tagInterracial LoveThe First Time We Meet

The First Time We Meet


I am waiting at our little airport, so excited and at the same time terrified, finally the day has come when you arrive and we are to meet for the first time. We have been chatting for many months online, and the need to see each other has gotten to powerful to ignore anymore.

My shower this morning was long and full of thought, as I meticulously groom myself, thoughts racing through my head. Will you like me? Will you be on the plane? How am I going to restrain my self when I finally see you stepping of the plane and walking to the terminal across the tarmac?

The warm water rushing over my body, shampoo lathered in my hair, I reach up for the shaving gel, ensuring my razor is fresh and sharp, I squeeze the gel from the tube, and part my thighs, wanting to make sure I get as much of the hair as possible. I begin to run the razor over my pelvic mound, working down around to my pussy lips, with one hand pulling each lip across a little to give easier access to the soft spongy skin. The smell of the gel very sensual, and the nice smoothness of the skin so erotic and cool. I rinse the soapy lather from my hair and turn off the shower.

Stepping out onto the bath mat, my skin covered in goose bumps, not only from the droplets rolling down make naked flesh but in anticipation of the next few hours.

I am bought back to the presence by the sound of a voice over the loud speaker. Ansett Flight 102 from Sydney is about to arrive, I walk out into the glassed in viewing area and see your plane in the sky, my heart starts racing, and I wonder what you’re thinking right now. Are you as anxious as I am? My thoughts wonder momentarily to our chats, our time online, talking about our needs, wants, desires, our affection for each other. A soft smile comes to my face and I know everything will be all right. We have such an amazing connection, not only sexually but also mentally and emotionally, we so enjoy each others company online, it’s going to be even more wonderful in real life.

Jolted by the sound of the sound of the plane pulling up in front of the terminal, my heart is almost jumping out of my chest, at the same time my loins begin to stir. I have chosen a light summer dress to wear, and being daring, left my panties at home. I can feel my juices starting to flow as I see you step from the plane. I have but a few moment to absorb everything. “Oh My God, your are so handsome, those solid muscled legs, the confident stride, that exotic black skin, this is my first time in seeing you, you have the advantage on me, having seen many pictures of me over time”

You spot me, I am quivering now, “What are you thinking? Oh god I feel like I am going to die” I wave to you and wait at the door for you to come in, we stand for a silent moment and look each other up and down, then I cant help myself anymore, you drop your bag and as if we were both reading each others thoughts. Our bodies clasp each other, as if long lost lovers, my heavy breasts pressing into your chest, my lips reaching for yours, parting my thighs and resting my lightly clothed crotch against your strong thigh we kiss each other deeply and passionately. Totally oblivious of the small crowd of other travelers, not really caring, as we are of in our own world of lust for each other already.

I can feel your hardness against my hip, and immediately I know I must get us out of there fast, before I throw you on the floor and have my way with you right there and then.

“Trey, my precious Trey, I have waited for this day for so long, and I could never have dreamed our first meeting would be so spontaneous”

Over our time on the net, we had shared so much of ourselves to each other and learnt to trust each other and be ourselves, so there was an instant magnetic attraction in real life too.

You pick up your hand luggage, as I smile into your eyes, kissing you softly on the neck before releasing you. I see you glance down at my breasts through the thin material of my dress, my excitement so obvious by the hardness of my large nipples. You lick your lips involuntarily and I giggle. “Not long baby” grabbing your hand and leading you to the luggage trolley, we quickly grab your bigger cases and head to the car park, where my car is waiting for us.

I open the trunk of the car and you place your cases in it, then I close the trunk and turn around to look at you again. By this time my naked cunt is so wet and throbbing, and a glow over my face, combined with a glazed look in my eyes we grab each other again in a soft embrace and kiss again. Feeling a little more brazen away from the crowds in the nicely treed car park, I let my hand run down over your clothed chest and down to your groin, your cock even harder now as I whisper into your ear “My cunt is aching for you Trey, I cant wait much longer, my cunt is naked just for you Trey” I feel your cock jump as you hear my words. You lift me onto the trunk of the car, my dress being quite long, you pull it up a little so you can place your hips between my thighs. People are walking by, but totally unaware of what might happen, my dress covering us so well, I wrap my naked thighs around you and your press hard against me.

Somehow while you were maneuvering yourself closer to me, you have released your throbbing cock from your shorts, and I feel the head pressing against my wet, hot cunt. “~Kir@~, oh fuck~Kir@~, your cunt is so hot, so wet, I have to get inside of you now” your breathing so heavy, your voice deeper as I pull you in even closer to me. Your cock knows exactly where to go, it is so hard, so thick, I let my head roll back as I arch my back and push my hips forward. “Fuck Yes Trey, I have dreamt of this moment for so long, but I so wanted to suck your beautiful black cock first, to taste your cum in my mouth” You place a finger over my full lips and shush me “~Kir@~ my hot sexy cum lover, we will have plenty of time for that, your cunt is too inviting right now, and after that long flight, thinking about us, I need to cum hard, deep and fast”.

My body just beginning to melt as I give myself to you gladly, so willingly, within seconds I am feeling your thick masculine black cock entering my hungry cunt, short gentle thrusts at first, as my cunt is so tight, then all of a sudden my extreme wetness lets you slide all the way in, so deep, stretching me so much. We both moan loudly together, our kisses getting forceful and feverish as we fuck each other like wild animals out in the open on the trunk of my car. Your cock feeling awesome inside of me, a feeling I never want to end as our hips thrust harder and deeper. My clit so swollen as your course pubic hair grazes across it, tensing my cunt muscles around your cock with each inward thrust. My wetness for you evident by the sounds of slurping with each pounding into my cunt.

Then as if unable to control us selves anymore, we both let out a deep moan as our bodies tense up, both quivering whilst we climax in unison, your cock spewing cum deep into my cunt again and again, your head rolling back, your tongue running over your lips, your eyes glazed over as you shoot the contents of your heavy balls into me.

We hold each other close for a moment as we allow our heart rates to return to something close to normal, your cock still hard and deep inside of me. Suddenly we are shocked back into reality as we hear a car door slam not too far from us. You withdraw your cock from my dripping cunt, and I catch a quick glance of our cum over it as you slip it back into your shorts, slipping my skirt down to cover my now naked cunt, I can feel our cum dripping from me. You grab me by the hips and help me off the car, evidence of our fucking in the way of globs of cum smeared on the duco. You chuckle and say “ Hey hon, I bet not many cars have a load of cum on them like that”

WE both climb into my car, smelling of our fuck session, cum still dripping from me, when I get in the car, I pull my skirt up again and slip my fingers into my wet cunt, aching to taste our cum. Placing my fingers to my lips, I suck on my fingers, your eyes watching me intensely, amazed at my love for cum.

“Mmm Trey, our cum is so delicious, I could eat this all day” you lean across and kiss me on the cheek and whisper “Baby, your going to have all the cum your will ever need from these balls, because I am going to fuck you like crazy forever” you playfully place your fingers into my cunt too and brush them across my neck, a memory of our first of many fucks together, and we haven’t even left the airport. I look across at you, my heart on such a high, my head spinning ,as I explain that I live only 5 minutes away by car.

Will we make it home, or will the temptation to drop in and show you the local Picnic Spot on the River, on the way home, tempt me enough to seduce you yet again?

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