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I was in a hurry again. Stuck in the mad rush between lectures, between buildings across campus. Why I chose a combined course I don't know. Psychology was great, especially when you got to do your own research. Physics was also great, but for different reasons, even though the math could be a killer. But the lecture theatres were as far apart as was possible.

It had been raining. My ageing smooth soled shoes had me slipping on the paving as I hurried. So it no surprise that I couldn't stop when I eventually saw her emerging from the glare of the sun reflecting off the biology departments greenhouse.

I slipped, feet forward, my legs spread bumping me on my backside toward her defensive outstretched hand. I bumped to a halt. Embarrassment delayed by the shapely silhouette of a pair of thighs curving upward and joining at a ridged bump. The glare diminished as the sun disappeared behind the dark rain clouds. I looked up, embarrassment finally spread warmly across my face. More from guilt and a feeling of being caught ogling her nether regions than the ridiculous fall. Warm hazelnut eyes looked down at me, she looked embarrassed and a little confused.

"Are you okay?" A gentle, refined English voice enquired.

"Heh," I smiled up at her, "Fine." I lied my bum felt bruised, and wet. Stuff the lecture, I though, I'm off home the last thing I'm going to do is walk around campus for another 2 hours with a wet arse.

She held out a hand feeling pity toward me. Before I was consciously aware of the feeling I was on my feet preparing to make my escape with some amusing quip. I looked into her eyes, a direct stare and felt discomfort ebbing from her. I let my eyes move focus to her lips, thin and an unadorned red. She wore little make-up except for eyeliner and a little eye shadow. Slowly I moved my gaze down from her eyes, following through her pert nose, passing her chin. I stopped before I dipped my head and embarrassed myself even more. I could feel the flush returning.

"Sorry." I looked into her eyes again; I could feel her unease giving way to embarrassment. I still thought I was imagining it, but she flushed slightly and looked down. I took my chance to have a quick look at her body and found a light coloured cotton V-Neck dress displaying an ample cleavage. Like most of the students she had been caught by the sudden change in the summer weather. Goosebumps forested her fine arms. The dress cut in under her breasts, tied by a string made from the same material. Her flat stomach descended under the flowing dress until, somewhere under there it met that wonderful silhouette. Her hips curved out to meet the material, which hung from them tapering away to reveal pale calves ending in sandals and white painted toes.

She was looking at me again, I could feel lust coming from her as she examined me. I could feel puzzlement as well. Was I imagining it? I though quickly and focused on my fall, the initial anger at my shoes forcing me to loose my footing.

"What are you looking at?" She snapped at me as if she only just noticed my lustful stares. I shrank a little.

"Sorry." She said timidly as suddenly as she barked. She ran a hand through her shoulder length auburn hair, her face a wash of confused emotion. I plucked up my courage and put my cold hand on her cheek, a strong contrast to her warm face.

"That's okay." I said. The sudden intimacy shocked her, but it excited me, and almost immediately her eyes dilated and I could see it excited her as well. I felt the urge to kiss her. But before I could act she was pressing her lips against mine.

"Erm…" she pulled away, breathing heavy. I could feel confusion, I could feel her, and what was more I could make her feel me, or at least control what she felt. Right now I was feeling lust, strong lust.

"I'm in halls just over there." She offered, confused, but enthusiastic.

"To dry my wet my trousers?" I offered with a smile.

"Oh, yes."

I never knew how big this campus could feel as we half walked, half ran across the paths to her room. Her key was in her hand before I planted my wet foot on the top stair. I only knew which door led to her room when it slammed shut. A little unsure I knocked tentatively.

"Enter," came the playful voice. She didn't seem unsure. Maybe it only worked when I was looking at her. I tested my theory, my excitement increased as I stepped into the room.

The curtains were pulled and she stood in the middle of the small room in only her underwear. I could feel my growing erection pull my trousers away from me. She was very aroused. I had never seen any of my girlfriends looking the way she looked. Her nipples pressed against the lace of her white bra, the centre of her V shaped knickers where visibly damp.

"When I said enter…" she smiled and stepped up to me grabbing hard at my penis through my trousers. There was something animal growing within me, within both of us. She pushed her face up to mine and kissed me. Our tongues flicked in the open air touching carefully at first, then harder, closer, until we joined at our lips. My hands gripping her flesh, running up and down her fit body.

She pulled at my shirt, snaking her fingers into the gaps between the buttons. Suddenly she pulled her arms open squealing with delight as buttons flew across the room. Instead of studying my chest or pulling my shirt off, she got to work on my trousers. They proved no match for her determination. My erection sprang out embarrassingly protruding through the front slit of my boxers, which she just ignored.

She dropped to her knees, her breathing was come in ragged breaths and so was mine! Her mouth closed hungrily around my penis. There were no preliminaries, no gentle kissing; just a sudden pressure followed by a rapid bobbing of her head. It felt great. My hands were on the back of her head encouraging her to take more.

I had no chance. And I didn't care, I just looked down and I took what I wanted, knowing full well she felt the same. My mounting excitement was hers too. I began to thrust, slowly at first, then harder. All but one of my past other girlfriends had blown me, but not one would let me do this to them. I was, for want of a better phrase, fucking her face. And I could feel she was enjoying it.

I came fast as I knew I would. I felt myself slip to the entrance of her mouth as she gasped for air, huffing a guttural moan from her semen covered lips. I could feel her orgasm waning. It seemed to linger longer than mine. My flaccid penis slipped out of her mouth as she rested on her knees still in her underwear panting for breath.

What a picture we must be. She on the floor - dishevelled, with a slight red tan across her body, and me stood before her, my boxers still in place, my trousers around my ankles, shoes still on. I let out a little chuckle, as did she, looking up at me. I could feel her arousal, it was intoxicating, and I began to feel turned on again.

She went to kiss me, "No." I said un-willing to taste myself so completely.

"Sorry." She smiled and went to her bed pulling a box of tissues from her bedside table. I noticed the damp patch in the rug where she had knelt.

Sitting on the bed next to her I slid my hand up the nearest pale leg to her crotch. Looking her in the face I touched her wet knickers. I could feel the excitement of my touch. My erection began to return as I ran my hand between her legs cupping her more fully. Her legs opened readily for me and I pressed a finger into the damp material. Leaning, I kissed her, more gentle than previously. Our tongues lingering in each others mouths, exploring. I felt a hand slide up my thigh, it thrilled me as she cupped my balls through the cotton of my boxers.

"I should take these off." I smiled standing.

"Me too."

At first I thought she meant my boxers, but as she stood next to me she turned and popped the clasp of her bra. I allowed my eyes to follow her spine, from just below her hairline down to her coccyx where her toned buttocks met to frame the gap at the top of her thighs. I bent pulling my boxers down brining my face level with her bottom. Almost as if she knew I was there, she bent slightly forward and pulled off her knickers bringing an unparalleled view of her most private lips.

I exhaled; my breath flowed across her cheeks as she righted herself. Her face half to me smiled and she turned as I righted myself. Her ample breasts sat upon her chest, pert and self-supporting they reached out to me demanding to be touched, which I promptly did. I cupped each one, running my hands across their underside, the sensation of soft skin and weight played in the palms of my hands. I stepped to her my erection pressing against her stomach. Arching my back to gain as much contact with her as possible I could feel my balls swing, touching her below. They pulled away damp from where her underwear had spread her arousal. It excited me further and once again we were locked in an animalistic embrace.

With total compliance she allowed her self to be pushed onto the bed. My penis pressed hard into her pelvic bone. I rubbed it between her lips deliberately trying to catch her clit. I could feel the occasional glances through increasing lust I felt coming from her. This went on, ebb and flow, a glance brought a sharp breath from us both, then a period of a gentle rubbing before another glance. I improved my technique until there were more glances than not. Her breath was coming faster and more ragged. I could feel the orgasm building in her. I wanted her to come, but not before I entered her.

It was difficult, but when I felt myself about to climax I pulled away. I felt her surprise, her wanton desire, so I laid down the opposite way to her and waited. Only a few seconds. She quickly jumped onto her feet, rocking the bed, the springs popping with disapproval. She slammed her knees down on either side of me, and dragged herself down across my stomach. I could feel her lips sliding on me down my shaft, my penis re-appearing next to her clit.

"See how much you like it." Teasingly she repeated the process several glorious times.

I grabbed her hips. Enough was enough. With one hand on her hip I lifted, she took the hint and lifted her weight off me, while my free hand pulled my hard erection upward ready to impale her. I felt like a rock, excitement coursed through me as she lowered herself down. The feeling of her engulfing my head nearly sent me over and she trembled. Slowly she impaled herself onto me, then rose again. The pace started slowly, but quickly turned into a rapid uncontrolled pace. There was little rhythm, neither of us cared, each stroke bringing a shiver, each stroke brought us closer. But neither wanted to finish yet, but both were resigned to the quickness of our sex.

She looked at me, straight in the eye. "I want to release" her eyes told me. "I want to come now" her pace begged me. I bucked my hips, pressing myself into the mattress gaining the help of the springs. The bed banged on the floor, the rhythm basic, animal. I pulled hard down on her hips. Her moaning culminated in a low scream. I could feel her muscles grip me, milk me as I gave a yelp releasing into her. She slumped on me quivering as my orgasm raged on deep within her. I pumped exquisite bursts of semen into her channel. We lay there, sweat pooling between us, my come leaking across my balls onto the mattress as I held her.

It had only been an hour, the summer sun was still high. There was plenty of time to explore this woman, to explore her feelings, to explore this link.

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