tagMind ControlThe Photoshoot Pt. 03

The Photoshoot Pt. 03


Susan McGuire was seething by the time the photographer finally walked into the studio. She'd been sitting there for 30 minutes filling in release forms and listening to the stupid black girl prattle on about the various packages she could choose for her photoshoot. "Thank god the silly bitch had eventually stopped prattling on and fetched her some wine to drink, god some times it was all certain types of people were good for, fetching things" Susan thought to herself. She had carefully examined the glass to make sure it was clean. Susan was reminded of the words she would often hear her father say about the matter, "these people have no hygiene standards what-so-ever and you had to keep your eye on them."

Susan had already decided the photographer wouldn't be getting her business, and as she sat fuming she thought "I really didn't want a photoshoot, this is all bloody Danielle's stupid idea. Why she was so keen on Susan getting a glamorous photoshoot was beyond her." But Paris Hilton, one of Susan's idols, was forever getting professional studio work done and Susan did like the idea of following in her footsteps.

When the photographer arrived she saw his assistant angrily speak to him point at her then walk out the studio, "ha" Susan laughed to herself, "just like her sort." The photographer's face looked dark and angry for a moment or two but he was smiling and friendly when came over to her. He smiled and apologised right away, "I'm so, so sorry for keeping you Susan, but your sister-in-law wanted me to be very thorough with her and I didn't want to disappoint or leave her feeling unsatisfied."

As he spoke he drifted towards some camera gear and started fiddling with some old fashioned junk camera as he spoke. "I know you must frustrated having to wait about like this, and perhaps disappointed in me and to make it up to you, please let me offer you a free introductory shoot. We'll do a few poses for you to share with your husband, something to put a smile on his face." He pointed the old camera in her direction and added "I mean, you are absolutely stunning, are you sure you've never modelled? I could have sworn I've seen you on a magazine cover."

Susan laughed and shook her head at this obvious attempt at flattery, but she knew he was telling the truth about how good she looked. She was 5 foot 8 and at 28 years of age had an hourglass figure, nice large natural breasts that were still perky and firm, long toned legs and an all over tan, her long blond hair finished a look that left men wanting her and woman jealous. Matt, her husband was quite proud of his stunning model like wife and pampered her with anything she wanted, but even so a free photoshoot was nice to get.

It occurred to her that Danielle hadn't joined them yet, so when she asked the photographer when she would be coming, he replied, a smirk on his face, "She'll definitely be coming soon", laughing when he saw the puzzled look on her face at his answer, he elaborated by saying "She went to help her daughter Jean, I think Jean had her hands full with something that was a little more than she could handle by herself and her mother decided to join her to lend a helping hand or two. But I'm sure they'll tell you all about it later."

Susan just scowled and muttered "just like Danielle to leave her here by herself with this guy". She thought he was a little creepy to be honest, and she'd decided then and there to politely refuse the photoshoot and go and give Danielle a piece of her mind. She stood and was about to tell the photographer as much, when without warning, he announced "say cheese!" After that he had pressed a button on the junky old camera he was fiddling she felt a little dizzy for a couple of moments, Susan thought perhaps she stood up too fast after drinking the wine, then she smiled when the she heard the photographer comment "see, you're a natural at this, I'm sure you want to keep going don't you?"

She found she was thinking to herself "you know what, maybe I'm being too rash," so she nodded at him and moved to the lit area of his studio, and in a cheerful voice asked "is here OK for the shots?"

The photographer grinned and nodded and directed her pose, he had her stick her chest out and suggested unbuttoning a few buttons of her top to get the best effect of her wonderful cleavage.

Knowing the photographer was only trying to get the best from her, she didn't think twice about it and undid the top few buttons of her top, revealing the tops of her nicely rounded breasts, she heard the photographer saying something as he took the next shot with his old camera, but for a second she went dizzy again and missed what he said.

She was definitely feeling woozy from the wine and it was very hot under these studio lights, so when the photographer suggested perhaps she'd be more comfortable with less on, she moved to quickly strip down to her underwear for him. But the photographer stopped her before she started and said "Slowly, why not make a strip tease of it, like a glamour model would"

She laughed at this great idea, and began sensually move and gyrate her body and remove her garments one by one. She turned away from the camera and coyly looked over her bare shoulders as she pulled her top open and pulled it halfway down her back, before letting it fall off onto the floor, where she playful kicked it away towards the camera as she turned, with an exaggerated extension of her long leg.

She feigned surprise when she was standing there in only her pretty silk bra, trimmed with delicate lace and black skirt, so crossed her hands over her chest as if to cover up. She smiled with a cheeky grin as while arms her covered her chest she undid the clasp of her bra, and keeping one hand over her breasts shrugged the bra off, held it out in front of her towards the camera on the end of one of her long fingers, before letting it drop to the floor. She pretended to try and catch it with her other hand, inadvertently exposing her perfect and wonderful looking breasts to the camera, then she put both her hands to her face on her cheeks and comically announced "Whoopsie!"

She then turned her body sideways, and ran her hands down her sides till they reached the top of her skirt, she unzipped the skirt, then she slowly bent forward pushing her skirt down her long luxuriously smooth, tanned legs, turning away from the camera as she did so, exposing her round, tight, well formed ass to come into display as the skirt fell to the floor around her ankles.

She stood up and then she hooked the skirt up with the long narrow heels of her designer shoes, bent her knee till the shoe rested against one of those perfect ass cheeks and picked the dress from it casually and flicked it away with a casual toss off to the side of the studio, she bent each leg one after the other, bringing its heel up to rest against her ass and undid the strap holding the shoes and then kicked them away as well. She looked over her shoulder at the camera and blew a kiss, then slowly ran her hands up her thighs, over her hips, cupped her breasts, lingered on them for a second than ran her hands up in her hair and tussled it slowly.

She oozed sex appeal and she knew it. She brought hands down fast and sat each hand widespread on her ass, barely covered with a slim pair of silk panties. she sank onto the floor, and as she did, she band to push the silky underwear over her hips, she turned so the camera caught her side on, her back arched and perfect perky breasts jutting out, her long legs bent and she raised them off the ground as she she rolled the panties along her legs slowly, sensually before taking them off and twirling them around her finger, and casting them off across the studio to join her discarded garments.

She turned towards the camera and lay resting on her elbows, hands cupping her chin facing the camera, her perfect posterior visible over her shoulders and asked in an innocent voice "How was that?" "Fantastic" replied the photographer, he had snapped away with his digital camera as she undressed and now returned to his antique one again. Pressing it's shutter while speaking and again, she ended up a little faint, but she concentrated when he commented on her modelling, "You looked a little stiff though," he smiled and said sternly "masturbate and orgasm to relax yourself while I film you."

Now why hadn't she thought of that, as she lay on the ground she turned over onto her back and began to slowly run her hands over her lovely body. As she did the photographer moved over and stood above her getting shots from above with his digital camera, at times he would help direct her hands as she played with herself.

She ran her hands around her breasts tweaking and rubbing her nipples, and closed her eyes imagining Matt's fingers or tongue doing the same, as she did this her other hand slid down to her thighs and gently rubbed the sensitive skin to the sides of her pussy, then drifted to her clit. She begin to gently play and fondle her clit and the hand on her breast soon drifted downwards at the suggestion of the photographer. Her long fingers slipped between the lips of her pussy and gently probed inside it.

She was soon gasping and writhing as above, the photographer continued to capture it all on his camera as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasmic pleasure. Her hips bucked as her fingers worked themselves in and out of her pussy and her other hand's skilful fingers manipulated her sensitive clit until she cried out as the orgasm she was working towards washed over her and her hips bucked rapidly up and down and her legs clamped together around the hand with fingers pulsing in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

She felt a surge of pride when he muttered "Well done" to her as she lay there panting sweat glistening on her tanned skin under the strong studio lights. While she lay getting her breath back the photographer suggested perhaps she'd like to give her husband another treat with some fantasy boudoir photographs in a sexy uniform or outfit and Susan couldn't agree more, in fact she was thinking the very thing herself, it was as if this guy could read her mind.

As she started to climb to her feet, he took another photo of her with his funny looking camera and she went weak a the knees and nearly fell back down, she felt extremely giddy, hot and even after having an amazing orgasm, surprisingly aroused, the thought of giving Matt, her darling husband, a set of naughty but tasteful boudoir photos must really be turning her on.

Again the photographer was speaking and while she was sure she heard him, couldn't remember what he said. Something about getting changed into something more sexy, what a great idea she thought. He led her to a changing area with various clothes and outfits for her to choose from, he was such a helpful and charming man, she really would like to thank him in some way. He left her there while he went to set up for the boudoir shoot and she busied herself getting ready.

The outfit she had chosen was just what she would have picked, wait no it wasn't it was exactly the opposite, but she was feeling adventurous. She slipped on a set of thigh high, stripped pop socks, with a red cheerleading outfit, that barely fit her. Her Braless breasts were outlined perfectly and her nipples could be seen prominently through the thin sheer material. She had her blonde hair in a 2 bushy pigtails on either side of her head, she looked every bit like a sexy cheerleader. She just knew Matt would go wild if when he saw his little princess dressed all slutty like this and that really excited her. She skipped out toward the studio and the awaiting photographer who was grinning and eyeing up her luscious body.

He'd moved a bed onto the studio floor while she was dressing and she quickly climbed onto it and following his suggestion, knelt on it, with her arms behind her back and legs apart, letting the little pleated cheerleading skirt to open and expose her smooth, freshly waxed pussy. Which she realised was incredibly wet. And, Oh my god, how on earth did she manage to forget to wear panties.

He directed her to push her chest out and pout at the camera and while she did he took another shot with his old fashioned camera. She slumped and felt the world go dim and dark for a moment. When she got her senses back the photographer was saying things to her and she felt really happy he was talking to her.

He posed her in numerous erotic, and sexy positions, helping her get into the right position for the shot by moving her hands to here or there, muttering suggestions into her ear, that well, just made perfect sense to her. She liked it when his hands would rub or tease her breast to get her nipples perky for a shot. So after another shot with his antique camera had been taken, and he helped get her onto her hands and knees so she could to look over her shoulder into the camera as it also captured her perfect little ass, it was only natural that she would enthusiastically agree when he suggested he lick her pussy to get it nice and wet for the camera. After all, matt would love that shot, her looking back over her shoulder and a glistening wet pussy captured below her perfect, peach like ass.

The cameraman flipped her short pleated skirt over her ass and slid under her as he gripped her smooth ass cheeks with his hands and moved his head to her crotch and worked his warm soft tongue along the lips of her her pussy and flicked it across her clitoris. His tongue was fantastic as he probed and licked her clit and pussy, he help get her pussy wetter and wetter as he licked her clit and used his long warm fingers to pump in and out her pussy, getting her hotter and hornier.

It really was such a shame he wasn't getting paid for the gig she thought as she panted and moaned in pleasure above him. As he lay below her he muttered something between licks of her pussy, she smiled and looked down at his crotch just below her face, she saw how hard the poor man's cock was and decided to stroke it with her hand to make him feel better. She moaned in pleasure as she lightly stroked his cock and she felt the large cock twitch under his trousers, and she felt his tongue push her towards an orgasm, she thought to herself, the man wasn't getting paid maybe she should make it up to him with an extra specially great blow job and she happily thought Matt would probably love to see another man's cock in her mouth in the photos.

She gingerly pulled the photographers cock out free of his trousers and began to lick it slowly, with long, tender strokes of her tongue, before popping her mouth around his large cock and bobbing her head up and down it. As soon as his cock was in her mouth she began to had an amazing orgasm from his oral skills. After which the photographer stopped licking and fingering her pussy and moved from under her to kneel in front of her face so she could really get to work on his cock while he took photos.

She made sure she looked directly up at the camera and smiled as she lapped and licked and sucked on the really large cock he had, to make sure Matt got the best boudoir photos ever. And when the man's cock twitched and cum started squirting into her mouth she opened her mouth wide to make sure the camera caught her pretty mouth full of his sperm, before she gulped it down and licked her lips clean.

The photographer moved off and away from the bed and even after the oral orgasm she just received, she was still incredibly horny and asked if he thought toys could make the shots even better, at least she was sure that was her idea and not the photographers as he placed some sex toys on the bed. She picked up the toys and some lube he'd put there and covered them both.

"Why do I need two of these?" she suddenly queried, kneeling on the bed holding the long vibrator and the unfamiliar teardrop shaped short sex toy up that he'd given her.

"Well you dumb slut," he smirked "You fuck yourself with the big one and the little one, that's a butt plug, it goes in your ass."

She giggled at herself for not realising this and loved the little pet name he'd given her. She wondered if Matt would like his little 'dumb cheerleader slut' playing with these toys in the photos, she was sure he would.

She stood in front of the bed and bent over at the waist reaching behind her and with several grunts and a slight yelp of pain as it went in, pushed the well lubed butt plug up her ass as the photographer filmed and took photos. She didn't notice where the video cameras had come from or if they had been there all the time, oh well didn't really matter, her darling Matt would love a little video of his horny cheerleader, his little 'dumb slut' being naughty. She then hopped onto the bed and began to play and fuck herself to several orgasms with the other thick, black, 12 inch vibrator.

She was so horny and aroused, the vibrator was thick and powerful and it felt so good to pump it in and out her luscious pussy. Time seemed to go by in a blur as she came again and again with the vibrator. At one point, while on her hands and knees, she begged the photographer to just come over and fuck her pussy with his big cock, she did it for show knowing matt would love her saying that. And while she did let the photographer put his cock against the entrance of her pussy and she screamed to him to fuck her pussy with his hard cock and fill her with his cum, she only thought of how much she wanted Matt to enjoy this show.

So while she deliberately licked the large black vibrator clean of her juices, she pushed back so the photographers large cock plunged deep into her lovely soaking wet, married pussy. As she wriggled her ass with the cock in her pussy, she smiled and laughed and moaned with pleasure at the thought of Matt seeing her on her hands and knees, wearing a little sexy cheerleader outfit while the photographer pumped her pussy from behind. Soon after that the photographer emptied his cock into her pussy, and she had lost count of the times she had already brought herself to orgasm with the vibrator in her, she lay on the bed panting and exhausted covered in sweat with the photographers cum still dripping from her pussy down her thighs.

After a moment the photographer suggested she clean up and she wiped that dripping cum off her thigh with her finely manicured fingers and licked them clean for the cameras, the photographer asked, or perhaps told her that she wanted to wear a blindfold like she had asked earlier, and even though she couldn't remember asking, she got really excited at the idea and knelt on the bed shivering in excitement as he put the tight, heavy blindfold on her and whispered into her ear, but again she didn't really make out what he said.

The photographer had been great with this photoshoot and this she was sure was the best boudoir photo session ever. Susan was convinced it would turn Matt on like nothing before had ever done, but it just needed something else and she said so to the photographer "How about a couple of male models pretend to fuck me" she joked. Then in a more seriously manner, eagerly asked "Seeing me with two men might really turn Matt on, can you arrange it?"

She heard him leave for a moment and return with someone, he told her that he had with him two of his professional male models from another photoshoot and even though she was just an amateur, they had agreed to allow her to pose with them. She heard him bring them in and stand them on either side of her as she knelt on the bed, she could feel their presence looming over her and without thinking about it reached out tentatively with her hands and ran them up each guys leg on either side of her, until she found what she was looking for, their large, rock hard cocks and she began to slowly stroke them as she felt her pussy tingle in anticipation as these guys were huge.

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