tagRomanceThe Physio Ch. 1

The Physio Ch. 1


This is our first attempt, so feedback would be appreciated.

* * * * *

For the summer I decided that I needed to be a bit fitter, so took up touch rugby, which was something I had always wanted to do. I gathered some friends up and entered a work team. I had not had a boyfriend for some time, but rather enjoyed looking at the muscular and athletic types I played against. Their lycra sticking to all curves. My luck was to change for the better, although at the time it didn’t seem so. One evening I was running with the ball and I got literally bowled over by this handsome guy. When I stood I realized I had strained or pulled something in my left leg. He looked at me for which seemed an eternity and then asked if I was okay. He grasped my leg and started to examine it. As luck would have it, he was just filling in for his brother’s team and was actually a physiotherapist by occupation. He offered to treat me for the injury as he had caused it himself.

It was about 10.30am when I arrived at the clinic. There were photos mounted on the wall of all the staff. I located Paul and went into wait. His photograph reminded me of how gorgeous he was again. I waited only a short time before the receptionist called me into the room. There was Paul. He stood up and shook my hand, apologizing sincerely for his clumsiness the night before. He was a perfect height, about 6 foot 2. He had a mop of dark hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. His eyelashes seemed to go on forever. His handgrip was firm and I trembled as he put his hand on my shoulder and asked me to make myself comfortable on the physio bench. I had not allowed for the height of the table. I had got up onto it quickly and now the seam of my shorts was rubbing on my hard clit.

My cunt was feeling very moist. He still hadn’t even looked at my leg. I turned over to lie on my chest. Paul began to massage my leg. It felt so good. He spoke gently and was so good at explaining all the fine little details of what my injury was. I tried hard to listen but all the time I was mesmerized by his touch and his voice. His touch was so gentle, yet erotic. Even though I knew he was just doing his job, I couldn’t ignore the growing sensation between my legs. I was jolted out of my trance when I felt Paul’s hand move over the strained muscle. He apologized for the pain but continued massaging my leg, slowly moving up my thigh. My pussy felt so wet now and I felt for sure that he would be able to see a wet patch on my shorts. His hands moved further up my leg until they were no more than 3 inches from my panty line. God Paul knew how to please a woman. How could he not see how aroused I was? I felt as if my clit was bursting.

With that Paul stopped massaging my leg.

"We’ll need to book you in for another session he said. It’s quite a bad strain you have there"

I reluctantly rose from the bench, thanked Paul very much, and left. I quickly got home and tore my shorts off. God my clit was burning like never before. I rubbed two fingers over my clit and plunged two fingers into my wet cunt. I then replaced my fingers with my vibrator, imagining that it was Paul’s cock. Fantasizing about fucking Paul quickly brought me to the most wonderful orgasm I’ve ever had. I screamed out and pushed the vibrator deep inside of my cunt.

Maybe next appointment I’m going to need to be more direct. Men can be so thick at times. What do you think?

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