tagNovels and NovellasThe Guilded Lily Ch. 24: Cry Wolf!

The Guilded Lily Ch. 24: Cry Wolf!


Eric Jones.

Waya walked down the stairs slowly, as if thinking hard about something. He came and sat on the couch, offering me his hands. I sat up and took them both.

"I have spoken to Walks Slowly," he said, "He has the same opinion as me. I have thought about how, or what, to tell you, but the truth will be best."

I looked nervously at my new friends, then focussed back to Waya.

"Do you know what a Werewolf is?" he asked.

I froze. A Werewolf? They weren't real, were they? I tried to pull my hands back from Waya's grip.

"Don't panic Eric," he said in a soothing voice, "Take a few deep breaths."

I breathed in, held it, then breathed out.

"Better?" he asked.

I nodded.

Waya released my hands and I immediately felt Fiona's hand grasp mine, flooding me with a warm feeling. I smiled at her and she gave me a sad smile back.

"What does that mean?" I asked, "I've seen crappy films about Werewolves, but I don't know what's true."

"You've only had this since you were bitten in America, so it's safe to assume that the creature that bit you was a Werewolf. You will find that your confused and dizzy times are at a full moon. You'll change into a wolf at that time, which is why you remove your clothes. You'll try to eat what wolves eat, meat, fruit, carrion. That will account for the bad taste in your mouth."

"Can you cure me?" I asked.

"There is no known cure," he said, "The folk cures are unproven, and often result in death themselves. We have to help you live with it Eric."

"Live with it! I'll kill people!"

"No, not necessarily. You'll want to eat meat, preferably raw, we just have to find a way to feed you and contain you, keep you safe."

I trembled with fear. I felt skinny arms encircle me and was pulled into a hug by Fiona. "I won't let anything bad happen to you Eric," she whispered.

"When?" I sniffed, pulling back from Fi for a second.

"The next full moon is Friday night," said Waya, "We have to come up with a plan by then."

"We're already working on it," said Bex, pulling her twin out of the room.

Diane came back with the hot chocolate, giving a cup to each of us. She put Bex and Roz's aside.

Fiona looked out of the window. "Let's play a board game," she said, "It's raining outside now."

We got out the Monopoly and set it up. Waya took Charlie upstairs for his nap, Diane soon following him.

Bex and Roz came rushing back just then. "Eric," said Roz breathlessly, "Did you ever want to play the guitar?"

"Yes," I said, confused, "But my parents won't get me one until they're sure it's the instrument I really want."

"Would you like to learn from Slim Blake?" said Bex.

"You know Slim Blake?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's sort of our brother," she giggled, "He'll give you lessons, but you have to stop over Friday night to be here early enough to take them Saturday."

Fiona squeezed my hand, bringing me back to reality. "We'll be able to keep an eye on you if you stop over," she said, "I'll keep you safe."

I nodded, understanding at last. "I'll ask Mum and Dad when I get home."

* * *

Fiona Bain.

I got back after dropping Eric home. He'd stopped for tea with us, then Mandy had taken him home. I'd gone with them, sitting in the back seat, holding Eric's hand. He'd been so scared, but our afternoon of playing games had cheered him up. I walked into our house, a virtual nudist retreat now, to find Cindy walking out of the bathroom, towelling her hair, with nothing else on. I smiled, hoping I looked like her one day.

Zhenzhen was home for the weekend and passed me going the other way, again naked, heading for her turn in the shower. "Hi Fi!" she grinned, "You're overdressed."

"Just got in," I smiled, heading into the room I shared with Chrissy. I found my sister splayed on the bed, reading a magazine in just a pair of panties.

"Hi," she muttered.

"Hi." I stripped off my clothes and lay back on the bed, hands behind my head.

"How's your new 'boyfriend'?"

"What?" I said.

"Eric? I heard you two were inseparable."

"Shut up! He needed a friend. He's got a lot to deal with just now."

"Mmm Hmm?"

"This from a girl who has to have her tongue surgically removed from Slim's throat at 10pm every evening?" I seethed.

"OK. Sorry, you're right. I have no moral high ground to stand on. Do you like him?"

"Yes," I whispered, "he's nice, but he's scared."

"I'm happy for you Baby Sis," she grinned, "Waya will help him, You'll see."

* * *

Shelly Blake.

Slim had taken Chrissy and I out for the afternoon to see a film. He got a lot of inquisitive glances as he walked through the shopping centre with one of us on each arm. He'd had his long hair cut a lot shorter and had grown a goatee beard and a moustache, so was not easily recognised.

He took us into a pizza place, asking for a corner booth, hoping for a little privacy. The waitress seated us, then whispered to Slim ear, "It's you, isn't it?"

Slim sighed. "Yes, but we were hoping for a little privacy."

"No problem Mr Blake," she said, suddenly becoming professional again. "I'll inform the manager, so you get some peace, but no-one else will know. At least, until you leave," she grinned.

"Thank you," I said, "You've no idea how hard it is to have a normal life."

"No problem Mrs Blake," she said, "Now. Can I get you any drinks?"

We ordered and, as she said, we got peace for the whole meal. Slim had his back to the door the whole time.

I got up to go to the toilet after out pizza was eaten, leaving Slim alone with Chrissy. I was on my way back when I looked over to the table. I smiled.

Chrissy was sitting forward in her seat, gazing into Slim's eyes as she talked animatedly. She smiled and nodded at his replies, taking his hand and squeezing it as she laughed at some joke. The girl was infatuated! I didn't know how long it would last, or even if she'd stay the course until her eighteenth birthday, but I couldn't be angry at her. I'd been like this with Mandy all those years ago, a doe eyed fool, hanging on every word, tingling at every touch.

"Stealing my husband again?" I giggled as I reached the table and took my seat.

"I couldn't," she said, "He'd never leave you or Diane. I'll just share him as long as you let me."

"You'll get sick of an old man one day," smiled Slim.

"Don't hold your breath," I said, "She's in love with you."

Chrissy froze and looked at me, turning pale. "You...You Know? But..." she threw her arms around me, "Shelly I'm sorry, I just thought it was a crush, but I've fallen for Slim, haven't I?"

"Big time," I smiled, wiping away a tear from her cheek, "I'm not angry, but Slim's rules remain the same," I said.

She sniffed and nodded, "Yeah, even I want to wait now, silly little bitch that I am!"

"Oh God!" I groaned, "You really are in Love!"

Slim reached for her hand. "Come on Skinny Girl, take an old man home."

He stood and looped his arms. Each of us slipped our hands onto an arm and we strutted out of the restaurant either side of him.

"Slim Blake!" whispered a black girl as we passed her table. We obviously got out just in time!

* * *

We got home to find Diane and little Charlie, Alice and Norman in our living room. Charlie ran over shouting, "Dada! Dada!"

Slim scooped him up into his arms. "Hello Charlie," he beamed, tickling the boys ribs.

"Stop! Stop!" he squealed, "Hug, Dada."

Slim hugged him, then set him down to run to me. "Hug, Shell!" he cried, launching himself at me.

"Hello little man," I said, holding him close.

I put him back on the floor, expecting him to run back to Diane. Instead, he headed to Chrissy.

"Hug, Kissy!" he demanded. She looked at me, surprised. Charlie had obviously figured out Chrissy's closer connection to our branch of the Clan. I shrugged, and she reached down to pick him up. She wrapped her arms around the struggling little bundle, "Hello, wee fella," Chrissy giggled.

Charlie sat on Chrissy's arm. Beaming at the rest of us. "Aunty Kissy," he said confidently, and kissed her on the cheek.

"Yep, he's a Blake alright!" said Norman, "Straight in there with the pretty girls."

We all laughed. I got out a couple of bottles of wine and glasses and we sat chatting. Chrissy accepted a small glass of wine, but refused a second. I was suddenly quite proud of her.

"So, Slim, pregnant wife, and pregnant girlfriend. You're going to be high and dry soon matey," said Norman. Everyone turned to Chrissy, waiting for the inevitable innuendo.

"No. I've told Shelly and Slim, I'm really gonna wait until I'm eighteen. Dad...Jock, told me that the best things are worth waiting for. You'll have to find someone else to keep you 'amused', Slim."

I actually clapped! I rushed over and hugged Chrissy, kissing her cheek. "I'm so proud of you, Skinny Girl," I whispered.

"It looks like I'm going to be busy for a while then," said Alice, "Tell me again what that DP was like Diane," she giggled.

Chrissy looked confused, so I whispered in her ear. Her eyes went wide. "Both at the same time?" she gasped. I nodded. "Fuck!" she said.

"Have you..."

I shook my head.

"But you..."

"Mmm Hmm, I love anal," I sniggered.

Chrissy palmed her face and sighed, "What have I got myself into with this family," she giggled.

"Would you guys all like to stay the night?" I asked.

Norman and Alice looked at each other and nodded, "We're up for it," said Alice.

"What about Charlie?" said Diane, "Someone needs to watch him."

"I'll look after him," said Chrissy.

"Take him through to the spare room," I said, "You can sleep in there with him."

Chrissy smiled, "And listen to you lot squealing all night, no thanks! I'll take him if I can stay at your flat Diane."

Di picked up the drowsy little boy and beckoned to Chrissy. "Come on, we'll get him settled then I'll come back," she smiled.

"Ring Cindy for me please, Shelly," Chrissy smiled, "She'll never believe it if I tell her."

* * *

Chrissy Bain.

We got Charlie changed and settled in his own bed, then Di took me through to her room and we quickly changed the sheets. She took a very quick shower then returned to her room to dry off and change. She tried to wrap the towel around her, but it kept falling off.

"Di, Jock and Cindy's house is virtually nudist, don't bother covering up for me. Anyway, I've seen you at the pool," I said.

She grinned. "I forget sometimes," she handed me the towel, "Dry my back, would you?"

I patted her dry and handed back the towel. Diane dried her impressive tits.

"I hope I grow half that some day," I said, wistfully.

"You'll be model material Chrissy, with those legs and your slim build you won't need advertising like these."

"Some would be nice."

"Patience," said Diane, "After all, who have you got to impress while you wait for Slim to take your cherry?"

"I suppose," I said.

"Where's Waya tonight," I asked, wondering why he wasn't home.

"Entertaining," said Diane with a smile. She tapped the side of her nose with her finger, and I knew not to ask.

Di dressed in sexy undies, then slipped on a pair heels and a red mini dress.

"Sure you'll be OK?"

I nodded.

"Ring if there's a problem, but he usually sleeps through the night."

Di kissed me fully on the mouth, grinned, and left before I'd even recovered.

* * *

I woke to an insistent tugging on the sleeve of my nightdress. "Aunty Kissy! Aunty Kissy!"

I rolled over to find Charlie standing beside the bed. I smiled at him, then the smell hit me.

"Did you poop?"

Charlie looked crestfallen and nodded.

"Show me where mummy keeps the nappies."

I rolled out of bed and took his small hand. He led me to his room and pointed to the bottom drawer of a chest. I opened it to find a good supply of disposables, wipes and cream.

He pulled out a changing mat and lay down.

"Right, here we go Charlie boy!" Despite all the babies in the family now, I realised I'd never learned to change a nappy. I pulled at the dirty one, getting it, and it's contents off him relatively easily. I cleaned him up with the wipes, then slathered on cream. "Cold!" shouted Charlie.

"Sorry!" I said. I took a clean nappy and looked at it. OK, I'd figured out roughly how it worked. I put it under Charlie and pulled it between his legs. Now how on earth did you fasten it?

Eventually I found two adhesive tabs and stuck them down. Charlie seemed pleased that his ordeal was over and stood up. The nappy fell off.

I laid him down again and got another nappy. He was getting fussy now and wriggled a lot as I tried to fasten it. It stayed on for a few seconds.

I pulled it up, like panties, then dressed him in a sleep suit to hold it on. I needed help. I carried him downstairs and out the kitchen door of the Great Hall. It was still dark, though it was after seven, but there was a light on in Corrine and Milla's house. I carried him over and tapped on the door.

"Hello Chrissy," said Milla, yawning, "Are you OK?"

"I babysat Charlie for Diane last night, but I can't get a nappy on him. Will you show me?"

Milla pulled me in the door, leading me through to their bedroom. Corrine sat in bed with little Tia at her breast. She smiled and gave a little wave.

"Let me change him for you," said Milla.

"No, show me, I need to learn if I'm going to be a useful Blake woman."

Milla smiled. I took off the sleep suit, the badly fitted nappy coming with it. Milla showed me how to place the nappy, how to pull it tight, then fasten it.

"There, now you're ready to be a mother," grinned Milla.

"Um, no way! I want to help others, not have one of my own!"

Corrine burst out laughing. "Never?" she asked.

"One day," I said, "But not anytime soon."

"Slim's?" she grinned.

I blushed. "I wish!"

* * *

Diane Clark.

I kissed Chrissy on the lips and made a quick exit. That girl was going to be a force to be reckoned with someday. I made my way back to Slim and Shelly's house, walking in to find a couple on each couch. I watched them making out for a minute, but I was getting horny. I slipped off my panties and sat in an armchair, legs splayed, as my fingers found my clit. I dipped into my wetness, then began to gently circle the sensitive bud. I groaned as I saw Slim release Shelly's pretty tits, his fingers squeezing and pinching as she squirmed under his attentions.

I saw Normans cock spring from the front of his jeans as Alice freed him, her hand gripping him, sliding up and down, up and down.

I dipped two fingers inside my tunnel as I rubbed my clit harder, the little nub throbbing as I strummed at it.

"Unngh! Oh fuck yes!" I squealed, juice pouring from me now, squelching as I finger fucked myself.

"Ggggaaah!" I gasped as I collapsed into the chair, shuddering with passion.

"Need a hand?" said Alice, as I opened my eyes. She knelt between my wide spread thighs and lapped at my kitty. "Unngh! Oh fuck Alice, yes!"

I laced my fingers into her hair and pulled her willing face into my slit. I glanced up to see Slim kneeling behind her, lining up with her pussy. Alice smiled as he sank his length into her. "Hello, Slim," she said, pushing back onto his hard dick.

Alice sank her mouth back to my tunnel, licking in time with Slim's thrusting. Shelly appeared at my side, leaning over the arm of the chair to kiss me. Her breasts dangled teasingly as her mouth met mine, her tongue searching.

She moaned into my mouth as Norman sank his hard length into her from behind. She released my lips for a second.

"I want it hard and fast Stud," she giggled, "Fuck me!"

She returned to kissing me passionately as her pussy was pounded, her tongue duelling with mine. I felt the beginnings of another orgasm building from Alice's skilful teasing of my clit.

"Mmmph!" I said into Shelly's mouth.

"Mmm Hmm!" she replied.

We released our kiss at the same moment, gasping and squealing our way through our orgasms together. Alice stopped her licking at my kitty then, chanting her way to her own climax.

"Yes, yes, yes, Slim, yes, oh, yes, cum, yes, Gggaah!"

I saw Slim's tell tale thrusting as he filled Alice's cunt with his spunk. I giggled as she sank her teeth into my thigh in ecstasy.

"Oh fuck yes," murmured Shelly, beside my ear.

"Is he filling you Baby?" I asked.

"Mmm Hmm. So good!"

We separated slowly and I licked both the guys clean, one at a time, while Alice and Shelly got into a sixty-nine to drain each other's pussies.

"I want a cock," I said.

"Come on, bed," said Shelly, "You can have the first one we can get hard for you. I want the other up my ass."

I dragged Norman after me to Slim and Shelly's big bed, took off my remaining clothes and lay in the centre of the bed, hopefully. It wasn't long before my wait ended!

* * *

Slim Blake.

Eric turned up on Friday after school. His parents were delighted he'd found new friends and that he was taking an interest in music. We told a little white lie, to allow him to stop over Friday night, telling his parents that the only time I could spare was early on Saturday morning.

"Hi Eric," I said, smiling at the boy. He was small for his age and seemed in awe of me.

"H..hello Mr Blake."

"My name's Andy, but you can call me Slim, everyone does. Now, have you played any guitar before?"

"No, I've fiddled about with one, but I didn't know what I was doing."

I sat him down with a three-quarter size acoustic guitar and began to teach him basic chords. He was very bright, a quick learner, and by the time the hour was over, he was fairly good at the key of C major.

"That's enough for today," I smiled, "Fingers sore?"

"Yes, but it was great, thank you!"

"Take the guitar home tomorrow and practice each day, I'll have another lesson for you next week."

We packed up the instruments and headed to the Great Hall for dinner. Eric was immediately dragged away by the twins and Fiona, sitting beside Fi for his meal.

Chrissy manoeuvred her way to sitting beside me at dinner, smiling at me between mouthfuls.

"Look at Fi, she's really smitten with Eric," said Chrissy, nodding towards her sister.

"She's young. What, Thirteen?" I said.

"Yeah, maybe she'll grow out of it."

I smiled, "Maybe she won't. I thought I was in love at that age."

"Were you?" asked Chrissy.

I thought back to my school days, "Yes."

"Where is she now?"

I nodded across the room, to the far end of the table, "Over there."

"Di?" said Chrissy, a shocked look on her face, "What happened?"

"You'll have to ask her," I said, "It's not for me to tell."

Crissy pouted, but nodded, "OK."

* * *

Waya Collins.

I took Eric aside after dinner to have a quiet chat with him. Fiona joined us, holding Eric's hand again.

"Do you want Fi to stay?" I asked.

"Yes, if it's OK."

I turned to the girl. "You ready for this, Fiona?"

She forced a brave smile and nodded.

"Eric, I've set up the shower room upstairs as a safe room for you. There is a video camera to monitor you, water, and appropriate food for a wolf."

"What is the food?" he asked, shyly.

"Diced beef, raw. It's what a wolf would eat, crave even."

He grimaced. "OK, if you think that's what I'll need, I'll take your word for it. I've no idea where I've been, or what I've eaten the other times I've changed."

"Don't think about it," said Fi.

We went upstairs and I showed him the modified bathroom. There was a dish of water, a bowl with the raw meat and a few berries, a mattress and a blanket.

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