tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Hunter's Companions Ch. 06

The Hunter's Companions Ch. 06


It was well into the afternoon when Livinia and Kalendras scouted the land surrounding Dragonmaw Port. Kalendras had spent most of the day in flight form, making it easier for them to get around, and when they were fighting he had shifted into cat form. They had come across several scouts and patrols in their own scouting mission, but had no trouble dispatching of them. Livinia had always known that Kalendras was a powerful fighter, but seeing him fighting rather than healing had really shown her just how skilled he was. Between Borris, Kalendras and Livinia, their enemies hardly had time to see the attack coming before they were brought down.

They had found and counted two different encampments of Mor'ghors forces, and had discovered that there were at least six more dotted somewhere in the Highlands. They would have to check out Thundermar, Kirthaven, and Bloodgulch at the very least. It had taken them the better part of the day to achieve what they had, and Livinia knew that finding the other forces would take at least three more days. It didn't bother Livinia though, even if she wasn't able to talk to Kalendras she thoroughly enjoyed his presence.

The silence of their travel had given her plenty of time to think about the past week. However the more she thought about it the more confused she became. She was pleased that Kalendras had decided to join their guild, and even more pleased that they were going to be spending more time together. It had been years since they had spent a decent amount of time with each other, and it was very reassuring to see that it hadn't taken long to fall into old patterns. Their playful banter had returned in full force, as Livinia had discovered that morning when they made their way through Orgrimmar to the Twilight Highlands Portal. In addition to the banter, they worked just as well together now as they had when they were children. They didn't need to talk as they fought, they knew each other well enough to be able to coordinate their actions without discussion. So, even when Kal was in cat or bird form, they worked together well.

Livinia also had a similar ease of communication with Belcarm. They had been travelling with each other for long enough to know each other's style, and to be able to predict each other's next move. Thinking of Belcarm confused Livinia all the more. She liked him, a lot, and she knew that now. She decided that she had enjoyed his affections just as much as she enjoyed his friendship, even if he did act very strangely the previous night. She had always known he was protective of her, but his behaviour had just been plain strange. Then when he had refused to talk to her about it she knew there was more to the story, but if he wouldn't tell her how was she expected to know?

"Liv?" Kalendras's deep voice shocked her and she jumped and turned to face him.

"Kal? What's wrong?" Livinia asked, taking in his Tauren form and wondering what had caused him to change form.

"We've done all we can for today. We're best off setting up camp now and heading to Kirthaven tomorrow. If we leave now it will be dark by the time we get there and that could be dangerous." He said, stretching his arms and rolling his shoulders, looking as though he had to get comfortable in his own skin again.

"Okay, that's fine. Are we going to head back to Dragonmaw? There is a pretty good Inn there with the best Lamprey Pie-"

"An Inn?" Kalendras looked at her with an eyebrow raised and a grin.

"Yes. You know, those places where you can hire a bed and even get some nice hot food?" Liv said slowly.

"By the Mother you've gotten soft!" Kalendras said with a laugh. "You have been spending far too much time with Pretty Boy!"

"Fine." Said Livinia, slightly annoyed by Kalendras's mocking tone. "We'll make camp out here then. Doesn't bother me."

"That's more like it." Kalendras said. "I saw a spot a while back that looked pretty good. It was far enough from where the scouts were stationed and it was over the other side of a little rocky hill."

"That should work." Livinia said with an indifferent shrug.

"Here, hop on. I'll take you there." Kalendras said. Livinia was just about to ask what he meant when his form shifted again and he changed into the form of a Sandstone Drake. She looked over at Borris, and then at Kalendras-Drake's back.

"Sorry buddy, but I think there is only room for one." Livinia said to Borris before dismissing him. She hitched her pack back up on her back and clambered onto Kalendras's bare back as gracefully as she could manage. "No showy moves please Kal, I can only camp for the night if I am still alive!" Livinia said, when she had settled onto his back, she dug her heels into his stomach and Kalendras-Drake let out a low growl before his powerful legs tensed and then launched them into the air.

Their trip was short, and Kalendras kept close to the tree tops, but it was a lovely flight. His wings were powerful and he was unusually graceful in this form. Without a saddle, like she was used to on her Windrider, Livinia had to rely on the strength in her thighs to stay mounted. She had spent all day creeping, low, around uneven and often rocky terrain, so her body was quickly tiring of the action. It was not an easy task when she was hovering so high above the ground, but it didn't detract from the lovely views around them. Nevertheless, by the time they landed she was pleased to slide off him.

"You look tired." Kalendras said, shifting back into his normal form once again.

"I'm fine." Livinia said defensively, dropping her pack to the ground with an audible oof.

"Really?" Kalendras asked "You look as though you'd love to crawl into a nice soft feather bed with a warm plate of Lamprey Pie." Livinia laughed and elbowed him in the stomach.

"Well as it just so happens I am more than happy to camp out. I just thought I'd suggest the Inn because you're getting old and weak." Livinia said in a sugary sweet tone with a kind smile.

"Old and weak, eh?" Kalendras said, eyeing her appraisingly. "I may be older than you but I am certainly not weaker. As I recall I took down three more enemies today than you did."

"You can count?" Livinia scoffed, Kalendras rolled his eyes and continued on as though he hadn't heard her.

"I keep count so I can tell you exactly how much better I am than you." Kalendras said cockily.

"Oh, so you really think you can beat me?" Livinia said, crossing her arms and puffing her chest out.

"It doesn't matter how far you puff out that chest of yours, Nitawa Kee, you will never be bigger than me." Kalendras laughed, looking at her breasts with a smirk on his face. While he was distracted Livinia launched herself at him and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his, effectively strapping them to his side.

"You think that will stop me?" Kalendras laughed, he easily lifted his arms away from his body and broke her strong hold, but before he could grab her she dropped off him, bounded around behind him, and jumped onto his back.

"You're easier to mount than a Hawkstrider!" Livinia laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck. Kalendras growled and tried to pry her off his back, but he couldn't reach around properly, making her laugh even louder. She reached forward and grasped his horns. "Giddy up Hawky!" She cried, knowing that she was pushing all the right buttons to annoy him.

"You want to play dirty do you?" Kalendras growled "I can play dirty too!"

The next thing Livinia knew, Kalendras had shifted to cat form and she fell face first into the dirt. She looked up just in time to see him bounding off into the trees and she laughed.

"Don't think I can't catch you Kal!" She called out after him. She heard a loud growl in response and she quickly got to her feet and followed him into the bush.

He was good, she had to give him that; he chose his path well. He managed to find the best possible places to walk so that he would leave little or no tracks. Despite his obvious skill, Livinia was gaining on him, and quickly. She had perfected her tracking techniques over the past five years and she didn't need his tracks to know where he was. Nevertheless she took her time following him, lulling him into a false sense of security, letting him think that he had a head start.

About five minutes later Livinia came to a dead end. She looked around for him, taking care to look in the tree branches in case he had climbed them, and then re-examined his tracks to see where she had missed his change of tact.


"Where the hell did he go?" Livinia growled, looking around the copse of trees for the third time. Kalendras had to stop himself from shaking with laughter. It would look very suspicious is one of the trees begun to shake and howl in amusement.

She had been too good for him. He may have been faster than her, but his effort to hide his tracks hindered him significantly. In the end he realised that she would be able to follow him, tracks or no, so he decided on a different plan of attack. She was looking for a cat, not a tree, so even though he was smaller than the rest of the trees, she didn't seem to notice him as she searched the ground for clues of his whereabouts. She circled the copse again and swept very close to him. He held his breath this time, not wanting anything to alert her to his presence. But when she tripped over his root the only thing he could do to stop himself from yelping in pain was biting his tongue.

"Glad he wasn't here to see that!" Livinia muttered, looking around sheepishly. "Stupid tree." She grumbled petulantly, and Kalenras had to bite his tongue again to stop a howl of pain as she gave his trunk a swift kick.

With a loud sigh her shoulders fell and she shrugged before turning and following the path she had come to the copse from earlier. When she was out of sight Kalendras shifted back into cat form and prowled after her. He decided that turning the Hunter into the hunted would be an excellent way to win this game.





There was the sound of snapping twigs, and a woosh of air, and Livinia turned around with a triumphant smile on her face. Kalendras had been encased in a slab of ice with a look of shock on his cat-like features.

"You seriously think I fell for that tree crap?" Livinia laughed, turning around and sauntering back over to him. "That was naughty you know- I thought you'd play fair."

Kalendras's features were frozen, but she could see the surprise glittering in his eyes. She traced circles on the ice in front of his face and grinned.

"I can't believe you thought that'd work!" She said again, shaking her head. "You are good, I'll give you that, but Kal- I am a Hunter! This is what I do! You had no chance!"

The ice around Kalendras began to crack, small hairline fractures spreading rapidly over the previously smooth surface of the Kalendras flavoured icicle. After enjoying her triumph Livinia began to feel sorry for him, it must have been very cold in that ice. She punched the surface of the ice and there was a loud crack. The ice splintered into a million pieces, showering the world around them with glittering crystal shards.

"Such a pretty pussy!" Livinia said cheekily, reaching out and stroking Kalendras's shivering back. He snarled and snapped at her, she barely had time to snatch her hand back before he bit it. He shifted back into Tauren form and wrapped his arms around himself, shivering violently.

"You cheated!" Kalendras said accusingly. "That trap was unfair!"

"Sore loser are we?" Livinia laughed "You started the cheating by changing into Treant form!"

"I don't think changing forms is cheating." Kalendras said evenly. Livinia shrugged and put her hands on his chest, pushing him backwards slowly.

"Either way I won... and I want to claim my prize." Livinia looked up into his brown eyes and he grinned back down at her.

"What prize would that be?" He asked, she gave him a suggestive smile as his back collided with the nearest tree.

"I would've thought that was obvious." Livinia said, running her hands down his chest and stomach, resting them on his belt heavily.

"Well I would love to give you your prize, I truly would." Kalendras said earnestly "But you haven't won yet!" The next instant Kalendras disappeared from her grasp and she looked down to see that he had shifted to flight form. She tried to pounce on him, but he launched into the air with a mocking caw and took flight.

There was a loud roar and a dark shape fell from the canopy of the tree that Livinia had pushed Kalendras against. The blur collided with Kalendras in mid air and came crashing back down to the ground.

"Good work Borris!" Livinia cried, racing over to where the cat and bird had fallen. Borris looked up at her with amusement in his eyes and a coil of rope dangling from his mouth. She slid her arm through the loop and then took the large Kalendras-bird from Borris. She held Kalendras fast against her breasts so that he couldn't shape-shift back and carried him back over to their tree. She placed his struggling form at the base of the tree and he immediately shifted back to his normal form so that he was sitting on the ground with his back against the tree trunk.

"Hey! Now that was unfair." Kalendras said, Livinia made a casual motion with her hand and Borris pounced on Kalendras. "Wait- what are you doing?"

While Borris was on Kalendras, Livinia quickly tied the rope so that he was bound to the tree.

"I'm claiming my prize." Livinia grunted as she pulled the rope tight. She looked into Kalendras's eyes with a victorious smile and the Tauren cleared his throat loudly.

"Right Borris, you'd better go. I think I've made your Mistress very angry." Kalendras said, voice low with anticipation. Borris rubbed his head against Kalendras's chest affectionately, as if to tell him that there were no hard feelings, and then trotted off into the wilderness.

"I think it is time to admit that I am much, much, better than you." Livinia said, her hand moving to the buckles of her breastplate.

"Never." Kalendras breathed, watching her hands eagerly.

"Never? " Livinia asked softly. Her breastplate fell to the ground at her feet and her hands gripped the bottom of her mail shirt and cotton undershirt. "Are you sure about that?"

"Totally sure." Kalendras said. Livinia pulled her two tops off in one smooth motion and then put her hands on her hips. Kalendras's eyes raked over her naked torso, lingering appreciatively over her breasts. "Not so sure now." He added, voice husky with desire.

"I bet you're not." She said, turning her attention to her pants. Once she peeled them down her legs she looked up at him through her lashes.

"Bet you're completely unsure now. How about it, Kal, am I better than you?"

Kalendras looked down at his crotch suggestively and Livinia's eyes followed, she was pleased to see that the fabric of his pants was disturbed by an eager erection. He looked back up again and grinned.

"I don't know why it matters to you." He said "You have me all tied up and at your mercy. The truth is obvious."

"I want to hear you say it." Livinia said, sauntering over to him slowly, accentuating the movements of her hips and breathing heavily so that her breasts rose and fell enticingly.

"Never!" He growled.

Livinia walked forward so that his face was

level with her breasts and she was standing astride his lap. She pressed her body up against him and he shuddered at the contact. Livinia laughed and took a step back, then bent over slowly, making sure that he could see every inch of her body displayed alluringly for him before she gripped the fabric of his pants tightly. She gritted her teeth and then pulled the fabric in opposite directions, tearing the cotton and making him cry out in dismay.

"My pants!" He growled.

"That, sir, is payback for my dress." She brushed the fabric away from his erect cock and smiled up at him.

"I bought you a new one!" He said defensively.

"Yes, but it was my favourite." Livinia purred, her fingers stroking his length as she spoke. Kalendras rested his head back against the tree as she fondled him, a low growl vibrating deep in his chest.

"That feels good." He grunted when she traded her fingertips for a firm grip.

"I bet it does." Livinia said, letting go of his cock and shuffling back so that she was straddling his upper thighs and his erection stood between them.

Instead of continuing to stroke him, she traced circles over her own body. She was careful to cup each breast and play with each nipple as Kalendras watched, then moved down lower, tracing long graceful lines down her exposed stomach and hips. When her fingertips brushed her mound she heard Kalendras groan and felt him shift under her, trying to escape his bonds.

"Do you like watching this?" She asked, her fingers slipped down further to touch her nether lips.

"Yes." Kalendras said, his voice strained and strangled, Livinia gasped as she pressed her fingers against her entrance, she was already so wet. She watched Kalendras's expression as she slipped one finger into herself slowly, she could see the lust rising in his eyes and he struggled again. She pulled her fingers out of herself and held them up to his nose.

"You've always said that you love the way I taste." She whispered, then Kalendras's tongue flicked out and lapped at her fingers, cleaning her of her juices as he moaned and closed his eyes. Livinia wanted to take him then, she longed to sink down onto him and lose herself in a fog of lust, but she wanted to be completely ready for him. If she was going to have him the way she wanted him she needed to make sure that she was wet enough to accommodate his generous length and girth.

Livinia raised her body up and leant forward, pressing her breasts against his rough leather armor. She reached down between them and grasped his cock, loving the way that he moaned as her fingers wrapped around his rock hard shaft. She tugged down slightly, pulling his foreskin down, and moved her hips so that his tip was pressed up against her burning hot skin. He groaned and threw his head back when their skin made contact.

"This is torture!" He groaned, trying to raise his hips up so that he could press himself into her, but she was too quick and pulled away before he had a chance to enter.

"This is nothing." She said, adjusting her hold on his cock and pushing his tip against her clitoris.

Slowly, Livinia began to move his member up and down, using it to stimulate herself. She cried out as she felt him twitch eagerly in her hands. She wanted him inside of her, but she had made a plan and had to stick to it. She concentrated on the feeling of his tip against her sensitive skin and continued to use him for her own gain. His tip was hard and hot against her, and she knew that as soon as she flushed an orgasm out she would be wet enough for him. The thought of sheathing him inside of herself increased her pleasure and she moaned as her orgasm built. Kalendras's hips were restless beneath her, but she kept her hand firm and continued to use him to stroke herself. When her cries became louder she could see the lust in his eyes turn frantic and he howled, desperate to be inside of her. When her peak came she buried her teeth into his shoulder to stop herself from screaming out, and when her body stopped pulsing she reached down and placed his tip at her entrance.

Livinia looked up into Kalendras's eyes as her body sunk lower and lower against around. His eyes widened when his tip pressed against her entrance. She had never taken him from on top before, always a bit too concerned about how deep the penetration would be. But now she had had more experience with being the one on top, she knew that she would be able to control how much of him she took in. As she sunk down around him the feeling of his tip stretching her entrance was exquisite.

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