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The Proposal


I went to Layla's house that night to ask her to marry me. I had it all planned out. I had bought beer. I know its not the most romantic thing that you have ever seen, but Layla is different. She doesn't like the wine and champagne crowd. Layla is one of those girls that would prefer to kick back and watch football with a beer in her hand over a wine and cheese party any day of the week. That is one of the things that drew me to her to begin with.

I had the whole thing planned out. I had this six pack of beer, and a blanket and a flashlight. In my pocket was the little black box with the ring inside. My plan was to take Layla to the beach, and set up camp on the dunes. We had done this a million times, so she wouldn't suspect a thing. We often made the hour drive to the beach. Layla always talks about how the sound of the ocean is soothing to her. And you can see it. As soon as she climbs the steps over the dunes, her eyes light up, her face gets this glow like a child at Christmas. We can be walking along, and all of a sudden she will drop my hand and take off running. Sometimes its 10 steps, sometimes she will run a mile. Its exhilarating for her, and she loves it.

When I got to her apartment, I knew immediately that my plans would have to wait. Layla seemed to have plans of her own. For starters, she was sitting at her computer, completely naked, and she was reading porn. Well, I guess it is what you would call "erotica," but in a guy's eyes, that's just girly porn. Now here was a side of Layla that I had never seen before. I knew that she had a small collection of movies, and she told me about this one old issue of penthouse that she had taken off of a friend of hers, because there was a story in there that just rocked her world. If I'm not mistaken, the story has long since been torn out, and that's all that remains of the old penthouse. However even with my knowledge of her little porn stash, I have never actually seen it. She always said that her masturbation was something that she did for herself, and that she didn't want to bring that stuff into bed with us. Which was fine with me. I didn't care either way.

Obviously, Layla had gotten caught up, and time had gotten away from her, because I told her that I would be there to pick her up promptly at 4:00. Layla had the day off that day, and was supposed to be packed and ready to go. She later told me that she was trying to hold off until I got there, but that she had had a really racy dream and had been pretty horny all day, and she let her hormones get the best of her.

So, to my surprise, when I walked in the door, I had this gorgeous view of Layla sitting in the recliner completely naked, eyes glued to the screen on her computer. With one hand she was pinching the nipple on her right breast, and the other hand was pumping in and out of her pussy so fast that I got hard almost instantly. It was so hot to see her like that. I walked over to her, quietly because she obviously had not heard me come in. and I bent down next to her and said "hey sunshine!" I think I scared her straight. She jumped so hard that she knocked the top of her head on my chin. Ouch, to say the least. Instantly, Layla was red faced, and mortified. I know that she felt vulnerable and I didn't want her to feel like that. So I took her hand in mine and kissed the top of it, right on the knuckles. Then I turned her hand over and kissed right in the middle of the palm of her hand.

I ran my tongue between each of her fingers, then I started trailing kisses all the way up her arm... her shoulder... collar bone... neck... ear... down her cheek... jaw... and back down the other side. When I reached the tip of her finger on the other hand, she just leaned in to me for a kiss. And it was such a great kiss. Layla is a fantastic kisser. She seems to always know what I want. She nibbles at the right moment, and she draws away at the right moment. She comes on strong and stops cold... each move seems calculated down to the precise point in time to make me as hot as possible.

I leaned Layla back in the chair and started kissing down her neck, then between her breasts. Layla has the best breasts in the world. Layla is not a bean pole of a girl. She's gorgeous and curvy in all the right places. She has big full breasts that any man would be a fool not to want to get lost in. and that is precisely what I did at that moment. I began kissing and rubbing and massaging her breasts. She began running her fingers through my hair, and tugging at my ears... a sure sign that she is horny as hell. However, I wasn't in this just to get my rocks off. I was here for Layla. So, I rocked down to my knees and continued kissing my was down her tummy, to her perfectly shaved pussy.

I kissed all over the outside of her lips, only occasionally darting my tongue out to taste inside. I looked up at her face, and layla was smiling brightly at me. She had those nipples back in her hands, and was pinching and rolling them around between her finger tips. Damn... its so hot when she does that!!

At this point, I want nothing more in this entire work than to get my tongue inside her pussy. But I wait. I lick just her clit. On it, around it, up one side and down the other. That, in and of itself, made her cum. But this was not the granddaddy of orgasms that I was going for tonight. This was like the warm up.

I pulled Layla out of that recliner and down on top of me so that she was straddling my face, and I started licking and nibbling. Layla started riding my face. This is probably the one that me and Layla can do that will make me cum without ever being touched, and it worked this time too. I shot cum so hard it hit her in the back. But she didn't care. Layla was riding my face hard. I had my tongue in her pussy and my nose was rubbing her clit. She told me that my scruffy face was making it even better. I brought my hands up to her ass, and began rubbing her cheeks then I let loose with a spank that made her jump. that's the best kind of spank. That one that totally catches her off guard like that.

Oh damn... Layla's pussy was so wet. My face was covered in her juices, and I was loving it. She had started to move her hips more in circles and she leaned forward a little bit, more into my face. She took her pinky finger in her mouth and started sucking on it, and getting it nice and wet. Then she reached around and started toying with the ass hole. I decided that since I had interrupted her play time, and she wasn't able to finish herself off, that I would be damned if she started to do it again. I grabbed both of her hands and help them in front of her, and lifted Layla off of my face. I placed her back in the chair, and pushed her legs up in the air. I gave her pussy one last good lick from bottom to top. Then I slowly put one finger in her pussy.

When that finger was nice and wet, I switched hands, and moved the wet finger to her ass. The ass play was new for us. It was something that Layla had always been opposed to doing. I never really pushed this issue, but she came to me one night and told me that a friend of hers had given her some anal beads to try out. She did in the shower, and came so hard that she fell forward and bumped her head in the shower. She still wont let me put my dick in her ass, but we have experimented and found some things that she does like. And my middle finger she likes the best.

So I have one hand, 2 fingers deep in her pussy and the middle finger on my other hand in her ass. I'm pumping both pretty slowly but starting to get faster. Knowing that Layla is never going to get off from the in and out along, I put my tongue to her clit again. I start flicking my tongue back and forth across her clit so fast, and she is pushing herself closer to my face with as much power as she can muster. About the same time that she reaches down and grabs my ears, her legs start to twitch. Layla has now pretty much lost control and the only possible end result for her is an orgasm. Even if I stop cold right now, she will still cum by simply squeezing her legs together. But, I don't stop. I keep going. Licking. Fucking with my fingers. Then Layla thrusts her hips forward, and digs her nails into my shoulders. If I look up, I would see her head go back and her eyes roll back. She would be biting on the right side of her bottom lip. But I don't have to look, because I know. I know when she is having that granddaddy orgasm. So, instead, I just enjoy the taste of my girlfriend.

When her body stops quivering, I reach down in my pocket and pull out the box. And I say...

"This isn't what I planned for tonite, but since I'm here on my knees, I'll ask you now to marry me."

She said yes.

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