tagMind ControlThe Milking Machine

The Milking Machine


John had just finished up work and was heading to his car and he had a bit of a spring in his step because he knew he was seeing Mandy again tonight. Physically Mandy was not his favorite brown haired olive skinned type but rather a well tanned, voluptuous blonde. She was a very sweet and funny girl and while they had only been out on a couple of dates had a great chemistry.

Tonight Mandy had offered to cook John dinner which was something that excited him all the more. While he would break for sex with an attractive woman he would do a double stop for one who was a good cook too. He was really hoping Mandy was just the girl to provide both. John never enjoyed getting involved with more than one woman at a time unless the relationship was just a superficial one. With the connection he was experiencing with Mandy he really just wanted to concentrate on her.

He made the drive to her house in about fifteen minutes and parked in her driveway. Getting out of his car he thought he could smell the food and was delighted by the aromas emanating from within her townhouse. He knocked on the door and was greeted by Mandy who gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the lips as she invited him in.

"Make yourself comfortable I am just finishing up some things in the kitchen," she said as she turned her back and walked away.

John watched her retreating form in a knee length sun dress. Even in flip flops her legs were well sculpted things of beauty. John was always a sucker for a girl with nice legs and let his eyes linger on hers for a bit before he made his way to her couch.

He fussed through some of her magazines and made some idle conversation as he awaited his dinner. Mandy brought him out a glass of wine," how about a little wine to take the edge off," she said with a smile.

"Thanks, don't mind if I do," John replied as he thought how sexy her voice sounded when you talked a little softer. It took on a throaty quality that just kind of hummed in his ears.

John kept with the idle chat while he sipped on the wine. It was some kind of Italian red he thought too himself. Mandy must be a good listener because he had told her that he preferred the Italian wines.

"Good choice of wines," he called to Mandy as he finished off the glass she had brought to him. He kept sifting through the magazines, all fashion with the occasional housekeeping or home improvement. Nothing seemed to catch his eye or interest him and he tossed aside the last one while stifling a yawn.

Mandy called him into the kitchen and asked him to sit at the table which he gladly did and she joined him for the meal. The food was good fare but John found himself yawning and feeling a bit drained. He could only think the day at work had taken more out of him than he thought.

"Is my conversation that interesting you're falling asleep?" she playfully jabbed.

"Gosh I'm sorry Mandy, must just be wiped. Work was pretty busy today. I guess I should hit the road and get some sleep." John rubbed his eyes and could not believe how suddenly exhausted he felt.

"You can sleep in the extra room if you are too tired to drive."

John suppressed another yawn as he thought to himself it was not such a bad idea since he did not have work in the morning. He hardly remembered Mandy showing him the way to the spare bedroom and stripping down to his boxers before falling to sleep.

He awoke and was a bit alarmed to find that he was tied to the bed. His arms and legs were tied to each of the bedposts. He tested the knots and found them to be pretty good. His stomach was starting to turn somersaults as he thought about how little he really knew this woman.

He was not sure how long he was lying there before Mandy walked into the room.

"Oh," she said with her throaty voice," you're awake sleepy-head."

Mandy was wearing a black, silk slip which was a startling contrast against her tanned skin. Her ample breasts pushed at the front displaying eye drawing cleavage. The slip only went down to mid thigh giving John a good view of her gorgeous legs. She had on dark red lip stick and her sultry look almost made John forget what a frightening situation he was in.

"What the hell Mandy...why did you tie me up?" John asked trying to keep a steady, commanding tone.

"Just a moment baby," she said as she turned and walked from the room. She returned carrying a plastic, rectangular box with a clear plastic container on the end with a hose attached to it that ended with a long black rubber piece that reminded John of the end of a fire extinguisher.

"What the hell is that?" he asked in a tone that lacked any of the control he had displayed only moments before.

"Shhh baby," Mandy cooed," I need to explain some things to you so just sit back and listen."

Mandy sat down on the bed next to him and started talking as she placed the device down next to his waist," Men are not to be trusted John," Mandy began," they just can't help but wander from woman to woman spreading their seed like a stray dog. So I found something to keep a man faithful to me. A device that would help me mold the right guy into the perfect boyfriend and perhaps eventually a husband."

She reached down into John's boxers while she spoke and pulled his cock out. She placed his cock into the long piece at the end of the device's tube and flipped a switch on the box that caused a vacuum seal around his member as she continued," It works rather simply John. You are ultimately controlled by your little head not your big one," the sensation of the tube was odd, the inside felt lubricated and the suction was causing him to become aroused.

"Right now I bet you're starting to get hard baby," she correctly guessed. Her voice was getting almost monotone but keeping that same throaty quality that played so softly on his ears," it's not your fault. That's the way you were made, but all that energy needs direction and soon I will be able to help you direct it properly. When I start the machine it will simply milk you for me and then I will begin the conditioning you so desperately need. I can alter the speeds to make you cum quickly or keep it at a snail's pace to keep you on edge for as long as I like," she smiled," that's when you will feel your power flow out of you and into me. I'll be in control then John and you'll be so much happier that way."

"Mandy please," John begged," I would never cheat on someone I have committed to."

"I just can't trust that baby, I have to be sure," she said with traces of what John thought was fear or hurt, perhaps both in her voice. After that her expression changed to one John could only think of as one of seduction. He heard a click and felt the machine begin to work on his dick.

"This is a slower speed but I need you to cum quick to start. It's right when you feel that release and the short time after where I work my magic." She stared down at him smiling," oh I know it feels good baby, just give in to that feeling and Mandy will take care of everything. Now don't worry baby once you've filled the container we can take a break."

John looked down and his eyes bulged as he saw a container that must be half a quart. He could not even guess how many times he would have to cum to fill that thing.

Suddenly John let out a moan as the machine worked faster on his cock. The lubricated sides of the device worked his cock better than any pussy he had ever had. Proud of his normally fair stamina he was surprised to find his cock erupting with cum in less than twenty seconds as moan after moan escaped his lips. When he had finished spending his load, the machine at Mandy's control, had slowed back down to its previous pace.

"That felt soooo good didn't it baby?" Mandy whispered into his ear. He could feel her hot breath on his ear as her hand began to stroke the side of his face. The machine kept its slow pace causing John's hips to buck uncontrollably from the sensations on his now over sensitive member.

Mandy's voice stayed sultry and monotone as she whispered steadily into his ear," this is the kind of pleasure only I can give you John. This is what it feels like to be with me. This is why you love me John. You know I control your pleasure and you can only find release with me."

The whispering continued for a few minutes before she sped the device up again.

"Look at me baby when you cum this time. Look at me as I give you this pleasure."

He looked at Mandy's beautiful visage for only a few seconds before he felt another load released from his cock. Once she was sure he was spent Mandy slowed the machine down again and started back with her soft caresses and whispers. John's body was quivering and he felt his sweat begin to dampen the sheets.

He lost count of how many times Mandy made him cum or what things she whispered into his ear in that low, sexy voice. It seemed like it would never end and eventually exhaustion took him.

He awoke in the same bed, but the sheets had been changed and he found he was no longer tied up. His muscles were sore but from the scent of his skin someone, likely Mandy, had rubbed him down with a healthy dose of sports cream to ease the pain.

He got out of bed and went searching for Mandy. She was not in her room and he went downstairs and found her arranging flowers on the kitchen table. She was wearing the same slip she had on the previous night, or was it day, he just was not sure. The sight of her caused his cock to twitch and his anger began to soften.

A quick shake of the head and a swift reprimand to himself got his focus back on ripping her a new one. She turned and smiled at the sight of him," Good morning sleepy baby."

"Mandy just what the hell did you think you were doing?" John began in a harsh tone that seemed not to phase Mandy as she walked up to him and placed a hand on his chest.

"Oh don't be upset sweety," she began," I did make you feel good didn't I?" she continued as her hand slid down his chest, over his stomach and down to grip his already half rigid cock in her pretty little hand with its red painted fingernails.

"Mandy you just can't...," he started but found no words as she slowly massaged his cock to full attention. Her grip tightened a bit and she led him towards the couch like a dog on a leash before pushing him down and straddling him. John's head was all fuzzy and he could not think very well through Mandy's talking.

"Now that your training has started I guess you can have a little reward," her hand pulled John's cock out of the opening of his boxers and she began rubbing the head against her pussy. He had no idea what she meant by training but the feeling of her pussy lips wetting the tip of his cock made him only want to feel the warm wetness being dangled in front of him.

"You did a good job yesterday. It only took you four hours to fill up my milking machine. Now Mandy's going to do a bit of the milking with her pretty pussy," she said as her hips lowered and then rose beginning a steady rhythm.

"Oh yes baby, that's it," she breathed as John began to softly moan," that pussy is too good for you isn't it?"

"Oh yeah," John cried.

"You love Mandy's pussy don't you baby?" she asked as her pace quickened.

"Yes Mandy."

"You love Mandy don't you baby?" the pace increasing more.

"Yes Mandy."

"Tell me baby, tell me you love me," she said as she began to moan.

"Oh god I love you Mandy!" John cried as they both came together.

Mandy rode his cock milking every drip of cum John had.

"Your welcome baby, now go clean yourself up," she finished as she rose up off John and walked up the stairs. John laid on the couch trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. He could not fathom how he let her change the subject and wound up having sex.

Shaking his head he got up off the couch and went into the downstairs bathroom to clean himself up. John tried to figure to figure out why he was feeling so good as he washed off and wished he had a fresh pair of boxers but no helping that right now. He really had to set Mandy straight. Enough was enough.

When he came out of the bathroom Mandy was sitting on the couch, legs crossed and had the machine sitting next to her.

"Come over here baby," her hand patting the couch next to her.

"Mandy what makes you think I'm going through that again?" he asked pointing at the machine.

"Oh really John, don't balk at me. You know the more you make me happy the better it makes you feel. If you get even a little excited from washing up as I told you," she said gesturing at John's boxers which had amazingly started to tent up," how excited do you think you get when you actually do something that really makes me happy? Now come sit down."

John walked over and sat next to Mandy and noticed his cock getting even harder and could not fathom how he could be getting horny again so quickly but he knew all this foolishness had to stop. Why the hell was he not heading for the door?

"Thank you baby," Mandy smiled at him as she scooted in close and placed the machine on the other side of him. Why the hell had Mandy's smile made his cock twitch like that?

She placed the end of the tube over his cock and he felt the suction again as it attached itself.

"Mandy please," he begged," please don't." Why was he letting her do this?

"John this is what we both want," she said as he heard the click and felt the machine go to work on him again. The pleasure felt better than he remembered. He closed his eyes and tried to suppress a whimper but failed miserably.

"See baby, this is what you want. This is what I want. This is what we want," Mandy kept softly repeating," this is what you want, this is what I want, this is what we want." The machine stayed at its slowest pace. John alternated between moans and whimpers as Mandy kept up her constant assault on his mind. John thought at some point the words were changing," what we want is what Mandy wants," but he could not be sure. He only felt the pleasure, he wanted to cum but the machine was going just slow enough to keep orgasm just out of reach.

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by ticklishsoles05/01/18

Oh Mandy

To know you is to love you. I’d obey your every wish, your every command.


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by Anonymous11/16/17

but this one sure is not good...

Why should somebody stay with a person who without any reason dosn't trust him?

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by Anonymous08/02/17

cock milking stories are great

Love it! Just KEEP GOING please!

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