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The Golden Orb Ch. 02



This story is a direct continuation of my story "The golden orb." It is advised that you read the first installment beforehand to understand what little plot is happening. If you are just looking to read some story with a lot of sex scenes though you might enjoy this even without reading the first part I guess. The story further follows Sam and Jane after their find of the magical, wish-granting golden orb. Jane has successfully used the golden orb to transform her boyfriend Sam into her transsexual girlfriend. So far, he, or rather she now rather likes the experience. Now Jane seems determined to have a lot of sexual fun with her new girlfriend.

Disclaimers and warnings:

This story is a piece of fiction intended for an adult audience. If you are below the legal age of an adult in your country you better leave this site and go find something else to do. All characters involved in sexual acts are at least the age of 18 (the legal age in my native country). The story features lots of sex but there is also some romance sprinkled in throughout the entire thing, even if it's not the typical monogamic heterosexual romance (You probably know what I'm talking about if you read the first installment). It as well contains transsexual and feminization themes. If you don't like that I suggest you leave.

(Educational intermission: This is a fantasy story without regards to real live situations. Some of the Acts depicted in this story are not advised to be recreated in real live and the main character is in no way representing real life transsexuals. This is all purely fictional and names and situations resembling real life-persons are coincidental.)


Chapter 8: Gym classes suck:

After taking a quick shower Linda, Jane and I stepped out of the stalls and since it was almost time for Physical education anyways decided to get into our sport clothes. Which brought me into a somewhat uncomfortable situation. Since I had been a boy not too long ago I had no locker in the girl's locker room and my sport clothes were most likely still in my locker in the boy's room, not that they'd fit me anymore anyways.

Which brought me to the next question, whether or not I was even allowed to be in the girl's locker room. Sure, due to Janes wish everybody thought that I was a transsexual and started living as girl four years ago but I did still have a penis after all. Linda didn't seem to see anything wrong with me getting dressed here though, so I probably was officially a girl in the eyes of the school authorities. Unfortunately, that still left the question what to do about my non-existent gym clothes.

Nervously I got close to my girlfriend and whispered into her ear: "Uhm, Jane I don't think I have a locker here and I don't have any fitting gym clothes either. What am I supposed to do about that?"

She glanced over to Linda, who was busy getting into her top at the time, and then discreetly pulled the magical golden orb out of her backpack, hiding it in her fist. As quiet as possible she whispered: "I wish Sam had a locker here and that it would hold feminine gym clothes that will fit her."

The orb glowed shortly and... nothing really happened. "Did it work?" I asked under my breath.

"It should have, I guess one of the lockers here is now yours." She replied.

"Well, and how do I find it?" I hissed back.

She frowned, then suddenly her face lit up in realization and she whispered: "I wish Sam would know which locker is hers."

All of a sudden, the knowledge about my new locker came to me. Giving Jane a thumbs up, I walked over to my backpack and got my key ring out and found a new key on it.

And that key did in fact open the locker, which I somehow just knew was mine. Inside I found a set of gym clothes consisting of a plain white pair of panties, black yoga pants, a sports bra, a sleeveless grey shirt and a pair of white sneakers.

As I finally started to get dressed, the room started to fill with other girls. To my surprise nobody seemed overly bothered by my presence. I would at least have expected to be completely avoided by the others due to the fact that I was a transsexual and that I was basically confirmed to be attracted to girls due to dating Jane. Well attracted to both girls and boys more likely as recent occurrences brought to light, but aside from the people involved in the earlier foursome nobody should know that yet.

While some of the girls indeed shot me and to a lesser extent also my girlfriend some suspicious looks most of them didn't seem to mind at all and some even chatted me up talking about school, recent gossip or similar things.

I was trying to participate in discussion around me as good as I could, while finishing getting dressed. Eventually I was done and marveled at my outfit. The form fitting yoga pants really made my long slender legs show and they highlighted my shapely butt. To my embarrassment, the tight material had the considerable drawback that there was a very noticeable bulge to see in my crotch area.

Suddenly I felt a gentle slap on my ass and let out a surprised yelp. "You're looking good in those pants, sweet cheeks." Teased Jane, who was standing behind me now. Most of the other girls in the room giggled at that.

Trying to ignore the redness that creeped onto my face as well as the thrill of excitement the action sparked in me, I replied: "Glad you like them. After all, tempting you to grope me is always a pleasure."

At that moment coach Anderson entered the locker room. She was a short woman in her early-fifties and even though she was not really a very good-looking woman (She had a very Hawke like nose, a sharp chin and thin lips that never seemed to smile.) one had to admit that she was surprisingly fit for her age and kept her body in prime condition. Her long brunette hair was tied back in a ponytail and she wore a very new-looking jogging suit.

Moreover, as far as I could remember the girls of our school had more than a healthy dose of respect for her. And from what I had seen she worked her subjects pretty hard.

"Listen up ladies." Her loud voice rang through the rooms, instantly quieting everyone: "As always it is my pleasure to get your lazy asses in gear. So why don't we start with something easy? How about you run ten laps around the gym hall for starters?"

Collective groaning was the answer. "I'll just pretend I didn't hear that." Chided Mrs. Anderson: "Now ladies get going." Less than pleased, I just followed right behind Jane as the class started their ten laps.


Soon enough I had a very solid idea why Jane complained about Physical Education as much as she did. Coach Anderson was merciless and worked us quite hard. Running was followed by pushups, which in turn were followed up by even more running. After 15 minutes, I was already sweating and panting heavily. I wasn't really used to physical activity at all. It didn't help that Mr. Miller, the coach for the boys, was far more lenient when it came to sports. Usually he would just put us through some half-assed stretching routine and then let us play soccer or basketball for the rest of the time. I resentfully looked over to the boys in the further end of the gym where they spent their rather relaxed course.

Some of them were obviously staring at the girls quite openly. Not that I blamed them since most of them were dressed in quite form-fitting sport clothes. I was sneaking a few glances myself when I wasn't too focused on doing what Mrs. Anderson ordered us to do. Nevertheless, with some level of satisfaction, I couldn't help but notice though that I got quite a few stares from the boys as well. Their lustful gazes rested on my ass, which was very much on display due to my form fitting yoga-pants, especially often. It somewhat excited me to know that I was sexy enough to catch the attention of some of them.

Still, it could only comfort me a little since I was still feeling awful due to the unfamiliarly high level of Physical Education I currently had to endure. Furthermore, the fact that I had boobs and a generally much more feminine body now made it surprisingly hard to do sports as well. I more than once found myself stumbling due to my changed proportions. I would probably need some time to get used to my new body.

As I was running besides my girlfriend for yet another five laps around the gym and had serious problems to keep my breathing steady, she smirked at me and asked: "What is wrong with you, dear? You seem to be a little out of breath. I can't remember you having stamina problems yesterday. Maybe you already spend all your energy earlier today?" Gritting my teeth, I managed to reply: "Oh god, this is bad. I'll probably won't be able to move for a week after we are done here. "

Jane just chuckled and retorted: "Aw, don't say that Sam. I'm sure I can make you feel better afterwards. With a massage, maybe?"

Suddenly Coach Anderson was jogging up alongside us and yelled: "Hey there Mrs. and Mrs. love-bird. Now is not the time to make evening plans. I want less flirting from you two and more running."

"Yes Ma'am! Sorry!" I stuttered out while my girlfriend muttered something similar as we continued to run in silence. The coach just nodded her appreciation and moved on.


Chapter 9: Fun in the showers:

Two hours later we were all finally trudging back into the locker-room. Aside from Linda and very few other girls, who all practiced some sport regularly, everyone was exhausted at this point. My legs already hurt and I was quite sure that my muscles would be aching for the next day at the very least. Mrs. Anderson to her credit at least did try to cheer us up in her own way. "Well Ladies, you fared better than I expected for a bunch of lazy teenage brats that spend their time sitting around all day posting selfies on their cellphones. As a reward, we'll take it a bit easier next time. Now get into the shower." Sighing in anticipation of finally getting to shower the sweat of my skin, I quickly undressed. When I was naked, I grabbed a towel from my locker and walked after the first few girls who were already heading towards the shower room.

After a few steps, I was suddenly stopped by a hand on my shoulder. "Sam, where exactly do you think you are going young lady?" Mrs. Anderson asked with a raised eyebrow.

Staring back at her uncertainly I hesitantly answered: "To the showers?... Like you said?"

She just snorted in amusement: "Nice try girly, but you know as well as me that the school authorities don't want you to shower together with the other girls due to the fact that you are genetically not 100% girl yourself."

Well I didn't know that, but I could not really admit that without raising suspicions. So, I just said nothing. Coach Anderson meanwhile carried on: "So you'll be a good girl and wait here till everyone else is finished, then you can have the showers."

I just blushed and nodded "Yes sure. Sorry Mrs. Anderson. I just zoned out momentarily."

"It's okay. I can't really see the point of that rule either, especially since you already change in the same room as the other girls. It's just that I have no intention to get fired for disregarding it." The coach shrugged.

Sighing once more, I wrapped my towel around my waist and sat down on a bench to wait while everyone else got into the shower. Jane just shot me an apologetic look as she walked past me.

And so, it happened that I just sat around alone in the girl's locker room and had to wait until I was allowed to use the showers myself. After some time, the first girls reappeared from the showers and started to get dressed. Well at least I still got to see an abundance of girls in various stages of undress which was nice as far as I was concerned.

Unfortunately, it also made me somewhat horny again resulting in my cock starting to stand to attention again. I awkwardly shifted around and hid my growing boner as well as I could with the towel around my waist.

Suddenly Jane stepped back into the locker-room, drying her hair, and gave me a warm smile. "Well, I guess I'll see you a bit later. How about we meet in the mess hall for lunch after you are done with your shower?" She asked.

I replied: "Sure, fine by me." Leaning down to me, my girlfriend seductively whispered into my ear: "And just so you now, I do have another surprise ready for you my sexy little minx. And after all what already happened the last two days I am reasonably convinced that you'll like it. A lot."

Now my interest was quite raised, but before I could inquire more about the matter any further Jane shut me up with a loving and sensual kiss on the mouth. Forgetting whatever questions, I had I decided to kiss her back instead. Which also made me lose my ongoing battle to conceal my erection. My penis now visibly tented my towel. When we broke the kiss, I became quickly aware that almost all eyes in the room were on us and that everyone could see my predicament. Most of the girls just seemed amused, some seemed to regard me with some disdain and a few selected seemed to be quite intrigued. I blushed furiously under their gazes.

Jane just giggled and asked into the room: "What? Have none of you ever seen an erection before?" That quickly made most girls look into another direction, although Linda did give us both a sultry wink before doing so. Jane and I couldn't help but giggle, then my girlfriend went over to her locker to get dressed.

Eventually the showers emptied out and when the last girl left them Mrs. Anderson nodded in my direction to signal that I could use them now. Relieved I finally headed into the showers. I turned on the hot water and with a pleased sigh let it cascade down my curvy body. It felt great to finally wash the sweat from the earlier training off. As I was relaxing under the hot water I noticed that I was still aroused. My penis was still very much erect and my nipples were equally hard. I shortly considered if I should do something about my arousal, but then decided that it was probably not the wisest of ideas to masturbate in the school showers.

Instead I just dutifully started to wash myself, even though admittedly I probably did soap up my breast longer than necessary. I was just washing shampoo out of my long luscious hair, when I suddenly heard steps behind me.

That was puzzling. I had already spent some time in the shower, so I was sure that all the other girls most likely left already. I turned around, and couldn't help but let out a shocked gasp of surprise. Somebody had entered the showers, but it wasn't one of the girls. Instead it was a boy. Adam Meyer, another member of the school football team to be exact.

He was a big, muscular guy with a very handsome, face and from what I knew the girls were pretty much crazy about him. In fact, Jane had gone out with him a few times a while before she started dating me. But she broke it off very soon because he was kind of a douchebag, as she put it. Aside from that I didn't really know anything about the guy. Well, apparently, I had just learned something new about him though. Namely how he looked naked, because he didn't wear a single piece of clothing. He stood there in the showers naked and I momentarily couldn't help myself but check his sculpted body out shortly. He was quite the hunk I decided. Even more ripped than Jace and when my eyes wandered to his crotch I was impressed to see a very decent seven-inch penis dangling there in semi-erect state. This did fuel my own arousal even more. Ever since I became a T-girl I was turning into a bisexual really fast I mused shortly.

Then suddenly, I remembered an important detail. Adam wasn't the only one being naked at that moment. I myself wasn't wearing anything but soap suds right now and the footballer was eying my whole body up and down with an appreciative grin.

Finally reacting to the guy's unexpected presence, I shrieked girlishly and tried to cover my quite sizeable C-Cup tits and my rampant erection with one arm each, with limited success.

Blushing furiously and feeling rather humiliated I angrily inquired: "What are you doing here Adam? These are the girl's showers. And why the hell are you naked?"

He shot me a cocky grin and answered: "Oh, don't act like you don't like what you see babe. I saw you checking me out."

"That answer was impressively uninformative. Again, what the hell are you doing here?" I retorted sourly.

He shrugged, his lustful gaze still lingering on my nude body: "Well Jace told me a very fascinating tale during PE today. Something about him, his hot slut of a girlfriend, that cutie Jane and a certain hot tranny getting it on in the girl's locker room. He said you were quite the eager cocksucker."

I didn't think it was possible but my face reddened even more. Jace seemed like an okay guy but apparently, he couldn't even go a few hours without bragging about that foursome in the morning to his peers. Defiantly I snapped back at Adam: "So what? I don't think that's any of your business."

The footballer raised his hands defensively: "Hey, calm down. I don't hold it against you or anything. You can suck as much dick as you want. As for why I'm here? Well, I must admit that I was curious when Jace told me that you were fucking hot as hell, so I wanted to see it for myself. And since it's known that you usually use the showers alone after all the real girls are done it was quite easy to sneak in here. Jace was right by the way. Even though you have a dick you are probably a solid eight out of ten. Really nice body you have there."

Snorting in amusement and still somewhat angry I replied: "So you almost gave me a heart attack just to ogle me in the shower. And you decided to do that naked as well? Great. Hope you've seen enough. Now get out of here before I decide to tell a teacher about this."

Adam gave me another cocky grin but made no move to leave. Instead he even slowly walked closer to me: "Come on now Sammy-girl. Don't be rude. I know you are in some sort of pseudo-lesbian relationship with Jane, but what Jace told me kind of confirms that you are probably hungry for some hard cock from time to time."

Before I could react to this in any way, he stepped into the still running hot water right in front of me and with a determined motion grabbed my chin, lifted my face upwards and aggressively pressed his lips against mine. I was too shocked to react at all at first, however the kiss felt pretty good so automatically I started to kiss him back without consciously thinking about it. Adam took this as invitation to pull me against his naked muscular frame and start exploring my body with his hands. My boobs were roughly pressed against his chiseled upper body and his hands roamed downwards, giving my butt a good grope and squeezing it. Further down I could feel my now rock-hard cock touch his own dick.

I briefly considered shoving him away and giving him the kick in the balls he most definitely deserved for this whole stunt.

However, I was still extremely horny at that point and his ministrations did feel surprisingly good. So instead of stopping him my sexual urges got the better of me and when he gave my butt another gentle squeeze I just moaned against his lips and grinded my sensitive nipples even harder against his naked skin.

My unexpected visitor finally broke the kiss and grinned down at my smaller form, while I was catching my breath again: "So what do you say sweet cheeks? I guess you are fucking hot for a Tranny chick and I'd love to tap that ass of yours. Judging by how hard your nipples are and by that boner you are sporting yourself I also think you probably need a good fuck. So want to bang?"

Finally regaining some of my wits I stammered: "What? Here? ... Now? ... In the school shower? Are you insa..." The rest of my protest was cancelled out by the pleasured gasp that escaped me as Adam gently moved me away from me a little bit and then grabbed my tits and started to massage them with surprising skill.

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