. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted all of it. Lacy exploded, she came hard, she cried, she screamed and she creamed as Henry latched onto her pussy and drank her juices down.

Lacy's punishment day one was over for now...

Blake took photos of Lacy's body. He sent the photos to Derrick and his father. Derrick loved one of the photos so much that he had it blown up, framed and put in the bathroom of his house. He would have another one in the bedroom of his California house.

Lacy was exhausted and Blake untied her. Blake massaged her arms and legs. Lacy had tears running down her face, but Blake didn't care. "I'll leave you to sleep, we will be back in a few hours to continue and then you can sleep for the night. You'll stay here." He said and removed the blindfold, covered her with a sheet and turned off the lights.

Lacy went into the fetal position and cried until she fell into a deep restless sleep, her ass racked with pain and her pussy sore. She cried mostly because she had done this to herself.


At two in the morning Henry came down with a pitcher of water and some ointment. Lacy was asleep. Henry pulled the covers off her body and with gloves on used the ointment on the cane marks. Lacy moaned in her sleep. Henry slid his gloved finger in her ass and Lacy awoke with a start.

Henry spanked her ass hard and she groaned, "Stay still. I'm putting ointment in your ass, I'm not going to fuck you there...not yet anyway. Have some water" He said as he took off the gloves and turned on the small lamp near her bed. Lacy blinked from the light. Her eyes were red from crying. She took the glass from Henry her hands shaking and drank the entire glass.

Henry reached for her and she shrank back. He smirked, "I get to spend some time with you and you get to suck my cock. If you don't I'll wake Mr. Black and I'm sure he'll take your ass again sore or not."

Lacy sighed, "I'm tired and hungry." She moaned.

Henry said, "After I get what I want, you get what you want. Lie down."

Lacy handed him the glass and lay down on the bed. She watched as Henry felt her body. He moved down to her pussy. "Too bad I can't fuck you, but Master wants you to remain a virgin...at least your pussy anyway."

Lacy wanted to say something, but she thought better of it. Henry continued feeling down her hips to her thighs. He opened her legs and eased a finger just inside. He pulled it out and tasted it. "Juicy pussy, virgin and very tasty." He said to himself.

Henry felt back up to Lacy's breasts as she watched. He pinched her nipples and she moaned. "I'm going to fuck those breasts while you suck my cock. I'm going to fuck your mouth and you're going to swallow every bit of my seed or I will spank you severely." He said pinching her nipples again.

Henry climbed up on her body and positioned his cock. The old Lacy would have laughed at the size of his dick. It was about seven inches, a normal size cock but after Blake's it looked small. This new nearly submissive Lacy knew better. Henry stared at her, as he ordered Lacy to push her breasts together so he could fuck between them and she would lick his cock.

Henry began; as he fucked back and forth he pinched and pulled on her nipples. "Yes those tits are gorgeous. Suck the head of my cock." He ordered as he moved faster and faster between Lacy's breasts. She did her best to accommodate him.

Henry had enough of this and climbed over her head. He lowered his cock in her mouth and grabbing hold of the headboard Henry roughly fucked in and out of Lacy's mouth. "Take that cock, suck it you little slut. I'm gonna cum soon and if you don't swallow it all, I'll tell Mr. Black and then I'll whip you."

Lacy sucked him. She prayed he would cum soon so she could go to sleep. She was so tired. Henry fucked in and out of her mouth. He tried to hold back but after everything that happened this evening with Blake he soon came hard in Lacy's mouth and she swallowed just as fast as she could not missing any. Lacy cleaned his cock licking around and around until she had cleaned every drop.

Henry got off her body and kissed her. Lacy didn't want to kiss him, but she did. Her pussy was wet and she felt ashamed that she wanted some relief but she would not ask.

Reaching down between her legs, Henry felt her wet pussy. "Little slut!" He exclaimed, "You are soaking wet. You enjoy being abused.

Henry chuckled, "Just wait until later today, you'll be creaming." Henry went into the bathroom and returned with a cotton nightgown, a set of sheets and a comb and brush.

"Take a shower, change the linen and clean yourself up. I'll be here at ten with your breakfast and then the rest of your punishment begins." Henry ordered.

Lacy looked at him through her lashes, "Thank you." She said softly.

"What are you thanking me for bitch?" Henry snapped.

"Thank you for giving me your semen" She said.

"You are very welcome. I'll bring you some fruit. This is the way you need to behave. You are nothing now, nothing but you are lucky that Mr. Black cares about you and loves your sister who is a treasure. Be a good slave and you will find life much better." He said and Henry got up and left.

Henry returned a few moments later with a bowl of oranges, apples and grapes.

He pulled Lacy to him and she went willingly. Henry pulled her nipples and she moaned. "Too bad you are not mine." He said and he kissed her hard, shoving his tongue in her mouth. Lacy wrapped her arms around him and returned his kiss.

He pushed her away and onto the floor where he left her as he went up the stairs of the Danger Zone locking the door behind him.

Lacy dove into the fruit and ate until she was full. She then went to the shower. The water felt soothing against her skin. She saw there was ointment in the bathroom and she put it on all the parts of herself she could reach after she dried herself.

Lacy put on the nightgown, drank some more water and turned off the lights. She curled up again into the fetal position and fell into a deep sleep, sucking her thumb.


Later that morning Henry came down with a tray. There was bacon, pancakes, fruit salad with yogurt and orange juice. Lacy woke up and knelt on the floor.

"Mr. Black will be down in an hour. You are to eat and be naked waiting for him. This day will conclude your punishment." Henry said and left.

Lacy combed and brushed her hair. She found a hair tie and put it in a ponytail. Sitting down she found herself again hungry and ate every bite.

She changed the sheets and made the bed. When she heard the door being unlocked she quickly stripped out of the nightgown and waited naked, head touching the floor, arms outstretched, on her knees.


Blake phoned Derrick and told him what time to arrive. They had decided what to do. Derrick was eagerly awaiting this night and had the ring in his pocket. He couldn't wait to see her.

When Blake came downstairs he was pleased to see Lacy in position. He was wearing black silk pants, kicking off his slippers he stood in front of Lacy in his bare feet.

"You are a slave Lacy. From now on you will always be a slave. Crawl over here and kiss my feet." He ordered.

Lacy with her eyes down crawled over to him. She kissed first one foot and then the other. Blake ordered her to kneel and look up at him. She did. He could see the confusion on her face; he could see her fighting with herself. He could see a part of her was gone and would never return.

Derrick arrived and Henry sent a message to Blake. Blake took out a blindfold and ordered Lacy onto the bed. She complied immediately. He blindfolded her, then put the earplugs in her ears, then the headphones. Blake did not restrain her.

Lacy was up on her knees, blindfolded and deaf as Derrick came into the room. He took photo after photo of her and as he undressed he knew that whatever Blake wanted, he would get because Derrick owed him for bringing him Lacy.

Henry joined them and he also undressed. The three men began feeling her body. Lacy felt the three pair of hands and let out a gasp, but said nothing. She was no longer carefree Lacy, she was no longer arrogant Lacy, she was nothing.

Derrick whispered to Blake for the crop. He wanted to see how she would react. Blake handed him the crop and Derrick began to use it on Lacy's body. It stung and hurt and she moaned but she did not cry out. Blake brought his hard cock to her lips and as Derrick used the crop, Lacy began sucking Blake. She knew his cock and sucked him the way she knew he liked.

Henry felt her tits. He squeezed them, teased the nipples and played with them. She felt Henry get under her and begin licking her pussy as Derrick continued using the crop on her back, buttocks and legs. Lacy whimpered, but kept sucking Blake. Throwing the crop on the floor, Derrick felt Lacy's ass. He moved his hand over her soft skin and traced the cane marks.

Derrick opened her ass and bent down to lick it, causing Lacy to tremble. He moved Henry from beneath her and put his finger inside her wet pussy. He tasted her and vowed before the night was over he would suck her to orgasm and feast on her juices.

Lacy could not hear or see, all of her sensations were in the touches from the men and the dick in her mouth.

Derrick put some lube on his cock and positioned it at the head of her asshole. He moved his dick in slowly and Lacy tensed. Derrick spanked her ass and Lacy relaxed. She then did something Derrick did not expect. Reaching behind her she grabbed both of her cheeks and opened her ass to him. Derrick smiled and moved all of himself inside her. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her ass. Blake took his cock out of her mouth and moved Henry away from her pussy.

Henry took Lacy's place sucking Blake's cock as Blake picked up the camera and took pictures of Lacy, blindfolded with Derrick fucking her. She moved back on his cock matching his rhythm and Derrick fucked her. Lacy's mouth was partially open. Occasionally she licked her lips. She whipped her ponytail back and forth to the movement of Derrick fucking her.

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