tagErotic CouplingsThe Next Moment

The Next Moment


Having just handed the light sheaf of printed pages back to me in its noticeably more crumpled folder than before, her next words were totally unexpected, even in view of the best-case-scenario fantasies I'd been having since she accepted the selfsame folder from my hands three days earlier.

'So – what would your first touch be?'

I focused my gaze, breathing and attention upon her, refining the latter and holding onto the former as a holy-man would a talisman, looking at her stood there in the narrow locker section before me, willow-slender, tall and strikingly beautiful beyond belief.

He'd need to be a holy-man not to fall for that gaze, or that body.

'In general - or in specific?'

Elle's smile of reply as always, seemed to convey an all-knowing quality – I wish I knew how she did that.

'It's your touch...'

'Okay then – in general; it would be a light stroke of the thumb along the jaw, moving on slowly down the neck...'

Her head angled slightly to one side, eyes phasing out to another place for a second, then returning to meet mine, all dark and piercing.

'I didn't mean tell it... show me.'

If I'd felt my gaze had been inscrutable before, it must have become purely-Zen, as ego-less as a newborn's in the long seeming seconds between hearing her words and seeing my right hand rise up through the space separating us.

Even if my face was impassive in those protracted heartbeats growing steadily louder in my veins and ears, the pit of my stomach hit freefall all by itself, and spread its tingling message up through my body – although I hadn't been aware of it growing, I now felt a full and somehow instant erection, thankfully masked by my shirt worn outside the belt, and therefore hung down to below the crotch.

I breathed slowly out, the hand approaching the smooth side of her face angled slightly toward me, fingertips already sensitive to the imminent touch of contact, busy with anticipatory electric jolts back and forth between nerves and brain.

Elle's eyelids lowered as my hand completed its approach, closing before proximity became the lightest of contact, closing the circuit. I slid three fingertips softly forward along the cheekbone toward her ear, just visible under the long drop of straight, dark hair protecting it and her neck's swan-smooth, graceful curve; becoming more pronounced with her head rolling away, face turning slightly from me while my hand arched, lifting the hair clear of her skin.

Almost inspecting that line of neck, I drew my thumb as promised along the sharp smoothness of her jaw line, feeling more than hearing her indrawn breath, sucked lightly and held until the thumb joined the fingers in a lingering slide down her long neck.

Reluctantly I withdrew my hand from contact with her warm flesh, eyelids fluttering slightly in opening, she returned from wherever she'd gone in that moment of contact, still not done with her slight sigh of exhalation.

Eyes no longer dark in quite the same way, she took a moment of gathering from under a spreading smile.

'Wow... intense.' Her voice already deep and smoky-chocolate had gone richer in tone, dropping a further octave.

'Thank you.' I didn't trust my own voice enough to say more – nor was my brain providing anything further from my lips – Intense indeed.

'And – the touch in specific...?'

Emboldened by the contact, the moment and her light fluidity of stance, revealing an impish glitter to her-eye contact and smile, I gave a twitch of a smile in return – more a flexing of my lips.

'For that, I would use my tongue.'

'A kiss?' She drew a breath and I let her supposition build, then release into a sigh of eyebrow supported, vague disappointment.

'If you like... but not on the lips normally associated with such, and not before my tongue has awoken them.'

Supposition and realisation worked together in her look this time, her nostrils joined in and flared slightly, her gaze locking on, lids fluttering lightly with instant lust oozing from under her lashes – her smile matured, lips seeming fuller from one second to the next, and slightly moistened as they parted in subconscious copying of what those others must be doing right now – at least in my mind.

Her hand scooped mine up and she stepped backwards, eyes flicking sideways to the steps leading down to where we were stood. No one was coming and only the distant radio from the warehouse blared hollowly beyond.

Adding a little more momentum she stepped back a pace, leading me with her towards the ladies toilets.

'So, show me that too.'

Full details of the next few seconds vanished somewhere beyond true recall, I was giddy, only vaguely aware of the steps taken and doors opening, of hard and cold surfaces all around as and echoes shifting sharply to the fore – there was also the warm, soft contact of flesh upon flesh the whole time. The folder of writings, erotic writings from my restless pen that I'd lent to Elle for no other reason than her genuine show of interest in them, fell to the floor, bringing me back to full reality with its slap of sound.

We were stood, face to face and quite close together in a cubicle, a shower cubicle it seemed, and my hands were resting lightly upon the easily felt bones of her slender hips – I had no idea if she or I had put them there.

Completing my return to the moment I slowly knelt down before her, hands still in place, composing my next move.

She rescued the moment from becoming too protracted and un-clasped her trousers, sliding the zipper down fully with that rich sound so full of promise, then opening the front out fully, shirt still protecting her modesty and flesh beneath. She sent long fingers inside to tug its tails free, lifting them up. I watched her hook both thumbs neatly under her now revealed slip's light elastic, sliding it all down in one smooth movement earned from almost twenty-three years practise.

Straightening she looked down at me, long legs now slender and exquisitely naked just a short breath's distance before my face, their smooth flow of line transfixing, drawing my eye to where their tantalising crux was once more hidden by the lightly crumpled drapes of her shirt-tails – suggesting the long moment of speculative mystery before a play opens, their slight parting hinted at what was almost visible behind, just waiting to be revealed.

My hands glided slow and surely downwards from her hips, touch thrilling at the abrupt transition from black cotton to luminescent warmth of soft flesh.

I reversed their direction, fingers leading them back upwards under her shirt's hem, following the outer line and flare of thighs back up past her hips and then inwards upon another delightful curve toward her waist - thumbs trailing up the front of her legs, bare inches from her elegantly moulded mount of Venus, now in the open as the tailored shirt rose up with them, halting only when my thumbs once more rested along her hip bones, baring her completely to me from waist down to slender ankles buried in the pile of her fallen clothing.

With nostrils flaring slowly I caught the crisp scent of her readiness fully, feeling it as a powerful rush connecting directly to my erection; its hardness now uncomfortably confined and despite the concealment of my shirt, it had become definitely visible as a long bulge extending to half way along my thigh. I decided against the last piece of unfurling to release her breasts to the air, that mystery would be preserved for a little longer.

Supporting herself with a hand on my shoulder, Elle lifted one leg and rotating her foot, gripped her heel letting the trouser legs and shoes drop one by one from her. Her breathing had already become slightly elevated in response to her boldness.

Thumbs moving from their perches in gradual advance up over her taut stomach to the still shrouded, tight waist, I moved my face closer in along that scent's lure.

Sliding her legs further apart then angling them outwards, she brought herself in perfect line with my approach. I slowed down my approach, being careful not to touch her skin just yet with my tongue; sliding it out in reaching for her already exposed clitoris, visibly extending down as it parted her lips, thickening before me with its own full readiness.

I blew a light breath across it and she convulsed briefly at the cool and unexpected touch, both hands gripping my shoulders for support, her gasp short but loud in the stillness.

Lightly, I made sweet contact, moist tip to moist tip in an electric connection that had her gasping again, the next breath coming out as a low moan while my tongue's broad surface slid itself forward across her clitoris and outer lips, already hard and swollen, adding upward pressure to catch her opening inner lips, revealing themselves between.

I lost some more time about then, only remaining vaguely aware of sliding my mouth and tongue, in varying patterns of back and forth, slow contact across all the sensitive areas between her opened thighs; spreading my moistness and mingling it with hers, tasting her sweet and fresh scent the whole while and feeling the delightful little pulses of her heightening response trickling out of her like minor orgasms onto my tongue.

The thought association must have connected to her somehow, as I came back to myself fully, her hands shifting from shoulders to grip the sides of my head, fingers splayed and flexing in broad evocation, drawing me closer into her.

Panting now, she was ready to come, rubbing herself off upon my outstretched tongue, which I now held flat and soft for her pebble-hard nub to glide over, guided with circular, tight twitches of her hips as she saw that blue, orgasmic light rushing up to burst out across her mind in a gush of uncontrolled release.

Sweetly I felt her orgasm pulsing hot spurts onto my tongue, and I drank them down as she continued to come into my mouth.

Sagging back against the wall, legs still wide and trembling, I took over the last bit from her, using light and slow circles around her clitoris, my lips suckling softly on her own with the belated kiss, drawing all the silky moisture from her as if sucking on a segment of peach.

With her breathing slowly calming down, I leant back upon my heels, lifting my t-shirt up from under the outer shirt to wipe my lips off with – this also revealed the full extent of my erection, now seeming longer than I'd ever seen it before under the taut-pulled fabric of my trousers.

'Your turn.' Her voice although a little ragged, penetrated deeper than before. I looked up at her pale skin flushed lightly, hair no longer straight and orderly, but full of post-orgasmic beauty that had little to do with her being half nakedness in unexpected circumstances. She stood up straighter, those marble smooth legs still parted in support, while her hand extended down to help me up.

Only at that moment did I notice how hard the floor felt to my knees, but all thoughts of that dropped away when Elle carefully unzipped me, slipping a hand with its cool fingers inside and encircling me with exquisite slowness and a direct contact of purpose. She looked me in the eye, yet most of her attention remained upon manoeuvring her hand and my hardness upwards and into position.

'First one kind of release, then the other...' With a concentrated, slight grunt she eased him up and then out fully into the cool air, guiding her movements with full care of consideration past the zipper's dangers.

Like all women during the first time, and despite their protestations concerning the unimportance of size in a man's tool, she slipped a surreptitious glance down as he came free, hand opening to reveal the pearl which her hand's long dive had returned with.

'Oh, wow... umm, okay.' The response was sufficient for me to know that she was definitely pleased, even a little concerned, as some in the past had also been. Despite having long since realised that my size was considered more than suitable for most women, I did not know what she might consider normal – it is the uncertainty which all males share, regardless of their size – if her previous lovers had all been over eight inches, then mine would seem smaller in comparison; a rare but certainly feasible possibility.

I slipped my trousers down, so that the paleness of my shaft would not be so starkly attention holding against all that black of my clothing.

Her hand closed back around him and the other joined it, both holding me and flexing lightly with opposing, gentle tugs as her eyes met mine.

Touching the tip of my glans to her clitoris, Elle slid it lightly over her wet lips, the others twitching involuntarily in response, breathing becoming lighter and irregular once more.

'You had me at the first story - all fired up and ready. Your first touch had been inside my mind. By the last I'd become uncontrollably wet and could not stop thinking about you the whole time. I've been playing with myself all day thinking about this moment.' She paused, lips flexing in response to the controlled slide of contact between glans and clitoris.

'Your other two touches were good, better than I had hoped for in my fantasies – so don't disappoint me now with that beautiful big cock of yours.'

With one fluid move and easy flex of her pelvis, she slipped my erection inside herself.

Closing my eyes and groaning in harmony with her, I felt her hot tightness parting in acceptance, sliding over me in slow but deliciously gradual envelopment, all slick and ready from my tongue and her words.

Under that combination and with my hardness now moving thick inside her, the tight walls melted back, softening and moist as I slid myself further up inside, withdrawing slightly to thrust gently forward again, keeping my advances slow and in rhythmic tune to her moans.

Reaching around to grasp and hold the tight flesh of her behind, I shifted smoothly into a better thrusting position, feeling instantly how easily we fit and moved together; her arms going around my neck, lips pressing against mine with her breathing rapid and passionate, tongues entwining.

I was unable to believe my luck as I took her slight weight up in my arms, feeling both legs lift in quick response, wrapping themselves tight around my waist and behind, her words just now breathed into my ear, circling in my head as I slowly pumped my full length up inside her.

It was sweet and good – yet despite the unknown number of minutes since the folder had passed back into my grasp, with all that had happened, I still could not fully grasp that I was hot and ready with Elle, her legs wrapped about me as I moved in and out of her – I was having real and full sex with the most beautiful woman I'd seen in the real world for ages, and she had started it all... this was reciprocal!

The reality of it sank in when I felt myself switching over, with the need to orgasm suddenly taking hold.

Elle was already on that winding path upwards, jouncing herself up and down upon me, interspersing her rapid bouts of jiggling with grinding her pelvis hard against mine – under the spell and added strength of need, fuelled by the image of her clit nestled in there, tight against the base of my erection, I lifted her up higher and began pumping myself faster in and out, using more length now.

Her moans became vocal cries, rapid and building to a crescendo that I was matching thrust for thrust.

I had her bouncing wild and intense upon me again, using deliciously long flexes of her body – then she froze at the high-point, going silent as she started to slide back down onto my hardness, starting to tremble violently as she hit full penetration.

Letting out an extended, primal grunt of release, clamping her legs hard about me in response, she held herself there tight in against me at full depth, riding out the contractions that I could easily feel shivering through her body and her walls closing rhythmically about my erection.

I obliged her, keeping myself fully inside her with only slightest of thrusts rubbing against her cervix with the base of my glans in repeat, slow passes - I could feel her orgasm swirling around me exquisitely with each movement.

Arms still tight, her body relaxed and then slowly sagged into mine, legs easing in opening for me to continue – it didn't take long after that, wet and hard erection slick with her orgasms, sliding slower for a short while tight past her clitoris, releasing more tremors from her body wrapped in and held by my arms. I felt suddenly protective, then as if that state was a sexual trigger, deep within I felt the rush start.

I began thrusting longer and harder, hands clasping and kneading her perfect cheeks as my release came in thick, burning hot spurts felt all the way up to the swelling glans tip; then I was coming deep and frequently inside her.

For a while we just hung on in there together, close and warm. Elle now that she felt ready to stand, carefully disengaged her long legs from around me, and smiled a little self-consciously as she stood there, gathering herself and her things together.

'The next time we need to have a big bed and plenty of time to do this in – a full weekend maybe.' Doing my own gathering, I nodded and added a slow smile.

'So let's meet tonight after work is over, and we can plan this.' Her smile contained a new and very special warmth while she closed her trousers, straightening the rest of her clothing and watching me do the same. 'I'd better see if the coast is clear outside – we both need to clean up first, and you should do that in the gents, otherwise I might get distracted.'

Most of the evening's remaining shift was predictably a blur as all I could see, smell and taste was Elle in my mind – also mixed in there were the stochastic potential images of her long and naked body, pale and flexing beautifully while she rode atop mine on a wide bed, her sculpted form caught in a flood of streaming sunlight, bathing her body as we continued to have day-long sex.

With such imagery as that powering my evening, I was hard most of the time.

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