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The Ferry


"I can't believe we're going to Amsterdam!" Jo said to her husband of 5 years, Ian. "I've always wanted to go!"

Ian had surprised Jo with this trip for their 5th wedding anniversary. They would travel by boat from North Shields, near their home in Newcastle to Amsterdam overnight, then return after a day in the city.

This particular boat sailed on a Friday night and had a legendary reputation as a wild party ship. The trip took 16 hours, leaving at 6pm on the Friday night, crowds of young party goers would flock on for a cheap weekend away.

The couple settled in the bar once try were on board and had dropped their bags off in their cabin. The bar was filling with the usual crowds of Stag and Hen parties, already drinking and starting to chat each other up, already thinking of the end of the night.

Jo and Ian were enjoying watching this as they had their first couple of drinks, they both enjoyed a good night out, this wasn't the sort of trip you would go on if you were looking for the quiet life.

Ian had been to Amsterdam a couple of times, for his 30th Birthday with some friends, and when a bit younger on a stag do.

"So did any of you lads sample the delights of Amsterdam?" Jo asked with a coy smile.

"What delights are you talking about?" He replied in mock innocence.

"Oh come on!" She went on. "Someone must have paid a little visit, or smoked some of the local gear."

"Well a couple of the lads went with girls." He answered. "But I can't tell you who, it's the lads law you know!"

Jo smiled, she knew she'd get it out of him eventually, once they'd sunk a few more drinks.

By 10pm most of the bar were now pretty well gone, the drink had been flowing for 5 hours now. Jo went to the ladies, then went out onto deck for a cigarette. There were a few girls out on deck in the cold night air.

"Who are you out here with?" One of them asked Jo.

"I'm on here with my husband." Jo replied. "It's a wedding anniversary treat. How about you?"

"We do the trip every year, girls weekend away." The other girl answered. "It's nice to get away from the Husband for a couple of days!"

"And to get a shag!" The first girl said.

"Well you might, but I don't!" Said the 2nd girl.

"She forgets these things." The first girl continued, as if her friend wasn't there.

"Ok so I did once!" The girl admitted. "But not every time like you do!"

The girls carried on with their friendly bickering while they smoked. Jo was smiling to herself with the way they went on. They were very open about their extra marital affairs, she would never have gone on like this herself, even if she had have cheated.

"So is it easy to pull on here then?" Jo asked them, unsure of what else to say to them.

"Piss easy!" One of them said. "This place is full of blokes on the lookout for girls."

"Anyone single can get a shag on here." The other chipped in. "You'll start seeing all the couples start disappearing soon, a couple of our mates have already got men."

"Are you all married?" Jo asked, amazed that they all seemed so ready to cheat.

"No, there are a few single girls too." One said. "Although the married ones can be worse once they've had too much to drink. You know how these things go!"

Jo finished her cigarette and went back inside to join Ian.

"I've just been chatting to a couple of girls outside." She told him. "They were telling me all about the naughty stuff that happens on the boat."

"Oh yeah." He replied. "What did they say?"

"Just all about all the sex that goes on." She continued. "Most of their friends had already copped off with lads. They reckon it's the easiest place in the world to get a shag!"

"Bet you wish you'd come with your mates then!" Ian quickly replied, trying to wind her up.

"Oi!" She shouted with mock horror. "You know I'm a good girl, I don't do stuff like that."

"I know, I'm kidding with you." He went on. "A couple of the boys got off with girls when we came over, it was only the hopeless ones that missed out that visited the prostitutes the next day."

"Didn't you get any offers?" Jo said, trying to get more out of him.

"I did." He admitted. "I didn't take it up though, you know I don't cheat."

Jo sipped another large Vodka and watched the antics on the dancefloor continue. The girls were right, people were now coupling up, finding partners for a quick one nighter before the weekend was over. One of the girls Jo had met was now dancing with a man, his hands roaming over her bum as they ground together.

"That's the girl I was talking to outside." Jo told Ian, pointing her out. "Naughty girl, she's married."

"Ooh, that is naughty!" He said. "Still, I'm sure they'll have a good night!"

Jo gave him a slap on the leg, mockingly annoyed at him seeming to intimate that what she was doing was ok. Ian and Jo had discussed cheating a while ago in their relationship. He had made it pretty clear that he would never stray, but had shocked Jo in saying that he didn't mind her sleeping around.

She had declined the offer but the thought had kind of excited her. They'd had more conversations about fantasies as time wore on, Ian telling Jo how much the thought of her having sex with other men turned him on. They had talked about swinging, swapping partners, threesomes etc but had always backed out, preferring to leave it as a fantasy. The thought was in her mind again now though, the sight of the people dancing and snogging on the dancefloor had her mind wandering.

The couple drank more, feeling pretty drunk now. Jo went outside again for a cigarette and was this time approached by a man.

"So have you not found yourself a man for the night yet then?" He asked her.

"Who said I was looking for one." She replied, looking him over as she replied.

"I thought everyone one this boat was looking for a good time!" He went on.

"Well I'm having one with my husband." She said, making sure she put him in his place.

"Sorry love." He said. "I had a feeling you might be married, but you've got to try!"

Jo smiled at him. He was a fairly decent looking man, in reasonably good shape too. Had she have been single, he would have been in with a shout!

"And besides, the married women are usually the worst!" He finished.

"You're the second person who's said that tonight!" Jo laughed. "Is it really that bad on here?"

"Pretty much!" He went on. "I've been on a few times and have got lucky everytime."

"Lucky boy." She said. "I guess all year married woman can't have any standards then!"

Jo was flirting with him a bit now. She didn't mean to but she was enjoying this, and was quite attracted to the man.

"I'll pretend you didn't say that!" The man said, playfully nudging her shoulder with his. "I've seen all kinds of stuff happen on here, threesomes, wife swapping. One girl even ended up hosting a gangbang in her cabin!"

"Fuck off!" Jo said, not believing this part could ever happen.

"Trust me, it happened." He said.

Jo wasn't sure whether to believe him or not. Her mind was racing now though, she was getting quite turned on by all this sexual talk.

"Were you there then?" She asked him.

"Yes." He predictably replied. "She had about 10 blokes in the end. I went down there with a couple of mates, it was a proper good night that one."

"I bet it was." Jo said, almost thinking out loud. She wasn't sure what else to say now and made her excuses before hurrying back to Ian.

"You and your husband give me a shout if you want a little extra company tonight." He said in parting.

Jo went back inside absolutely amazed at what she had just heard. Her head was full of it now, she couldn't believe she had been propositioned for a threesome by a complete stranger. Plenty of men had tried to chat her up before, but no-one had ever suggested anything like this to her.

Ian got them another drink while Jo wondered whether to tell Ian what had happened. She couldn't decide what his reaction would be if faced with an opportunity like this. Her guess would be that he'd be happy to go with it, so would have to consider if she could do it or not. How would she feel after when she had sobered up? Would it damage her marriage.

They drank a couple more, it was nearly 1am now. Many of the people in the bar now were very drunk, including Jo.

"I got propositioned when I was outside." Jo blurted out to Ian.

"Did you?!" He asked her, excited to hear what had happened.

"This fella tried to chat me up." She told him. "He knew I was married too but still gave it a go."

"Well I don't blame him." Ian said, giving his wife a compliment. "I'd chat you up if I saw you on your own!"

"He was telling me all the stuff he's seen on here." Jo continued. "Not sure I believe half of it!"

"What did he tell you?" Ian asked her.

"One night stands, threesomes, even a gangbang!" She laughed.

"He's probably telling the truth." He said. "Like I said, a few of our lads got up to some stuff when I came last."

"What sort of stuff?" She asked him. "You don't have to tell me who, I just want to know what!"

Jo was clearly getting excited now, she was desperate to hear more.

"A couple of the lads cracked on to this really drunk woman." He finally said. "She was about 40, a bit rough but not bad to look at."

"Go on." Jo urged him.

"Well, they both tried to pull her, tried to outdo each other and she ended up going back to the cabin with both of them."

Ian paused for a couple of moments while drinking some more of his pint.

"Anyway, when we got back to the cabin they were still at it. There was only a small partition between the rooms so we all ended up watching over the top!"

"You dirty bastards!" Jo squealed. "Didn't she tell you all to fuck off?"

"No, she asked us to join in actually!" Ian told her. We politely declined anyway and just watched while they spit roasted her."

Jo couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. Perhaps sober she might have been shocked, but here and now, under the influence of the drink, it was exciting her more and more.

"Hope you're not upset with me watching." Ian asked her. "I promise I didn't join in."

"Course I don't mind." Jo said. "Bet you'd have loved to join them though!"

Ian nodded and smiled, Jo put her hand on his leg under the table, stroking his thigh up to his crotch. When she touched his cock, he was predictably hard already, reliving his story was clearly turning him on.

"That lad offered to join us in a threesome if we want." Jo then told him, still stroking his cock under the table.

Ian sipped his drink and thought for a moment. He had always had this fantasy of seeing his beautiful wife pleasured by another man in front of him, now with just one word it could be reality. Did he actually want that or was it best left a fantasy?

"I'll be honest." Jo said to him. "You know I love the idea, the thought of it turns me on so much, but the reality scares me."

"I know." Ian replied. "I feel the same."

"I'm scared you'd think I was some sort of slut if I did it." Jo told him.

"I wouldn't." Ian replied to quickly reassure her. "I'd never put you under any pressure to do it, but I've always said the opportunity is there if you wanted to, and I stand by that. If you want to do this tonight, we do it, I'm fine with it. The choice is yours darling."

His words were exactly what she wanted to hear, but also what she feared. From out of nowhere, this situation was now very real.

Jo looked around the bar, the man she had spoken to was at the bar with a friend. He noticed Jo look at him and smiled to her, Jo suddenly flushed red and smiled back. She nodded to him, giving him the green light to approach them. This was on now, she felt a mixture of pure terror and excitement, it was like no other feeling she could remember.

"Let's do it." Jo said to Ian. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to do it. I've given him a nod, let's go somewhere quiet on deck and talk to him."

Jo and Ian got up and walked outside to the smoking area. It was almost empty now apart from one drunk looking couple kissing. Jo looked back towards the bar and could see her man making his excuses to his friend. God only knows what he was telling him.

Jo and Ian now felt like they had their hearts in mouths as he came out the door. Jo had a proper look at him now, he was a good solid build, not fat, about 5ft 8 with short cropped hair. She would have guessed he was about 35.

"Right, we're going to do this." Jo blurted out nervously. "I don't want any fuss, just sex, no repeat, no questions, nothing."

"Fine by me." The man said. "You're calling the shots, I'll just go with the flow."

Ian and the man shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

"We're in cabin 712." Jo continued. "Give us 5 minutes to get back there then come down. I don't want everyone on the boat knowing what we're up to."

The man nodded, allowing Jo and Ian to head down to the cabin. They didn't speak a word all the way down, bit once inside, they kissed passionately.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jo asked, once more seeking reassurance that she had made the right decision.

"Yes!" Ian replied, putting her hand on his cock. "Look what you're doing to me!"

She smiled then kissed him again.

"Can I just watch you 2 do it first?" Ian asked. "Then I could join you when he needs a rest."

"Course you can." Jo agreed. "Just look after me." She said, showing a first sign of vulnerability.

Ian kissed her again, telling her how much he loved her, before they heard a knock on the door.

Ian opened it while Jo sat on the bed, letting the man into their cabin.

"I'm just going to watch at first." Ian told him. "You 2 just do what feels good. Just one rule mate, if she tells you to stop at anytime, you stop." He told him.

The man agreed. Ian wasn't a fighter, but at 6ft 2 and 17 stone, he was a formidable looking man. This guy had no intention of messing him around.

Jo pulled the man over to the bed, pulling him down on top of her. She felt almost insatiable now. They kissed, tongues soon exploring each other, hands now roaming over each others bodies.

Not a word had been said between the 2 of them since he got in the cabin. Now Jo was ripping at his shirt, desperate for raw animalistic sex. He pulled his top off, then pulled Jo's top up over her head. Jo's 40DD tits were now on display, her dark nipples showing through her black lacy bra.

The man moved down to kiss them, squeezing them and fondling them through the material. Jo looked at her husband for the first time, he was sitting on the other bed, watching intently. He gave her a smile to let her know he was ok, so she did the same.

Jo then felt the man kiss down her stomach, she could feel the butterflies with every touch now. She didn't usually like anyone kissing her there as her stomach wasn't as flat as it used to be, she wasn't about to stop him now though. He unbuttoned her jeans before quickly pulling them down, removing her knickers at the same time. He then spread her legs wide, taking a second to enjoy a look at Jo in her full glory, before going down on her, running his tongue over her juicy shaven lips.

Jo let out a groan of joy, she could feel herself relaxing now, giving in to this man's experienced tongue. He licked up and down her lips, from her clit to her perineum, before settling into a rhythm on her clit. Jo had no concept of time anymore, but it felt like no more than seconds until she came.

When Jo came, she felt a warm rush, as juice poured out of her. She had always felt self conscious about how wet she got in the past, this man was lapping it up though.

"Get your pants off." Jo then told him. "I want to suck your cock."

He did as he was told, stumbling out of his jeans and pants, then joining Jo on the bed again. Jo remained on her back with the man kneeling next to her. She grabbed his 6", thicker than average cock, wanking him for a few seconds, before taking most of his length into her mouth.

Jo sucked almost frantically on it, like it was the only thing in the world that mattered. When she finally opened her eyes, she noticed that Ian was taking photos on his iPhone. She gave him a playful slap but didn't tell him to stop.

The man then pulled away from Jo, clearly he was about to come and wanted to save himself. He pulled a condom out of his pocket without waiting to be asked, and rolled it onto his shaft. Joining Jo on the bed again, he once again licked her pussy, making her cry out with pleasure.

In no more than a minute, Jo came again, nearly leaping off the bed with how sensitive she was feeling down there. Before she got her breath back, the man plunged his cock inside her welcoming hole. She offered no resistance to him at all. Jo was biting her lip to stop from screaming as the man started to build up his pace.

The man occasionally slowed down, not wanting to come too soon. Jo was wrapping her legs around him, trying to pull him deeper inside him.

He lasted for a couple of minutes before burying his cock deep inside her, shooting his load into the condom.

The man collapsed next to Jo spent. They both laid for a moment, getting their breath back. Ian was starting to get undressed now, smiling from ear to ear.

Still nobody spoke. The man moved off the bed to allow Ian to join his wife. He laid down next to her and kissed her gently.

"That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen." He whispered in her ear.

"I love you." Jo whispered back to him before moving down to attend to her husband's now aching cock.

Ian now laid on the bed with Jo between his legs, her head bobbing up and down on his 7" shaft. The man stood behind, watching, slowly stroking his cock back to life. This went on for a couple of minutes until Ian hinted that he wanted to fuck her.

"Do you want me to help with that?" Jo asked the man, who was now stroking his semi erect cock. " Come and lay down." She told him, inviting him back onto the single bed.

The man laid down, allowing Jo to take position between his legs. She pushed her bum up in the air, exposing her wet slit to her husband. She could feel the cool air against her soaking snatch and arsehole. As she started to suck the man's cock again, she could feel her. Husband's tongue flicker across her arsehole. She moaned quietly and allowed him access to probe more deeply.

"Don't fuck my arse tonight Ian." She old him. "I think that would be too much for me this time."

Ian agreed and went back to tonguing her tight anus, he loved to lick her this way. It had taken her a while to get used to Anal play, and even now it was only ever tried now and then.

Jo had the man's full length in her mouth, playing with it using her tongue, when she felt her husband enter her from behind. Ian was noticeably longer than the other man if not as thick. She preferred her husband's cock, allaying one of her fears that after trying something new, she wouldn't want to go back. Ian felt perfect, no matter how big or small anyone else was, this was hers.

Ian fucked his wife slowly, holding her hips and burying his cock into her up to the hilt each thrust. The other man was now fully erect inside Jo's mouth now. The feeling of these 2 hard cocks in her almost had her passing out with pleasure.

Jo could feel herself starting to come again and started to rub her clit. Her pussy tightened around Ian's cock as her 3rd orgasm of the night ripped through her. She felt almost weak now and stopped sucking the cock in front of her now.

Ian started to build his pace though, fucking his wife hard as he knew he was about to come. At the last second Ian pulled out and fired jet after jet of come, the first bolt landing halfway up her back, most landing on the cheeks of her arse and running down her bum crack.

Jo turned around and smiled at Ian, she loved him coming over her bum and tits, the feeling of the warm liquid running over her skin, the sight and sound of a man coming turned her on so much.

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