The Movies


Standing in the line to buy her movie ticket, she stared at the scrolling message board listing the movie times. She couldn't find anyone to go see the new romantic comedy that was out, so she finally decided to go on her own. She had decided to dress up a little on the chance she found some single man to sit with or to make her feel better because she didn't have a date. She was wearing a jean skirt and a red top that showed off just enough cleavage to toe the line between flirty and slutty. She had on black ballet flats and bare legs. She stepped up to the window, buying her ticket, frowning slightly at the look of pity in the ticket seller's eyes when she bought her ticket. She smiled and shrugged and went inside the theater. The usher tore of her ticket stub and she giggled when his eyes settled on her breasts and her laughing caused them to bounce a little.

The usher blushed and turned away to the next person in line.

She went into the theater and was surprised at how empty it seemed. There were a few couples scattered around the theater. She wandered up the steps to the back row of the theater and chose a seat in the corner away from everyone. She settled in and looked around at the people there. A young girl and her boyfriend were wrapped in each other's arms, kissing noisily, much to the disapproving glances of the older couples nearby. She smiled, wishing she had a man to play with.

A tall man came into the theater and looked around. He started up the steps and sat down a few seats away from her. She was mildly annoyed; she wanted to have some space between herself and other people. She liked playing with herself while watching movies, and she couldn't do that with a guy sitting so close to her. She sighed and settled in to her seat. The previews started and the guy got up and came down the row towards her.

"Excuse me?" He asked quietly. She looked up at him and her breath caught. He was gorgeous! He had dark curly hair, was tall and muscular. He was dressed in a dark shirt and jeans. "May I sit with you?" She nodded and straightened in her seat as he folded himself into the seat. "I hate seeing a pretty girl sitting alone during a movie. I thought you wouldn't mind the company." She smiled.

"Thank you." She whispered. A few minutes later, his hand slipped off the armrest and on to her knee. She jumped in her seat and when she looked at him, he just smiled at her. They set next to each other in silence and he slowly ran his fingers from her knee to the hem of her skirt which was now midway up her thigh. She let her hand rest on his knee, feeling the strength of his leg under her hand. Her fingers danced over his jean covered leg.

The movie continued playing and during a particularly steamy sex scene, she felt one of his fingers slip under the hem of her skirt and run over her skin. Figuring he was testing the waters to see when she would push his hand away, she slid a little lower in her seat, causing her skirt to ride further up her hips. He looked down at her and smiled. He could see a patch of white between her legs and his smile widened. He let his finger wander over her covered mound and watched her eyes flutter closed. He cupped her mound with his hand and squeezed gently. She moaned, barely audible over the sound of the movie. Her hand cupped his cock through the jeans and rubbed over the large bulge.

She stared at her hand through her nearly closed eyelids. She couldn't believe she had her hand on the cock of a complete stranger. And she definitely couldn't believe that he had his hand on her pussy.

He leaned close to her, "Do you want me to stop?" She shook her head no and he laughed quietly. He pulled his hand from her pussy and pulled her out of her seat; he slid into her seat after lifting the armrest and then settled her on his lap so she was leaning against the wall. Wrapping his right arm around her shoulders he pulled her close and they kissed. Her lips were soft against his and she was going crazy with the way he kissed. She would occasionally nibble on his lip and slip her tongue into his mouth, dueling with his. He moaned into her mouth and she giggled quietly.

His cock throbbed against her ass and she reached between her legs to rub his cock. His hand slid under her top and lightly tickled her stomach as it traveled up to her breast. "The clasp is in front." She whispered. He smiled and unhooked the clasp, feeling her large breasts spill out of her bra. He grasped one in his hand and she gasped. Her nipples were hard and she swore they were throbbing. His left hand pinched a nipple as his right hand played in her hair. The continued kissing, she rubbed his cock and was trying to work down the zipper on his jeans. He helped her by holding his pants still and undoing the button. She worked her hand inside his pants and into his boxers. She pulled his cock out and rubbed it against the skin of her thigh. She felt him throbbing and pulsing in her hand as his cock continued to harden and the blood pump through the veins.

He pulled up her shirt, holding it up with his right hand and held her right breast in his hand. He slid down in the seat a little and slipped her nipple into his mouth. He sucked at it for a few minutes, feeling it harden against his tongue and then he gently held it between his teeth as his tongue rapidly flicked over it. She was squirming in his lap and she lost a grip on his cock. It rested against her pussy and she moaned as she felt pulse against her. He continued sucking on her breasts, alternating between the two as she writhed in his arms.

He lifted his head to kiss her and she attacked his mouth with her own. He slid his left hand down her stomach as he dropped her shirt. He lifted her skirt and slid his hand under her panties, she was soaking wet. His finger slid into her slit and she jumped when it pressed against her clit.

"I have to taste you." He whispered. She looked around as he slid out from under her. He knelt down in front of her and pulled her to the end of the seat. She slid off her panties and he stuffed them in his pocket. He held her lips apart and blew a stream of warm air over her pussy. He could see her juices glistening from the light of the screen. He took a long lick from her ass to above her clit. She gasped and his eyes flicked up to her. "Shhhh." He whispered, she nodded and smiled apologetically.

He attacked her clit then, his tongue flicking over the hard nubbin as she tried to stay still in the seat. He felt the little button throb against his tongue. He nibbled on it and teased it with the tip of his tongue. Her hands played in his hair and when he tried to pull back, she pulled his head back to her pussy. He slipped a finger into her and fucked her gently with it as he continued licking her pussy.

She was impressed with his talent. His tongue danced across her clit and then would lick along her slit. She wiggled her pussy against his face as she felt the beginning of her orgasm starting to tear through her body. She tried to stop him and he shook his head no. She leaned back and bit her lip. Her juices flooded his face as she came and she shook in her seat. He nuzzled her pussy and continued to lap up the juices dripping out of her.

He straightened on his knees and his cock was right at the entrance to her pussy. He slipped into her and she leaned forward, biting his shoulder. He felt so huge inside of her she could feel every ridge and vein of his cock as he fucked into her. His strokes were slow, but deep and she could feel the power in him as she wrapped her legs around him. He continued sliding in and out of her for a few minutes before pulling out. She tried to hold him in, but he took a hold of her legs and un-wrapped them. He helped her up and then sat down, pulling her down onto his lap with her back against him. His cock glistened in the light and he used it to slowly rub over her slit. He tapped it against her clit and she nearly giggled at the sound of the slapping skin as her juices ran over his cock and balls. He lifted her and pulled her onto his cock. His first stroke was so divine she nearly called out, not caring who heard her. She looked around the theater as he gently fucked her and nibbled on her neck.

The young couple was in a similar position, except the girl was straddling her boyfriend and facing him so they could kiss. The young girl looked up and winked when she realized she was being watched. She whispered something to her boyfriend and he turned his head and licked his lips as he saw what was going on in the back corner of the theater. The older couples appeared to be staring at the screen, trying to ignore the younger people in the theater. One man looked back and his eyes widened. He whispered to the woman with him and she giggled. She looked back and gave the "thumbs up." The man pushed her head into his lap and a few second later the woman's head began bobbing.

"We started a trend I think." He whispered against her neck, his breath tickling her ear. His cock throbbed in her pussy and he started fucking her just a little faster and a little harder. She used her legs to help push herself up and down on his cock. His hands on her hips, he helped lift her up so he could fuck up into her. Her pussy pulsed and throbbed with another orgasm and she shook against him. His cock tightened and she knew his orgasm wasn't far off. She slipped off his lap and when he protested, she quieted him by wrapping her lips around his cock.

He fucked into her mouth as she leaned over his lap. His hands wrapped in her long hair he held her head still so he could control the pace. All too soon his cock jumped in the tight confines of her mouth and it was flooded with cum. She gulped it down and then slowly ran her tongue over his cock, cleaning him up. She sat up with a smile and zipped his pants and buttoned them. He smiled, kissing her cheek and then stood up. She looked up at him and he nodded at her and walked down the aisle. He stopped next to the young couple and whispered to the girl. The girl giggled and continued to bounce on her boyfriends lap. He looked up at her, sitting in the corner of the theater and smiled. He pulled her panties out of his pocket, held them up, turned and walked out.

She jumped up, pulling down her skirt and rushed down the aisle. She heard applause behind her and when she turned. All the couples were clapping and smiling at her. She curtseyed and dashed to the door. She nearly ran into an usher.

"Did you see a tall man wearing a dark shirt and jeans come out of the theater?" She asked breathlessly. The usher was staring down her shirt and she realized her bra was still undone.

"He went outside a moment ago. Is there something I can do for you?" He smiled at her and stared at her hardening nipples. She turned from him and rushed to the exit leading out of the theater. The man was nowhere in sight. She turned back to the theater and decided to just go home. She licked her lips, tasting him. She decided to come back next weekend and see another movie, hoping he would be here again.

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