tagNovels and NovellasThe Guilded Lily Ch. 01: Lost Girl

The Guilded Lily Ch. 01: Lost Girl


Birmingham, England, Autumn 1995.

* * *

Jim Blake

* * *

I awoke to the glare of bright sunlight through my thin bedroom curtains. Reflexively covering my eyes with the back of my hand, I felt the drag of soft lips around my cock.


What a way to wake up!

"Good morning to you Girlie," I laughed. "Mmmmmph!" came the reply.

I smiled, "Didn't your Mother teach you not to speak with your mouth full," I asked.

The lips in question slid purposefully up my rigid shaft and the head escaped with a soft 'pop'.

"Make up your mind," Mandy giggled, "Do you want this blow-job or a bloody conversation?"

I held up my hands "Just you carry on enjoying yourself down there Girlie," I said in mock seriousness, "Far be it from me to spoil your fun."

Her fingers gripped my balls just a little too firmly. "My fun," she scolded, "My bloody fun!"

I take it that you're not enjoying this at all then!"

Her soft mouth once more engulfed my hardness as her tongue circled the head of my cock.

"No, not in the least.........Oh Fuck, you're good at that," I moaned.


The 'conversation' degenerated at that point into muffled moans, ecstatic groans and the rhythmic, wet sound of oral pleasure.

Less than a minute later my hips started to strain upwards as I felt my balls begin to signal the imminent arrival of Mandy's reward.

I restrained myself from reaching for her head and pulling her deeper onto my swollen dick. Years of our sexual familiarity reminded me that, though Mandy gave excellent head, she hated to feel in any way forced.

Instead I put my hands to the sides of my body and grabbed handfuls of the sheets as my cock exploded into the back of her throat.

She swallowed frantically for a few seconds then slowed her attentions to my softening member, finally letting it slip from her mouth as she smacked her lips noisily. "Mmmmm," she cooed, "Maybe fresh cum should be on the menu of your little restaurant downstairs".

"I doubt it would go down very well with the customers," I smiled, recovering my breath.

"It went down very well with me!" she replied, sliding her full figured body up the bed, "It's yummy...Taste!" she giggled as she kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

I tasted my flavour on her lips as I enthusiastically kissed her back. We'd long ago agreed that if I expected her to kiss me after I'd gone down on her, I could expect the same treatment after a session of her expert cock sucking.

To be honest I didn't mind the taste, and the kinky side of me was a little excited by her indiscriminate sharing of our bodily fluids.

I pulled my head back far enough to focus on her deep brown eyes and asked "Would Madam allow me to reciprocate her kind oral ministrations?"

"Not this morning Jim. I just wanted to show my appreciation for your dedication in bringing me to no less than four thrashing orgasms last night!" I smiled, "We don't have to keep score you know. You know I love to lick your Pussy."

"I love it too," she laughed, "but if I don't get my butt out of your bed soon I'm going to be late for work."

"It's only 7 o'clock," I reasoned, "Surely there's time for a little more fun."

"No, I have to shower the smell of sweaty sex off of myself and go home to change before I even think about getting the bus to work. I'm assured that the clients of JMP Accounting don't appreciate the aroma of our recent couplings when discussing their financial affairs."

"OK," I grumbled, "I'll go and get the coffee on while you go pretty yourself up for the wealthy!"

Ten minutes later I'd just finished pouring two mugs of coffee, and adding cream, when she wandered

into the kitchen. Wearing a white terry robe and toweling her blonde hair dry, she smiled, sipped the hot drink and sighed, "Mmmh, Caffeine!"

* * *

Mandy, Amanda Holmes, was 36 years old, just a month older than me, and we'd been friends since we went to Secondary School at the age of eleven. She, the awkward, tall gangly girl who seemed to revel in the hardest tasks set by our teachers. I, the slightly overweight and painfully shy boy who, if he really tried, could keep up with our lessons.

I suppose we were an unlikely pair, but we took to each other on sight and were seldom separated for long from that day forward.

We'd become friends. Almost the sibling that we each lacked. We soon found that we could talk about anything with each other and, though I was just about as socially awkward as possible, I trusted this smart, feisty girl and she me.

We helped each other with school work, discussed our tormentors and our crushes, and happily shared our opinions on any subject without judgment or criticism.

We talked about her periods as easily as we discussed my first wet dream and, as we grew up, we shared our thoughts on each others dates, boyfriends and girlfriends.

She and I toyed with the idea of dating each other, but both decided we valued our friendship too highly to risk losing it.

* * *

"Breakfast?" I asked.

"No, I'll get something at home while I change," she replied, "Let me throw some clothes on and I'll be off in a few minutes. Coffee's good, by the way."

"You're welcome Mandy. Ring me after we close the restaurant tonight for a chat." She nodded and wandered off, coffee in hand, to start her day.

We were 'Friends with benefits', fuck buddies, and had been, on and off, for close to 13 years now

In our early 20's we'd both been too busy to find partners and were both suffering from a lack of action in the bedroom. We'd talked one night whilst commiserating with each other over our mutual lack of sex when the idea of an honest, no strings relationship came up. Though we were most definitely not each others 'type' we trusted and loved each other and that night, for the first time, we slept together.

Over the years we'd both had serious relationships when, of course, our agreement had stopped. She'd had a partner for 4 years to whom she'd been devoted. That had ended when she found him in their bed with another man.

I'd married a slim, fit, dark haired beauty at 25 but six years later, and with 2 children together, she'd thrown me out. Her drinking had got too much for me by then and I put up little resistance.

Our current liaison had been going on for almost 2 years now but we still each hoped to find our ideal partner one day.

"Oh," I hear you say, "You'll end up marrying each other one day." Nope. Not going to happen. The antisocial hours I work as a Chef would drive her crazy, and, though I love her to bits as a friend, I go for slim, narrow hipped, athletic types with dark hair, small tits and attitude as opposed to Mandy's ample bosom and rounded hips. Mandy also wanted children and I was happy with the two I already had.

"Right, I'm off," she sighed giving me a deep, lingering kiss. She smelled of coconut shampoo and tasted of mint mouthwash. "I'll ring you tonight. You want to let me out of the front door?"

We walked down the stairs and out through the darkened dining area of the Guilded Lily Restaurant to the front door where I let her out onto the street. I placed a small peck on her lips. "Bye," I said. "Bye, she replied. "Have a good day."

"You too," I smiled, then she was off down the street to catch her bus.

* * *

An hour later I'd showered, eaten some Granola and toast and made my way down to the kitchen of the Guilded Lily.

The Guilded Lily.

My own Restaurant!

If anyone had told me 5 years ago that I'd have my own place before I was 35 I'd have said they were crazy, but a moderate bequest from my Dad's sister on her death had allowed me to think seriously about my dream.

At the time I'd been working as Sous Chef for Pierre LeBoeuf for a couple of years at his 'Famous on TV' Restaurant 'Maison LeBoeuf'. We'd come up through the ranks together as trainees, though he'd been plain old Pete Williams then. He'd gone off to study in France for a couple of years and on his return had changed his name, exaggerated his already flamboyant personality and become a celebrity chef.

A couple of rich admirers had set him up in business and he'd soon contacted me to come and be his right hand man.

When he heard of my inheritance he'd been quick to encourage me to branch out on my own, even looking at properties with me when possible. We'd seen the building that now houses the Guilded Lily together and had both seen the potential. I'd had sufficient money to buy the building, a repossession, from the Bank, and Pete found me the backers to fit the place out.

Two years on and we had a thriving business on our hands.

* * *

I put on the coffee machine ready for the arrival of the rest of the staff and went to my office to phone in the fruit and veg order and the Butchers order.

I grabbed a coffee and went to open the Fire escape door that served as our rear entrance. I pushed the release bar on the door and swung the steel clad door open. The door opened a few inches then hit something soft. These was a muffled squeak then a female voice said, "Shit!"

I peered around the door to find a sheet of cardboard on top of which was a grubby sleeping bag. Poking from the top of the makeshift bed was a mess of spiky red hair from under which stared a pair of vivid green eyes.

" Hello," I began, "I'm afraid I need to get the door open."

"Sorry, I shouldn't be here should I?"

"Well, It's not the most convenient place but I'm guessing not the most comfortable either. Do you always sleep rough?" I asked.

"The shelter was full," she explained, "I had nowhere to go."

"Why don't you roll up your bed and I'll make you a coffee," I suggested. "Cream and sugar?"

"Black with two sugars.....if you're sure it's OK."

"It's my place so I guess it's fine," I smiled.

Two minutes later she stood in the doorway and I got a proper look at her for the first time. She looked to be about 16 years old, maybe 5'6" tall with Spiky, unnaturally red hair, a pale complexion and at least 10 piercings that I could see at a glance. Her nose, eyebrow and lip each had a ring in them and each ear was dotted with silver decorations. She was dressed in black and had several chains hanging from various pieces of her clothing.

"Is that what they call Goth fashion?" I asked.

"I guess so," she said, and smiled.

"You're very young to be sleeping rough," I said, "How old are you anyway?"

"I'm 18," she replied, "I left home two years ago".

"You in trouble with the law?" I asked.




"OK, I'll trust you. Have a seat in my office for now, I'll see if I can rustle you up some food. Do you have a name?"

"I'm called Jean," she said, "You?"

"Jim..... Jim Blake," I smiled.

She smiled back but I could see how uneasy she was. I'd just thought that maybe her being alone here with me was not such a good idea, for either of us, when Corrine walked in.

Corrine was my Sous Chef, my second in command. A rail thin, black, British/Jamaican she'd followed me from Maison LeBoeuf at Pete's suggestion. I'd never regretted taking her on. She was a hard one, to be sure, but honest and fair. The staff respected her and, if they did their job, liked her too.

"Morning Chef," she called. She paused when she saw the red haired girl and looked at me questioningly.

"This is Jean," I explained. "Jean, this is Corrine Allen."

"Hi," she whispered.

One of the young trainee chefs came in so I set him to get some toast and jam for our guest then left her eating while I organized the Kitchen for lunch service.

"Who's the goth girl?" Corrine asked.

"She's Jean," I said. "Young, homeless and I found her sleeping in our back doorway not half an hour ago."

"Could be trouble."

"I think she needs some help. There's no reason I can think of not to at least feed her and let her warm up," I replied.

"You're a soft touch Jim, but I've been where she is now so I'll agree with you."

The phone rang at that moment and Corrine went to answer it. "Guilded Lily, Corrine speaking.....Yes......Again?......Piotr, That's three times in the last two weeks!.....Yes, OK, I'll tell him."

She hung up. "That's Piotr. He says he has food poisoning again and can't come in."

"I'm thinking we need a new Pot Washer soon," I said, "These Polish lads are hard workers but getting one to stay or even turn up seems to be a problem."

"Want me to put a vacancy card in the window Chef?"

"I think so. I'll talk to him if he comes in tomorrow."

* * *

Lunch was busy. We had a team of four chefs for a 40 cover restaurant which was tight but enough. We also relied on our Pot Washer, who had let us down again!

When lunch started I'd looked into the office to see Jean sleeping in my swivel chair. I guess she was pretty tired.

I glanced back now and saw that she was gone. "Oh well," I thought, "at least she got warm and fed."

Corrine must have seen me looking. She nudged me with her elbow and nodded towards the Pot Wash sinks.

There was our Goth visitor, wearing a striped apron and a white Kitchen hat, working her way through a mountain of pans and pots.

I smiled, "Jean! Can we get some of the saute pans washed?" I called. "Show me which ones," she said.

"Like this one"."

"OK, and the name's Crystal."

"Then why did you say...."

"I didn't know if I could trust you before," she laughed.

* * *

"So it's Crystal is it?"

"Yes," she replied "Crystal Jean Fraser. But you must promise not to let my parents know where I am."

"You fell out with them?"

"I left home when I was 16, I can't go back," she whispered.

"Can you tell me why?"

"I don't want to talk about it. I'm not in any trouble, but I won't go back."

Lunch was finished with for the day and the Kitchens cleaned up. We were sitting talking in the office.

Corrine looked in to say she was going home. "I'll see you at five o'clock Chef," she said. "You'd better hang on to this one, She's a good worker." She winked at Crystal and left.

"Would you like to work here?" I asked.

"You'd give me a job?"

"Based on what I saw today, no problem."

"I have nowhere to live though.....I mean, the Hostel.......Well they won't guarantee a place...... you have to be waiting at the door. If I was working I wouldn't be able to queue up for a bed."

"Come with me," I said.

We left the Restaurant and went upstairs. "You live here too?" she asked.

"Yep, I own the whole building. But I wanted to show you this." We went up another set of stairs to the top of the building.

"There's a good sized bedroom up here, a shower and toilet and a little kitchenette," I told her.

"It's furnished, but I barely use it. If you'd like to stay we can work something out for you."

She looked uncertain. "I don't know. I don't want it just 'cos you pity me."

"Look Crystal," I said, "It's true, I don't want you to go back out on the street tonight...or any night.

But you kind of fell into my lap this morning and I can't help but think there's a reason for that.

I need a Pot Washer, you need a job and I have a spare room."

" This is all above board" I stressed. "You'll be properly employed at the usual wage for the job. If it'll make you feel better, I'll even take a small rent for the room. You'll have to work hard. Corrine won't be soft on you even if she likes you."

She grinned. "How about we give it a week to start with and if we both agree, after that I'll stay."

"You have a deal," I laughed. "Is that all the stuff you have?" I asked, indicating the small backpack she carried.

"I have a rucksack with the rest in the left luggage at New Street station. But there's not a lot to show for my life just now."

"Shall I come with you to get it?" I asked.

"No, I'll get a bus over to fetch it this afternoon and be back to start work at 5 o'clock."

"Make it six," I said. " The chefs start at five but there's not too much cleaning up to do to start with."

We went back down the stairs to my living space and found her a set of keys to the front door.

" Do you have a Wife....a Girlfriend?"

"No, why?" I asked.

"I smell perfume. Something feminine."

"I have a friend. Mandy. She stays over sometimes. I expect you'll meet her if you decide to stay."

Crystal glanced away as I met her gaze. She decided to let it drop and we spent a few minutes discussing her job description and wages.

"Do you have money?" I asked.

"Enough for now," she said.

"OK. I'll see you when you get back later."

Crystal left to retrieve her belongings and I went to make up the bed in the top room for her.

* * *

Crystal was as good as her word and was back in plenty of time to start work that evening.

She soon learned what was expected of her. What was urgent, what could wait. Towards the end of Dinner service Corrine took me aside and asked "Is she staying? She's OK. I like her."

"She's agreed to a weeks trial," I explained. "She's staying in the flat with me."

"With you," Corrine joked. "You're a fast worker Jim, I'll give you that!"

"I've given her the top floor," I said "It's all above board."

"We'll see," she smirked. "I think she likes you!"

"Christ Corrine, she's half my age. What would a kid like that see in a old bloke like me?"

"You'd be surprised Jim." She winked at me and went off to start the clean up of the kitchen, shouting orders to each of the staff as she went.

I checked the fridges and went to sit and work out the menu specials for tomorrow's lunch.

* * *

"So, did I do OK?" Crystal was standing in my office doorway looking happy but tired.

"Yep, fine," I said. "Corrine likes you and that's half the battle."

"Cool, I'm going to take a shower and go to bed if that's OK with you."

"I'll see you in the morning," I said. "I'm usually down here by 9 o'clock but you don't need to start 'til ten."

"I'll be awake before that," she smiled. "Can I use the TV in your lounge if I'm quiet?"

"Sure, help yourself. G'night."


Just as she left, the phone rang. It was Mandy. I told her all about our new employee and she told me about her day.

"Will I get to meet her?" Mandy asked.

"I guess. You want to come over Friday night?"

"Sure. I'll come over about Ten."

"See you then."

"OK, Bye."


* * *

The rest of the week went well. The Restaurant was busy for lunch and dinner each day and Crystal had settled in to her new role and seemed comfortable living in the flat alongside me.

She seemed to be an early riser as, when I finally struggled out of bed in the mornings to get the coffee on, she was usually sitting in the lounge watching news programmes on TV. The upside of this was that she'd usually brewed coffee for herself, saving me a job.

Friday morning I tottered out of bed as usual to find myself facing a grinning Crystal. Dressed in a pair of pink Minnie Mouse pyjamas, she was holding a steaming mug of coffee towards me.

"Cream and one sugar, right?" she smiled.


"No problem," she giggled. "You're kinda predictable and I heard you getting up ."

"Ummm...Thank you. You didn't have to......."

"It's OK. I feel so lucky to have found you and this job. I kinda wanted to do something for you."

"Come on Crystal. You know you don't need to."

"What if I want to?"

"OK. I guess that's up to you."

"Breakfast?" she asked.

"No, I think I'll wait 'til I'm awake."

An hour later we'd made our way down to the Restaurant kitchen. Again, Crystal seemed to have taken over the task of starting coffee for the staff and had taken to joining me at the back door with a cup before the work day started. I'd tried to get her to work the hours I expected of a Pot Washer but it seemed she was happy to be in the kitchen as long as I was.

We stood in the yard sipping our coffees. "Mandy's coming over tonight," I said.

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