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The Landlord


Recently there was a fire at our home and it was all we could do to get ourselves out before the smoke and fumes overwhelmed us. We were thankful for our lives. We had to wait days for the insurance company to assess the damage and of course it will take a while for us to find another suitable home close to the schools that our children are use to.

This meant trying to find a three bedroom apartment somewhere in the vicinity we had been living. Marsha, my wife and I went to a realtor who specialized in large apartments and she helped us find a nice quiet apartment complex that took kids and had really nice Landlord.

There were swing sets in the back yard and a pool. The laundry room was spacious with six washers and three large dryers. The price was right, only $950 a month with no lease. The Landlord, Kevin said that we could use all of the facilities and if there were any problems, just give him a call.

Marsha was so excited that she went shopping right away for new furniture and all of the other necessities we would need to be comfortable in our new residence. The kids ran outside to explore the great yard and meet the other children that lived there.

I wandered around our new surroundings and wondered how we were going to make it after such a loss. I even cried since there was no one around to see me and I wouldn't look weak. I pulled myself back together just before anyone came back into the apartment.

When Marsha arrived, she had a load of new clothes for everyone and some essential furniture was being delivered the following day.

"Looks like we'll have to stay in a hotel tonight," she said with tears in her eyes. I took her in my arms knowing the pain she was feeling for I was feeling the same. She sobbed and I tried to soothe her as much as possible.

Once she recovered from her distress, we gathered up the kids and headed to the nearest Motel for a little rest and hopefully some release of the stress we had been feeling. I got adjoining rooms so that Marsha and I could have some private time. I really needed it and figured she did to.

The sun sunk below the horizon and I couldn't wait for Marsha to return from the kids room. I was so horny that I thought I would explode the second I slipped my dick into her wet pussy.

When she entered the room again, there was a smile on her face. "The kids are tucked in and now we can have some private time! I think I really need it. Do you?"

I probably had the largest smile I have ever had on my face and said, "More than I can ever express in words. Come see what I have for you!"

She smiled and pulled her dress over her head. Her full breast stood erect and her furry pussy glistened with her excitement.

I lay her on the bed and as I slipped my cock into her wetness my body betrayed me and spit all of my hot cum into her instantly.

Her eyes betrayed her words, "It's okay honey, I know that this stress has both of us upset and anxious. We'll try again in the morning before the kids invade the room." She kissed me and rolled over. Soon I heard the rhythmic breathing of her sleep.

I rolled over and started stroking my limp prick angry and hurt. Within minutes, it erupted again. I rolled off the bed, went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. Then climbed in the bed beside my sleeping wife.

Next morning, the kids banging on the adjoining door awakened us. That put an end to the hopes that I could please Marsha before the kids got up.

She put on a robe and answered the door. "We're hungry!" our youngest daughter cried.

"At least let us get dressed before we go eat!" I cried still angry that I was not getting the release I needed.

They ran back into their room and I begged Marsha "Please at least give me a blow job! I'm really hurting here. I need to feel some part of your warm wetness on my prick."

She knelt between my legs and slurped in my limp cock, which quickly came to full stance. It only took about three bobs of her head to pull my hot seed from my balls. My body trembled and soon I was limp all over.

"Go take a shower honey; I'll take the kids to get some food. What would you like?"

"I'd love to get a good fuck in; but I don't see that happening any time soon!" I complained. "So just get me some pancakes and hash browns I guess."

She kissed me bye and her tongue explored the inside of my mouth. I slapped her sexy ass as she turned to go. "I love you Marsha!"

"I love you too, Paul! We'll get through this too."

In the shower, I pulled my cock again. I couldn't understand why I was so horny after such a disaster had entered into our lives. But I just didn't feel satisfied. I felt empty.

By the time my family made it back, I had jerked off at least three more times. I had heard that trauma could bring on unusual sexual urges but this was driving me crazy. I just wanted my life back.

We ate around the table in our room and Marsha called to see when our furniture would be delivered. Fortunately, it was the first delivery of the day. It should be there by 11:00.

We headed back to the apartment complex. The kids went out to the yard to play and meet the other kids that lived there. Marsha went to the laundry room to wash the new clothes she had purchased for everyone. I jerked off once again sitting on our new sofa.

It seemed Marsha was taking a long time washing those clothes; it wasn't like she had to sit there and wait for them to finish. She could come back up here and let me fuck her while they were washing.

After about a half an hour, I decided to go see where she was. She wasn't in the laundry room, but our clothes were. She wasn't in the yard with the kids either. I couldn't imagine what had happened to her.

Then I saw her come out of the landlord's apartment. She had a radiant smile on her face. So did he for that matter.

I called her name and waved at her. She came over to me and asked what I was doing there.

"Well, you were gone so long that I got worried. I didn't think you would have to stay with the clothes."

I didn't stay with the clothes, Kevin came in and saw me there and invited me in for a cup of coffee while I waited. I hadn't had any coffee today so I took him up on it.

I kissed her just to see if the taste of coffee was on her lips. It was.

"Well, let me help you get the clothes upstairs. You shouldn't be carrying those heavy baskets anyway."

She smiled and kissed me again.

When we got inside I led her to the bedroom and stripped her of her jeans and panties. Then I pulled out my dick and fucked her like a mad man.

I just couldn't get enough sex. I wanted to fuck her all day and night. But even that would not have put out the flames that burned in my groin. I was starting to worry that I had a mental problem. I had never been so obsessed.

"Maybe you should call a doctor. I believe it is all due to the loss of the house. It's some kind of loss trauma that is causing you to feel that you have to have sex every few hours," she suggested.

I called my doctor and made an appointment. He could see me that afternoon.

He checked me over and confirmed Marsha's assessment.

"These things often happen with stress or a great loss and losing your home is a really large stress. Go home, drink a beer and try to relax. Read a sexy novel instead of using Marsha. I'm sure she has her own stress she's dealing with."

When I arrived home, Marsha wasn't around. I looked all over for her but no wife and no kids. I sat down on the sofa jerked off again. Then I went and lay down, trying to resist the pull to masturbate again.

I fell asleep somewhere along the line and when I woke up, there was still no Marsha or kids. Within a half-hour the kids showed up and Marsha was right behind them.

"Where have you all been?" I asked panicked.

"We were playing with the kids upstairs," my oldest daughter told me. "Mommy knew where we were.

"I didn't know where to find you either?"

"I'm sorry, I meant to leave a note. Kevin asked me to help him with some decorating he wanted to do." she said with hesitation. "What did the doctor say?"

"He said the same thing you did; that it was remorse from losing the house. Why don't we go out to eat?" I asked them. I needed them with me.

"That's a good idea," Marsha agreed.

Dinner was great and I started to relax. We laughed and joked just as we always had. I almost forgot about losing everything we had worked for.

On the way back to the apartment the anxieties came back. "I'm not sure that apartment is where we belong," I told Marsha.

"Why baby? It's comfortable and the kids love it. It's better than a hotel," she countered.

"I just can't explain it. I just know it is part of my problem. It is the reason I can't seem to relax."

"Give it another couple of weeks. We'll start looking for a new house tomorrow. That will probably help."

I looked at Marsha and she was sincere in her words.

"Okay, but only two more weeks. Agreed?"

"Yes, agreed!" she said softly.

It was time for me to go back to work. The office had started calling telling me that I was desperately needed. I wanted to stay close to my family, but I also had to pay for this apartment that I didn't want to be living in. So I went to work.

I called home around 11:00. There was no answer. I decided to go home for lunch. When I arrived, Marsha was fixing lunch for the kids.

"I tried to call and no one answered!" I attacked.

"I'm sorry honey, must have been when we went to the store to get bread and luncheon meat; want a sandwich?"

"Yeah, I do. I'm pretty hungry. I'm sorry I yelled at you."

"That's all right baby, I know the stress you've been under." She handed me a turkey sandwich and some chips.

The kids went out to play after they ate and I got hot all over again. "Would you come to bed with me, baby, I'm really horny again?"

Marsha looked up from cleaning the table and smiled. "I'd love to, sweetheart!"

I took her by the hand and led her to our new bed. She slipped off her shorts and she had no underwear on. I was shocked. She always wore granny panties.

"Where are your panties?" I asked.

"They're all in the washer. I just forgot to wash them last week."

I licked my lips and stuck my tongue into her black covered cunt. It tasted as sweet as it always had. No salty cum taste.

Marsha moaned and cooed as my tongue slipped in and out of her hole and over her erect clit. He hands pressed hard on the back of my head and slowly maneuvered my head and face where she wanted them.

I thought, 'She's never done that before.' But I really liked her doing it. And I liked that she had no panties on too.

Satisfied that my wife was still loyal, I dressed and headed back to work.

I called around six and told her that I was going to be late.

"Well, maybe I'll take the kids to Zooloos for dinner and to a movie then. So don't be upset if we're not here when you get home." she explained.

"That's a good idea," I told her.

When I returned home, the house was empty and quite. Knowing that they were out, I decided to go talk to my landlord. I wanted to get to know him better and I wanted to see if he was really fucking my wife, as I feared.

Kevin opened the door talking to someone in the room and invited me in. There was a perky little blond on his couch; her skirt was just below the hairline. Thankfully she wasn't my wife.

"Sorry man didn't mean to interrupt!" I quickly begged off and headed back to my own place. The house was too quiet so I decided to take a shower and try to get some rest. Exhausted, I fell asleep immediately.

When I awoke, it was very dark. The apartment was deathly still and Marsha was not in the bed.

I dressed and headed for the kids rooms. They were asleep and in the place where dreams are dancing.

I looked out the window and saw a light on in Kevin's apartment. I had to go check again. I dressed and headed for his place.

I tried the door; it wasn't locked. I walked in and the living room was empty. I stealthily walked through the rooms and finally found the bedroom. There was an amber light glowing there and I heard voices murmuring.

I quickly stuck my head through the doorway and sure enough, there was Marsha between his legs, sucking his cock and moaning with pleasure as he ate her out.

I heard her slurping at his seed and crying, "Oh you taste so good I could suck you forever. I love the sweetness of your cum!"

Kevin rolled over and crawled behind her. His dong wagging as he moved. It was easily nine to ten inches long and what a girth!

My own cock shrunk at the site of his. But I couldn't take my eyes of him as he spread Marsha's butt cheeks and squirted lubricant on the head of his prick. He poked a finger into her asshole and then two then three.

Using his other hand, he forced the thick head into the tightness that awaited his sword. As he forced his manhood into her butt, Marsha whimpered and moaned and cried "Deeper, yeah, deeper! Oh baby fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Oh yeah that's it. Fuck me! Fuck me GOOD!"

Kevin's thrusts grew faster and deeper and finally he bottomed out as she screamed "Oh YES YES YES YES!" and fell onto the bed.

Kevin rolled over on his back as he hit the sheets. His dick was still spewing his seed. He held it over her back and let it fall on my wife's smooth, unblemished skin.

My cock was hard and throbbing. I wanted to be part of what I was seeing. I wanted Marsha to suck me as Kevin fucked her ass again.

I stepped into the room and said, "I want to play too!"

The two of them turned to me, shocked. Marsha was as pale as a ghoul and Kevin just smiled.

"Come join us, it will be more fun. You can have whatever end you want; I'll take the other! I'm glad we don't have to hide anymore."

Marsha still hadn't said a word. She just looked at me. She had a very satisfied look on her face and didn't look the least bit guilty for being caught.

Walking toward the bed, I pulled out my not so large prick and started stroking it. Marsha licked her lips longingly.

Kevin smiled too. Marsha sucked my dong into her open lips. As I climbed onto the bed, I let her suck it into her mouth. My legs trembled as she swallowed its length and her face touched my belly.

Kevin crawled up behind her and forced his large tool deep into her wet cunt. I watched her as she started rubbing her hard clit, moaning in pleasure. I smelled her recent sex and stuck my fingers into the juices her coupling with Kevin had produced.

I don't know how long the three of us fucked and sucked and fingered and shared bodily fluids. But I made a vow to never let my wife play with the landlord alone again. I wanted some of him too.

I loved the fell of his dick in my ass while Marsha sucked my dick until it spewed my golden cum all over her tits and Kevin licked it off sharing it with me.

A few weeks later, the letter came from the insurance company telling us we would receive a check within the week for $350,000 to cover the loss of our home and its contents.

Alone, Marsha and I talked about staying in the apartment, but decided it would be best if the kids were in a real home.

Kevin quit his job as landlord and moved with us to our new home; a five-bedroom place with a play room for the kids and one for the adults. Everyone is very happy. Especially me.

I love seeing my wife well fucked and being well fucked my self.


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