tagBDSMThe Palmist Ch. 08

The Palmist Ch. 08


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Everyone in this story is at least 19 years of age.


On Sunday Derek and I both called Lila and we all talked on speaker. Lila was thrilled to hear everything that had happened the last two nights and how Ashley had been made aware of my "bitch boy" role. At one point she said to me, "You rrrrreallly like Ashley, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Wow. This sounds really, really promising, hun. But listen: Don't be disappointed if things don't develop, or if she kinda drops out of your group, or if she starts dating someone and you don't see anymore, that kind of thing. Because if she moves on with her life because she doesn't have time for a loser like you, well... That's just the way it goes. Don't worry; that's just part of the journey across the gap. You'll always have Derek.

"Oh, and Derek... Listen, hun: Making bitch boy pay for everyone's fun is of course perfectly fine, normally, but I want to ask you to refrain from that for the time being, OK? The reason is David owes me 500 dollars when he comes in for the next session, and it will take him a little time to raise that. So give him that time for now, OK, hun?"

"Oh, OK."

"Lila's gotta make a living, you know."

"Oh, yeah, sure, sure. No problem."

"Thank you, hun. Well, David... Lila is really glad you've met a girl you like. And Derek says she likes you, but of course you know that's not true. A girl like that doesn't *like* losers; she just likes one being around to take out her aggressions on, and buy her fries. Clean her shoes, that kind of thing." Her talk was making my erection twitch like crazy. "And yeah, she'd like seeing you cry from Derek blistering your butt, haha. Lila's gonna do you a biiiig favor, David. Derek, I want you to arrange for Ashley to see that, if you can somehow. It doesn't need to be from bitch boy cumming in his pants; I'm sure you can find some other excuse to punish him. But Ashley *really* needs to see David suffering from a beating. She'll love it!"

Derek laughed. "I'm sure we can arrange it."

"You know why this is such a big favor to you, David?"

"Why, ma'am?"

"Because a girl like Ashley won't want to spend time around you unless it's fun. And it sounds like seeing you suffer is what's fun for her. So if she has fun, she'll wanna be around you more. And you want that, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am", I answered, but with a bit of a shiver, because I wasn't sure I could handle *too* much of Ashley's brand of fun.

"Derek, you told Megan she could call on bitch boy when you're not around, right?"

"Right," he said.

"But she hasn't done that, right?"


"Yeah, see, she's OK with what you do to him, for the most part, but mostly she just likes you and wants to please you. But Ashley's a different story. I have a feeling she wouldn't hesitate to call on bitch boy when it suits her. So the best case scenario here, boys, is that Ashley pulls David away from you two - I mean you and Megan, Derek - over time, because that wouldn't really bother Megan at all. So eventually it could get to where David is mainly just *Ashley*'s little bitch boy. What would you think of that, Derek?"

"I'm fine with that. I mean... hey, I want the best for my friend."

"Yes! See, that's wonderful. Isn't that wonderful, David? Didn't I tell you Derek was a good friend to you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"OK, but again... Lila needs her 500 dollars, haha. So... don't give Ashley the go-ahead yet, Derek, you know what I mean?"

"Oh, yeah, no problem," he answered.

"Again, David, don't get your hopes up, hun. Nothing would make Lila happier than for Ashley to become the new girl in your life, for you to have a relationship with her. The only kind of relationship a loser like you *can* have, which is being used by a girl you love, for as long as it's convenient for her, which could be a short time or a long time. That's not up to you. She could dump you any time she doesn't need you anymore, and she'd be right to do so, and you should love her for it. You can always come crying back to Lila. Haha."

"Yes ma'am," I answered. And despite the fact that she had just dealt me what most people would consider an absolutely devastating insult, I felt completely at peace with it. I felt she was right, and I felt I'd be *privileged* and *thankful* to be used by Ashley, if she so desired.

However, I wasn't quite prepared for the jealousy I'd feel about two weeks later when, to my surprise, instead of going out to LP, Derek and Megan had me drive to Ashley's house, and told me to come inside with them. Ashley's parents were gone for the evening, and their house had a fully furninshed basement where she entertained her friends; her parents rarely came down there anyway. I felt jealous because in addition to the four of us, there was this guy, Alex, who was about 25, and though he didn't seem to be Ashley's boyfriend, they had no problem flirting and touching each other.

Alex had already heard I was the group's "bitch boy", so he had no qualms about treating me like a little idiot from the get-go. And whenever he spoke to me directly (apart from giving some kind of order), he would move in close and use his body language to intimidate me, highlighting his superior height and build. He was basically saying, "I know I'm a real asshole but I dare *you* to tell me so."

Even Ashley, who was shorter than me (but just barely) and weighed less, was intimidating to me, so I don't know how Alex would think I would defy *him*. At any rate, I had it pretty rough that night as an errand boy, source of entertainment, and object of taunting and general abuse. Derek and Megan, on their own, could certainly make me feel like an idiot, yet they operated from a somewhat compassionate foundation. (And of course all night long, only Megan, through occasional "awww"s, expressed sympathy. She just couldn't help herself; she was that kind of girl.) But Ashley and Alex made no effort to temper their contempt for me, constantly barking orders, sending me up and down stairs to fetch, threatening me with physical punishment, etc.

When everyone's inhibitions were loosened up enough, I witnessed something which, honestly, a year before, I could never have imagined I'd ever see in my life, namely, a group sex scene. I think it was a brand new experience for Megan, too; she seemed nervous, but intrigued and excited enough that with Derek's coaxing, and Ashley's encouragement, she was able to ease into the activities.

At times Ashley sent me to stand in a corner and face the wall, and even before that she threatened that if she caught me trying to get a glimpse of her exposed tits, pussy, or ass, she'd have Derek, or Alex, or both, beat my bare ass with a belt. I feared an accidental offense was inevitable, because when I wasn't in the corner, everyone was ordering me around, having me move here and there, such that not accidentally seeing something was impossible. Plus I was pretty sure Ashley wanted to see me get beaten that night, no matter what, and the truth is, I wanted it to happen, because I was falling in love with Ashley and wanted her to be happy.

And yet, when it happened I didn't want it to be because I defied her orders and tried to peek at her goodies. As much as I wanted to see them (oh GOD did I want to), I also wanted her to see just how hard I would try to be obedient when she imposed a rule on me.

When I had moments enough, staring at the corner, to reflect, it occurred to me just how far I'd come under Lila's therapy that my primary mode for trying to impress a girl I liked would be obedience.

Needless to say, there did come an instant when Ashley, fully naked, jumped up from one of the sofas to walk somewhere, and I, from a position kneeling on the floor, holding someone's drink, happened to look in that direction at that moment. Her eyes met mine and she immediately stopped and pointed at me, saying, "Oh my god! He was just looking at my tits! Derek! Bitch boy was just looking at my tits!" Of course I'd averted my eyes instantly, and was saying, "I'm sorry, ma'am, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." But I knew, it was punishment time.

I had to strip completely naked, and at first they had me standing in the middle of the room, with Alex holding one of my wrists up, and out, and Ashley holding the other, while Derek spanked me with a belt. When it had gone on long enough that it started to hurt pretty bad, I would call out in pain, so eventually I was first gagged with my own underwear, and then Derek's and Alex's were put over my head.

After a bit more beating, I heard Ashley say, "Oh god, that is fuckin' hot. Let's get him on the floor over here." Alex let go of a wrist, and Ashley pulled me to a spot in front of one the sofas, and told me to get on my hands and knees. Afterward, I could tell by sound that she and Alex had joined each other on the sofa in front of me, and she had Derek continue beating my ass as I stared into the relative blackness of a double-underwear hood, and screamed into my underwear gag.

Way past the point at which I'd started crying, I could hear sex sounds in front of me, and Ashley breathing heavily and saying, "Oh fuck... Oh my god I love listening to bitch boy crying while we do this. Ohhhh my god!"

Fortunately for me, it was Derek administering the beating, because even though, were it permitted, I would have begged him to stop way before he was done, he knew when I'd suffered enough. So at some point I was finally allowed to just stay on hands on knees, listen to Ashley and Alex fucking two feet from my face, and sob.

When they were done, both were saying, "Wheeewwwww!! That was HOT!" Then Alex said, "How ya doin' there, bitch boy? Did you like listening to that?"

"Yes, sir."

"Bet you wish *you* could get some action like that tonight, huh?"

"Yes, sir."

Then Ashley said, "Pfff, yeah! As if! Action isn't for bitch boys. By the way, turn sideways a little bit. Are you hard? Is your stupid little dick hard? Oh my GOD it is!! Ewwww! Oh, and look.. It's dripping! It's fucking dripping! Look at that!! Oh my god, that's disgusting, it's *dripping* on the carpet." She grabbed my head, managing to grasp the hair through two layers of underwear, and pulled me around so my head was over the spot where I'd dripped. Then she said, "Close your eyes! I'm gonna take these off your head, so close your fucking eyes! I better not see those eyes open!" Then she pulled my underwear from my mouth, tossed them aside, and pushed my head to the floor. "Lick that up! Get that off the fucking carpet, that's disgusting, lick that shit up! Suck it! Come on, suck it out of the carpet, that better not leave a stain there or I'll fuckin' kill you. Dripping on my fucking carpet. Bitch boys aren't allowed to drip, what the fuck's wrong with you!"

After I'd licked and sucked what was on the floor, she noticed I was still dripping and had me catch and scoop up my pre-cum, and put it in my mouth. "Now stop that! That's disgusting. Keep your fucking eyes closed," she said as she pulled me near the sofa. She had me sit on the floor with my back to the sofa, and, all the time grasping my hair, she pushed my head back onto it. Then she straddled me and put her knees right behind my head, and sat right on my face. "Now eat me out, bitch boy. I've got a pussy full of cum, and you're gonna lick every drop out of it out. Lick my pussy you little bitch."

If she thought that action would stop the flow of pre-cum, she was sorely mistaken. My cock twitched like a metronome and leaked like a faucet. I was kinda glad she was facing away from it, because I didn't want her to be distracted from what she was doing. My heart was practically singing from having my tongue in Ashley's pussy (even if my mouth was being filled with Alex's jizz), and feeling her grind on top of me, and pull my hair. I hadn't felt this thrilled since Katrina said yes to my request for a first date.

That was the first of four loads of cum I ate in that basement rec room, two of Derek's from Megan's pussy, and two of Alex's from Ashley's. All four were exciting, but you can guess which two were the most exciting.

Back at my house that night, after getting a fifth load of cum from servicing Derek's cock under my desk, while he watched cam girls, and after tonguing his asshole until he fell asleep, I finally had the chance to lay on the floor of my bedroom, stare at the ceiling, feel my frustrated, unsatisfied cock bounce up and down and drip, and daydream about Ashley. It took me forever to fall asleep, even though I was exhausted. I was in love.

When I finally had the 500 dollars saved up for Lila's next session, I couldn't wait it to schedule it, and I hoped to God she'd give me permission to cum soon because, apart from accidentally spilling in my pants that night at LP, it had been seven weeks. Imagine my horror when, after watching Lila sensually accept my cash and count it before me, she put it in her cash box and told me that a "David3" video would be ready in two weeks. She said she had set everything up, and had actors standing by, but hadn't started production because she couldn't be sure she'd ever see that 500 bucks that was supposed to be coming from me.

"Make sense?" she asked.

"Um. Yes, ma'am. But... I mean... I would never do that to you. Stiff you like that, I wouldn't do that."

"From talking to Derek, I gather you've fallen in love with Ashley. Is that true, do you think?"

"Yes, ma'am. I have."

"So you think you'd be able to defy her if she knew you owed me money, but she decided she'd rather have it? You think you'd refuse her?"

"Well, I mean... Yeah, I think so, I mean... I'd have to, it's... I owe *you*, and..."

"Mmm. Well, I don't think so. And I couldn't take the chance. But anyway, it's paid now, so... Come in to the back with me."

"Yes, ma'am."

In the back part of the house, she had me go in the bathroom to pee, because she said I'd be at the house a little while and she wanted to prevent me having to go to the bathroom. That made me wonder if I was about to spend an extended period of time standing in a corner with sandals over my face or something.

As it turned out, when I met her in the little room where video-viewing and corner-standing had occurred before, she had me strip naked and get on hands and knees in the middle of the floor. Upon entering the room I'd noticed the desk covered with all sorts of implements, but I wasn't given time to inspect them.

She put a ball gag in my mouth, attached to a strap that went around my head and fastened in back. Each of my wrists and ankles were cuffed, with spreader bars keeping them a fixed distance from each other. Then she produced ropes, trussed around my body every which way, and attached to objects around the room (sofa legs, table legs, and such) to restrict my movement further.

Next came a collar around my neck, with rings on the front to which she tied two pieces of rope, which were then extended out and forward, and tied off to prevent me from lowering my head, or moving it back. Finally, she brought some terrifying device in front of my eyes. "Here, David, we have a male chastity device. This will stay here after you leave today, but for now, Lila is going to put it on you, so you know how it feels. Since you can't say 'yes ma'am', nod."

I nodded, as I looked at her with worried eyes.

The device was a metal tube, curved in such a way that once attached, it made it impossible for one's dick to come up and forward upon erection. As I soon learned, erection was possible, but it was quite uncomfortable and frustrating, and caused a ring around one's balls to pull outward, which eventually becomes somewhat painful. Once she had the device secured, she brought a padlock in front of my eyes, and said, "And of course, what's the point of putting a little bitch boy's dick into one of these if it's not locked, with someone else holding the key?" She smiled devilishly, and moved back around behind me to put the lock on. When I heard it snap shut, I felt a jolt of fear, and hoped, indeed, that I could trust Lila to be true to her word that this thing would be unlocked before I left that day.

As if having the chastity device on was not bad enough, the tube had a sort of three-sided-square hook on the top of it, enabling one to attach something to it... such as a rope, which Lila did indeed attach, pulling it back behind me and fastening it to something. Now it was impossible for me to move my hips downward without pulling on my dick and balls more, so with that piece of rope, I was completely immobile.

Next she did something which shocked me even more, though in a pleasant rather than fearful way: She reached up under her billowy dress and pulled her panties off. I wasn't able to see anything, but I felt my cock twitch when I saw her panties fall to the floor around her ankles. She stepped out of them and wrapped them around my head so that the crotch part was right over my nose. Then, grabbing something I couldn't see from the desk, she squatted in front of me and said she had two scheduled clients coming up, and who knows, there could be walk-ins, too. So prepare for a long wait, she said, and then suddenly produced a blindfold and put it on me. With that, she stood up, walked to the door of the room, and pulled it shut.

Later I calculated that I must have remained there, on hands and knees, suffering in darkness and whimpering, for 2 hours and 20 minutes, without the door to the room being opened once. I was thankful Lila had me pee first, but something issued from my dick nonetheless - generous amounts of pre-cum, and this despite the chastity tube preventing my dick from getting fully hard.

True to her word, though, Lila took the infernal thing off me when she released me that day. She said my instructions, for the two weeks I'd be waiting for the video, were to sleep every night on my stomach, and use a piece of rope to tie my dick to some immovable object straight out along the floor from the foot of my "bed" (pallet on the floor). I was to tie it so my dick would be pointing down between my thighs the whole time I slept. Once I settled into bed, I was not to get up, or to try and give my dick any slack by scooting downward.

She said I needed to get used to what it feels like to have my dick pointed downward, because one day some woman would not want to let it point upward. Probably that would mean chastity at some time in the future, imposed by someone... who could very well end up being Ashley. Furthermore, she said if Ashley didn't already know chastity devices existed, she soon would, because she would tell Derek about them, who would in turn tell Ashley. She would also tell Derek that it was now OK for Ashley to have my phone number, so she could avail herself of my "bitch boy" services whenever she wanted.

Two weeks later, I came in to watch "David3". Lila began by sitting me down and explaining that she had never asked me to pick out a doppelganger for Ashley from the photo books. But, she said, she knew most of the people in those books; they were all actors, and the vast majority were current or former students in the drama department at Trentstown University.

She said one of the drama professors was a one-time serious love interest, but neither he nor Lila wanted to move, nor give up what they were doing. So ultimately Lila decided she was better off living alone. "The work I do is very taxing, hun," she explained. "I work with all types of people, and as an intuitive you always take little bits of the burdens others carry onto yourself. You run the risk of losing yourself and forgetting who you are. So it's important for Lila to make time for herself, gather her thoughts, and recharge her soul. So that's what I do, and if I'd married Tim I couldn't have done that. And I think he needs that same kind of space for himself. So we visit each other once or twice a month, for a little romance and sex, and that's enough for us."

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