The Reckoning


This story is entirely fictional and any resemblance of any of the characters to real people is purely coincidental.

Now it is up to the reader to decide if the fictional applies to the text above or below...


I had put it off long enough. And her last voicemail had gotten to me. Something of "if you don't fix this, I will get a real painter to do this and short-pay the bill."

Even calling ahead was one interaction I wasn't up to. So I just showed up at the end of my day.

Knock, knock. I rapped on the storm door. The loose door rattled in the opening. A light turned on and the door swung open.

"Oh, you decided to come finish my painting project after all?" She said. She wasn't a bad looking woman. A few pounds too many but what was worse, she never smiled. I can't even think of being married to her.

A witty thought came to mind and I considered playing hardball for a second. I thought better of it. All I wanted is this project to be over, and playing along would probably just be quickest. "Can you show me what the problem is?"

"I would be glad to" and without hesitation she turned around and stormed off to the bedroom I painted the week before.

I watched her walk ahead of me. I took the opportunity to really check out her ass. She was wearing a button down long sleeve shirt and off-white pants. And yes, if she just lost a bit of weight, she might even be attractive. Naaah, I thought to myself. No there is no diet that would make her smile or improve her attitude so you would even want to be around her.

In the bedroom she started pointing at some of the trim. "Now look at this!" she exclaimed. "This finish is soo uneven you'd swear you painted it using a dead chicken instead of a brush!"

Oh, I was already annoyed, and while this wasn't my best work, this was really going too far.

"If I had known you would just take this job for granted, and treat me this way, I would have never had you do this." "What a rip-off" she added.

By now I could feel myself trembling from anger.

She pulled the drapes aside and pointed behind the radiator: "And look at this!" "Here the paint doesn't even cover!" "Were you trying to save on paint as well?"

"You bitch!" I yelled and shoved her. "You told me to do this project as fast and inexpensively as I could since you just wanted the room freshened up a little."

She stumbled backwards towards the bed and caught herself on the footboard. It was one of those Pottery Barn designs which looked more like a fence than a footboard.

My hand was on her neck while I pushed her down some more. Suddenly I was all smiling and said: "I think it is time for you to learn a little lesson."

With my other hand I grabbed the robe that was on the bed and pulled the belt out of it. I draped the belt over her neck and under the top rung of the foot board. In a snap, she was tied to the footboard, bent over forward with her face almost on the covers.

"What in the world are you doing?" she exclaimed. She sounded a bit afraid.

"Oh, this stuck up attitude, it needs some adjustment!" I said angrily, but with an air of triumph. "You fat cow, you are going to change your tune in just a second!" I added.

"Cow??" and before she could say more, I interrupted her.

"Yes, COW!" I hollered, as I firmly smacked her ass.

"Ouch! Stop that!" she almost screamed.

Smack! Another flat hand landed on her ass. "That's not how cows sound!" "Cows go Moooo" I said.

"You are in so much trouble young man" She snapped.

Smack, Smack! "Wrong answer" I said. "Wonder how long you will keep this up?"

"Ouch! That stings!" she said with a sound of desperation in her voice.

Smack, smack, smack! "Go Mooooo" I said laughingly.

"Mooo" she finally uttered, hesitantly.

"Good cow!" and I patted her ass, tapping, like you would a dog.

"Now we need to get you more in the cow costume" I said as I started unbuttoning her shirt.

"No way!" she yelled.

Smack, smack, smack! Was the result.

"Mooo, mooo" she said hastily.

I laughed loudly and got back to the buttons. In no time, I had undone the tiny buttons and took her shirt off. She tried to struggle, but with her throat on the footboard, I had quite the advantage. A little pressure on her neck made her breathing sound funny.

"Mooo, mooo" she tried to protest as good as she could.

Her bra was next, the rear clasp was super easy to get to in this position I thought to myself. "Why stop here?" "Ever seen a cow with pants?" I said and I proceeded to loosen her button and zipper.

"When I get out, I am going to report you to the police" she snapped angrily.

Smack, smack, smack on her ass. It sounded much louder now it was bare skin. "That is not how cows go!" I added.

"Mooo, mooo" she said hastily, while trying to pull her pants back up.

Smack, smack, smack it went as I said: "cows don't have hands or wrestle." "Only sometimes they kick."

"Mooo, mooo" she went after the last series.

Now, without clothes, she looked actually a lot better. Her tits were massive and hung down plumply. Her nipples were erect, even though it wasn't cold in the room.

"There is one thing missing about this costume" I said. "Cows always have ear tags." I walked over to the desk and grabbed two yellow sticky notes and a marker. I wrote 69 twice and stuck them on her gaudy earrings.

I laughed as I reached for my phone and snapped a few pictures. She looked very unhappy but didn't make a sound.

"Ok, time for an udder check" I said as I reached for her nipples.

She tried to fend me off with her hands and in the process pushed on her own throat, making gasping noises.

Smack, smack, smack. I put some real effort into those smacks and even before the third smack landed, she went: "Moooo, mooo."

I laughed and went back to grabbing her boobs. "Udder check" I said while roughly handling her big tits and giving her nipples a very firm squeeze.

She squealed loudly. I told her again, "that is not how cows sound!" and squeezed her nipples to drive the point home.

"Mooo, mooo" she went quickly.

There was the sound of a door downstairs. Steps came up the stairs.

"Oh Ray!" the bitch went. I snuffed her from saying anything else by pushing on her head. She gasped.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" the guy said. He must have come home from work and was wearing a cheap suit.

"I will tell you what you are going to do, if you don't want me to hurt her." I hissed at him.

The week before, while I was painting, I had plenty of time to rifle through their stuff. I had found some interesting items stored in the drawer under the bed. I opened it and fished out a pair of fur lined handcuffs.

As I tossed them to Ray, I said: "Put these on." I added some pressure to her head and the gasping sound made him hurry.

"Click, click" He closed the cuffs.

I tossed him another pair and snapped, "Now lock yourself to the radiator."

He hesitated. I leaned on her head. She gasped for air.

"Click" and with a little delay and some light clinking, "click."

I let go of her. I found her undies and stuffed them in his mouth. I untied his tie and retied it around his head, so the gag wouldn't come out.

"OK, where were we?" I said proudly.

Ray looked bewildered.

"Oh, let me bring you up to speed Ray" I directed myself to him. We are playing this game where she is learning how to behave like the cow she is. I grabbed her boobs again.

"Listen, she even sounds like a cow" as I squeezed her nipples.

"Mooo, mooo" she went. I laughed.

"Now we have gotten to the phase where the cow gets inseminated." I said while looking at her.

The look on her face was priceless. I started taking off my clothes. My dick sprung out, it was already hard.

I poked a finger in her crack. "Hey, what a surprise, just like a cow, the crack is already wet!" I exclaimed. I looked at Ray. He pulled some at his cuffs, but wasn't making much of a fuss. Not that he had much choice anyway.

"I should have known" I continued while looking at Ray, "cows nipples always get hard when the bull gets near."

"Ray, you look sort of out of place," I said. "You live with the cow, so you need to get in costume too."

I came over to Ray and quickly undid his clothes. His pants dropped to his ankles and I just left them there. Just like his wife, he was quite hairy. He was in better shape than his wife though.

"OK, time to get this breeding underway," I said as I moved behind her. She was trying to squirm away sideways, but I got a good grip on her nipples and with my elbows kept her from squirming too far.

"Mooo, mooo" she protested and tried to buck me off.

I hung on and clamped down on her nipples.

"Mooo, mooo, mooo" she said hastily. I laughed and positioned myself using my elbows.

My hard dick quickly found the way. It isn't difficult when you are this hard and she is that wet.

We both gasped. My motivation might have been different than hers though. She felt really good, the soft lips slipped over my head and as I pushed in deeper, her muff just engulfed me.

"I wonder what kind of sound a cow makes while breeding." I said it more to myself than to anyone else.

Hastily it sounded: "Mooo, mooo."

Laughingly I looked around at Ray and said: "Looks like we got our answer."

Ray's face was distorted by the tie, but it was noticeable that he was interested. What was even more noticeable was his woody.

I turned my attention back to her. I started to really plunge into her. Hey, if I am supposed to be a bull, that means I can be a bull.

"Mooo, mooo" she said. It sounded different now, maybe I heard it differently now I had my own endorphins going.

I just went to town on her. The soft skin slipped and slid all over me. Her wetness was almost dripping. It even made my balls wet and the wind caused by my fierce motion actually made my balls cold! I didn't last worth a damn. And I didn't care. I shot off inside of her while firmly squeezing her nipples.

She moooed loudly. I don't think it was an orgasm kind of moo.

As I slipped out of her, I looked at Ray. His dick was just jutting out straight! "Did you like the show?" I asked Ray.

With his gag, he made some incomprehensible sounds. It almost sounded like Mooo.

While my dick was still dripping, I fumbled around in the drawer under the bed. I found a short rope with a loop that I put around Ray's neck. I pulled the rope tight and said: "too bad you don't have nose rings, I think that is how farmers keep their bulls under control."

I fumbled in the drawer some more and found the key to the cuffs. While firmly holding onto Ray's rope, I unlocked him from the radiator. By the rope, I lead him to his wife.

He needed no prompting. He went right on his knees and put his cuffed hands on her back. As she squirmed sideways, he slapped her ass and waited.

"Mooo, mooo" she uttered, almost questioningly.

Ray smiled and took a deep breath through his nose. I loosened the tie and he pushed the undies out with his tongue.

"Mooo, mooo you bitch" he went as he positioned his elbows to keep her from squirming away. Suddenly it was quite obvious who was usually wearing the cuffs...

He was trying to find the entry. He was poking around wildly. Suddenly he smiled and moved much closer. He must have found what he was looking for. They both mooed.

"This is good" I whispered to myself. I snapped some pictures and even recorded the scene on my phone. They looked at me and I got a couple of good shots with the ear tags. "This is to make sure you keep your mouth shut, or it will go viral" I said as I put my clothes on.

She mooed, he mooed, and both of them got into it.

As soon as he came, I took a few more pictures and left.

The next day, I found my check in the mail box.

A few months later, I ran across them on some sidewalk. Ray was smiling at me, beaming really, and said: "Thank you."

She wasn't smiling. She never did before and didn't now neither. As she looked at the pavement, her face grew beet red.

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