tagIncest/TabooThe Jealous Daughter Ch. 01

The Jealous Daughter Ch. 01


For as long as Alexis could remember, she had a desire for her dad that no daughter should ever have. Her dad was going to be forty soon, but Alexis still thought he was the sexiest man she ever knew. Alexis would always hope that her dad would take advantage of her, but he would never do anything to ever hurt her, and she knew it. Alexis was nineteen and her younger sister Amber, just turned eighteen. They had a nice celebration for Amber's birthday. Just the three of them, and a couple of Amber's best friends.

It was the night of Amber's birthday. Alexis was in her room, almost falling asleep when she heard a noise coming from her father's room. She got out of bed to see if he was ok. She passed by Amber's room on the way to her dad's room and found that the door was open and the light was off. Amber never left the door open when she was sleeping. She got closer and closer to her dad's room and started to hear moaning. She started to think the worst when she stood outside the door and could hear the sounds Amber was making inside. The door was unlocked, so Alexis opened the door ajar as carefully as she could so that she wouldn't make noise. Her jaw hit the ground when she peeked in. Their dad was on top of Amber's petite body fucking the living life out of her. Amber held on to her favorite stuffed teddy bear as her father pounded her relentlessly. Alexis couldn't believe what she was seeing. At first, she was worried that their dad was raping her, but she could tell Amber was enjoying it. She instinctively started to rub panties without realizing it. She finally realized what she was doing and accidently opened the door a little more. Their dad didn't notice, but Amber did. She turned her head as she was being thrusted and smiled at Alexis. Alexis shook her head in shock. Amber knew that she was watching now, so she grabbed the back of their dad's head and kissed him passionately. Alexis started to get wet and Amber wanted Alexis to see more.

"Daddy. Let me fuck you now." He nodded, then slid his cock out of her very tight pussy and laid down next to her. Amber didn't want him to see Alexis, so she put a pillow next to the right side of his head so he wouldn't see the door. Alexis watched as Amber got on top of him and started to move up and down on his cock. Alexis had mixed feelings of anger and jealousy toward her little sister. Amber looked at her peeping big sister again and smiled. She leaned down and kissed their dad again. "Daddy, this is the best birthday gift ever!" Amber shouted loud enough to pinch Alexis's nerves. "You're the best daddy in the world. I love you so much!"

Alexis had enough. She quietly closed the door and went back to her room. She was so mad at her little sister for taking her ultimate fantasy away from her. She laid down in her bed with tears in her eyes. Alexis asked herself why her dad didn't fuck her when she turned eighteen. She started to think that she wasn't attractive enough for him. She tried to go to sleep, but all she could think about was the burned image in her mind of her dad fucking Amber's brains out. She reached down as she laid on her side and started to rub her very wet panties. She rubbed her pussy, moaning as quietly as possible until she came and her juices made her panties even wetter. She rolled over on her back and covered her head with her pillow. She fell asleep like that after a few minutes.

Alexis didn't get to see what Amber and their dad did when she stopped watching. Amber rode him until he released his cum inside her pussy. She could feel it inside her as she collapsed on top of him and rested the side of her head on his chest. Her father had just taken her viginity and she couldn't be happier that he did. She softly rubbed his chest up and down as she laid on top of him. "That was incredible daddy." Her dad just closed his eyes and smiled. She got off of her dad and cuddled with him, resting the side of her head on his shoulder. "I love you daddy."

Her dad put his arm around her and gently rubbed her side of her head. "I love you too sweetie."

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