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The Haunted


The gang all showed up at relatively the same time--about 7:30 pm, and all were wearing various forms of Halloween costume, all scary and sick--in varying degrees of mutilation and undead. My costume was to be different this year, though. I dressed up like a very sexy vampiress, complete with the purple and black dress, cut low low low in the front, showing my 38d cleavage, and high high high at the sides, capitalizing on my creamy thighs. It was a very daring move for me--being as conservative as I was normally, but since I'd met "him" I continued to shock myself at the risks I was willing to take at his urging!

He overwhelmed me--his personality was so compelling. I found myself waiting for his direction for even the most menial tasks, and he gave them to me. He directed my every move when we were together, and even most when we were apart. My friends all hated him, which I thought was completely unfair, considering they'd never even met him. But that was part of their problem with him, they WANTED to meet him, and he was never available to when they could. It was always work calling him away, for one reason or other, but my friends didn't believe that.

They didn't trust his intentions with me, either, or the fact that he always took me somewhere obscure to be with me, never a place where the gang could just "run into us". Often he would take me into Dallas, to one of several clubs he liked. They were all so "dark" and strange to me, even the personalities of the other patrons and the staff seemed dark, but I just passed it off to being in a big city, with the coolness and distance that seems to provoke in people.

I met him at a party I'd been invited to by my college roommate. She had a totally different circle of friends, coming from a different town and all. The gang all liked her really well, and I never gave it a second thought, going to this party with her, but I admit I was taken aback at first when we arrived there. The people were all so formal and stiff it seemed, so much different than the other college parties I'd been to with the gang.

The party was at the beautiful old mansion on the outskirts of town. It was an old Victorian that the we had at one time considered a haunted house, as it had fallen into such disrepair. But the present owner had spent a small fortune on fixing it up, though no one ever saw him there, just the crews working on it.

Everyone was dressed to the "nines" and I felt immediately underdressed even though I was wearing the nicest dress I owned, classic black silk strapless, with black satin details. I cowered at the conversations there, all so intellectual. I was no idiot, graduating third in my class, but these weren't conversations about things most people discuss at parties. I felt like I was at a meeting for the Mensa Society. Still, all the people there were very interesting and, though I felt ridiculously illiterate, I was fascinated with what they discussed, so I mingled from one conversation to the next, listening and nodding. Then he walked in...

I was immediately drawn to him in a way I couldn't explain or describe. My eyes followed his every move, watching as he greeted his guests, and I held my breath as he drew nearer to me. He seemed not to even notice me until I was face to face with him, but his smile was captivating and his eyes were consuming. He seemed quite impressed with me as well, despite my relative lack of intelligence.

From that moment on I was entranced, giving myself over to him and his will completely. I was happy to and didn't see any problem with it. He was gentle to me and respectful of me so I never questioned anything he asked of me. He never even tried to make love to me, much to my chagrin at times, but he told me that would come in time, petting my cheek gently with the back of his hand, caressing me, so loving with me.

But this Halloween night, my friends had talked me into going with them clubbing in full costume, and even though he didn't care for the idea at all, he agreed to letting me go. There was a condition attached though. I had to meet him at the "haunted house" downtown at 12:00. I thought that was plenty fair, and was really excited that he would want to be with me after being with my friends all evening, considering he hadn't seemed too interested in meeting them before. The night was full of laughter and trickery. We had such a good time together, my friends had all been with me since grade school, and we did get crazy together. There were seven of us, and we'd always just expected to stay together as a "gang", not in the way the term "gang" stands for now, but more like the way "Our Gang" was, good and forever friends.

The night wore on, and as much fun as I was having with the gang, I really never quit thinking of him. I kept glancing at my watch, hoping more time had passed than did with each look. The drinking and jokes were just not enough for me at this point, I craved to be with him.

Finally, it was fifteen till 12:00, time to start making my way downtown to the haunted house! I gathered the gang and told them we needed to leave, but they were all having too good a time. They told me to stay and go out with "Mr. Mysterious" another time, and that he'd still be just as much a loser tomorrow, enjoy my time with them now. I made my apologies and goodbyes and called a cab from outside the party. It picked me up quickly and I arrived at the haunted house at precisely 12:00 p.m.

I paid the entrance fee and wandered in to get out of the chill air. It was of course dark and scary in there, but not quite what I'd expected. Each room was decorated with a theme from a different scary movie, and though interesting and typically gory, none really caught my eye, until...

I went into the last bedroom in the house, surprised no one else was in there, and marveled at the set! I knew exactly which film this room was themed after, the only erotic scary flick I'd ever seen! And seen it I had! When it first came out, I spent a small fortune going to the theater to see it, not being able to get enough of those scenes where she got raped by the unseen spirit. I was so turned on by it, I went home each time and rubbed myself raw, cumming in gushes, remembering and fantasizing about what I'd seen!

I started getting wet as I stood there in the look-alike room, reliving all those self-pleasuring moments as a teen. No one was anywhere around, so I decided to just lay on the bed, just to put myself in the place of the character who'd been so erotically and mysteriously attacked by her unseen rapist. I was really getting into the memories of the scenes, and since no one was around, decided to let my fingers wander just a bit, reaching down to the folds of my pussy, encased in the purple thong.

It felt so good! I lightly touched and explored the lips and then the inner lips protruding, poking through the purple fabric. I could feel my sex moistening, dampening my thong as I continued probing. Careful to keep an eye out for any lookers and listening intently for steps, I slipped my fingers inside the thong and touched the hood of my clit. I moaned involuntarily, and started rubbing the peeking nub. It was feeling unbelievably good, better than I'd ever remembered masturbation feeling before! I looked again to see if the coast was clear, then I started rubbing furiously!

Before I knew it, I could feel my hands being lifted above my head, forced, pinned to the bed! I had to be dreaming! It was not possible! My eyes were wide open, and though dark, I could still see, and there was no one there! I couldn't move my arms! I was being held fast to the bed and could see nothing there! Then I could feel pressure on my tits and body, weighty pressure as though a man was on me, but still nothing was visible to me. I was really reliving the nightmare of that woman in the film! It felt like a mouth was pressed against mine and a tongue was entering me. I tried to move my head, but was held still as the sensations continued!

Then I could feel the pressure groping at my inner thighs, pawing at my pussy lips, moving the thong covering me. I tried to scream, but was muffled by the unseen force. The pressure to my pussy increased and I began to feel a cock enter me! It felt huge, tearing and stretching my opening! The pain was intense, the feelings so real! I could feel the unseen cock forcing itself into me, thrusting, grinding, slamming into my tight pussy! I'd been wet, but it seemed of no help now, the enormity of the mysterious cock was just too much! My tits were being mauled, I could feel this "force" bruising my tender skin, twisting and chewing my nipples, as the onslaught into my pussy continued.

Tears were streaming down my face, mashed and contorted by the presence on top of me. I thought I had to be having a nightmare, this just couldn't be real, but I knew it was, feeling pain like I'd never known before! The monster cock I felt in me was hammering at my pussy, and I could feel what I imagined to be blood trickling from my vagina. I kept thinking it would all end, I would wake up and it would be over, just a horrible dream. But the assault continued.

Then as if it wasn't bad enough, I could feel my clit being manipulated! I was being forced into cumming! I couldn't, I just couldn't! But I knew there was no way I could prevent it, my orgasm was welling immediately! I'd never felt so incredibly horny before! I was thrusting my hips up to meet the presence, reveling in the attack on my tits, savoring the battering in my pussy! All I could think of was my release, the orgasm of a lifetime! It began in me as a low rumble, a tingle that grew into an explosive mix of writhing and convulsing, sweat pouring from me, muffled moans and whimpering escaping! I wanted to scream as the convulsions wracked my body and before I knew it, I was being rolled to my front and the huge "cock" was forced into my ass, ripping and tearing into me, causing the kind of excruciating pain unimaginable to me till now. I was still spasming from the vaginal assault as this presence raped my anus. I tried with all my might to struggle free, but I was pinned and losing strength. Then I felt more manipulation of my clit and without even finishing the first massive orgasm, another began, harder and stronger than the first, causing a feeling, agony and ecstasy, like I'd never even known was possible!

My costume was disheveled and drenched with sweat, the front of it peeled back, revealing my heaving tits, the skirt hiked to my middle, the thong pushed eerily to the side leaving my violated pussy and ass throbbing and exposed. I could feel the pressure lifting from me gradually, and caught sight of something moving near the dresser. I turned my head to see a flash in the dresser mirror of what looked to be a man dashing from the room. I tried to scream out, but it was too late. The image was gone, and now so was my unseen attacker! I had full control of my body again, and fumbled and stumbled to my feet, delirious with the abuse I'd just been through. I tried to cover myself back up, adjusted the thong, straightened the dress, and shakily made my way to the door of the room.

As I opened it, I saw him standing there staring at me! I wanted to just fall into his arms, but there was something about him that told me not to, an evil I could sense in him that I had never sensed before. He glared into my eyes, and for a moment I was stunned! The black of his eyes captured me, drawing me into his being. I was becoming lost in him, feeling danger and fear in him like I'd never known before tonight!

It was you!!!! I screamed as I lashed out at him, trying to slap and bat at him with my flailing arms. He grabbed me and held me pinned to him, completely immobilizing me. He planted his mouth over mine, and I was paralyzed! I could feel his sharp teeth raking the tender skin, from my mouth to the nape of my neck. His teeth stopped and then punctured my skin, sending chills down my spine, and I could feel my life leaving me. I was completely helpless to do anything in my defense as I sank slowly, slowly down into the darkness of death.

I slowly transformed into a similar likeness, my fangs protruding as his blood pulsed through my body now, and I became one like him. As the gang raced from room to room I thought little did they know what real horror awaited them in his haunted house and began to laugh as he did, a cold knowing laugh that would make any human's blood ice over.

The gang showed up, full of drink and smoke, laughing and teasing each other. They made their way to the last room and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw me. I was standing just inside the doorway inviting them in, slowly gesturing with my arm, a ghoulish pallor emanating from me. They commented how realistic my makeup looked, not realizing how realistic it really was.

They came in to the room, mumbling amongst themselves and staring at me. As they came in, they all sat on the bed looking to me for some explanation, for anything at all. I stared at them motionless, looking through them, my eyes black and lifeless. They asked when they were going to meet Mr. Mysterious as I continued staring past them. Then suddenly, he walked in, full of life, introducing himself, talking, and shaking hands. They were leery at first, but soon he had them laughing and talking with him, as if they'd always been friends. He suggested we all adjourn to his home, and the gang jumped on it! They all left, as happy as they'd come in, telling him they'd see him in a few.

He was busy preparing for their arrival, just out of my sight, but I could hear him in the parlor doing something, making a lot of noise. I sat there, still, emotionless, waiting for nothing, expecting nothing, thinking nothing. Then the doorbell rang. I could hear it open and their boisterous laughter as they filed in. They were commenting on the Halloween decor, how awesome it looked, and how elaborate. He told them he liked the authentic look and offered to them to get comfortable, try one on for size. I could hear them laughing and daring each other to get in something, and as I turned the corner of the room, I saw the last of the gang crawling up into one of seven expensive-looking caskets.

As they lay there, I could hear them moaning and groaning, but muffled. It looked as though they were trying to move, with no movement. But their eyes, I could see it in their eyes, pure terror! As I watched, the lids slowly closed on every casket, one by one, and the moans faded away. Walking up to me, he pulled me to him and told me there'd be guests for dinner. I looked him in the eyes and began to smile an evil smile, and we both turned toward the metal boxes, licking our lips.

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