tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Perils of Technology

The Perils of Technology


Thank you again to Blackwing for beta-ing this for me.


Snagging the USB drive from Rick's desk, Kate Castle frowned at the small red device, certain that her husband had been using a green one when he'd created the folder she was after.

Before he'd gone on the month long book tour of Europe, Rick had spent a week filming their love making, his reasoning that he was creating an archive of their fun for Kate to peruse. This had lead to the two of them barely leaving the bedroom for the next two days as they made video after video, Kate letting secret kinks free for Rick to record.

Closing the doors to both the office and the master bedroom, Kate reached for her laptop and plonked herself across the soft bed. Opening the device, Kate popped open her jeans and lifted her hips to shimmy them and her panties down her legs and kicking them off. Peeling her T-shirt off, Kate spread her naked body over the sheets.

'Hmm,' Kate sighed lustily as she rubbed her finger along her shaved slit, her other hand plugging the USB into the device, a shiver running through her when the folder opened and Kate was faced with two options, videos or photos. Opening the videos, Kate pushed her finger between her folds as she selected a random file.

'Huh?' Kate frowned when a naked crotch appeared on the screen, the hard cock definitely not belonging to Rick.

'You like my big cock don't you baby?' A male voice Kate had never heard before huskily drawled, a male hand gripping the cock and stroking it slowly.

'Yeah,' a familiar woman's voice replied, thick with lust, 'Mmm stroke that cock Lucas.'

'I have a better idea,' the camera panned up to the young man's face, 'gimme the camera.'

The video shook as the camera was passed over, the woman behind it appearing with a beaming grin. Kate felt her stomach fall to the floor at the sight of Alexis Castle knelt on a carpeted floor, her naked body exposed to the camera.

'Suck me Alexis,' Lucas' voice was soft, but the command was clear to see alongside the darkening of Alexis' stunning eyes. Wordlessly, the redhead reached out and gripped Lucas' long cock and held it before her face.

Kate lay motionless, her finger deep inside her, when the Alexis on the screen inhaled the long cock, her blue eyes focused on the now shaking camera. The redhead eagerly bobbing her head along the cock, muffled moans and gasps escaping around the cock.

Suddenly, Kate found the ability to move and she nearly slammed her finger through the laptop in her haste to turn the video off. Shifting into a seated position, Kate crossed her ankles under her and ran her hand over her face. The sight of Alexis, eyes dark with arousal, had affected the woman and she stared at the screen full of various generically named video files.

It didn't take a genius to realize that she'd picked up the wrong USB, this one containing the various sexual exploits of the seemingly innocent young woman. The number of videos shocked Kate and she ended up closing the laptop down, changing into her running gear and spending the next hour pounding the streets.

Toweling down her hair from the post run shower, Kate refused to look at the laptop as she padded out the bedroom, a large fluffy gown the only thing covering her naked body, and found herself breathing a large sigh of relief when she realized the open plan loft was empty. The idea of walking into Alexis at that moment freaking Kate out.

Two hours later, Kate was curled up in front of the massive TV the home contained, a mindless action flick keeping her brain from thinking about the USB and Alexis' secret lifestyle.

'I'm heading out Kate,' Alexis all but skipped down the stairs, her short dress highlighting the curves Kate had seen displayed in the video earlier, 'you look pale, are you okay?'

'I'm... I'm okay,' Kate stuttered, her usual confidence fleeing her in droves, 'a little drained tonight, so I'm... Well... I'm gonna take it easy.'

'Do you want me to stay in?' Alexis took a step towards Kate, 'I can call Jenna and call off tonight if you need company?'

'And potentially expose you to whatever it is that's got me wiped?' Kate shook her head, a slight manic look on her face as the name Alexis mentioned registered as one she'd seen on the list of files the dreaded USB held, 'No, go out and have a good time. Just make sure you don't leave me asleep on the sofa when you get back.'

'If you're really sure,' Alexis sighed, The young woman barely able to contain the conflict between staying or going and Kate knew that whoever Alexis would be with, the redhead would be getting laid tonight.

'Get going Lex,' Kate waved her hand, 'Go and have fun with Jenna.'

'We will,' Kate schooled her reaction to the smirk that crossed Alexis' face, the same smirk that her father wore when Kate was naked around him. Before she could reply to Alexis' heartfelt parting comment, Kate found herself alone with her tumbling thoughts.

She spent the next hour attempting to focus on the tacky action flick that she'd stumbled on rather than let her mind wander to just what Alexis was doing and what else was on that USB. One of the skills Kate had picked up during her time on the force was the ability to remember names in a list, something that had been a godsend when faced with a pile of phone or bank statements. The name Jenna swirled around Kate's head, the nagging voice in her head telling her that the list of folders on the dreaded USB had contained a handful with that name.

The scene on the screen changed to a cliche scene of the hero of the movie bedding his love Interest, the actress moaning dramatically in a failed attempt to convey her character's pleasure and Kate groan of irritation rang out when the familiar stirrings built up between her legs. The moment her fingers slipped into her gown, Kate jumped to her feet and stormed into the bedroom.

'Fuck it,' Kate grumbled, grabbing the laptop and USB from her bedside unit and switching the former on. Opening the lower drawer, Kate pulled out her trusty dildo, the long thick black cock having helped her through many a solo pleasuring, 'This is completely fucked up.'

'So why are you opening the USB again?' Kate's voice of reason, somehow sounding like Lanie, sounded in her head, 'And why are you about to fuck yourself silly with Valentino while you peruse Alexis' home made porn stash?'

'Because I'm a dirty little slut,' Kate mumbled, the list of videos sat before her. Not spotting the name she was searching for she randomly clicked and opened a video.

'Hey baby,' Alexis' face filled the screen, her blue eyes dark with arousal, 'I miss you.'

Kate gulped at the intensity of Alexis' gaze into the camera, her hand rubbing the head of her toy along her slit.

'You're so far away baby,' Alexis sighed, 'So far away from me. I want you here. You and your big cock should be in this bed right now. I bet you've got it out watching this, haven't you?'

'Good boy,' Alexis grinned saucily, 'Stroke it for me Greg, stroke that beast and cum thinking of these...' the camera panned down to Alexis's naked breasts, the hand not holding the camera tugging on her left nipple, 'But save some for when you get back so you can... Mmm... Cover my boobs with your hot cum.'

'Mmm,' Alexis bit at her lip when the camera returned to her face, 'That's right baby, I'm here all naked and wet for you but you're not here to fuck me with your glorious cock... Ooh... But I've found a very kinky way to deal with the lack of you pounding me raw...'

Kate pressed the head of her toy into her body, her eyes shuddering shut in the pleasure Alexis' husky tones built up in her. The sigh from the computer speakers brought Kate's focus back to the screen and the sight of a middle aged woman feasting on Alexis' pussy.

'Told you she liked pussy,' The smug grin in Alexis' voice had Kate's lips twitching, 'but you didn't believe me. Do you believe me now baby?'

'Yes,' Kate flushed at the whisper that slipped out.

'Sit up Carol,' Alexis ordered. The woman obeyed instantly, Kate recognizing the look of submission she'd worn when the games between Rick and herself had gone past vanilla.

'Jealous yet baby?' Alexis purred, 'I told you that you had a freak for a mom, you won't believe just how dirty this sexy MILF is. We've spent all day in your bed fucking, your mom squirting all over your pillow when I fucked her ass.'

Alexis' fingers held her folds open and Kate groaned at how eagerly the mother returned to licking the younger woman.

'Ooh,' Kate felt Alexis' squeak spark in her stomach, the video shaking as Carol feasted, 'Miss you baby, come home quickly and help me fuck your slutty mom.'

The video ended abruptly, leaving Kate surprised at how annoyed she was at not seeing more of the mother pleasuring Alexis. Pushing her toy deep inside herself, Kate picked a random video and froze at the scene.

'I'm bigger than the toy,' Kate heard a male voice nervously say, but her attention was on Alexis. The redhead was once again naked and on her knees, but this time she was bent over on a bed with her hands holding her cheeks open, exposing her pussy and her ass.

'Greg,' Alexis growled, 'fuck my ass, shove that cock in me and pound me. Maybe I should go get my strap on and get your mom to fuck my ass?'

'Later, me first,' Greg's cock came into view, Kate's hand stroking her toy faster into her pussy pausing when his cock head appeared. The glistening shaft rubbed over Alexis' back entrance, blue eyes rolling into her head at the clear eruption of pleasure.

'In,' Alexis's fingers pulled on her cheeks, spreading herself open further, 'Get in my ass.' The guttural moan that left the redhead as the thick head disappeared into her ass had Kate stroking her toy firmly between her soaked folds, a gasp leaving her with each thrust.

'So fucking tight!' Greg ground out, his head slowly rocking into Alexis' ass and pushing more of his length into her, 'Fucking hell Alexis.'

'Fuck me, fuck me,' Alexis gripped the headboard in a vice hold, her body quivering as Greg filled her, 'Fuck me in the ass Greg, shove that cock in my fucking ass! Ooh God!'

Kate hummed, her free hand rubbing circles over her clit. The video continued for a few minutes with Greg denying Alexis's increasingly vulgar pleas by slowly filling her ass with his cock.

'Pound my fucking ass Greg!' Alexis growled, the camera focused on the cock stroking forcefully into the redhead's ass, 'Hammer me raw, fuck your slut hard. I need to cum, make me cum Greg, fuck my ass and make me cum!'

The camera spun and Kate jumped when the completely lust filled face of Alexis filled the screen. Her fingers toyed with her clit as the familiar squelch of her dildo pounding her dripping pussy became louder. Alexis' cries echoed through the bedroom from the laptops speakers, her head dropping to the bed and leaving Kate watching the handsome torso belonging to Greg flex as he fucked Alexis' tight ass hard.

'Dirty little anal slut,' Greg's fingers dug into Alexis' hips, his face hard and dark, 'Gonna cum aren't you?'

'Yeah Baby!' Alexis moaned loudly, 'Harder baby, ram that fucking glorious cock in my ass... Ooh... Y-yeah!'

Kate moaned along with Alexis, the cries from the laptop pushing Kate's own orgasm closer and she barked out a curse when the video showed Alexis' screaming climax, her own body slamming into a surprisingly hard release.

'Shit, fuck, shit,' Kate ground out, her body quivering as Greg's voice called out his own eruption. Dropping her head back against the headboard, Kate realized she'd just cum hard to her stepdaughter having Anal sex, 'What the fuck am I doing?'

She knew that she should stop, that watching the videos of Alexis and her boyfriend in various situations was wrong, but Kate had always found being a voyeur to be a very arousing thing and before she knew what she was doing, she'd set off another random file. Pulling her toy out her pussy, Kate held it up to her mouth and froze at the image of Lucas sat beside another young man on the couch Kate had forced on Alexis during the ill fated venture with Pi. Both Lucas and the other man stared at the camera, Alexis' appreciative hum coming from the speakers telling Kate that she was the one filming.

'When you told me,' Alexis' voice held a leer that had Kate's toes curling, 'I didn't believe you, But now I've met your cousin...Mmm, I can see the appeal. Nick isn't it?'

'Yep,' the second man smiled, his voice deep and dirty, 'That's me.'

'You really are Gay?' Alexis' voice held a slither of regret, 'I can't tempt you into letting me turn your head?'

'Sorry,' Nick chuckled, 'You're stunning, but...'

'Lucas told you what this is?' Alexis letting the camera run down Nick's body, 'He told me what you two do and I wanna watch. You don't mind if I sit over here,' Alexis moved back to where Kate knew the dining table had been, 'And play with myself as you two fuck?'

Kate gasped, the suspicion building in her gut accurate. Opening her mouth, Kate moaned when her juices hit her tastebuds, another secret of the brunette being her love of tasting her own cum, and her eyes widened at the firm command from Alexis.

'Come on then boys,' a hand appeared in the shot, 'Get fucking already, I wanna see you two studs pounding each other.'

Pulling the toy from her mouth, Kate turned to her bedside unit and pulled a small vibrator out of the top draw. Turning back, Kate's fingers over her stomach twitched at the image of both Nick and Lucas stark naked and stroking each other.

'Whoa,' Kate blinked, 'That was quick.'

Switching the vibrator on, Kate shifted on the bed and shrugged her gown off, her small nipples hardening when she pressed the toy to her right peak. Her suspicion as to who was the most dominant of the two men was proved correct when Lucas dropped his head into Nick's lap and took most of his cock in his mouth.

'Eager little cocksucker isn't he?' Alexis sighed, the camera wobbling as the sound of a belt snapping open rang out over the moans from her boyfriend.

'Wait until you see me fuck his ass,' Nick's hand on Lucas' head tightening and his head dropping to the back of the couch, 'that's good... Get my prick all nice and wet for when I fuck you in front of your gorgeous girlfriend, let her see how much of a dirty whore you are.'

'Mmm,' Alexis' moan hummed into Kate, her chest heaving as she writhed from the sensations her vibrator was igniting in her, 'you like that, don't you Lucas? Makes you hard with your mouth full of another man... Or are you hard for your cousin?'

'Don't forget my boyfriend,' Nick rocked his hips to meet Lucas' lips, 'He was almost begging him to jackhammer his slutty pussy when he joined us.'

'Fuck me,' Greg pleaded, his mouth popping off Lucas' cock to be replaced by his fist, 'Lexi, I wanna fuck him...'

'Lucas?' Alexis' voice turned sickly sweet, 'Would you be a dear and butt fuck my boyfriend?'

'It will be my pleasure,' Kate gasped as her hand moved her vibrator down her body and over her already sensitive pussy. Her hips arched up, her head pushing into the pillows as she released a loud moan.

'Fuck him,' Kate held the vibrator against her opening, the jerks of her body pushing the pulsing device into her.

'Yeah baby!' Alexis' voice cooed, 'Look at you, taking that fat cock in your ass. 'I bet that feels fucking amazing.'

Kate wrenched her eyes open, her focus on the screen faltering at the building orgasm the toy was rolling her towards. The video showed Lucas' face contorted into a lusty oblivion, Alexis quickly moving down her boyfriend to where his cousin's cock was slowly stroking into him.

'So tight,' Nick hissed, 'Love a tight ass... Gripping me tight. He's always been tight... Tight and hot.'

Kate screeched when she pressed the tip of her toy to her clit, the vibrations hammering across her body. Her eyes slammed shut and she had to force herself to keep her hands between her legs, her muscles spasming as she heard the moans from the laptop grow, Alexis' voice cheering on.

'Fuck him!' She groaned, 'Pound his tight little slutty ass... You want it harder Lucas, tell Nick you want it harder!'

'Harder!' Lucas begged, 'Oh fucking God... Fuck me harder Nick, pound me, pound me like the bitch I am!'

Through the haze of her arousal, Kate watched Lucas rise up, his hips slamming back onto his cousin's, both men moaning heavily.

'Gonna cum baby,' Lucas groaned, Alexis's hand fisting his cock. The camera switched to show Lucas' face turned back to Nick's, the cousin with his arm tight across his chest and his tongue fighting Lucas' hard. The hiss from Alexis told the brunette that Lucas' focus wasn't on his girlfriend and, despite the waves of pleasure pounding against her barriers, Kate could see why Alexis has ultimately dumped Lucas over a year ago.

'Give your sexy girl that cum,' Nick grunted, 'Give her yours and I'll give you mine. I'm gonna fill you up with my cum Lucas. Leave you dripping cum like the cock slut you are.'

Alexis' head came into view briefly, her lips wrapping around Lucas' head. Kate watched Lucas moan loudly, his face twitching as Alexis started to moan softly.

'Cum baby,' Nick yelled, 'Shoot that cum down her throat as I... Ugh... Fill your ass Lucas... I'm gonna cum baby...'

'Give it to me!' Lucas begged, 'I want it, give me your cum Nick, I want your cum!'

Kate's barriers shattered when Nick released a deep and lust filled groan, Lucas squealing in response. All attention on her surroundings vanished when Kate felt herself explode, great waves of boiling pleasure coursing through her as she threw her head back and screamed. The video had finished by the time a sweating, panting Kate returned to her body, her limbs twitching as she refilled her lungs with large gulps of air.

'Fuck,' Kate rasped, the sheet under her soaked in her release, 'Holy shit. That was a good one.' Unable to move off the bed, Kate wrapped her gown around her and shut down the laptop. It didn't take long before her exhausted body succumbed to sleep.

Kate wasn't sure what the time was when she woke, the New York City nightlife as noisy as ever outside the Loft. Swinging her legs off the bed, she padded through into the En-Suite and returned a few minutes later to find her attention locked on the Laptop once more.

'Don't you dare Kate,' She sighed, the dark patch on the sheet glaring at her. Busying herself with changing the bedding, Kate couldn't help but wonder just how Alexis had managed to keep her highly sexual side secret from her father.

The laptop taunted Kate when she finished replacing the bedding, her inquisitive nature pulling her back to the USB and it's contents. Slipping on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, Kate groaned as her control fled and she quickly had the laptop running again, the list of videos open to her. Picking a random clip, Kate slipped her headphones over her ears and watched as Alexis' face filled the screen.

'There we go,' Alexis pulled back from the camera to reveal her bedroom, the same room that sat one floor away from Kate. The red dress hanging on her closer door told Kate that the video had only been taken in the last few weeks since she'd bought it for Alexis, 'You sure you wanna do this Jen?'

'Hell yeah,' the bubbly blonde Kate knew to be the woman Alexis had been heading out to see stood in the middle of the room. Both women wore bikinis and Kate's mouth dried up at how little Jenna's covered her large C cup breasts. Alexis giggled and leant out of shot. Almost instantly, music started up and Kate knew that every drop of fluid in her body had pooled between her legs.

Jenna swayed her hips seductively, her smile turning dirty as she wiggled her finger towards Alexis, the redhead responding with her saucy grin and an equally arousing sway of her hips. Kate dipped her fingers into her leggings when Alexis leant down and slanted her lips over Jenna's, the kiss slow and erotic, leaving Kate huffing when Alexis pulled away after only a few seconds.

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