tagBDSMThe Joy of Pain and Pleasure

The Joy of Pain and Pleasure


She was grateful for the ropes and the cuffs supporting her. Standing, spread eagle, her knees were weak from all the attention He had been giving her. She knew that she would not be able to stand if it weren't for the restraints holding her. Her body ached from head to toe. Not just from the impact to her ass, back, tits and pussy that she had received from His deft, nimble hands, but also from the floggers and riding crops that her body had experienced as well as her want, no the NEED, that she had at that moment, to feel His thick hard cock in one of her orifices, ANY of them. She would love it if He would penetrate all three of her holes but knew that was not feasible.

Her ass was on fire from the beating it had received and her pussy was on fire with desire, need, to be impaled by His massive cock. She knew that her body was showing welts and she was grateful to wear them with pride. She was glad that she was His and would take anything that He was willing to dole out.

She had been brought close to exploding several times, but every time He got her close to orgasm He would back off. She also knew that she not dare cum without explicit permission from Him or the torment would continue and she would not be allowed to feel Him deep inside her. That would disappoint her more because of knowing that she had displeased and disappointed Him. He was the center of her world. He was her world. Doing anything that disappointed Him or displeased Him would devastate her. She entrusted herself to Him to the very core of her being and He knew that and they both knew that He would NEVER intentionally do anything that would bring harm to her emotionally or permanent physical damage. That level of trust and desire is critical in BDSM and they both knew it. Every time He told His little slut how happy He was with her she was so pleased she could hardly restrain herself.

She wasn't sure how long she had been restrained and toyed with, but she loved the attention and was also grateful that she knew how pleased He was with her. She had been in subspace for some time and had lost all track of time. Her body was quivering with wanton desire as well as from being wracked with pain from the beating that she had so loving and willing endured. She loved the attention and somehow enjoyed receiving any pain that He doled out. She wanted nothing more than to please Him – no matter what that involved. Who would have thought that pain could create so much sexual tension, be such a tremendous turn on.

Somehow, it seemed a bit of an oxymoron but the pain that she was experiencing caused her to become more and more sexually wanting. He had somehow shown her how pleasurable that pain could be and was deftly stretched her limits, her pain tolerance. Her pussy juices were flowing down her legs causing her inner thighs to glisten in the flames of the candle light.

She was brought back to reality when she felt his fingers tracing the welts and lines on her body, admiring His handiwork. He rubbed the juices on her thighs and then tormented her pussy and clit with his hands before slowly sliding a couple of fingers into her pussy and just barely brushed her g-spot causing her to tremble. He pushed her forward, bending at the waist and then swatted her ass with His strong, firm hand, causing her to grimace.

She moaned and shook as she felt herself being impaled by His thick cock being shoved in her ass. She wasn't sure if He had lubricated it and at this point she didn't care. She was just grateful to feel Him penetrate her. To claim, yet once again, what they both knew was His. She then felt her hair being pulled with one hand and her nipple being pinched hard with the other. She gasped and grimaced at the same time feeling a bit of a relief as she knew that it would be only a short while that she would have to wait to be able to cum. She felt his cock sliding back and forth, going deeper with each thrust until finally He rammed Himself into her as far as He could, slapping her ass with His balls. She enjoyed feeling herself being filled with the warm juices from His throbbing, pulsing cock. Nice hot juices flowing into her, telling her that He was pleased with her. After He had been inside her for what seemed like an eternity the long awaited moment arrived, He granted her permission to cum. Her body shook from the release, and just as she came, He dug a finger nail into her nipple producing extreme pain as well as the most intense orgasm she had ever remembered having. She knew it was part of her training but at this point she didn't care and gratefully welcomed and accepted it. Her body quivered and quaked as she moaned and screamed out some unintelligible words, with great pleasure, as she rode wave after wave of awesome, satisfying and fulfilling climax.

When her body had a chance to somewhat recover, He released her ankles and wrapped His arms around her firmly but gently and held her for several moments giving her a chance to process all that she had just experienced. After He sensed that she had regained some of her composure, He released her wrists and assisted her over to the bed where he helped her sit down. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and helped support her, reached over, grabbed a bottle of water and provided her with a welcome drink. He then brushed her sweaty hair out of her face, and helped her lay down. He crawled up next to her, wrapped His arms around her while gently whispering in her ear her how pleased He was with her, gently rocking her back and forth. They were both very grateful how far she had cum but they both knew she had a ways to go. They were smiling with extreme satisfaction as she dozed off from exhaustion.

She wasn't sure how long she had been asleep but when she awoke she felt Him tracing the welts and marks of His handy work. She winced slightly at His touch, as the welts were understandably sore. She glanced at His face and sensed a twinkle in His eye. She asked for a mirror so that she could admire His handy work, her "medals of honor" that she wore with great pride. He gladly obliged, handing her a mirror allowing her to look herself over from head to toe. She was pleased that He had marked her this way and so wanted so show her friends how much she could endure. How far she had progressed.

"You please Me My precious little slut. I am so glad you are Mine." He said as He playfully swatted her ass.

"Me too." She responded, grinning from ear to ear as she gleefully traced some of the welts on her lovely tits.

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