tagBDSMThe Red Lights of Amsterdam

The Red Lights of Amsterdam


Chapter I

For a moment in time the slow rhythmic drip, drip, drip from the tap is the only sound in the room, it echo's throughout reflecting of the marble surfaces of the wall and floor. The dripping is then joined by a little splashing as she moves in the bath wiggles her toes slightly moving on foot up to catch the drip on the tip of a toe. A sigh of pleasure escapes her lips as the aches and pains of a long day are soaked away, combined with the cold feeling as each drip falls.

The slight sound of movement beyond the bathroom shakes her from the reverie her eyes flicker open and head turns to the door. Slowly blinking the steam away from her eyes her piercing green eyes focus on the door as the handle turns. Another splash indicates movement in the bath as she turns to face the door opening.

He stands there blocking most of the light seeping in from the bedroom a huge bulk of a man over six feet tall and some say as wide. At the same time as he stands there she notices as always the little things, the voices that where outside have died away and as he stands there she hears the banging of another door, "the main door to the suit?" she thinks quickly as she focus's on him.

"Well?" His gruff voice breaks the silence. Fingers drum lightly on the doorframe, "Do you really want to be late a second time today?" The slight tinge to the voice makes her look at him but quickly she nods to him and starts to clean herself.

He makes a non-committal sound and then stands to watch her finish her ablutions, a slight flush is seen to enter her cheeks at his staring. After a proper cleaning she opens her eyes and almost jumps out of her skin for as she was about to reach for the towel he is beside her holding it out for her to rise.

"I...I.I did not hear you come up ... Th.Thank you" She stutters out her thanks as she rises the water, the droplets running of the now clean milk white skin. Taking the towel she slowly and methodically pats herself dry. "Who was that, earlier?"

"A Friend" he takes a chair in the corner of the bathroom and sits down and watches as she dries herself down, "You will meet him later, I have put your outfit on the bed for tonight, think you made a good choice this afternoon"

"Thanks" She reaches back arching her back slightly as undoes the bun and let's her hair fall down her back. She looks over her shoulder, "Down or up tonight, what do you think?"

"Down, you get dress I have to go and talk to the manager a moment, see what time the club is open to tonight." He rises takes a look at her his eyes going up and down slowly noting the curve of her figure the slow rising and falling of her chest. "Do not forget you need to be ready in thirty minutes. Don't be late".

Her cheeks redden and the flush runs down her neck and in between her breasts, "I will be ready" she hesitantly smiles and watches as he turns and leaves the room. As the door shuts she lets out a little breath and turns and looks into the mirror and a big beaming smile is seen, she turns and slowly starts getting ready, her pace deliberate and maybe just a little to slow?

The top and skirt are taken into the bathroom along with other items, brush, make-up and other assorted items to copious to mention. Laying these down each movement is calculated to be precise and each item placed in an exact position for use. This alone takes fifteen minutes, and then the slow process of using each item takes place, applying eye liner, lipstick, and final part getting her hair straightened using the tongs. Then each article of clothing, knickers, suspenders, stockings, her new top and finally skirt is put on and checked, even before finished dressing she hears him return into the main room and through the shaded glassed door can see him slowly pacing the room.

"I will not be too long" She says in a raised voice, but there is no answer beyond a grunt of acknowledgment outside.

Finally ready, checks her watch which I sitting on the side ten minutes late, making a slight grimace turns and taking a deep breath walks out into the room and stops dead in her tracks, there he is pacing but sitting in the corner behind is someone she does not know, before she can check herself her hands move to cover her very revealing top.

"Stop covering yourself Girl, this is our Host for the night, he and I are here and been waiting to go for Ten minutes." Each word is said with an almost premeditated slowness but not raised in irritation or anger but said in an even almost menacing tone.

"You're late" his arms are folded as he turns to face her, he watches as the effect of his tone and words have the desired effect as she turns pale.

Her eyes flick briefly towards the unknown man sitting calmly on the chair in the corner observing the exchange. "Sorry, I did not kno.." her mouth clamps shut half way through the sentence seeing his face.

Moving quickly he is by her side and taking her firmly by the arm he pulls her towards the end of the bed where there is a small bench, although he is obviously angered she did not flinch as he moved to her and grabbed her arm. He Whispers in her ear something only audible to them and she bends over putting hands on the bench. Without another word he removes the skirt, then pulls down her knickers.

She stays in that position a slight quivering can be see as tries to hold the position perfectly still, her checks have now changed from pale white to a rosy pink, this blush can be clearly seen going all way down her body. The two men are now in a position to look directly at her now exposed bottom. Her head jerks slightly hearing a movement and a scraping like cloth on cloth but dare not look back.

"This is the second time today you have been late, this time was eleven minutes and this morning was nine minutes, are you aware of this?" He says his tone still even.

After a brief pause "Yes I am aware of the time I am late."

"Then you know what my opinion is on tardiness don't....." Even before he finishes the sentence there is the swishing sound as something flies through the air and there is a loud thwack, his leather belt hits accurately straight across her bottom instantly a belt width of red appears across the white skin puckering in Goosebumps all along its line and a small red welt appears at the end where the tip of the belt stops suddenly hitting the skin.

Her reaction is more evident, even though she appeared to know what was coming; she still nearly bites her tongue and does nip the inner cheek. She is abruptly aware of a line of pure fire across both her buttocks, involuntary a yelp escapes her lips before it is controlled and a single tear runs down one cheek. Her knees nearly give way as almost they turn to jelly and then she goes onto tip toe briefly as if that would help the sudden pain in her bottom. There is a brief pause as she feels the thin strip of pain slowly start to spread it's heat out from the start.

There is a long drawn out silence in the room, both men waiting patiently watching the girl's reaction to the blow. "One" the words come from her not forced but they come slightly strained. He nods briefly at this and the second, third and forth blow follow swiftly each only after she counts them out.

By the fifth blow she is almost always standing on tip toe except for as each blow lands she leans forward almost as if to move away from the blow. The fifth blow however is not as accurate as the previous and the belt lands only on one buttock and the tip of the belt flicks and terminates directly on the soft and sensitive skin of the anus, this time she yelps not able to help herself, and the tears run down her cheeks which up until that point had been controlled.

Seeing this reaction he says quietly one word "Red?" In a questioning almost tender tone.

The girl although in obvious pain from the misplaced blows slowly shakes her head, then after a brief moment is back off tip toe and says "Five".

Each blow is measured out and the man seems to know exactly where to hit to get a reaction and also alternates the side from which he strikes. This means the welts from the tip are evenly spaced across here bottom and lower legs. As the punishment goes on the man in the Corner watches in silence but there is a slight hint of a smile in his eyes while he watches.

The girl now in obvious discomfort is leaning heavily forward on her arms which are now shaking the tears are running down her cheeks, the quivering is in her legs too. Her bottom feels like it is on fire almost over the whole of it and feels the size of a football. "Nineteen" the words barley audible are said.

The final blow lands and with an audible relief she says "Twenty."

"We will now make sure we are on time in the future I hope." He says and watches her as she nods, but does not move. "Okay you take up your skirt and go and finish dressing, do not redo your make-up I see you have been careful not to put mascara on which is lucky for you". She nods to him as she quickly takes up her skirt and knickers, nodding briefly to the other man in the corner in an apologetic manner she quickly goes into the bathroom. "You have ten minutes to be ready" he says, but jovially as there is now a smile on his face as he turns to his friend.

Within ten minutes, in fact in fact only eight minutes she returns the skirt back in place along with her make-up re-done slightly, only a slight puffiness to her eyes and the manner she walks show that anything happened recently. Taking up her over coat he holds it out for her and as he puts it on her he lightly taps her bottom. The reaction is immediate as she jumps. "There, there I am sure it will be better later".

The look she gives him is unreadable, the other man cannot hold it any longer and breaks out into laughter, this breaking the tension causes the other to laugh loudly and the girl smiles her eyes lighting up with of all things possibly passion?

"Shall we" he holds out his arm to her "We have a short walk through town now you know you always enjoy that" He Grins down to her "Maybe you do not need the coat?"

There is a twinkle in her eye as she looks up at him and an almost mischievous grin appears. "Whatever you want Master" The Grin vanishes and a little giggle escapes her lips, "But it is cold out there and is Drizzling so No." Briefly sternness appears in her eyes but then the humility returns as she lowers them slightly.

He looks down at her a moment then just nods as it appears he knows just how far to push something and how not too. Tonight was a party and the evening had not evening started yet his face broke into a huge grin "And we have not even eaten yet". Patting her bottom again, "let's go." With that he opens the door and all three exit.


Chapter II

The night air is fresh but damp, there is a light drizzle and within a few steps the coolness and dampness combine to make her skin tingle. The stinging from her bottom is more pronounced with each step as the back of the coat rubs up against her thin skirt beneath. She sighs and looks out into the night blinking slowly at the now bright lights of the signs about. Amsterdam, at the same time a beautiful but also a dangerous city, a city where maybe anything can be had or lost.

Looking at the people passing she sees all kinds, from all walks of life but also from all over the world. A small smile is seen upon her face as she notes those passing; her free hand reaches back and rubs a little at her bottom, she notes one or two that pass occasionally that briefly look in her direction. If only they knew, a small sound escapes her lips, an unexpected small laugh which she is quick to hide.

John looks down at her a puzzled but quizzical look on his face he looks then towards his friend who walks on the other side of her. His friend is also looking at the girl briefly then looks to John and he slightly shrugs, the look of I do not know on his face.

All three walk through the town now filled with people out for the night, the earlier crowd of families slowly being replaced by the night crawlers of the city. The young, the tourists and the locals of dubious character, all are out to see what the city has to offer, and from the streets ahead can be seen the glow of the red lights of the window displays.

"We have a little time yet shall we have a look at what is displayed this night?" John turns to his friend; he is clearly ignoring the girl for now.

The other nods, not saying a word his eyes briefly flick over the girl who does not see this then looks down the street, he indicates with his hand to take the alley to the left.

John nods "Ah yes Warmoes Straat is down this way I remember, I should really come this way more often" A small laugh can be heard as he turns and walks quickly in that direction his friend follows again on the right hand side of the girl who at that moment is trying to not fall down from the sudden turn and walk.

The girl had been slightly day dreaming at the moment of their brief stop, and was clearly not really listening to what was happening around her. When john suddenly walked on she was un- prepared and almost got drag from her feet. The sudden jerky movements did not help her currently sensitive self and she almost made a remark almost, gathering herself quickly she managed not to fall down; quickening her pace in line with his she was soon settled enough to notice where they headed.

The small alley opened onto the main streets of the district of Amsterdam known as the red light district, with small alleys off to left and right. They walked down the alleys rather than the main street until into an area where almost everywhere you looked was glassed doors with a red light above it. There was many with curtains closed but still many open with girls standing, sitting. Listening to their ipod or even knocking on the glass to attract the attention of passers by. Their full wares almost but not quite on complete display, there was a large variety of scantily clad women of all nationalities, shapes and sizes.

After a few minutes of looking around John stops in front of a darkened window with the red light turned off he turns to his friend, "We could always hire this for the night you know" He looks down at the girl briefly a wry smile on his face.

Her head suddenly jerks up and her eyes lock with his, she has a searching look in her face as she tries to read if he is serious or not? He holds the look for a moment then his eyes harden, she lowers hers quickly then returns to looking occasionally at the other occupied windows.

One of the windowed doors to the right opens and out walks an Asian man with a huge smile on his face, the girl in the room gives a slight wave to him then slips back out of sight. All three of them watch, he catches the eyes of the two men and nods smiling to them both, his eyes slip past the girl not even seeing her. He turns away runs his fingers through the back of his hair as he walks off and is seen to shiver a little bit from the obvious pleasure he just had had. He disappears into the dark streets while they watch on.

"There goes a happy man I think, seems she did her job well" John Laughs at saying this and the other joins in with this. "I hear most girls working here work for their boyfriends strange the facts you learn eh?" He looks to his friend who nods in agreement although he is obviously distracted as they walk past looking at a young and short blond woman in one of the windows. "Strange in deed" John mutters as they continue.

"Okay enough of this, Wim let's go, we arranged this Party so I think we had better turn up." With that Wim took the lead and they headed off the main track past the main club's and towards a slightly darker area of the town. Emerging into a little square, they see in front of them two small Bar's to the left and the right and in the centre a small Club. One of several smaller club's which are often hired by Private group's for parties this one such night. Several people where cued outside waiting to enter, the bouncers checking the invitation's as shown. The small group of three walked up and Wim nods once to the bouncer and all three are let straight in.

Once through the lobby John took the coat from her before she could even react he had taken it off fully revealing below the voluptuous outfit contained beneath. "That is much better." He says smiling.

An intake of breath is heard behind from a couple passing and some unintelligible words are said in Dutch. The girl reaches behind her and feels the back of her leg just below her skirt, which she now realises shows clearly in this bright lobby light the signs of her earlier punishment. Her cheeks redden in a flush and John smiles at her as he realises what she is reacting too.

"Don't worry, they just enhance your white skin, everyone will think those marks are pretty, I know I do" he tone is serious.

At same time as he spoke the Dutch couple open the main doors in front and the small group realises they have paused upon entering the main club rooms. With the opening of the doors the blast of Dance music can be clearly heard and the brief flash of red and blue strobe lighting attracts their eyes.

Handing over the coat to the attendant they enter into the club proper and are greeted by several people, all clearly friends of all three of them. They quickly intermingle into the small crowd inside and drinks seem to appear from nowhere.

A look across the room shows a great mixture of people and costumes, some wearing rubber, leather or very little at all, all are obviously very fetish orientated outfits. The feeling in the main club room is also one of expectant sexuality, mixed along with an air of general excitement.

After a few minutes and some loud introductions and greetings the DJ's voice crackles over the music and with his words the party begins, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wim Van De ------", a small cheer erupts in the room and everyone turn's to Wim. With this he raises his glass to the air and his lips curl into a smile of pleasure as he seems to thank all gathered. The music then just stops, and the crowd hush.....

John then reaches over to the Girl with him pulling her to his side, "Wim" he says in a now loud voice. "Happy Birthday" With this he pushes the Girl Towards him. "The room's ready upstairs". With this John grins broadly to him and winks "Ever since Berlin you said you wanted to try something".... "For this night she is yours"....

Wim let's out a little laugh nods once and taking the girl firmly by one arm he mouth's "Thank you" then turns towards one of the doors that are at the back of the main room.

The Girl takes one look from Wim back to John then back to Wim, her eyes widen slightly in fright, he then walks in the direction of the door her walking behind him her arm firmly in his grip. Everyone is turned in their direction and watching as the pair walk by, with each step the girl's face goes redder, she obviously is having strong feelings about all those knowing eye's watching her and Wim. Eye's that seem to bore into her very soul.........

The door bangs shut, the eye's are still felt but they are now behind the door, the room is totally black and all that can be heard is the breathing of the two people, suddenly the music opens up outside again with a loud bang, the girl jumps at this... Then.......................


Chapter III

The beat of the music reverberated throughout the room; her heart at the same time was beating faster now the door was shut behind her. Although the music beat was loud she could still here the breathing of the man who was in the room with her, he almost immediately in front of her.

There was a little click followed by a small explosion of light into the room, blinking rapidly to adjust to the now well lit room she saw it was furnished with a large double bed, which look huge as was pushed up against a huge mirror which covered the whole of one wall. The ceiling was also covered in many mirrors, and with the red décor on the bed and walls it looked very much like a bordello. She shivered at the thought but was probably someone's idea of a joke.

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