The Reward


She walked slowly from one end of the room to the other, running her hand along the tops of the tall wooden chairs surrounding the table. Her tongue flicked out from behind her lips, tasting the palpable tension in the air. The ancient tapestries on the walls filled the room with a musky scent, something she found very comforting in this large, cold house. She had visited many times over the years, and it had always felt soulless to her.

Arriving at her destination, she bowed her head. Her master stood in front of her, placed one clawed finger under her chin and lifted her face until it was level with his. Her breathing became heavier, the rise and fall of her chest clearly visible beneath the heavy material of her robes. There was always a hint of fear when she was in his presence, but it only served to fuel her excitement.

"My lord," she whispered, "I have done as you asked."

He replied in a deep, rasping voice, "And can I expect to be satisfied with the results?"

"Yes master."

"Good, good. Then you shall be rewarded."

A small whimper escaped her lips. This was the highest honour, she knew of no one else who had been rewarded for fulfilling their tasks.

Ordinarily, leaving with your life intact was prize enough.

He returned to his seated position, pushed his chair away from the table, and opened his robe just enough to reveal more of his milky white skin than she had ever seen before. Suddenly feeling weak and unable to stand, she dropped to her knees. Mustering the energy to crawl over to him, she laid her head in his lap. An awkward smile crossed his lips; he was clearly enjoying being the most powerful once again.

His power was like a drug to her, and gaining energy once more, she decided to turn the tables on him. A gasp escaped him as she seized the base of his penis, feeling what seemed like all the blood in his body rushing to this one spot.

Already salivating in anticipation, she took him into her mouth. A shiver ran through her whole body as she tasted him for the first time. After devoting herself to him so passionately, so desperately, for so long, she found it hard to believe that this was really happening.

Her long black curls fell in front of her face, obstructing her view. As she reached to move them, he grasped her arms, hard.

"No. You will not overpower me."

As he pressed his wand to her Dark Mark, she was filled with an overwhelming sense of pain and pleasure, mixing to consume her with fire from within. Sliding him further down her throat, she moaned loudly; this new sensation sending a shiver down his spine. Absent-mindedly, he unclasped her robe and let it fall away, revealing her pale naked body. The moonlight shining through the windows illuminated her skin, and she appeared almost translucent.

He hissed, only serving to fill her with more lust. She felt an ice cold hand on the back of her head, pushing her deeper onto him. She gagged, unable to take his whole length. Laughing, clearly enjoying her discomfort, he held her head for a little longer, before eventually releasing her. She gasped for air, her own saliva mixed with his serum still joining him to her. She looked up into his face, her eyes filled with passion, and bent her legs to be on an even level with him. Leaning forward to kiss him, her tongue darted out of her mouth.

He flicked his wand, and sent her flying backwards onto the table, her body bare and vulnerable. She found herself blind and unable to move, with her legs wide open and arms stretched above her head. Her breasts, milky peaks in the moonlight, were cold; her exposed nipples hardened quickly under his unwavering gaze.

In one swift movement, he was on the table, towering over her. His snake-like tongue flicked out, tasting her exposed flesh. She laughed maniacally, intense pleasure coursing through her. Quickly and powerfully, he was in her. His cold mingled with her firey heat, creating such an intense pleasure that she felt as though she would combust.

Relentlessly, he pierced her over and over, as she tried desperately to get her hands free. She wanted nothing more than to touch him, to prove to herself that this was real. He hissed once more, and she knew that it could be no one but him. She felt his icy finger touch her clitoris, and the pleasure was suddenly too much to bear. Letting herself go, an orgasm hit her as wave upon wave of pleasure merged with pain, making her scream out. He let out a guttural roar, the sound alone seemingly intensifying her orgasm. He released himself, filling her with what felt like molten lava.

Taking his seat once more, he looked her over. She could feel his eyes boring into her, and moaned softly. "My lord. Master, thank you..."

"Get out, Bellatrix."

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