tagNovels and NovellasThe Guilded Lily Ch. 16: Building

The Guilded Lily Ch. 16: Building


The Guilded Lily Ch. 16: Building.

* * *

Jock Bain.

We were sitting in the kitchen, at the breakfast bar. Cindy had cooked a quick brunch for us after our bout of morning sex. I smiled at the sexy woman beside me, "They say life begins at forty. Well I'm a couple of years past that, and you've got a couple to go, but I think our lives start again today."

Cindy squeezed my arm, "I want to spend as much of it as I can with you Jock."

My phone buzzed on the counter. I picked it up and answered it.


There was a pause. "Hello Dad, it's Iain."

I swallowed. "Hello Iain, thank you for ringing me. I know this is a mess, but it's put us back in touch again."

"It seems strange to call you Dad, I've called 'him' dad for almost as long as I can remember, but you are my dad. Mum's told me all about what's happened, I can't believe that the whole of his relationship with mum was a lie! Did you meet the girls, Chrissy and Fiona?"

"Yes, briefly, they're bonnie lassies."

"Yeah. It's them I feel sorry for. Mum says they've disowned him. How are they going to cope without a father?"

I thought for a moment. "Iain, where are you living? Your mother said something about Warwick."

"Yeah, I'm just finished studying there. I'm staying in the flat for now until I find a job."

Do you want to meet up?" I asked, "You could come to Birmingham, or I can come to Warwick."

"I actually have an interview there next week. How about we meet up then. I've already got somewhere to stay but perhaps we could go for dinner," he said.

"OK. Just let me know where and when and I'll meet you. Have you heard anything from your brother, Will?"

"I talked to him yesterday. It's harder for him somehow. I have memories of you from when I was very young, Will doesn't remember you at all. He'll come round, I think, but don't expect miracles."

"I'm just glad to know you're both OK Iain, don't push him."

"I'll ring you in the week to arrange a place for dinner. I'll see you then and we'll have a proper catch up."

"OK. See you soon. Bye."

"Bye Dad."

* * *

Kim Blake.

Simon and I had shared a shower, without too much hanky-panky, and were just getting ready for bed when there was a tap at the door. It opened and Wendy peeked in.

"Can I sleep here tonight?" she said.

I grinned, "We agreed, Simon doesn't get me unless you join us Wendy. Move your stuff in tomorrow, this is your room now."

"OK." she whispered. She closed the door behind her and started to undress. Simon climbed, naked, into bed. I took off my robe and hung it behind the door, slipping in beside him.

"Do I get an audience for my striptease?" Wendy giggled.

We both nodded comically, watching her wriggle out of her tight jeans, then pull her sweater over her head. She stood in her tiny black panties and a tight push-up bra.

"Get 'em off," called Simon.

Wendy smiled and unlatched her bra, pulling it slowly off her small firm breasts.

"Beautiful," I breathed, "I love your tits."

"They're tiny," she grumbled.

"They're perfect on you," smiled Simon.

"Are mine perfect on me?" I challenged him.

"Well, if yours weren't quite so big, you might have grown taller Shorty."

"Do you enjoy hospital food Hopalong?"

Wendy coughed and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her small black panties. We forgot out argument as we watched her slowly peel the wisp of material down her legs.

She slipped them off her feet and stood, revealing a tightly trimmed triangle of brown hair above her beautiful slit. Her long labia stood out between her outer lips and the light glinted off the little jewelled stud through her clit hood.

"Fuck!" groaned Simon.

"Ditto!" I smiled, "Come here Wendy."

She slid into bed with us, "Can I be in the middle?" she asked.

I made room for her and she settled between us. I reached for her breasts, caressing the long nipples on her sensitive little tits. "Mmmmmh!" she moaned.

Simon leaned in to her and brought his mouth to hers. I saw the exchange of tongues and felt my pussy getting wetter as they kissed. Wendy pulled away from Simon and turned to me, nibbling my lip before thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I tweaked the hard nipple in my fingers and then slid my hand down between her legs,finding her kitty soaked and ready.

"I'm going to eat you Wend," I whispered.

"Oh, yes please," she replied.

Simon went back to kissing her passionately as I crawled between her long slender legs and caressed her inner thighs softly.

She moaned into his kiss as my mouth found her labia, catching them and stretching the dark pink flesh out from her entrance. I sucked on each of her long labia before inserting my tongue into her hole and wriggling it.

Wendy squealed as I licked her, thrusting her hips up at me.

"Come behind me Simon," I said, "Fuck me while I eat your sister's cunt."

I felt the bed move, and soon felt his hardness pressed against my wet tunnel.

"You ready for me Kim?"

"Mmmh Hmmmh, do it!"

His hard cock speared into my sopping kitty and I gasped into Wendy's wet snatch.

"Fuck yes!" I groaned, as he drove into me to the hilt.

I looked up to see Wendy staring wide eyed at her brother's cock penetrating me.

"Tell me what he feels like," she whispered.

"He's big Wendy. His stiff dick is buried so deep in me, spreading me open. I can feel the veins on his shaft as he thrusts in and out of me."

I worked two fingers into her cunt, as I was fucked from behind, pumping her wet hole.

"His balls are slapping of my ass Wendy, his hands are on my hips, pulling me back into him as he fucks me hard."

Wendy groaned and I lowered my head and took her clit in my mouth as my fingers continued their work.

"Unnh! Unnh! Fuck Kim! Cumming!" she cried, as I felt her pussy spasm around my invading fingers. I felt my own orgasm building deep in my belly as Simon continued to pound me.

"Come on Hopalong, fuck me! Do it hard! Make me cum this time."

"Fuck you Shorty. I'm going to ram this thing right through you and out the other side!"

"Yeah? When?"

He grasped my hips hard, pinching the skin, as he pulled me back onto his rigid dick, slamming into my cunt. I wailed as the feeling of being totally taken washed over me and I began to cum. My fingers had never left Wendy's pussy, and she began to buck beneath me again as I shuddered to my climax. I gasped as I felt Simon bang into me, brushing my cervix as he started to pump his hot juice into me, a long groan escaping his lips.

It went quiet, just the sound of panting breath, as we lay recovering.

Wendy spoke first. "Oh my God! Tell me that's not the last time we do that."

"That was so HOT!" smiled Simon.

"What he said," I wheezed.

I crawled up beside Wendy, kissing her softly.

"Is that how I taste?" she grinned.

"Yep. I love it," I said.

She slipped a finger into my wet slit, popping it into her mouth the next second. "Mmmh! I like that!"

"That's me and your brother you kinky bitch," I smiled.

"Mmmm Hmmm!"

* * *

Alice Liddell.

The house at March Hare Farm resembled a kindergarten that morning. Crystal had come to visit Shelly, and the three girls had begged to come with her to see Charlie. They were currently playing a game that seemed to consist of them chasing Charlie around the house whilst preventing him damaging anything, or himself.

"Not in the kitchen now girls," I called, "I'm starting cooking."

"Yes Aunt Alice!" called the twins.

"Yes Aunt Alice." added Maja. I smiled, she'd managed to work her way into a real 'sister' relationship with the two older girls, and seemed to share a lot of their psychic ability.

I'd just put the meat in the oven when the phone rang.

"Hello, March Hare Farm."

"Hello Alice."

My mother!

"Hello Mother, what can I do for you?"

"I just rang to wish you all a Happy Christmas."

I was slightly taken aback, I'd expected her usual tirade. "Merry Christmas to you too Mother. Did you and dad have a nice time?"

"We went to Carol's in London, we just got back today. It was good to see her, but it was all so formal."

"Formal? Did you go out for Christmas dinner?"

"Yes, a posh restaurant, I expect it cost Carol a fortune. I felt sorry for all the staff working Christmas."

This was a departure for mother, to think about someone else. "We all went to the Blake's house for Christmas Day. It was a lovely 'family' Christmas."

"I envy you that Alice. How are all your friends?"

"They're good thank you Mum, Norman's still working for his dad a lot, but he enjoys it, Shelly's working on the petting farm, getting it set up for the New Year, Slim's about to start recording a new album with the band and Diane's looking after Charlie and the house, and investigating building some new housing here at the farm."

"Oh, what's the housing for? Renting or selling?"

"Neither," I said, "When Shelly and the rest moved here, it split up the Blake 'clan'. No-one seems to like being separated so we plan to build a small estate with a central 'meeting hall'. Each family will have it's own house, but we'll all be able to interact and stay in touch."

"What a lovely idea!" she said. I was seriously starting to worry about my mother, she should be shouting the odds about some aspect of our plans by now.

"What are you doing for New Year Mother?" I asked, "We're having everyone over here for a party, then it's Charlie's birthday on New Year's day."

"I don't think we have any plans, would you like us to come and join you for the evening?"

Would I? Dare I invite her and dad? My mouth took over before my brain caught up with it.

"Yes, that would be nice. We won't have room for you to stay over though, It'll be a bit tight with all the family from Birmingham."

"Oh, don't worry," she said, "We'll get a taxi home afterwards. What time, and what should we bring?

"Say six o'clock? Bring whatever you'd like to drink, and maybe something for the buffet, we're keeping it simple."

We chatted for a while longer, then Mother rang off, promising to see us on Saturday.

* * *

Corrine Allen.

I lay in bed with Milla, my arm around her and her head on my chest. She nuzzled my breast and giggled.

"Do you think Jimmy would come and play with us?" she asked.

"Play with you, don't you mean?" I grinned

"No, you seemed to like his attention too if I remember right."

"Go and ask," I said, "If Crystal and Mandy are OK with it, I am."

Milla jumped out of bed, naked, and ran to the next room. I heard her knock, then a muffled conversation. Seconds later she appeared pulling Jim by the hand.

"We can keep him all night!" Milla giggled.

"Is this OK with you Jim. Did anyone actually ask you?"

"I am, and they did. Are you sure you're OK with it too?"

I stepped out of bed and pressed my naked body to his, kissing him deeply as I hugged him.


Jimmy's surprise at my display of affection soon wore off and he returned the hug, his hand sliding down to caress my slim butt.

"See that stiff thing poking me in the belly?" I asked.

"Mmm Hmm."

"I think Milla wants to play with it."

Jim walked to the bed and sat down beside Milla. "Want to play Blondie?" She leaned into him for a kiss, her lips brushing his, her arms draped around his shoulders. Jim embraced her and I smiled as his hand sneaked up to caress her small breast. Tiny tits were a fetish of Jim's and Milla's, like Crystal's, must be near perfect to him.

I looked at my boss, my mentor, my friend...Jim Blake. He was going on for 47 years old yet he was still an attractive man. Milla was 17 years his junior, but was very happy to indulge her need for the occasional cock with him. He'd never been skinny, but worked out, first in his spare bedroom, then at Kim's Gym at Blake's Wharf. He had a toned body though his chest was not over developed. I thought his best assets were his muscular legs and tight bum!

Jim's voice broke me out of my reverie. "Coming to join us Corrine?"

I sat on the other side of Milla, and Jim and I both worked over her slim, petite body with caresses, licks and nibbles. Milla did a mock faint, falling back onto the bed, forcing us to follow her down.

She giggled as Jim latched onto her right nipple, tweaking the other with his fingers, while I dropped between her legs teasing her pale furred pussy with my tongue.

"Mmmmmh!" she groaned.

I noticed Jim's stiff cock just inches from me as I licked my girlfriend's kitty. I took Milla's hand and wrapped it around the throbbing member, jacking her small fist up and down before leaving her to masturbate him.

I looked up to see Milla's eyes closed in pleasure, Jim smiled at me, dropping his free hand down to where I was licking. He slipped his finger into her wet cave then drew it back, sucking on it noisily. I winked at him as I slid two of my own fingers into her, fucking her as Jim nipped and flicked at her breasts. Milla gasped and bucked her hips. "Can I have Jimmy's hard cock now Kochanek?"

I stood up and let Milla move to the centre of the bed. Jim knelt between her lewdly spread legs, his cock inches from her dripping tunnel.

"Put him in me Kochanek! Put his stiff dick in my wet hole!"

I tentatively reached for Jim's cock, the first I'd handled. It was soft and smooth with a rock hard core. The skin seemed to slide over it easily as my loose grip slipped over him.

I grasped him and felt him pulse, then lowered his tip to her entrance and smiled as his length sank slowly into her depths.

"Oh fuck Jamaica! He's so hard, filling me so full. Let me eat you while Jimmy fucks me."

I straddled her head, facing towards Jim, and dropped my slit onto my lovers mouth. Her tongue flicked out and I gasped at the pleasurable sensation, eyes closed, moaning.

I felt fingers grasp my large sensitive nipples and opened my eyes. Jim was tugging on my breasts.

"Is this OK," he asked, "Tell me to stop if you don't want me to touch you Corrine."

"Shut up and kiss me Jim," I smiled.

He grinned and latched on to my mouth, his tongue invading me. I moaned again as the joint pleasure of Milla's tongue in my kitty and Jim's tongue in my mouth excited me.

His pounding of my pretty girlfriend's pussy was harder and faster now. Both of them were breathing hard, Milla panting between licks at my clit.

Milla's tongue wandered up to my ass, delving, rimming, as I squirmed on her face. Jim's finger dropped to my clit, circling the big, hard bud gently. I was climbing the slope to my orgasm, butterflies in my belly, when Jim pressed hard on my clit. At the same moment, Milla's tongue dipped into my ass and I was lost. I writhed about as I came noisily on her face, my arms reaching for Jim's shoulders as he made his last assault on Milla's sloppy hole.

I rolled off Milla, sensitive now to her tongue. Jim pounded his last as I heard him grunt.


I knew he was pumping my lover full of his spunk as she wailed and came hard, shuddering beneath him.

Jim rolled off her, curling up beside her. I wrapped my arms around Milla, giving her her post orgasmic hug. Jim and I were both snuggled up to Milla, her baby bump protruding upwards between us.

"Thank you Jimmy," she whispered, "I needed that so much."

She turned to me. "Thank you Jamaica, for putting that hard cock into me."

I smiled and kissed her. I raised my head, peering at Jim's now flaccid dick, fascinated by the change in the unfamiliar organ. Milla giggled and took my hand, placing it on Jim's soft cock.

I smiled at him and stroked the sticky tool, feeling him twitch in my hand. As I stroked him, I felt the shaft filling, once more, with blood. It grew in my hand getting longer and thicker as I watched.

Milla climbed from between us and reversed herself on the bed so her head was next to Jim's rapidly inflating cock. She licked her lips and wrapped them around his shaft, sliding her lips down to engulf him. She slip back up again, his now rigid prick springing from her mouth.

"You try," she giggled.

"What? No! I've never....I mean......Well I......."

"Jim was the first man to finger fuck you, the first man to lick you, and the first man to make you cum. You told me. Now you do him."

"It's different. He's a straight guy, he 'does' girls. I'm a gay woman, I don't do guys!"

Milla smiled and went back to fellating our friend. I watched for a minute. Jim groaned as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft. I couldn't do it. Could I?

I reached over and replaced Milla's hand on the base of his cock with my own. Milla smiled and sat back, leaving his wet prick bare.

I slowly leaned in towards his stiff member, stroking the shaft with my hand. I poked out my tongue and gently licked the tip. There was no taste, just Milla's saliva. I formed an 'O' with my lips and moved my mouth over Jim's cock head. I slipped my lips down the shaft, then back up again.

I looked up to find Jim and Milla watching me. "What?" I asked.

"That's a really brave thing to do Corrine," said Jim.

I smiled and slipped my mouth back over his cock, sucking hard, slipping up, then down. Jim groaned. "Damn, you suck cock well for a lesbian."

Milla laughed. "One step left to being bi-sexual Jamaica!" she taunted.

"You mean......No........Well......No...I.....Fuck! Do it!"

"Corrine, no, not if you don't want it 100%," said Jim.

"Kochanek. I'm joking! You don't have to do anything, it's just that you've come so far."

"Jim, I may only try this one time," I said, lying back on the bed and spreading my legs, "If that's the case, it's going to be with you."

I saw Jim hesitate, then he knelt between my legs and lowered his mouth to my slit. His wet tongue ran up the length of my pussy lips, teasing my clit as it passed. "Do it Jim, I'm soaking down there. Put it in."

Jim lined his stiff dick up with my virgin kitty and Milla grasped him,aiming him at my opening. I felt the spongy head graze my lips, then the tip lodge between them. Jim pushed gently, his hard cock slipping into my slot. I'd had lots of toys and dildoes in me over the years but this was so different. Hard, yet soft. Warm and slightly pliable. Most of all, it was alive! Unlike anything else to enter me that deep, it was part of a living being, a friend, a person I trusted. OK, that person was male, but that took second place to the trust I had in Jim.

I grunted as he bottomed out, reaching the limit of my strained pussy. He slowly dragged the stiff prick back out of me, then dipped back in again.

"You OK Corrine?" he asked. His face showed genuine concern, "I'll stop if you don't want this."

I smiled at him. "It's awesome Jim. It fills me like I've never been done before. It's so different. I can see why Milla doesn't want to go without cock for too long."

"May I go faster?" he asked.

I nodded, "Mmm Hmm."

He picked up speed, still using his whole length on me, pumping into my depths. I was being fucked! Not by my lover, my girlfriend, but by a man. By a cock!

Jim groaned. "Fuck, you're so tight Corrine, I can't last long in you beautiful black pussy."

Milla slid a hand between us and toyed with my clit, pressing, circling. I gasped as I realised how close I was. "Yes Blondie, faster. Jim, fuck me. Really fuck me!"

Milla's finger was a blur and Jim's cock hammered my poor inexperienced slit as I dissolved into orgasm. My pussy clenched, my hips jerked, I shuddered and squealed as I lost control of my conscious movements.

I could hear the noises. "Aieeeeeeh! Ahhhhgh! Urrrrgh!"

Then I realised it was me making them!

I'd just reached the apex of my climax when Jim's cock fired off inside me. The feel of his hot juice splattering the inside of my pussy set me off once more and I squealed through another earth shattering cum.

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