tagRomanceThe Red Letter

The Red Letter


It had been exactly twenty-nine days, six hours and fifteen minutes since we had spent the evening alone. Each day, each hour pulled my consciousness to distraction and haunted me. Each minute made me want his touch more.

And then, suddenly, it was time.

He had told me before he left a month ago, that I would be receiving a letter in three days with my "orders". And in three days, the red envelope came. It looked like any other letter or birthday card, but this had his touch. The way he formed his letters was so graceful, holding the letter I could almost picture his hand holding the pen, putting to paper the beautiful torture his mind created.

My beautiful butterfly;

In 27 days, at ten minutes until midnight, I will see you again. Go to the tower on the hill, park your car in the last spot in the parking lot. Wear a red skirt and a black silk top. Wear no panties and your sheer black bra. Wear no shoes, and stand underneath the arch. I will find you there.

Until we meet next,


That letter spent nights under my pillow, in my pocket. Five short sentences was my fuel for twenty-seven days. And then I was here. Twenty-Nine days, Six hours and sixteen minutes since I had seen him last. I resisted pacing to warm up: the fall nights got cold quickly, and I felt my nipples press against the sheer fabric of my bra. My teeth nibbled at my lower lip as I looked out over the city. It was so peaceful up here, and so... open. We could be caught, if someone else got it into their head to wander into the park this late in the season. The image of his arms around me, his body buried in mine, daring, in the open sent a flood of excitement over my bare pussy. The heat I had been looking for by pacing raced through my blood with a simple thought. The shudder that touched my core had little to do with the crisp wind, and everything to do with my anticipation.

Two more minutes. I could barely breathe and didn't know if that had something to do with the tightness of my breasts against my shirt and bra, or the electricity I felt all around my skin. The road leading up to the park was silent. No hint of a car, Slowly I closed my eyes, then reopened them. He would not be late. He was never late.

One more minute. even though I knew he would not be late, I still felt a familiar fear in the back of my mind. He had forgotten about me. He had found another girl, one more then I was, more than I could ever be. He was not coming, and the street was still dark.

It was then I felt it. Somehow I had missed his steps on the concrete behind me. But there was no mistaking his warm body. Who knew, in truth, how long he had been watching my pacing. But his right arm slid around my waist, securing my arms at my sides, and the other hand slid up, covering my mouth. His flesh was rough against the silk of my top and the satin of my skin. He was solid behind my back, and I could feel every inch of him behind me, pressing against me. His mouth drew closer to my neck and I felt him whisper "Did you miss me, Butterfly?"

There was no verbal reply. I knew I couldn't give one even if I wanted to - but the shudder gave me away, and my eyes half closed. His breath was warm on my neck, teasing down the line of my collar, making my nipples harden further. I squeezed my thighs together, feeling my wetness grow with every passing second he stood behind me, holding me in his impossibly possessive grip.

I felt his lips press against my flesh where his breath just passed and it was all I could do to keep my feet. Pressing some of my weight back against him as his mouth moved down my neck, across the line of my collar. His arm that held my waist slid up, so his hand could slowly pop the buttons of my blouse, one after the other, until it was open to my waist, exposing my flesh to the chill breeze. The callused palm of his hand brushed over the goose bumps that formed on my stomach and raised to cup my full breasts.

The motion of my hips was reactionary, pressing back into him again as his hand teased my nipples through the sheer fabric. The hand that held my mouth closed slid down my neck, pausing there to squeeze me back into his lips that had found the sweet spot where my shoulder met my neck. I couldn't stop the low moan that escaped my lips when I felt his teeth threaten the flesh there.

His hand continued down from my neck to my other breast, both hands slinking inside of my bra to free the flesh there, baring my nipples to the cold air. They ached painfully from desire and from the night, but neither stopped my eager moans that continued to rise from the back of my throat. With each sound, I felt his body behind mine press harder against me, until I could feel the definition of his cock in his pants settle against the line of my ass.

God, I wanted him.

It didn't matter that we were in public, just before midnight, in the middle of the fall. He didn't seem to care as his fingers rolled and pinched my nipples until they stood out an inch from my body, aching with a pain that would last until tomorrow night. But I wasn't thinking about tomorrow night. I was thinking about now as I rolled my hips back against his body, teasing my ass against his crotch. I knew what I would get if I kept this up - I hoped I was right.

I heard a soft grunt from him as my body rubbed against his, and his hands left my breasts and went to my blouse, pulling it halfway down my arms. A chill ran through my body as I realized that his intent was to trap me and take me. As I tried to move my arms, he moved his hands so I could see I was trapped, for now. I could almost hear his nod of satisfaction as he crouched behind me and ran his hand from my knee up to my inner thigh. His fingers possessively pressed my thighs apart, and I heard the soft sound of approval when his fingers touched my bare, dripping wet pussy.

He used two fingers to rub my lips from my clit to my ass and back again, each stroke making me whimper with eagerness. Rolling my hips against his hand as my breath was made shallow with excitement, he could feel how close he already had me to cumming. But he stopped - I was allowed one, and only one. I almost cried with disappointment, my arms straining against my entrapment. But his fingers winding in my hair and tugging cut short my whimper and brought me to my knees.

The cement was a jarring surprise under my flesh, and his hand released my hair and slid down to my blouse, tugging on it, so my arms were pulled behind my back, with my forehead touching the cold stone. I let my eyes close as he slowly inched my skirt up over my waist, exposing my ass to the air. His hand palmed against my flesh, nails scraping over the skin before he pulled his hand back and let a resounding smack touch the right cheek until it burned with warmth and I groaned with pleasure, panting against the ground.

"Please" I whispered, the word forming on my lips like a prayer for the passion. With my eyes closed, I could see the smirk that crossed his lips as he unzipped his pants and knelt behind me. He knew what I wanted above all else, and more than anything he loved to hear me beg. My fingers gripped at nothing as I felt the hot flesh of the head of his cock slide over the warm spot on my ass. I tried to lift my head enough to look behind me, but his fingers in my hair caught me and yanked my head back to stare up, at the star-filled night sky.

A soft cry of surprise escaped when he yanked my head back, and the cry was doubled as he ran the length of his thickness down the crack of my ass and to my hot, velvety smooth pussy, over my hard clit and back again. I squirmed and panted, my body begging when my mouth couldn't form the words.

"Tell me you want it" He ordered, his fingers still holding my head hostage as his rock-hard cock rocked against my slit, teasing my clit. My shoulders trembled, my mouth moved but I could not force words out of them, practically blind with desire as he teased me. "Tell me." He demanded again, this time, pulling his beautiful cock away from my body.

My shoulders slumped as he pulled away and I swallowed to find my voice "I want your cock, please, please fuck me" Once I had found the words, they would not stop "I need it so badly, take my pussy, make me cum." I could feel his lips lower to the small of my back, and kiss up my spine, but I did not feel his cock against me again and I whimpered "Please"

When he straightened up, I felt the powerful length run along the outside of my lips again and my whole body trembled with anticipation. His hand slid between my legs and his fingers separated my pussy lips delicately, his thumb rubbing my clit directly, sending stars through my vision. Then, wordlessly, without warning or hesitation, I felt the thick length plunge into my body. My cries pressed against the cold ground as he sunk himself to the hilt in my velvet wetness.

Our moans echoed each others' passion as he took his cock and pulled back, nearly slipping out of my pussy, before shoving himself back into me, deeper, it seemed, than before. With each thrust he pressed my body forward, my breasts and hard nipples scraping against the cement, adding to the pleasure. The cries of pleasure seemed to spur him on, and the sound of his hips slapping against mine filled the empty park.

I begged for more until I was filled completely, his fingertips digging into my hips as he pulled me back onto his cock, harder each time. The sound of his breath echoed the beating of my heart and seemed to speed up as we raced toward climax. Each thrust was brutal, unyielding, and I loved it. He took me again and again, with each slap against my ass of his flesh, claiming what was his.

It was bare moments before my moans and the tightness of my pussy wrapped around his cock warned him of my orgasm. His fingers wrapped in my hair again and with a yank back on it, he used my body for his pleasure, with quick thrust of his thickness slammed into my body, jarring it with the motion that ran pleasure through every inch of me. his free hand went around my mouth again to soften the screams as my body gave way to his demands and my cum washed over his cock. My mind was lost in the pleasure once, then again as his cum flooded into my pussy, stream after stream of passion rocking me to my core. I felt his thrusts slow, but my mind and body were on fire that I only recognized the emptiness as his cock left my body.

I felt his breath on my neck again, soft kisses against my silken flesh as he whispered in my ear.

"Goodnight Butterfly"

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