tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Misadventures of Elena Z Ch. 01

The Misadventures of Elena Z Ch. 01


I changed the ending of the first series, as for the Helena story I'm going to rewrite it.


Elena was running across a barren wasteland, the land was red and the sky was red. She unsheathes her sword as blue skinned demons appeared. She cuts down three of them but more and more appear. There was at least a thousand of them, male, female and complete nude. They were all licking their lips, savoring the she-elf flesh. But before they could attack a figure flew in, he wore white armor and had black wings Elena could not see his face but the figure stretched out his arms and Elena grabs hold and the figure flies away with her in his arms. Elena closes her eyes in anticipation of the kiss that was coming. When she opens her eyes she was alone inside her igloo.

Elena yawns and emerges from her bed. It was another day in the frozen abyss she made for herself. She strips down to nothing and heads out to where a secluded lake was. She steps into the water and starts swimming, She does four laps and after that she cleans herself. She sighs, she remembered when she had servants aiding her but that was a long time ago. After being cleaned she heads back inside her igloo. She prepares breakfast which is a piece of bread, a piece of meat and water.

She sets out for Sheba Town which was five miles away.

She enters Sheba Town which is populated by Fauns. Humans would occasionally enter the city to trade and buy goods but Elena was the only Elf. Of course no one knew her by that name, in fact no one knew that she was an Elf because she always kept a hood around her head, to them she was Jewels the Wanderer.

Two years had passed since Elena fled the Western lands. She considered the Eastern Lands but the Minotaur race which as warlike as Orcs populated the land and her fairy friend was royalty like Princess Shantora but she didn't want to endanger her friend and her name was known there among the fairies. So with east being out of the question her only options was the Northern Lands or Southern Lands. She chose the North because Elftoria was north west so it would take her a shorter time.

When Elena arrived at the Northern Land she went deep into the mountains and stumbled across Sheba Town, when she first arrived the Faun people were wary of her but as time went on they slowly accepted her. She gave them no trouble, kept away from them and they kept away from her. Every now and then she would show up with deer antlers which sold very well in the north. She would sometimes take on odd jobs for money but most on her money was through trading deer antlers, the money she would spend on food, little clothing an occasionally stones to sharpen her sword.

"Good day Ms. Jewels," the owner says.

Elena nods, "Yes it is a good day." With that said she starts browsing.

"Hey Ms. Jewels!"

"Oh great," Elena thought.

The young male Faun Gretto besides the store owner were the only people who talked to Elena, however the owner only talked business, he honestly preferred not to deal with her but she brought him lots of money and no trouble so who was he to complained. Gretto on the other hand always talked and tried to get her to talk which was nothing more than an annoyance to her.

"What do want, Gretto?" She asks annoyed.

"Oh come now, is that anyway to talk the only person who wants to be your friend?"

"Listen, you are young and have your whole life ahead of you, get what I am saying?"

"What's life without risk."

She sighs. "Since you're here you can help me with my shopping but that's it."




The Dark Lord's Majin Hai Army besieges Hyperia, the last SOTL kingdom. Dark Lord Felicia was personally leading the attack. She rides her Wyvern and behind her were gliders. "Alright we're going in, you know what to do!"

"Roger!" The Majin Hai replied in unison.

They break formation and engage. Fire arrows shot pass them.

"Careful," She says.

The gliders drop bombs on the enemy siege engines.

"Ma'am, enemy gliders detected," Bsran warns.

The Hyperian gliders appear and shoot arrows at the Dark Lord's gliders.

"Gold group, with me, we're heading to the palace. Silver group, take out the remaining siege engines. Bronze group take out the enemy gliders!"


The Majin Hai on the ground were blasting away at the main gain. "Keep at it! We're almost there!" The Majin Hai commander barked. With a few more hits the main gate which was protected by stone was destroyed and the Majin Hai began to pour in the city. "Kill all who resist!"


The Dark Lord and her Majin Hai guard land on the roof. "Alright let's do this!" She teleports herself and her troops inside and they began killing the enemy.

The king sat on his throne with an emotionless expression on his face, he knew it was over, he knew he lost.

"Alright King, tell me where she is?"

"Who, be specific."

"You know who I am talking about! Mistress Cisily!"

"Oh the royal dungeon."

"I thank you. You six come with me, Bsran, your squad guards the king, if he makes any moves kill him!"

"Yes, ma'am, I obey!"

Dark Lord Felicia teleports herself and her troops to the dungeon. They see a bald woman fleeing with a brown haired younger woman. "Stop right Mistress Cisily!"

"Back off, Felicia! You know what will happen!"

"Felicia just forget about me!" The brown haired woman named Eia screams.

"No I can't, I swore I would rescue you," she thought.

When Felicia first arrived from her world she was captured by brigands at the village they were pillaging. She seen a few of the women violated and some like herself were sold to Mistress Cisily. She was forced to become a gladiator, during that time she met Eia a priestess who was abducted from her temple after getting smart with Mistress Cilsiy. Mistress Cisily kept her chained in a secret room and to make matters worse, the Mistess had an obsession with breast milk so she had a sorcerer perform a spell which made Eia fill up with breast milk so she could suck on her breasts anytime she wish, she also made Eia and herself immortal and a voodoo link was established so if one felt pain the other would feel it, if one dies the other dies. Felicia had met her a few other friends including a soldier in training named Arthur who became her lover. After surviving numerous battles, the slave warriors decided they had enough plotted to escape, however, things didn't go as planned and all of her comrades including her lover were killed. Felicia being wounded in fighting, managed to escape and promising justice to her fallen friends and the liberation of Eia.

Dark Lord Felicia had her hand charging up for an attack blast but hesitates. "Please do it!" Eia screams again.

"Shut up!" Mistress Cisily yells. "Let me pass. Are you deaf?! Let me pass!"

"Let her go," Dark Lord Felicia said regretfully.

"I want a full escort out of here! Do it and I'll let Eia go."

Dark Lord Felicia teleports behind the Mistress and hits her in the head. "It's over! I'll make you suffer!"

"Careful Dark Lord," Mistress Cisily smiled evilly.

Eia picks up the dirk and points it a her chest.

"Eia, what are you doing?!"

"I'm sorry Felicia but I have to, how long before escapes, how long before she comes after me again? She'll make me and others suffer."

"She'll be locked away, chained forever where she can't even move, can't bite her tongue."

"If I am full from eating she will be full, what happens when the fifth age comes? We will out last you and that's somehow she will escape, time is her ally."

"I can get the voodoo link nullified."

"It's permanent."

"Give me time, I figure this out, I can find the one who establish the link in the first place!"

"I'm sorry but I see no other way."

"Eia please don't do this!"

"Yes listen to your friend," Mistress Cisily pleads. Eia hesitates. Mistress Cisily punches herself in jaw. Eia screams in pain. Mistress Cilsiy makes a run for the dirk. "Restrain her!" The Dark Lord commands. The Majin Hai grab hold of her. Mistress Cilsiy starts biting her tongue.

Eia screams in pain. "Let me go or Eia feels more pain." Mistress Cisily suddenly falls to the floor and coughs up blood.

"What?!" Dark Lord Felicia turns to Eia and see on the floor with a small vial in her hand.

"Oh no, poison! Eia!" She runs to her. "Hold on you'll be fine! Medic!"

"I'm sorry Felicia but I had to, she had to be stopped!"

"No she needed to suffer for what she's done to us. Get me an antidote!"

"It's fast acting...no cu...cure," she said wearily.

"You bi...bitch. How.. cough... you... da...cough," Mistress Cisily groans and cries.

"Trash, your tears mean nothing! Eia, oh Eia"

"It's ok, it's...better...this way, just... bring, cough order to cough cough this world, cough cough others would want."

The Dark Lord couldn't hear any more crying and groaning from Mistress Cisily, she looks and see her lifeless corpse. She clasps Eia's hand. "She's dead."

Eia smiled. "Cough, looks like I outlasted her for a few seconds. "You...kept cough your cough promise, comrade..."

Felicia unclasps Eia's hand and head back to throne room.

"Your highness, what about the bodies?"

"Burn them."

She enters the throne room and looks at the king still sitting on his throne. "It is done!" The king was still emotionless. "You knew what was going on but yet granted her asylum, let her do what she wanted." Felicia unsheathes her sword and decapitates the king.

The fighting lasted for a few hours but Hyperia is taken, this was last stronghold in the western land to hold against the dark lord but it was over.

"Your highness, we cannot find the prince and princess."

"I see, well keep an eye out," she replied calmly.

"Your highness, are you alright?" Bsran asked worriedly.

"Bsran, jail all surviving enemy troops. As for the civilians, tell them to return to their homes."

"Your highness, half the city has burned."

"Well jail them as well."

"We don't have a jail large enough for the entire population."

"I don't care build one and lock the remaining ones in their houses and buildings that aren't burned till we can sort this out!"

"Yes your highness."

"I shall return shortly." Felicia teleports to her castle."Do not disturb me unless I call!" She says to her servants. She enters her bed chamber and collapses on her bed and begins crying. "Polly, Rosemary, Annie, Arthur and Eia.



"Your Royal Highness, Princess Maxine and Prince Maximus," the Royal message announces.

They bow before Queen Shantora. "Rise, to what do I owe this honor?"

"The honor is ours, ma'am," Prince Maximus says.

"Your Royal Highness, we've come seeking aid in our fight against the Dark Lord. Her forces march on Hyperia," Princes Maxine announced.

"How many kingdoms?" Queen Shantora inquired.


"I'm asking how many kingdoms remain to fight the dark lord."

"Well we've sent massagers but they comeback empty."

"They've either surrendered or were burned to ground. Why do you fight?"

The princess and prince were puzzled. "Your Highness, surely you know why we're fighting, the Dark Lord is destroying our way of life."

"Your way of life?"

"Yes," Prince Maximus answered.

"Your way of life, huh? Tell me how many kingdoms of humans there are?"

"Ten in total ma'am."

"Ten kingdoms, ten human kingdoms. Tell how many elven kingdoms?

"Um? Just this one."

"One, just one. There were more at one point but as you can see this is all that remains. I cannot bring further death to my race so my answer is no. I'm sorry"

The prince and princess bow their heads and exit the throne room.

"Your highness, are we really not going to do anything? Captain Nesa questions.

"There's nothing we can do."

"We can fight, we can join with the remaining SOTL and make a stand."

"Dark Lord Felicia is immortal. We cannot defeat an immortal. Look out there." Both gaze at the elven citizens. "This is all that remains, we face extinction. I must think of what is best for them. Do you understand?"

"You're killing them slowly."


"You're killing them slowly."

"How dare you! And rallying them to fight a doom war isn't killing them? You're a soldier, you only know fighting."



"Forgive my tongue, Your Highness."

"You are forgiven."


"Well that went well," Princess Maxine says sarcastically.

"What now, Sister?"

"We head home at dawn and fight this war the best we can."


"Thanks for allowing me to tag along, Ms. Jewels."

"Yeah," Elena says unenthusiastically.

"You know I've been in training to become a blacksmith. So if your sword ever breaks or you in need a new one I'll make one for you."

Elena nods wishing he would shut up.

After some time had passed the duo make it to Elena's igloo. "Thanks, I can take it from here."

"Nonsense, I'll help you."

Elena signs and opens the door.

"Wow, nice place."

"I'm sure, go set the box in the kitchen then you can go."


Gretto enters the kitchen and out of the corner of his eye he sees beer barrels, a lot of them. He sits the box down and hears the clanging liquor bottles. "This can't be the only thing she bought," he thought. He starts searching barrels and finds that most of them were alcohol.

"Finished?" Elena questioned.

Gretto turns his head to see Elena in a robe. "Oh I'm sorry, curiosity got the better of me."

Elena disrobes. Gretto diverts his eyes. "Ms. Jewels please put your robe back on."

"Isn't this what you want?"

"I only want to be your friend, you seem so lonely."

Elena puts back on her robe. "You can look."

"I din't think you were an elf. A SOTL."

"Wrong, I'm just a wanderer."

"You can't fool me, why else would an elf be in this part of the world?"

"Listen don't pretend you know a thing about me!"

"I know that you're running away in order to forget, anybody can see that."

"You're wrong, Gretto."

"Ms. Jewels, don't lie, I know the war was bad but it's not your fault."

"If only you knew," Elena thought. She approaches Gretto and takes his right hand to her left breast.

"Ms. Jewels..."

"Shhhh, enjoy it, Gretto." She takes his other hand to her right breast and starts moving them.

"Ms. Jewels, this isn't right I..."

"I want this," Elena interrupts.

"But I..."

"Gretto, I'm no longer moving your hands." Gretto looks at his hands, he was fondling her tits now. Her nipples were getting hard like arrow heads. "See you want this too. "What do you want?"

"I..I don't know, I've never done this."

"I kinda figured that. I'll take it from here." Elena gets down on here knees and puts down his trousers. "You seem a bit excited," she smiled. She pulls his phallus out and licks it once which causes Gretto to moan. She licks it some more and then puts her whole mouth on it.

"Oh Ms. Jewels!"

Elena takes it out and starts wanking it. With her left hand she starts tickling his balls. She puts it back in her mouth and moves head back and forward. Gretto started moaning loudly and started to sound like a goat. She could taste his sweet tasting precum. "It's been too long," Elena thought. But then she thought why was she doing this? Was it to forget or make him forget? She sucks faster and Gretto could feel a growing pressure. I could make him into a man, after all he is eighteen. Nah, at least not yet. She pulls his phallus out of her mouth and pumps it until his cum hits her face neck and breasts.

"Oh my," Gretto moaned.

"Now that that's done, you will never speak of this to anyone, you understand me?!"

"Yes Ms. Jewels."

"Now you should be getting back."

Gretto puts back on his underwear and trousers. He wanted to say something but Elena waves him out the door.

After he left Elena hits her igloo wall. "What have I done!? I can't stay here anymore." Elena spends the rest of the day crying and drinking.



There was a knock at the door. One of the Hyperian Guards open the door. "A messenger from Hyperia has come, he says its urgent," an elf announced. "The Queen is expecting both of you." The Princess and Prince make their way to the queen's throne room. They find the messenger weeping, all of his dignity was gone.

"What's going on?" Princess Maxine demanded.

"It's over, my princess and prince, Hyperia is gone, taken by the Dark Lord."

"Our dad?!" Prince Maximus questioned.

"He's been decapitated."

Both Princess and Prince just stood there frozen place. Queen Shantora felt sorry for them for now they knew what it was like. "My condolences. I hereby grant you all asylum."

"Thank you your highness," Prince Maximus said and bowed after coming back. His sister however from still frozen in place. "I will take her back to her quarters."

Queen Shantora nods and as soon as they were gone she whispers to Captain Nesa, "Keep them under surveillance, I don't want them disturbing the peace." Captain Nesa bows.


Keylong Port

"Ugh, ugh, ah! Spank me, daddy!" The redhead cried out in pleasure to the old man.

He smacks her ass. "See I may be old but I'm fine wine!" He grunts.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, yes!"



The old man pounds faster, he looks up at the night sky for a second, the stars were beautiful but then he sees one suddenly fall. "It's going to fall in the north!"

"I'm gonna cum!" The redhead cried.

"Not yet!" The old man said and pulled the red hair. He pounds harder and harder. "Have to go up north and find it!" He pulls out of the redhead and turns her on her back and lifts up her legs and resumes.

"Oh daddy! That's right pound this cunt!"

"Take this and this!"

"Ohhhhh, this is it!"

"I can't hold it, I can't hold it anymore, ahhhhh!"


A few seconds later they were catching their breaths.

"You sure know how to please a woman."

"Fine wine. Anyway I'll be heading up north for a few days so hopefully you won't be too bored."

"Oh don't worry about me, my grandparents are visiting so I'll be busy with them. So why are you heading up north?"


"Bring me back something nice."



Sheba Town

"It fell beyond the ice wall," a faun said.

"Should we go find it?" Another asks.

"Are you crazy, they live there!"

"We have seen one in over 500 years," another faun interjects.

"Heck I'm not going," the first faun says.

"I think it's best if we do not venture," the second faun agreed.

"No one should go!"

The three turn to the elder.

"Hear me, no one should go."

"We shall obey, elder," the first says.

Gretto was observing them. "I wonder what lies beyond the ice wall."



"How's my sister?" Prince Maximus asks a elf servant.

"She has yet to regain conscious.

"I see, inform me when she does."

"Yes my lord."

"It sure was nice of the Queen to lend some of her servants to provide us aid," a Hyperian guard says.

"But we can't stay here forever."

The guard nods. Another guard enters the room. "Sir, there's been reports of a star that has fallen in the north."

"A star huh?"

"Perhaps we should venture north and retrieve it."

"Not until my sister has awaken."


"A star has fallen in the north?"

"Yes ma'am, many will try to claim it, I can send a detachment to retrieve it immediately. Who knows what power it possesses."

Queen Shantora shakes her head, I will not send anybody. The north is too far and no doubt the a Dark Lord has begun moving."

"But your highness, this could be our salvation."

"Or our extermination, I will not risk it."

Captain Nesa was angry. "We have a coward for a leader!" She thought and leaves the throne room.


"So when are we leaving?" Jetkins asks.

"We're not."

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