The Hotel


She watched him surreptitiously as she sat in the corner of the room. He was dressed casually in a pair of light blue faded denim jeans and a long sleeve olive green cotton shirt with one of the 3 shirt buttons fastened, stretched taut against his ample chest and shoulders. His sleeves had been rolled up and his muscular arms showed dark hair against his olive skin. Her eyes travelled to his dark chest hair peeping out of the shirt and a wave of primal longing hit her. In the darkened room, she felt a blush hit her pale skin. She took a sip of her drink and as she looked up, her eyes locked directly with the stranger's blue eyes. She didn't have the strength to look away and sat mesmerised as the rest of the room faded into background noise. Her body came alive under his scrutiny but still she didn't break eye contact. A long time later, or so it seemed, a slow grin graced his face and he lifted his drink as if to say cheers. Almost mechanically, she did the same and watched as he turned back to his friends and their animated conversation. She slumped in her booth. She felt like she had just been ravaged. Her skin was alive and tingling. She shook her head and berated herself silently for her reaction. To an outsider she was a strikingly beautiful woman. Pale skin with big brown eyes, soft pink lips, curved cheek bones which lead to a stubborn chin. Her face was framed by beautiful long auburn hair. She was short and petite and many men had wanted to dominate her cute but fiery nature.

She took one last sip of her drink and decided to call it a night. It had been a long week and hadn't expected the hotel restaurant and bar to be so busy. Her mind already on getting changed into her pyjamas upstairs, absentmindedly she picked up her jacket and handbag and stepped away from the table. As she did, she slammed into something hard and almost fell. A hand reached out and steadied her. A little embarrassed, she stammered a sorry and looked up to see the handsome stranger standing in front of her. She blushed profusely, all her earlier thoughts rushing at her. He still had his hand against her elbow and made no indication of removing it.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She nodded, a little disconcerted at the feelings that were coursing through her. She had never ever had such a visible physical reaction to anyone. She felt like she couldn't compose herself and for the first time in her life, she was at a loss for words.

Finding her tongue at last, she said "Thank you".

"My pleasure" he drawled, with a small smile on his face.

Almost sarcastically, she looked down at his hand cupping her elbow and then looked at him. He followed her gaze and as if burnt, he removed his hand quickly. She was so surprised, she almost fell again and this time, both his hands reached out to steady her.

The air was charged with sexual tension and they stood absolutely still as the realisation hit them both that they were feeling the same thing.

He watched as her tongue licked her lips in nervousness and then how her teeth caught the bottom lip. She heard him give a slow moan and her eyes widened as she saw his face come closer to hers. His lips locked with hers, just a soft butterfly kiss, and when she didn't stop him, he deepened the kiss, slowly letting his tongue mate with hers. Unknowingly, dropping her bag and jacket to the floor, she leaned against him and slid her hands into the soft hair at the nape of his neck. His hands dropped from her shoulders to encircle her waist as he pulled her against him. She sighed as he kissed her, played with her tongue and lips in a ritual as old as time. She felt her nipples harden against her blouse and a soft ache pool between her thighs. Their kiss seemed to last a lifetime and when eventually he pulled away from her, she looked up at him with hazy dark brown pools of lust and need. She noticed he too was aroused and surprise had settled on his face.

"I am not sure if I should say I am sorry" his voice trailed off.

She stared at him and before her mouth could catch up with her thoughts, she heard herself say, "I am staying at the Hotel in Room 203."

Shocked at her own audacity, another blush rose up into her cheeks and she looked down to hide her own wantonness. She felt his forefinger under her chin as he lifted her face to look at him.

"I would be honoured" he said huskily.

She looked at him with incredulousness and he threw back his head and laughed.

"You seem shocked" he drawled.

"I...I am" she stammered.

He reached down, picked up her bag and jacket and very naturally, took her hand in his and negotiated his way through the crowd to the elevator. They waited for a short while, both of them with a million thoughts running wildly in their heads. They stepped onto the elevator and in the short ride it was silent. The doors opened onto the 2nd floor and he stepped out and lead her down the corridor.

As they approached her room, he softly said "Key card?"

She fished it out her jacket pocket and handed it to him. The door closed behind them with a soft click. He threw her bag and jacket on the chair and turned to face her. The soft light in the room enhanced her beautiful face and the shimmer of her auburn hair. He slowly appreciated the woman standing before him. She looked lost, waif like but so incredibly sexy.

"My name is..." he said and before he could say his name, she stepped forward and put her finger on his lip.

"No names" she said in a whisper.

He nodded his agreement and smiled softly at her.

"You are a very gorgeous woman."

"And you are a very gorgeous man" she said with a small smile.

Putting his hands on her shoulders, he leaned down and kissed her mouth, her nose, her eyelids, trailed his mouth over her left cheekbone, down her jawline upwards to her right cheek, before capturing her earlobe between his teeth. He bit softly and heard her intake of breath and felt her shiver against him. He pushed her head softly to the side and placed slightly wet kisses in her neck whilst walking softly behind her, lifting her thick luscious hair off the nape of her neck and trailed it all the way to the other earlobe, where he again bit her softly. Her gasp and breathing made him aware that this woman wanted him as much as he wanted her. Her hands reached out for him as his mouth closed over hers. He buried his hands in her hair and pulled her tightly against him. His kiss was more bruising this time, wanting to taste every inch of her sweet mouth. He moaned into her mouth as her tongue danced with his, as she met him stroke for stroke. Somewhere in the haze, he felt her hands on his belt buckle. He pulled away from her and caught her two hands in his. Her mouth was red, her eyes half closed and she looked a little dazed at his swift retreat.

Her head tilted to the side, a frown appeared on her face, the silent question in her eyes as to why he pulled away from her.

"I want to take my sweet time" he murmured, as he captured her lips between his once again.

She gave an almost imperceptible nod as she kissed him back. His hands still held hers. So small and soft in his larger ones. He felt a surge of protection which made him soften his kiss. Breaking the kiss, his hands fumbled with the buttons on her red silk blouse. He saw her little grin and mentally he made a note to punish her later. As he finally managed to unbutton the blouse, it fell open and he took a swift intake of breath. My God, he thought, she is absolutely perfect. Her soft pale skin against the black bra, was incredible. Her nipples were taut, pressing against the restrictive material. He looked up at her and she could see his approval. Again, she smiled, that feminine smile of all too knowing. He pushed the blouse to the floor and cupped her breasts. He heard her intake of breath this time as his thumbs rubbed the tight nipples through the fabric. He unclipped the bra and the full weight of her breasts fell into his palms. Soft mounds of warm skin. He bent as he first took one nipple into his mouth, then the other. She sighed with pleasure as her hands buried themselves in his hair.

"Please don't stop" he heard her whisper.

"Never" he growled back.

He quickly took off his shirt and it landed on her blouse discarded on the floor. He felt her warms hands run up and down his chest, her fingers catching some of his hair. She leaned forward and kissed his one nipple, then the other, her tongue running a trail down his abdomen. This time it was his turn to bury his hands in her hair. She stepped around him and ran her nails down his back, placing soft kisses where she scratched. As she came around to his front again, she cupped him squarely over his jeans. His eyes opened wide and looked down to see her grin at him.

"Minx" he grinned back.

He hooked his hands into her pants and bent down to lower them to the floor. She stepped out of them and still on his knees, he buried his face against her black panties. She gasped in surprise and grabbed his shoulders to anchor herself. Rubbing his nose against her panties, he felt her press into him, her scent heady, her wetness already showing against the silk. Pushing the panty aside, without warning, he inserted a finger into her wet lips. He felt her knees buckle slightly and a shiver rippled across her flat stomach. He leaned forward and sucked her mound through her panty and her moans echoed around the room. He knew she would not be able to stand much longer, so he hooked his fingers into the panty and slid them down her legs. He stood up, and instructed her to unbuckle his belt. She happily obliged and pulled it out of the hooks on the jeans. He took it from her and told her to undress him fully. She nimbly slid off his jeans and boxer shorts and both of them stood naked in the light. He stood and admired her fully naked body whilst she shyly did the same. She vaguely noticed that he still had the belt in his hand but looking at his chiselled muscles and angles of his hard body, that thought was replaced with pure lust.

Without warning he bent and scooped her up into his arms and placed her gently on the bed. He placed the belt next to her and she noticed the evil glint in his eye.

"Later I will show you what that is for..." he said smiling wickedly.

Climbing over her, he settled partly on top of her, with one of his legs between hers. She could feel his knee pressing against her sensitive mound. She leaned up and kissed him. He was surprised at her unexpected affection, but he could not resist exploring the depths of her mouth again. His right hand roamed up and down her soft skin, over her left breast, down her stomach and settled softly against her clit. Her eyes opened wildly as her back arched into his hand. He rubbed his fingers from her clit to her soft wet swollen lips and watched as her eyes fluttered closed, pleasure all over her face. Her hips gyrated against his fingers, pressing harder, begging for more. His manhood was hard, pressing into her stomach, dripping with precum.

He felt her hand reach and touch the tip of his cock and he jerked against her palm. She stroked him up and down and a slow moan emanated from his throat.

"I can't wait anymore. I want you to be mine. Now" he rasped out.

She nodded in acquiescence. Without losing momentum, he brought his other leg over hers and settled himself just in front of her wet waiting pussy, his hard on prominently displayed, he entwined his hands in hers above her head. Their breathing was fast and heavy and he heard her say softly, "please".

He couldn't ignore the need to be inside her anymore and with one slow thrust, he pushed into the deep recesses of her wet and tight mound. Their moan was in unison as she wrapped her legs around him. It seemed an eternity as he didn't move in her as he waited for her to accept him but when she moved under him, he knew she was ready for him. With slow, hard and deep thrusts, he never took his eyes off her, their hands locked above her head, they began the age-old dance of lovemaking. As their need increased, he kissed her hard and felt her hips meet every one of his thrusts. He felt her inner muscles tighten around him, signalling him that she was about to cum and without warning he burst inside her, his orgasm a blinding release, his guttural cries mingling with her moans. He collapsed against her, kissing her forehead and releasing her hands. He tried to move but she held him to her.

"Don't move. Not yet" She said softly.

He laid for a while on top of her and eventually moved to her side. He pulled her to him and she instantly wrapped her warm body around his. He smiled a lazy smile as one her legs laid between his. He was slightly amazed at how comfortable they were together. Normally after sex with a stranger, things became awkward. But right now, he felt relaxed and totally at peace with this intoxicating woman in his arms.

He must have fallen asleep and as he came to, he automatically searched for the woman that had been laying with her head on his chest. She moaned softly and the sound made his cock twitch. With the back of his hand he slowly felt the soft skin of her face. This time she sighed. Her pale skin still had a blush from their earlier lovemaking and the hue of the lamp threw an amber glow onto her thick auburn hair, now spread-eagled on the pillow. Leaning forward he kissed her gently on the nose and a slow smile curved her pale pink lips.

"Mmm. I could wake up like this every day" she mumbled, half asleep, half awake.

With no warning, he pushed her onto her back and rolled onto her. Her eyes sprang open in surprise and pleasure and a little giggle escaped her gorgeous mouth. He captured her lips in his, prying them open with his tongue. She flicked her tongue against his and in that moment, he was lost. He plunged his full mouth against hers, biting her bottom lip and thrusting his tongue into the sweet depths of her mouth. Their kiss was fiery, passionate and spoke of want and undeniable lust. He felt her squirm under him as his cock sprung to life.

"Missy, we are doing this again. But not so slow. Not so tender" he growled hoarsely.

Instead of answering, she nodded. A simple gesture with eyes dark and a promise of deep need.

With one movement, he rolled off her, turned her onto her stomach and gave her pert ass a quick slap. Her gasp was loud and followed with a low moan.

"Do it again" she mumbled into the pillow.

He first rubbed the red mark on her ass and without warning, he slapped her three times in succession, every time eliciting a squeal of delight from the auburn-haired beauty.

"Ever had your ass smacked Missy?" he asked.

He saw her almost imperceptible shake of her head and a slow grin started across his face.

"Stay just like that. Don't look at me okay?" he stated.

She nodded.

Climbing off the bed, he searched for the belt. Finding it, he stood at the side of the bed. He took in the paleness of her skin. The red handprints from his earlier smack. The curve of her back. They way her hair tumbled across the bed, her back and the pillow. The way her breathing was heavy and expectant.

His first belt whip was hard and unforgiving. He heard her swift intake of breath and the soft groan. The welt across her ass was almost instantly red. He reached out and rubbed it and then unexpectedly bent down and caressed it with his mouth. He was rewarded with a moan of pleasure.

"If you want to stop this at any time, you must tell me" he instructed her. Again, he saw her nod.

"Answer me Missy" he barked out.

"Yes, Sir" she slightly indignantly spat out, a defiant look on her face.

Oh. Defiance. That deserves punishment he thought as he slapped her ass again with the belt. He saw her buckle a little but he noticed she refused to show him any emotion. Without warning, he slapped her ass twice in succession and this time, he heard her cry of pain and pleasure. Throwing the belt somewhere on the bed, he crawled onto the bed, spread her legs, placed his hands under her stomach and raised her slightly in a doggy style position. Positioning himself behind her, he leaned into her and first sniffed her gorgeous woman smell. He was pleasantly surprised at how wet she was. He realised this little woman had enjoyed being spanked. Without giving her any warning, his tongue reached out and licked her pussy. Her fists clutched the sheet from pleasure and she pushed against his tongue. He continued his assault on her clit and her wet lips as she gyrated and gasped and moaned.

"Don't cum Missy. You hear me?" he growled. In response, she moaned her acquiescence.

He decided at that moment to test the limits of her kinky. Would she stop him? He moved his tongue over her clit, over her lips and then slowly and carefully made his way towards her ass. He felt her stiffen but she said nothing. He continued, watching and feeling his way upwards but still she said nothing.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked gently. When she didn't answer immediately, he starting licking her again. Then unexpectedly, he heard her say a quiet "no". Her acceptance made his cock leak precum and he growled as he pushed his tongue further upwards, leaving a wet trail against her pale ass cheeks. He saw the redness of the welts and at first, he caressed them, then kissed her soft skin and eventually nibbled and bit on the plumpness.

"I said earlier you are gorgeous, but damn Missy, if I could paint a picture of your ass as you stand now, I would stare upon it at every opportunity I got" he said with reverence in his voice.

Sitting up, he took his cock in his hands and stroked himself, admiring the view in front of him. Her beautiful breasts demanded attention as he cupped them and rubbed the taut nipples between his thumbs. He wanted to shove himself hard and deep into her but he held himself back. He sensed she was untouched by this level of kinkiness. And he did not want to shock her. He wanted to revere in the knowledge that he got to introduce her to it. That he could teach her that sex wasn't just missionary. Leaning forward he slapped his cock against her ass. Once. Twice. Three times. Her ass was red but glistened with his saliva and the pale skin beckoned to him. He started rubbing his wet cock against her ass, up and down against her crack down towards her wet pussy. He dipped the head gently into her waiting lips and then pulled out and repeated this again and again. The pleasure was too much for her, her breathing had quickened and she now had her ass in the air and her head on the pillow.

"Do you want me Missy?" he asked.

"Yes. Please." She answered softly.

"Tell me how much. Tell me what you want." He instructed.

With a soft moan, she uttered the words every man wants to hear.

"I want you to fuck me. Make me yours. Make me cum all over your hard cock."

Her saw a blush envelop her face as she bit her lip with arousal.

"Tell me how you want me to fuck you." He instructed again.

Without hesitation she answered, "Slow, deep, hard thrusts."

It was too much for him. He growled in pleasure at her words. Placing himself just at her entrance, his hands on her hips, he thrust hard into her wet waiting pussy. Adjusting to her tightness, he waited awhile and then pushed himself slowly and deeply into her and their combined moans echoed around the room. She accepted his thick hard cock inside her with a guttural moan. He wasn't sure who started moving first but he felt her gyrate against him, felt her meet him thrust for thrust, over and over again, the sound of their skin slapping together, their moans in unison, her pussy getting wetter with every stroke. He surprised her once or twice with a quick slap on the ass. He wanted to bury himself so deep inside her, that he alternated by either holding her hips or grabbing her shoulders and forcing her harder against him. He wasn't sure when the lust overtook him, but he gathered her hair in his fists and pulled her upwards towards him. She gasped at the pain but never stopped moving against him.

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