tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Field Trip Ch. 03

The Field Trip Ch. 03


Authors note - Sadly, I am running out of ideas for this story. I would appreciate all the help I can get. I would also really appreciate any editors who would like to work with me. Thanks in advance for reading! All positive and constructive feedback is appreciated. All characters are 18 or over the age of 18. All actions in this fictional story shouldn't be done in real life as they are illegal and serious offences. Do not read if you are not interested.


I told myself that what happened at the beach would never be told to anyone. Not because what Mr Rayner did was illegal and wrong, but because I lusted for more. He knew where to touch me as how to satisfy me the most. I couldn't help but feel the need for more even though it was one of the most painful experiences I had faced.

I arrived home fairly late, because the bus from school to my house had broken down somewhere and I needed to wait for it. No one was home, as usual at this time. Walking up the stairs to my bedroom, I suddenly felt tired. I unzipped the shorts and removed the panties that Mr Rayner had given me and fell onto my bed, exhausted. Laying down, I began crying. Many thoughts ran through my mind. Why did it have to happen to me? Couldn't have he picked another girl to fuck? But it did feel good didn't it? My hand moved down to touch and examine the damage he had done to me. I rubbed along my slit, the stinging pain in and around my vagina was still greatly uncomfortable. His dried semen coated the entrance of it, as well as on my thighs and neck. He had penetrated as deep as he could've, with still inches of his cock left. He had also released his seed into me, with no hesitation of the consequences.

My family was rich, we owned a large house in an exclusive part of the city. My dad worked in business and my mum worked as a lawyer. They would leave the house early and return late, giving me a lot of time by myself for the majority of the day. As mentioned before, I went to an all-girls private school which was really just a formal name for 'pretty girls in pretty uniforms'. The majority of the teachers at our school were females, with a small number of male teachers, being chosen by the principal, herself. I had money, and Mr Rayner knew this. Maybe that's what he wanted?

Covered in sweat, I got up to have a shower. My bathroom was probably my favourite room in the house. Out of the 3 bathrooms in the house, for each family member, mine was definitely the largest. Large marble slabs, made up 3 of the walls with the other one being entirely made of glass. I could see outside into the neighbourhood but no one could see me, due the heavily tinted glass. The glass wrapped all the way up to the ceiling, forming half of it. I had my own shower and a separate bathtub that only I used. The best thing however, was not the bathroom, but the removable shower head. Because my parents were almost never at home, I could be in the shower for long periods of time without being yelled at. I had learnt masturbation at a very young age, and discovers how to used the shower head as a tool to pleasure myself. Most evenings after school, I would remove my clothes and hop into the shower, allowing myself to discover new ways of happiness.

I slipped out of my blouse and unhooked my bra, throwing them to the side. I sat down in the shower, leaning against the cold wall. I turned on the water to the lowest setting, allowing it to heat up before bringing it down to my vagina. Slowly I began rubbing the stainless steel head against my clit. The water tickled my skin, arousing me instantly. I ran a finger along the opening of my vagina, allowing the water to reach inside my folds. Moaning softly, I allowed my instincts to take over. All my thoughts were stopped, replaced by the feeling of immense ecstasy and lust. My nipples were erect, giving me an opportunity to further satisfy myself. I softly pinched and twisted them, developing a steady routine. My moans became louder, as my orgasm slowly built up. An hour has passed before I felt a sensational feeling deep inside myself. I was grateful that my parents weren't home because, if they were, my moans would've caught their attention. I rubbed harder on my clit, trying to get a stronger orgasm, which is exactly what happened. The intensity made me gasp. I let out a series of moans, sighs and cuss words. I could feel the juices exploding out of me, a load of it running on to my hand. I was stunned, laying on the floor. My breath was heavy and my heart was beating very loudly. I cleaned myself, having a normal shower after my orgasm and went to bed early, exhausted.

My alarm woke me up, 7:30 in the morning. It was Friday, thankfully the last day of the school semester. I got up and quickly got dressed, as usual. Being in a private girls school meant that we had to wear uniform. The uniform was questionable. We had to wear a very sheer, white, button up blouse, tucked under an awfully short, red plait skirt. I had to be careful what bra to wear in summer because it was hot and humid. I couldn't wear a singlet without the risk of overheating, meaning that, under the thin blouse, teachers could make out a very clear outline of my bra as well as the colour of it, especially when I sweat. The male teachers would stare not so subtly when they saw. I arrived at school right on time, at exactly 9am. I sat quietly in home room, waiting for the bell to ring for the first period. I glanced across the room, noticing Kristy was staring at me. She smiled when our eyes met and looked away. I blushed, both embarrassed and flattered at the same time. I was beginning to feel a new love for her, one that was like my love for Mr Rayner's rough hands caressing my clit.

Once the bell rung, I walked to biology. Mr Rayner was my teacher. I was both excited and extremely anxious to meet with him, since the last time we talked, he had trusted his large cock into my vagina. However, instead of Mr Rayner, we had another teacher who said that he was substituting for him. I was relieved but slightly disappointed. Mr Rayner had told me, after he had fucked me, that e would teach me some more 'lessons'. I was curious as to what he meant and was hoping that he would explain himself.

Half way through the lesson, I was called to the principals office. I panicked, hoping that it wasn't about the earlier events with Mr Rayner. My heart raced, as I walked to the room.

I pushed the door open, and to my surprise, Mr Rayner was standing there, looking at me.

"H-hello sir," I muttered.

Ms Chisholm, the principal, was no where in sight.

"I've been waiting for you Chloe," he smiled.

He lunged at me, grabbing me by the wrist. I didn't have time to react as he pulled me towards his work table. I tried to scream but his hand was now over my mouth. I was pushed onto the table, chest down. I could see him pulling his belt off. I was panicking, my heart beating out of my chest. He grabbed my wrists, looping his belt around them and the table, so that I couldn't escape.

"In going to remove my hand, from your mouth, and don't you dare scream or I will fucking end you. Do you understand?" He whispered into my ear

I nodded in response.

He removed both his hands off me and walked to the other side of the desk to face me. I pulled at my restraints, testing if it would hold, and unfortunately, it did. The belt was tied at the end of the table, so I couldn't move. There was no way to escape. My Rayner looked at me, up and down.

"Well aren't you a cutie," he smiled.

He opened a drawer, pulling out a familiar looking pink ovular shape.

"This Chloe, is Ms Chisholm's vibrator," he laughed.

It didn't surprise me. Ms Chisholm was only about 30 years old, which is pretty young for a principal. She had the looks and was an idol to most of us.

"Please.. Let me go!" I begged.

"Not until I'm done with you," he replied.

Mr Rayner walked around, stopping behind me. I could feel him lift up my skirt, my bare butt in the air. I tugged at the belt but it still wouldn't move. I could feel him pull my panties down, taking his sweet time to admire my backside. I couldn't scream, because I was scared. I couldn't run, because I was tied down. I heard the egg come to life, a soft humming noise coming from it. He rubbed it along my slit, seeing if I would react, and I did. As soon as it made contact with my skin, i became incredibly aroused. I sighed softly, unable to do anything else.

"Very good Chloe," he whispered.

Mr Rayner then slowly pushed the egg into my slit. I could feel it entering me, the vibrations far too strong for my taste. My lips unwillingly welcomed it, coating the egg in juice as Mr Rayner pushed it deeper into me. I cried out in pleasure, it was nothing I had ever felt before. The vibrations ran throughout my entire body. The pain was more or less nonexistent compared to Mr Rayner's penis but the pleasure wasn't as great. Mr Rayner walked back in front of me, leaving the egg inside and still vibrating. He unzipped his pants, pulling his giant cock out once again for me to see.

"You, Chloe, will now suck my cock," he smiled.

He grabbed my head, pulling my hair so that I would open my mouth. He eased his cock in, until it reached my throat. I kept my mouth open, not willing to suck him off.

"Listen Chloe, if you don't suck me off or if you attempt to bite my cock, I will put the remainder of this cock into your throat," he threatened.

There was still another 6 inches left that he was willing to shove inside my mouth. I was disgusted at the thought of it. Not wanting any, I obeyed his orders and began slowly giving him a blow job. With his cock in my mouth, and a vibrator in my pussy, I was basically having the worst and best day of my life. My saliva coated the cock, as I sucked harder. I had given blowjobs before, but none of them the size of Mr Rayner. After a few minutes, I could feel that he was close to busting. His hand grabbed the part of his cock that wasn't in my mouth and began jerking it off. The head of his cock hammered into my throat as the semen exploded out. I choked as it ran down into me, his entire cock was now sliding in and out of my mouth, deep throating me. I coughed and cried as his cock continued to spew gunk into me. His hands were gripping my hair, as he rocked back and forth. I felt some semen pour outside of my mouth and down my chin onto the floor. It tasted salty, like beach water but was surprisingly pleasant.

"That's my girl, Chloe!" He grinned,

pulling his cock out of my mouth.

I was in tears, and coughing and spitting. The majority of his gunk had gone down my throat but some was still in my mouth. He had much more than I had anticipated. After regaining my composure, I had noticed that the vibrator was still on, and greatly arousing. I could feel my own juices spilling out and running down my leg, despite the lack of an orgasm.

After Mr Rayner zipped his pants, he walked around behind me and pulled the egg out.

"Not yet Chloe," he said.

I was frustrated. He made me give him a blowjob and swallow his cum but wouldn't allow me any pleasure.

"I'm expecting someone soon, I think you'll be happy to see who," he smiled.

Seconds later there was a knock on the door. The door slowly opened and standing in front of us, was Kristy.

"What the fuck?" She asked, looking at me bent over the table.

Mr Rayner grabbed her, pulling her into the room, and slammed the door shut.

"Sir, what's going on?" Kristy cried.

"Shut up," Mr Rayner commanded, pulling her towards me.

He pushed her on to the ground behind my ass. I blushed, embarrassed.

"Alright Kristy, I'm giving you 10 minutes to make Chloe orgasm. If you fail, then I will whip both your ass and pussy," he said.

"No! That's crazy!" She argued.

Mr Rayner grabbed a belt, that was hung on the coat rack. He walked back towards her, grabbing and pulling her down.

"Please.. don't!" She cried at him.

He flipped her skirt up. I couldn't do anything but watch, as the belt came down onto her butt.

Kristy cried out in pain.

"Alright.. I'll.. I'll do it!" She surrendered, tears coming out of her eyes.

"Good," he grinned. "Chloe, you will not orgasm no matter what, otherwise you will have the same punishment. Understand?"

I nodded.

Mr Rayner undid my restraints, turning me around so that my back was on the table instead of my breasts. He spread my legs open and held them there.

I felt Kristy's breath as her tongue slowly glided along my slit. She was like nothing I had ever felt. Her tongue was much softer and smoother than Mr Rayner's finger. I felt the orgasm building up, which in this case, wasn't good for me. I held it in, hoping that I would last. With one quick move, her tongue slipped into me, almost making me orgasm from the surprise. Her tongue was deep inside me playing around inside. It took everything in me to not cum then and there. I gripped the table, my belly lifted off the table and my head tilted up. I was dripping wet, from a mixture of my juices and her saliva. The fragrance in the room was dwarfed by the smell of my arousal. Kristy's tongue was working both inside me and on my swollen clit. I knew for a fact that I wasn't going to be able to last. I screamed as she took me over the edge. My juices trickled out, running down my legs and onto the table and floor. Kristy's face was also covered in it. My face went red, not wanting to look at her.

"Nice job Kristy," Mr Rayner smirked. "Now clean all this up and leave."

"Yes sir," she mumbled.

I propped myself up with my elbows, still trying to catch my breath. Kristy was cleaning the floor up with tissues. I didn't last, which meant that Mr Rayner was going to hurt me. I was scared, and disappointed in myself.

"I'm sorry Chloe," Kristy said as she left the room.

"Now.. Time for some fun," Mr Rayner grinned.

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