tagAnalThe Hunter

The Hunter


Tonight was going just as she'd hoped for; in fact it couldn't have gotten any better.

She'd spent plenty of time getting ready for this particular Saturday night, after all it'd been a couple of weeks since she'd last had the chance to get out. She'd splashed out on a new cut and colour for her hair, changing it from her usual brunette to a rather striking black bob. As she swung her head, she could she the flashes of scarlet that were hidden by beneath the surface colour. Just like that lass from Republica, she thought.

One last look in the mirror before she left, just to check the look was all it took to convince her that tonight was going to be a spectacular success. She was wearing a tight, cropped top, showing plenty of midriff, the stretchy material held her small, boyish breasts snugly without the need of a bra. Tight jeans emphasised her tight ass, pert and as firm as a peach. The legs of those same tight jeans hid the true height of her heels, heels that made her appear taller than her natural 5'6".

Stopping only to grab her purse she set off. She started by checking out the local pubs, but the night was still young, and they were relatively quiet and empty. Disappointed, but not surprised, she moved on to the city centre clubbing scene. Even at this early hour they were showing signs life. Perfect she thought.

It didn't take long for the lads on the pull to start hovering round, offering her drinks and a dance. She gave each would be suitor a knowing look before dismissing them. These were just the lads, out early, with no staying power; they were just looking for a quick shag against the back wall of the club, and she was in a mood for more, much more.

As the night wore on, the crowd suitably changed, the women got younger, the men older. As she watched, she saw her prey enter the club, along with his mates. They took up one end of the bar, talking and drinking loudly. Even from this distance she could hear them going on and on about the game, how they'd stuffed the local opposition.

One of them looked her way, catching her eye. She smiled knowingly, then blushed and looked away. She held her breath, hoping, praying, and was rewarded when she felt someone enter her personal space. She looked up into a pair of soft brown eyes above a generous mouth. "Hi I'm Mike" he said.

"Pleased to meet you Mike", she grinned, "I'm Felicia."

She took the moment to look him over, feeling more and more pleased with what she saw. He was tall, well over 6' she thought, and well built, large even. He had a narrow waist atop large powerful looking thighs. He was exactly what she was in a mood for. As she gave him the once over, she noticed that he too was taking a surreptitious look at her, and judging by his growing grin, he too liked what he saw.

Just as he started his no doubt tried and trusted chat up lines, she interrupted him, "Fancy a dance?" she said, taking him by the hand and leading him onto the already packed dance floor.

She let the beat move her body in time to the music; she was pleased to notice that he was light on his feet, showing a surprising amount of grace for one so large.

During the slower numbers, she surprised him by leading the way, letting herself snuggle against him, her hands gripping his tight buns. She didn?t stop his busy hands, in fact she positively encouraged them, and when they settled on her ass, she let him pull her close, tilting her head for the first kiss of the night.

She wriggled her cheeks against his hands, letting her body tell him that she was interested, very interested in him. During the course of the evening she learnt a bit about him, not that she was really that interested in his university life, nor in his rugby career. She managed to defected most of the personal questions that came her way, only letting him know that she was a student nurse.

The evening couldn't end soon enough for her. She was more than eager enough to go, but she knew not to rush things, she wanted him to lead the way, the have that illusion that he was in control of the nights events. As she went to the ladies, she knew he'd rush over to his mates; he'd want them to know he'd scored for the night. Let him have his moment, hers would be here soon enough.

When she returned, their mouths hungrily sought each others, their tongues probing, tasting, entwining. Her breasts were pressed tightly against his strong chest, her groin tight against his. His hands got bolder, and she let out a low moan to encourage him, as they slipped down her back and into her jeans. She was watching when she saw his eyes open as he discovered that she was wearing no panties.

She tightened her ass, squeezing his exploring fingers, and was rewarded with the feel of his member selling against her. She rotated her hips, continuously rubbing him up and down, helping him get as hot as she was feeling. She wasn?t faking her desire; she wanted him as badly as he probably wanted her, but probably not in the way he intended.

Eventually they broke apart, and she breathlessly whispered "My place or yours?" The decision was made, and they hurried off to find a taxi. On the trip back to his digs, she sat on his lap, squeezing his cock with her checks as her mouth sought out his. It seemed to take forever, but finally they arrived, and they ran up the stairs to his rooms.

Once inside his rooms, he turned into the perfect gentleman, offering her a drink, hoping to get to know her a bit better. She took the opportunity when he had to go and relieve himself, leaving his drink unattended.

They sat entwined and talked about this and that, then she noticed that he was suddenly having trouble keeping his eyes open; in fact he could barely keep his head up. "Are you OK?" she asked, concern etched deeply in her voice. "Yeah, sure?" was about all he managed before he fell deeply asleep.

It had been a bit of a struggle to get him to bed, but nurses were used to shifting uncooperative patients. Stripping him was no problem, and by now she'd perfected her ties. His ankles were tied together with a cable tie, pulling his legs tight together. A cord ran from his ankles to another tie, around his balls, causing them to swell slightly. His knees were bent and any attempt to straighten his legs would rip at his now tender balls.

His hands were held in another tie, and then tied to the top of the bed, immobilising him on his side. In his mouth was a studded ball gag, the harsh points digging into his mouth and tongue. A small trickle of drool completed the picture as it slid from his slack mouth.

She was finished with her preparations, and it was time for him to awake and take part in the evening's fun and games. Slipping a small syringe from her purse, she jabbed it into his ass, and pumped the antidote into his system.

She sat on the bed, watching him, and as he regained consciousness, she was gently stroking his head, making soft reassuring sounds. A smile crept over her face as she watched his eyes open, as his mind tried to understand what was happening. She tried to calm him, but before she could warn him, he discovered the link between his legs and his balls; a muted Arrg escaped the gag.

"There, there Mike," she crooned, "it'll be all OK soon."

His eyes were pleading, trying to make some sense of the situation he was in. Almost idly she reached out, and took his soft cock in hand, and started to gently squeeze it, before stroking it along its length. "I know Mike that you were hoping to put this to some use tonight. But I've a better idea. Why don?t you relax and let me show you?"

His body softened slightly, and she bent forward, showing him her opening mouth, and her moist tongue. Licking her lips, she lowered her head and kissed his open mouth, not minding the sharp sting of the spikes. Her mouth then trailed down his neck, her tongue flicking and licking as she moved.

She reached his nipples, and gently bit down on one, before giving it a lick. She was rewarded by a moan escaping his gagged lips. Glancing down, she could see that his cock was stiffening, getting nice and big. She looked up at him, and thought she saw relief in his eyes, he obviously thought that she was just into kinky sex. She was, but not in the way he was thinking.

Her tongue trailed down past his belly button to the dark curls at his groin. He was desperately trying to keep his hips still, as the tie around his balls stopped him from thrusting too much. He gasped as she took the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip, tasting him. He was circumcised, a personal preference of hers, a fact that just made the evening even better.

Taking a deep breath, she slowly slid her mouth down, deep onto him. Relaxing her throat, she felt his cock slip into her as her nose buried itself against his groin. She ran her tongue along the underside as she swallowed, squeezing the head with her throat. Mike's groans were increasing in intensity, and his hips tried to buck, to force his cock further down into her, but the tie around his aching balls stopped him from making too much movement.

Pulling her head off, gasping for air, she asked was that good? He eagerly nodded, his eyes begging for her to return to his member.

All this attention to him had got her further into the mood, her pussy was moist and hot, desperate for her to finish the foreplay and to move onto the main event.

She stood, and slowly slid her top off, dancing to music only she could hear, giving him a slow teasing striptease. Every time she glanced down at his cock, she noticed it twitching in time to her bodys movements, leaking a drop or two of pre cum onto the sheets.

She bent over, giving him a good look at her ass, her hands spreading her cheeks, letting him see her tight rosebud, and parted pussy. The scent of intense arousal filled the air, making her head swim with its intensity.

As she was bent over, she reached into her bag, and produced her favourite double dildo, a Nexus. She turned and showed it to him, savouring the moment when he took in the double-ended design. It was almost L shaped, the part for her was not quite as big as Mikes member, but big enough to give her pleasure, it then flared up a little, with small nubs that would press against her clit before turning into a large cock, just as big as Mikes.

His eyes widened in shock, and he shook his head, trying to tell her that he wasn't interested, and could they please go back to the blowjob?

She smiled, not quite as pleasantly as before, and informed him that since he went on out the pull, he shouldn?t complain when he scored.

Making sure he got a good view, she slowly slid the dildo into her pussy, enjoying the slick feel as it parted her wet pussy. She stood over him, slowly sliding it in and out, fucking herself for both their pleasure. Her other hand parted her lips, and toyed with her growing clit, making her feel weak at the knees.

Looking down at his cock, it seemed that the immediacy of the moment had slipped his mind, and his cock was growing again. Taking a tube of KY from her bag, she slowly worked a little onto the tip on the protruding silicone cock, telling him just how much she was going to enjoy taking him. His cock drooped at the news, obviously not interested in getting his ass reamed out.

She lay down behind him, letting the stiff dildo press between his cheeks, he jerked, trying to put as much distance between them as possible, but his tied balls limited his movements somewhat.

She reached over his hips, and took his now limp cock in her hand, and slowly tightened her grip. She could feel the pulse as his vein throbbed. Timing her movements to the pulse she slowly started to slide her hand up and down his shaft, building him up to full hardness. Although it took a little doing, eventually his cock stiffening completely rewarded her movements.

Sliding her other arm under his head, and around his neck, she pulled him back onto her, his back crushing her breasts, her hard nipples sticking stiffly into him. Holding his cock tightly, she positioned her hips so that his part of the dildo was pressed tight against his ass.

"Ready Lover" she cooed, pressing her hips against his. She grinned, un-noticed by him as his hips convulsively jerked away from the probing tip, trying to separate his ass from her cock. This was the moment she had been waiting for; she enjoyed the way they always tried to wriggle away, to put as much distance between their virgin rings and her fake cock.

She tightened her grip on his cock, and around his neck, immobilising him further, then slowly increased the pressure her hips exerted. She felt his ass give slightly, and the tip was in. "Not so bad? Was it?" He grunted, trying to tell her it hurt like hell, but she deliberately took the sound as a positive sign. Her hand continued to work his cock, and although it had softened slightly, it was no way limp in her hand.

She paused, not only to let him get used to the feel of the intruder in his ass, but to saviour his stiff body, to feel his struggles to free his ass. Her tight grip made sure that he didn't slip off, not that it would have mattered, she had all night to break his ass in.

She pushed harder, and since the tip was already past his sphincter, it slowly slid in, and although he resisted as best he could, he couldn't stop the dildo from taking his ass. The pressure forced her part deeper into herself, filling her, and the nubs pressed sweetly against her swollen clit. This was so exquisite; the pressure on her was turning her on more and more. She could feel her nipples hardening, her clit swelling against the little bumps, turning her on more and more.

She paused, letting him get used to the feel of a full ass, before slowly building up her rhythm. She timed her hands movements so that every time she thrust the dildo into him, her hand slid down the length of his cock, so that it was like his cock was fucking her hand.

She could feel that his member getting as stiff as a board, and that at least part of him was responding. Her other hand held his hips tight against hers, ensuring that she was buried deeply in him. This was so good, this is what she had missed these past weeks, fucking a guy was such a sweet thrill.

Soon, she felt the first of what she hoped would be many orgasms rip though her, her body shuddering with the intensity of it, making the intruder jump inside him. She could feel his cock start to twitch, betrayed by her hands soft caresses, but she pinched down hard at the tip, stopping him from cumming.

She waited, getting her breath back, before starting again, all the while leaving it buried deep in him, getting him used to the feel.

This time she moved slightly away, so that she could slip the double dildo out of his ass before slamming it back in. This second fuck was better than the first, his body jumping to the savage thrusts, the intruder slamming into the pair of them. Every thrust caused him to stretch his legs, tugging on his tender and abused balls. She reached around him, taking them into her hand, feeling the heavy weight of them. "Hope you've a good load stored in them lover" she whispered into his ear.

She changed the angles slightly, so that the dildo in his ass would press more heavily on his prostate, massaging him internally. She cried out in ecstasy as she orgasmed again, burying the cock as deep into him as she could manage, her hips pressed firmly against his cheeks. As she bucked and shuddered, this was seemingly enough to bring him off too. His cock started to spurt, pumping a large load of cum onto her hand and sheet.

Spent, she rolled away from him, getting her breath back. "Thanks Lover, that was intense!" she murmured.

Eventually she stood, leaving the dildo in his ass, and took a Polaroid camera from her bag of tricks. She moved round him, taking snap shots, making sure she got the spunk and dildo, but missing out the ties. Putting the camera away, she mentioned casually that she was sure that he wouldn't want his mates at the rugby club to see these, would he. Throwing one of the more interesting ones down on his chest.

He nodded, his face coloured by the shame that he'd came whilst being buggered, and by a slip of a girl too.

She quickly dressed; her body tingling from the intensity of that evening's fun and games. She paused, removed her gag, replacing it with his discarded underwear. She threw a kitchen knife down by his hands as she gathered up the rest of her things and left, sure that she'd never be hearing from him again.

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