tagErotic CouplingsThe Fortnight Apart

The Fortnight Apart


The early morning sun shines weakly but brightly as you arrive. We're both smiling as I welcome you inside my flat. We kiss, long and hard, our arms embrace each other tightly; it's been so long! We part, long enough for you to take your coat off and make it upstairs before we are again in each others arms and kissing. As our tongues dance sensually, our hands are busy loosening clothes and freeing our naked bodies. You pull at my shirt, the press-studs bursting in quick succession. You smile at this. I knew you'd love that shirt. It doesn't have time to reach the floor before your hands are pulling at my belt, loosening my trousers. In turn, I have freed your lovely breasts, my kisses trail from your mouth to your neck as my hands cup each breast in turn, teasing your nipples until erect. I kneel down, sucking deep on one nipple, kissing fervently the breast around it, all the while my hands undo the rest of your dress and gradually pull it down to the floor. You casually kick it to one side and my lips slide further down your body, causing shivers along your spine as they meet the lips of your Sex. Even through your knickers you feel the heat and force of my kisses. Then I slowly pull them down too, kissing, licking, and nibbling your loins as I do.

I stand again, allowing my trousers and underwear to fall and I kick the last remnants off along with my socks. My eyes scan your body; it's more tanned than when we last met. I smile, as my fingers trace the tan line around your midriff, the slight paling of your breasts. They hover over at the birthmark on your left shoulder before each hand caresses down the mirrored counterpart of your arms. I take your hands and pull your naked body toward mine until my erection is pressed, hot against your body. The air between us is charged with such passion, our breathing is short, our eyes wide. My hands rake over your back, up into your hair where they grip and tug as my mouth claims yours in ever deepening kisses.

Still kissing, I guide you gradually backwards onto the bed. You lay back, smiling, so at ease and free with me. Your hand catches hold of my hard cock, strokes it slowly , enjoying its full length and firmness. In turn, I stroke, massage and caress your body, taking in your torso, pausing around your navel. My fingertips trace sensual lines along your hips and thighs, gripping at random moments at your buttocks as my arousal heightens.

You run your fingers up my back and into my hair, pulling my head to face you, then rain a burst of wild kisses over my face, my lips, my cheeks, chin, and nose. I raise up onto my lower arms, positioning myself over you and gaze into your eyes as my stiff cock hovers at the gates of delight you hold between your legs. Teasingly, I push against you, barely parting your labia, sliding at the edges of your lusciously wet Sex. My hands tangle in your hair, I bring my mouth down to yours and I feel you gasp, I feel you shudder, as my first thrust penetrates you deep. I withdraw slow then forcefully thrust inside once more. You delight in the feeling, not painful but exquisite. And it gets better as I start to push in and out, steadily thrusting while kissing and biting softly at your right earlobe then running kisses across your mouth and to your left ear. My tongue fleetingly dips inside then I kiss and suck gently behind it and down your neck. I remember your left neck is more sensitive, and you moan in response. I reach for each of your hands, our fingers interlocked, and I lift your arms over your head as we fuck harder. Your body arches to meet my thrusts, even as they get faster and more frantic.

Unstoppable feelings are building and at the first tremor of my orgasm pumping into you, your own climax is triggered. It rises from your loins, a sudden tensing within, like electricity fizzing in your abdomen, quickly increasing in magnitude until it pulses ecstasy over you. Hoarse with exertion as you come, you call my name again and again and once more, your body alive with sensation. It ebbs slowly but does not diminish completely.

As we catch our breath, we gaze at each other, knowing that my cock belongs in you, as I belong in your arms. And frequently.

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