tagRomanceThe Princess & The Pauper

The Princess & The Pauper

bycasper hunt©

This is one syrupy romance so all you sex fiends, this is not the story for you.

* * * * *

She had it all… everything money could buy… furs, diamonds, estates and cars while he was a stripper. She was lobster soup and caviar…he was pasta and Chinese takeout. How could there be romance between them? Read on to find out…

She was a very rich woman. At the last count she was worth a couple hundred million. People were in awe of her. The women envied her while the men coveted her. Such beauty, such sophistication. Indeed God had been very kind to Lucia Wintergreen. What more could she ask for, what more could she want? Yet no one knew that at heart, Lucia was a very lonely woman.

She did not have many friends, at least not true ones. The circles she moved in were not conducive to the meaningful kind of relationships. But she did have one best friend. Her name was Mabel. She too was very rich though not on such grand scale as Lucia but her brazen temperament did conceal a heart of gold and Lucia was one of the people who knew that.

So it was Mabel who was consoling Lucia one bleak morning when she was going through one of the most traumatic experiences of her life. Paul who had been having a steady relationship with Lucia had left her for another woman, a younger woman though not as rich. The worst part was not that he had left her for another woman, but what he had said while leaving. “Lucia,” he had said, “You are one frigid bitch. Making love to you is like having sex with a snowman. You are never going to satisfy any man. I had tolerated you this long just for your money. Even that does not satisfy me now. Get a life for God’s sake.”

Lucia had felt as if someone had run a knife through her back and twisted it, again and again. Paul couldn’t have said that. Anyone but Paul. Was that what he had been thinking all the times when he had slept with her, when he had professed his love to her? Was she so pathetic that no man could love her, even for her money? What was she going to do now? How was she going to get through this? Any feelings that she had had for Paul had died the moment he had said those hateful things to her. All she felt for him now was hatred, pure and black. She would get back at him, she knew. She would ruin him financially. She knew she was capable of that. She was CEO of one of the largest Banking companies in New York and she had financial interest in several major corporations.

In fact she had been going to finance Paul’s current venture, the latest in a series of get-rich-quick schemes that he regularly used to come up with. Obviously Paul must have thought that his latest girlfriend would finance part of his business and that he would approach a leading bank to finance the rest. She, Lucia Wintergreen would see to it that he never would get any business off the ground. He would have to come begging back to her. In the past thirty-five years of her life, she had seen less scrupulous people. The Paul chapter of her life was closed forever. So the question was what was she to do now. Consciously or unconsciously, she had become dependent on Paul for some emotional support, something she was without now. Mabel was after all a woman. She couldn’t satisfy all of her emotional needs. Lucia turned her attention to what Mabel was saying…

“…So what I feel is that Julia’s party is just what you need now. I’m sure you realise that Julia never does things half-heartedly. So for her bachelorette’s party she has gone all the way. She told me yesterday that she had hired a stud to strip for us. It seems this jock is fresh stock and already he is making waves at such parties. Its gonna be one great night. And I am not going to take no for an answer. It will take your mind off Paul, the rat and you will make Julia happy.”

Lucia had no mood to attend any such party but she knew that there was no use refusing. Once Mabel had made up her mind on something, there was no budging her. She would probably drag her by the hair and deposit her at Julia’s place. So she meekly agreed.

“Great,” said Mabel, flashing one of her brilliant smiles. Be ready tomorrow evening at seven. I shall pick you up.

Saturday evening saw Lucia dressed up in a gorgeous one-piece halter outfit. She was really striking and Mabel's eyes popped out when she saw Lucia at the door.

“My, my,” she gasped, putting her hand to her mouth. That poor guy just doesn’t stand a chance. You are gonna knock him dead. Welcome back to the circuit.”

“Mabel, please. I am not doing this for any guy. It’s just that I don’t want to portray a sorry picture when I meet the other girls. I want everyone to believe that I am not at all affected by Paul’s desertion. Do you think I can carry it off?” She performed a little pirouette.

“Definitely,” Mabel assured her. “Anyways, the girls are very understanding. You just have to look out for Kira. She’s got this nasty tongue that lashes out at every opportunity. Otherwise you’ll be fine.”

When they arrived at Julia’s house, the party had already started. Julia took their wraps and ushered them in. “The food is served and the champagne is flowing. As I am going to be married next weekend, I might as well enjoy my unfettered status as long as it lasts.”

When the party was halfway through, there was a discreet knock on the door. “That mush be Jason,” said Julia jumping up to get the door. He said he’d be here by nine – thirty.” There was a sudden silence in the room. Everyone was eager to see this stud.

Lucia’s first impression of Jason was one of innocence. For all his machismo, he looked so unimpaired by life’s sorrows that Lucia felt this wave of longing for him. What she wouldn’t give to regain that innocence, that period of life where you feel on top of the world. She couldn’t remember the time she had last felt like that. Of course the boy was in his early twenties. Probably in a few years he too would become world-weary like she had. Lucia felt this irresistible urge to brush against him, just to see if any of that guileless charm would rub off on her. Jason was dressed in an off-white silk shirt and jet black trousers. His feet were encased in shiny black dress shoes. None of his clothes and accessories looked new, but they were obviously well cared for. There was an uncertain look about him, like he was unsure of what to do next. Julia pulled him in and introduced him to the group. “Girls, this is Jason. He is going to perform for us now.” Lucia could see the eagerness in everyone’s faces. Married or not, it was not everyday that women got to feast on prime male flesh. And it was even more rare to see one so finely put together like Jason. Every inch of him appeared to be finely sculpted, from his tousled locks to the tips of his shoes. He soundlessly handed over a cassette to Julia who fed it into the music system. All the girls took their places and Jason stepped to the center of the room.

The music started, slowly at first and then building up slowly in its tempo. A slow change came over Jason. He no longer seemed unsure of himself. It was as if the music had transformed him into a different person, though Lucia could still see traces of the other Jason in his eyes. Somehow she felt that she could gaze into Jason’s eyes and see who he really was, a silly notion really. Jason for his part had taken a cursory look around the room and had focused his attention on her. He was not staring at her really, it was just that for the most part, he would close his eyes, but whenever he opened them, he would gaze straight at her and then look away. Lucia felt this eerie sensation shoot up and down her spine. Something was happening here that was totally out of this world. Lucia shook herself to see if these sensations would go away, but no such luck. The sensations were still there and intensifying by the minute. She decided to concentrate on his performance.

The beats of the song were slow and wild conjuring up images of sun and sex. It was a very catchy number and everyone was slowly swaying to the beat. Jason was the ultimate performer. He was so adept that within a few minutes, he had everyone panting just to see what he would do next. He started off with his shirt, undoing the buttons slowly one at a time, revealing his skin inch by inch. The shirt revealed his taut body covered by coarse hair with a file pelt running down his middle. He repeatedly smoothed the shirt down his body sharply delineating his muscles. Once the shirt was off, everyone could see his magnificent shoulders and narrow waist, bulging arms and a deep chest that any girl would want to put her head down on. Lucia almost moved forward to do just that but she checked herself just in time. What the hell was happening to her? She pinched herself. She had never felt this brazen before.

Jason had now started on his boots pulling them off one by one and then the socks. He did it so gracefully, not once did he stumble or falter. After he had gotten them off, he started on his trousers and everyone held their breaths. He knew exactly what he was doing to the audience. He gripped the sides of the pants and slowly twisted them off, slowly gyrating to the beats. The trousers revealed the sexiest pair of legs that Lucia had ever seen. The thighs were hard and well muscled covered with coarse hair. His calves were also muscular and lead to a pair of ropy ankles. When he had shucked his pants, he started moving about the group, approaching each one but keeping a distance.

All eyes were on his maleness, which was well outlined, in his leopard print briefs. He moved in and out weaving through the group performing in such away that every woman felt that he was performing just for her. Kira took the first step. She reached into her wallet and pulled out a fifty-dollar note and held it out to him. He at once came to her side, waiting patiently while she stuffed the bill down his briefs. At once everyone came to life and followed suit handing out notes to him. Lucia was repulsed by what she saw. How could anyone be so cheap? She then looked into his eyes and her perception changed. His eyes revealed what his body did not. His eyes looked pained by what his body was doing, a phenomenon which was very strange by itself. Lucia suddenly realised that he was not at all enjoying what he was doing. Then why was he doing it? Just for a few extra bucks?

For the next half-hour he patiently danced for each one of them while Lucia looked on. When he finally came to her, she looked into his eyes and conveyed what she felt for him, sympathy and pain and she felt that he understood. He silently moved away. When the show was finally over, Jason pulled on his clothes. Everyone was clapping and lewdly propositioning him, but he seemed to be waiting for something. At last when Julia handed him several hundred dollar notes, he thanked her and moved to the door. Just before he left, he turned and looked straight at Lucia and she felt this strange force pulling her towards him. She deliberately looked away, not wanting to acknowledge anything and he finally left.

On the way back home, Mabel kidded her. “Seemed that the hunk had eyes just for you. Want his number?”

“Mabel, please shut up. I am very tired as it is.”

“Just in case you change your mind,” , she rattled off a number. “All the girls have it you know. Married or otherwise.”

Lucia dropped Mabel off and headed home. His thoughts dominated her, the entire way. Was that pain she had seen in his eyes or was she mistaken? She suddenly decided to call him. The number was fresh in her mind. She would call tonight. She probably wouldn’t dare in the morning.

The first thing that she did when she reached home was reach for the phone. She quickly dialed his number. When the line was connected and his velvety voice came over the line, she was overcome by a sudden bout of nerves. He had to say hello a couple of times more before she could answer.

“Um, is it Jason.”


“Uh, my name is Lucia. I was at the party tonight. I don’t know if you remember me.”

“Are you the one with the aquamarine eyes?”

Lucia knew that she was the only one in the group with such eyes. “Yes, I am.”

“Then I remember you.”

Lucia didn’t know what to say to that. Both were silent for a moment. Then Jason said, “Well, what can I do for you?”

What could she say now? She hadn’t really thought about what she was going to say to him. She had just thought about calling him, nothing else.

“Uh- I just thought that uh… I wanted to see you.”

“You mean you want me to strip for you.”

If she refused, she knew that he would not see her. “Yeah to strip for me. When can you make it?”

“Tomorrow if you like.”

“Fine.” She gave him her address and they winded up the conversation. When Lucia kept down the phone, the full implications of what she had done hit her at once. Had she really just called him up and set up a meeting. This was so unlike her. She was never this impulsive. What the hell was wrong with her? Well, she would face him tomorrow.

Lucia was a bundle of nerves when the doorbell rang the next evening. Finally the time had arrived and she didn’t know what to say. Here was a woman who had talked to the most influential persons in New York and she was wondering how to talk to a common stripper. She opened the door to find Jason leaning against the doorframe looking like a million bucks. But there was no welcoming smile when he saw her. Instead his eyes reflected a cold arctic chill which sent shivers up Lucia’s spine. She decided to be cool.

“Hello, come in please.” He walked in without saying a word.

She led him to the drawing room.

“Is this where you want me to strip?” The dreaded question had arrived. How was she going to answer this? Jason took her hesitation as a positive reply. If possible, his eyes became even colder. His entire countenance changed drastically. He looked as if he just wanted to finish off with a dreadful deed. As his hands went to his buttons, Lucia couldn’t take it any more. She rushed to him and placed a palm over his hand. He immediately covered her hand with his other hand and looked deeply into her eyes. In his eyes, she saw a million questions and doubts. She decided to be truthful once and for all.

“Jason, I have to tell you something. I did not call you here to strip for me. In fact that is the last thing that I want.”

“Oh, then why did you call me?”

“I don’t know. I mean I just can’t explain. It was something I saw in your eyes; something in the way you behaved that has raised so many questions in me. I don’t know what to say. You probably think that I am just like one of those rich middle-aged women who lust after you. I am so ashamed.” She looked up into eyes expecting a look of mockery and deprecation. But instead, she saw one of understanding and undeniable joy. She couldn’t stop herself. She just went into his arms and he simply held her. Time ceased to exist as long as they stood there in each other’s arms. Finally he released her.

“I am so happy that I was wrong about you. So happy.” He hugged her to him once more. “Tell me, do you feel this same attraction that I feel for you. The feeling that something wonderful is happening, something so special, so unique that very few people are fortunate to experience it?”

“Yes, I do. I am surprised that in the midst of all those women, you managed to remember me.”

“Oh, I never even noticed them. I had eyes only for you. I thank my destiny that I found you.” Saying thus, he slowly lowered his lips to hers claiming them in a kiss that was so potent that it took the wind out of her sails. He slowly nibbled at her lips until they reddened to the color of peaches and tasted them with his tongue, as if wanting to leave his indelible mark on her, as if he wanted to brand her as his. She responded by opening her mouth to his tender assault, wanting to drink in his magnificence, his youth. He grabbed the opportunity and entered her mouth, tasting the warm crevices and drinking in her essence. His tongue skimmed her pearly teeth before landing on her tongue, dueling with it, playing with it. He thrust his tongue again and again into her mouth plundering its sweetness. She responded brazenly sucking on his tongue and matching him thrust for thrust. She didn’t know where this wantonness came from. She had never been so sexual with Paul. She had barely tolerated his lecherous kisses and every sexual encounter was torture. What difference chemistry could make?

Jason slowly undid the tiny buttons on her silk caftan, feasting on every exposed inch of skin. She too assisted him and soon she was standing in front of him clad in two scanty scraps of lace. He placed his hands on her shoulders and bent to taste her breast through the silk. “You are one beautiful woman,” he murmured against her skin. She blushed wildly. Never had anyone assaulted her senses like this before. She ran her hands through his hair and pulled him even closer, wanting him to continue with what her was doing. Sensing her appreciation, he slowly undid her bra and her creamy globes sprang into view. He slowly took one nipple into his mouth, skimming it with his tongue and then biting it lightly. She felt a tingle all the way to her toes. He then moved away slightly and blew on it. The feel of cold air on her passion heated skin made her feel heavy with desire. She was going to melt in a pool of heat if he kept going on. He then, turned his attention to her other breast, lavishing his attention on it in the same way as before. By this time Lucia was panting with desire, so aroused was she. She couldn’t take it anymore. Sensing her need, Jason straightened up and lifted her up into his arms.

“Where is the bedroom?” she silently directed him.

He dropped her down on the bed gently and lay down beside her. He again put his head to her breast suckling on it, bringing the rosy peaks to a hard erection. He then ran his lips down her chest to her belly button. He pressed the tip of his tongue into the tiny depression in the middle of her belly. He went down lower till he reached the top of her panties. He then looked up and asked her, “Are you ready for this?” She was as ready as she would ever be and told him so.

He suddenly had a serious look on his face. “I want you to know that I never sleep with my clients. This is absolutely the first time I have ever done something like this.”

“I understand.” She really did. One that was understood between them, it was as if something had been set free in their minds. Jason lifted her hips and rolled the panties off. He then buried his face into her curls and breathe in deeply, taking in her very being. He inserted his tongue into her folds, tasting her, relishing her. He got bolder by the minute, penetrating deeper and deeper. He then replaced his tongue with his fingers probing in deep making Lucia squirm in ecstasy. She was on fire, every nerve was concentrated in the region, where Jason was touching her. He slowly parted her folds and felt her core. She was already wet for him and he could feel that.

“Don’t you want to remove my clothes?” he asked.

“yes I do.” She raised her hands to his shirt and undid each button pausing in between to kiss every inch of skin gradually revealed. When she had his shirt off, she turned to his feet. She got off his shoes and socks. By now, Jason was impatient. She shucked off his trousers and briefs and Lucia gasped. His briefs had only hinted at what lay beneath. He was already erect for her and he seemed all the more magnificent. He was all of seven inches long. He slowly put her hands to his velvety strength and felt him surge in her palm. He was as aroused as she was. But slowly her doubts crept in.

“Jason,” she began in a meek tone. “I want to warn you that I am not very responsive. You wont find me very good in bed.”

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