tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 27

The Literotica Olympics Day 27


Well the day of the Biathlon had finally come. It was very late in the Olympics and this was probably going to be my last real shot at a gold medal. The biathlon is a test of endurance and I did feel that I was in excellent shape to have a real chance at this.

The normal biathlon is a winter event. Contestants ski cross-country, stopping at specific points to fire rifles at targets. Missing a target requires the shooter to ski extra laps. Our event involved racing and shooting, but the similarity ended there. Our course was around a block on a sidewalk, and instead of skis, we were on roller blades. And of course there were no rifles, the only guns we had to shoot with were between our legs.

This event was for the men, and the rules were pretty simple really. Each man would skate at least 4 laps. At the end of each lap was a target. The targets were actually volunteers from the female contestants. They were Honey, Tatelou, and surprisingly, Cloudy. As a man approached the finish line, the women would be naked, on their knees, with their mouths open. The skater had to end up with is cock inside one of those wonderful mouths. Also, he could not repeat the same girl during the event. Once securely lodged, the man had to stay there until he shot into the lady. If a man did not complete the lap with his penis in an eligible mouth, he had to skate an extra lap and try again. After shooting 3 times successfully, the contestant would skate a final lap, and his time would end when he crossed the finish line.

There were certain difficulties with this event. The most obvious of which, was that for a man to have any real chance, he had better be hard each time he approached the finish line. He also better be able to skate reasonably straight. The girls could move side to side to help a skater hit the target, but they were not allowed to lift either knee off the ground.

Most of the women had volunteered to watch the race naked. According to them this was to help the guys stay hard as they raced around the course. Personally, I had a feeling they just wanted to watch a bunch of guys have to jerk off on skates. Because there was no way any guy in this event was going to stay hard without some effort by the third lap.

As I stripped down and laced up my skates, I found that I had gotten a huge break. I would skate first. This meant there would be no wheel tracks on the sidewalk, and more importantly, all the ladies would be fresh. I had a feeling that as the event wore on, and the girls at the shooting positions got tired, it would slow things down.

As I got set to make my run, I looked around at my competition. There were 5 other guys entered in the race: Lew, Belegon, Carl East, Edward Teach, and Remac. I had expected Oggbashan to compete as well, but the good gentleman decided that this event would be too undignified for him. Frankly, he may very well have been right, but damnit I wanted that medal.

I got up to the line and waited for the gun to fire. The skating part of the event didn't worry me. I've been a skater all my life, and while I learned on the standard quad skates, I am quite comfortable on blades. It was the rest of the race that concerned me a bit. While I am not shy, in reality I'm not really an exhibitionist. I wasn't sure what effect this race would have on me in the later laps.

The time for contemplation ended quickly, as the gun sounded. I took off on my first lap. I skated very easily. I figured I would need to preserve my energy for later. My first lap would set no speed records, but it was a very easy cruise. Also, if I had any worries about being hard coming into the finish line, the sight of those three kneeling naked women relieved all my concerns. And, as if that wasn't enough, as I came around the last turn, I saw two of the other ladies, I think it was Destiny and Abs, making out like there was no tomorrow.

With all that inspiration, I was rock hard as I approached the line. I had enough momentum built up to allow me to just cruise into my target, and it was no effort at all to guide myself right into Cloudy's waiting mouth.

I had never had any experience with Cloudy, and wasn't sure what to expect. Let me tell you it was wonderful. Her lips locked around me and she began to just gently suck on me. As she did it, I could feel her tongue just dancing on me. While her style didn't lend itself well to finishing quickly, right that minute I couldn't have cared less. I knew the race was going on, but I just couldn't bring myself to even try and rush this.

As Cloudy continued her efforts, the tension in my body just kept building. Several times I felt I had reached the end, but that slow, erotic pace just kept me going. Eventually, though, I reached my limit. I have a feeling they could hear me howl a mile away, as I began to shoot into Cloudy's mouth. She must have just swallowed it down as fast I came, because she just kept up that slow wonderful suction, while I continued to blast spurt after spurt onto her tongue. It wasn't until I was completely drained that Cloudy released me from her mouth.

After that fantastic experience, it took me a moment to even remember where I was. I honestly don't know how long I just stood there before I remembered the race. But as soon as I did, I took off for the second lap. I had planned to skate a little faster this lap, but my legs weren't strong enough at that moment to do it. It wasn't until I was about half way around that I was able to pick up the pace. I wasn't completely hard, as I rounded the last corner this time, but as I looked at the finish, Lou and Honey were waiting there, and Cloudy was still kneeling, while she stared at me and licked her lips. That was all I needed. I was completely hard as I glided to the finish and eased into Lou's open, inviting mouth.

Lou's technique is very different from Cloudy's. While the girl is a bit submissive at times, when she has a guy in her mouth she holds nothing back. Lou clamped down on me and the sensations were unbelievable. She would alternate between licking my hard rod all over, and then plunging her mouth back over my cock and sucking me in hard.

It was such a strange situation. Normally, I would be trying as hard as I could to make Lou's efforts last as long as possible. But with the race, I was trying to end it as quickly as possible. I had thought it would take a long time, whether I wanted it to or not, considering what Cloudy had done to me earlier. But Lou's skills were amazing. She gave me one more of those long licking sessions, then, when she sucked me in again I shot off almost immediately. Tatelou kept that hard sucking up, until I was completely drained. Even then she didn't let go. It took all the willpower I had to actually pull myself out of that wonderful mouth. I could actually here the "POP" as the head of my cock exited those hard-sucking lips.

My third lap began. To my surprise, I found myself getting out of breath. I hadn't really skated much distance, but those two shooting sessions had taken a lot out of me. I slowed my skating way down. Aside from not wanting to wear myself out, I knew I was going to need some time for my batteries to recharge so to speak.

I was halfway around the block, and was still wondering how I was going to get hard again by the time I reached the finish line this time. Certainly, the beautiful naked ladies lining the course helped, but I had still had an awful lot taken out of me. As I reached the final turn, I finally felt myself begin to perk up. I was slowly starting to get hard again. Quickly, I wrapped my hand around my cock and started jacking on it to hurry things along. It was a bit embarrassing, but I had to be ready when I reached Honey.

It was no accident that I had saved Honey for last. I was very familiar with her mouth (that's another story, and you'll hear about it another time), and I knew that she would do anything she could to help me along.

I was getting close to the line, and while I certainly wasn't exactly rigid, I hoped I was at least hard enough to hit my target. As I closed on Honey, I had to move my hand away. It was against the rules to guide yourself into the girl's mouth with your hand. To do so was an immediate disqualification.

I felt myself begin to droop down a little, and I struggled to get to Honey as quickly as I could. I was losing it fast as I got to her, but the dear girl was able to lean forward and scoop me up into her mouth. Then she just looked up at me and smiled at me. If her mouth hadn't begun to get me hard again, that smile would have done it for sure.

After that, Honey went to work. She whipped her tongue all over my dick and sucked as hard as she could. Then she clamped her lips down really tight, and began to work her mouth up and down on my cock, faster and faster. I couldn't tell you how long it took. It felt so good, I just stood there and enjoyed it. I was too tired to rush things anyway, and what Honey was doing completely had my attention. After a while, I felt myself building to climax again. It took a couple more minutes, but I was soon able to shoot a load down Honey's waiting throat. I really wanted to stay there and just enjoy what Honey's lips were still doing, but as soon as she had swallowed down everything I could shoot, Honey quickly pushed my away. She knew what this gold medal meant to me, and she was going to do everything she could to help me get it.

When my worn out rod, fell from Honey's lips, I desperately tried to get my focus back on the race. At first my legs could hardly move, but as I reached the first turn, my skating form began to come back. I flew down the back straight as fast as I could, and managed to take the last two turns at a pretty good clip. I was driving as hard as I could as I crossed the finish line. I looked up at the clock, 21:42. 21 minutes and 42 seconds, it seemed like a decent time, but there was no way to know. It wasn't like there was a history in this event to compare it to. All I could do now was sit back and watch my opponents go. I had done the best I could. If someone could beat me I could accept it, but I admit I was really praying for that time to hold up.

The next one up was Lew. As he took off, it was very obvious he wasn't real comfortable on the skates. I don't know if he just wasn't used to blades, or if the pressure was getting to him. Certainly, unless you're used to a street course, the rough, irregular surface can really get to you. Whatever it was, Lew was really struggling to maintain a straight line during his first lap.

As he finished that lap, Lew directed himself right into Tatelou's mouth. Lou went to work quickly, and when I saw her begin to swallow, I looked up at the clock, 7:47. Lew began his next lap, and he was now even more unsteady. The guy was able to get hard again with no problem, but the skating was getting more difficult. As he approached the finish line, he was so wobbly, I thought he might miss, but he just managed to aim himself between Honey's lips.

Honey did not hold anything back. While she may have wanted me to win, she also was going to play the game fairly. And I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. If Honey had did something to slow someone down, it would make any victory I might get meaningless. Yes, I wanted to win this event, but I wanted to win it for real.

Lew hadn't had any problems getting hard again, but it did look like he was having a problem cumming again that quickly. After he managed to leave a load with Honey and take off again, I looked up at the clock. It had taken a while. The clock read 16:28. Lew would have to do the next two laps in less time then he had run the first one alone. The way he was skating it just wasn't likely. Then, as he came around for the third time, Lew's wobbly skates really let him down. The man tried to aim for Cloudy, but he just couldn't keep the line. As he skated by her and started his penalty lap, the clock read 19:38. It was over. Lew finished the lap, but he obviously knew he couldn't win. This time, he just went slow enough to reach Cloudy's mouth. Then he just stood there and enjoyed the young lady's amazing talent. When she was done, Lew just cruised slowly around the track for the last time. The clock read 26:56.

After Lew came Belegon. As he took off, it was obvious that he had done some skating. I still wasn't sure if he had any experience outdoors, though. Belegon was cranking it. He was flying around the track. The guy would finish the lap very fast, but I didn't think it was a good idea. He was going to need all his energy later, and that speed was going to make hitting one of the shooting locations very difficult.

As it turned out, it made it impossible. Belegon tried to slow down, but it was too late. He actually had to dodge the three ladies, since at the speed he was going, he would have knocked any of them over. That of course would have ended his race immediately, since the women were not allowed to leave their knees. Belegon maintained his speed pretty well for his penalty lap, but any advantage he had gained from his initial speed was now gone, and he had spent a lot of energy.

As Belegon came around the final turn this time, he slowed way down. Now he had now trouble steering right into Cloudy. The girl immediately began her work. Cloudy's method is not particularly fast, but I couldn't imagine anyone lucky enough to experience it worrying about that. Belegon was no exception. He may have been losing time, but from the look on his face, it was not a major concern at that moment.

When he began to shoot in Cloudy's mouth, Belegon let out a yell that you could hear around the track. I could understand it. Cloudy's skills could easily have that effect. Belegon tried to regain his speed for the next lap, but his legs weren't as steady as when he started. The lap started at 8:47. As fast as Belegon had started, that penalty lap had already put him behind Lew's first lap time. Belegon got his legs back under him on the backstretch and was moving pretty good the rest of the way. As he slowed, and eased himself into Lou, the clock read 10:14. If he could keep up his speed, Belegon definitely had a chance.

Lou went to it, and normally she can get a man going very quickly. But Belegon had already spent a lot of energy, and his body wasn't responding quite as well as it normally would. When Lou was swallowing, the clock read 15:02.

Belegon took off for his third lap. While he still had time, it quickly became obvious that he just didn't have enough left. The man had slowed way down on the backstretch. He was trying to get his body to behave, but he was just too exhausted. By the time he reached the last turn, the poor guy was jacking himself as hard as he could, and he had almost slowed to a complete stop. He did manage to get hard and reach Honey, but by then, the clock read 19:48. My second opponent was out of it. Belegon enjoyed his time with Honey, and then began his last lap. I really thought the guy might collapse, but Belegon was tough and he made it around. Not only that, but his time was 25:59. He was actually in second place at the moment.

Carl East was the fourth to go. He was one of the guys who worried me. Carl looked to be in good shape, and as he took off, it was clear he had spent some time on skates. The guy was making good time around the first lap, but it was puzzling me. I had seen how much trouble Belegon had gotten into by taking the first lap too fast, and now hear was Carl doing the same thing. I could only think that he felt he was good enough on the blades to handle the speed.

As he came around the final turn, Carl was lined up right on Tatelou. He was obviously going to hit his target, but I was really wondering how he would slow down. When he got close, Carl tried to put on the brakes. But doing that on a sidewalk is very hard. As he tried to slow, his wheels began to bump and vibrate. When he reached Lou, he was still going too fast. His cock went straight into her mouth, but his entire body slammed into her a moment later and the two of them went tumbling. Carl was out of the race, but I was just hoping that neither of them was hurt. Thankfully, a few seconds later both Lou and Carl made it back to their feet. Carl walked away obviously feeling terrible. He told me later that losing the race didn't bother him nearly as much as crashing into Lou. Meanwhile, Lou was shaking off the effects and very soon she was back on her spot. That little English girl is tough, and it was going to take more than a simple crash to take her out.

When Lou was back and ready, Edward Teach took his place on the line. I was really curious to see this. Edward is a big guy, and I wanted to see how he looked on skates. Frankly, not very good. Edward was not at all comfortable. On the other hand, he was taking the first lap at a nice easy pace. If he could maintain it, he might still have a chance. After all, the last two contestants had certainly proven that skating speed wasn't a tremendous benefit here.

Edward finished the first lap and headed for Honey. When she clamped her lips around his rod, the look on that man's face was priceless. I knew that Honey had taken the race completely out of his mind. Edward eyes closed, as he just stood there while Honey did her thing. Even when I could tell that Honey was obviously swallowing, Edward still wasn't moving. He was obviously completely lost in what was happening. Finally, Honey gave him a little smack on the backside and jolted Teach back to reality. Edward began his second lap, but he had lost a little time. The clock read 8:04.

As he skated his second lap, Edward wasn't very far behind, but his lack of skating skill made it difficult for him to make up any time. Also, when he finished that lap and got himself into Cloudy's mouth, I could see that he was already breathing hard, even before Cloudy started in on him. Edward seemed to stay focused a little better while Cloudy was working. Although, it was obviously taking a tremendous effort. After a while, though, I could see Teach lean into Cloudy, obviously firing right down her throat. Cloudy was actually still swallowing, as Edward pulled away and began his third lap. The clock read 17:05.

At that point I relaxed. Edward might have a chance at a medal, but there was no way he would catch me. As it turned out, the big guy just didn't have enough left. Skating takes more out of you than you might think, and a street track is even more demanding. As he finished his third lap, Edward actually had to stop in front of the line. It took him several minutes just to catch his breath and to work on himself to get ready for the third shooting station

By the time Edward finally got his cock in Lou's mouth, his time was up to 25:13. Lou did her usual amazing work, but Edward was so exhausted, he barely seemed to be able stand. Tatelou's amazing mouth did of course manage to get Teach to shoot for a third time, but after that Edward really didn't have a leg to stand on. The guy made it about two steps and just collapsed to his knees. Two attendants actually started over to him, but he heroically waved them back. He might not win the event, but he was bloody well going to finish it.

It took Teach a minute or two, but he did make it back to his feet. Edward may have been a little unsteady, but he made it to the finish line. I never looked at the clock, so I don't even know his final time. It didn't matter. The important thing was to finish.

There was one man left, Remac. Remac really worried me. He appeared to be in great shape and he looked very determined. He took his place on the line. When the starter's gun fired, he took off with what appeared to be a strong, skilled approach. Mac seemed to glide along the track. I didn't realize how fast he was moving until he stopped in front of Tatelou. As he entered her mouth, I looked up at the clock. 1:12.

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