tagInterracial LoveThe Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You


This is my second story that I was working on before my injury and edited as best as I could. I am in search of an editor and if this would be something you would be interested in, please contact me.

Sitting at a bar, nursing a margarita, Elena is in deep thought.

The day started well. She got up, got dressed and went to work like any other day.

When she got to work, however, it just went to hell.

As she walked through the doors of Tre Bien, the restaurant where she worked as a chef, she was immediately grabbed by Brian, her sous chef and pulled into the kitchen.

"Jeff and Carlos just quit like a few minutes ago! That just leaves you and me to prep and 200 reservations for tonight! I need you to get started!" Brian lets her go long enough for her to get her Chef's Coat and head wrap on.

"Did you try to get in touch with Chris?"

"His wife went into labor tonight and he can't make it in! I got to go check on the chicken!" Brian shouts as he rounds the corner to the kitchen.

After she gears up, she takes a deep breath and walks into the kitchen. She walks around the kitchen and talks with Brian to form a strategy to go forward. She knows the perfect remedy. She reaches down into her knife bag and pulls out her MP3 player, connects it to the radio and presses PLAY. Immediately, the sounds of Five Finger Death Punch's Under and Over It comes over the speakers at full blast.

Brian looks up from the flour, scattered over his body, smiles, and goes back to prepping the dough. Not one word was said as the metal continued to drive them till the serving crew came in two hours later.

Some of the crew knew how to prep simple side dishes so a couple of people were pulled to help in the kitchen and the others went about setting up the tables for the reservations. When it came time for family meal, Brian blessed the food and addressed the crowd.

"First off let me thank you guys for coming in and helping. I know some of you stepped out of your comfort zone to help and for that, I thank you. Also, Chris's wife went into labor tonight and he will not be joining us, so we really need to pull together and work as a team tonight. Ask for help if you need it and above all, stay calm. Near the end of the night, we have three large reservations: ten, twenty and twenty five. Divide the work well, ladies and gentlemen and lets get through this night!"

We all hoisted our glasses and screamed, "YARRR!"

As we began to eat. Brian sat down by Elena. "We need another cook tonight, Brian." Elena leaned into Brian. Brian thought for a moment. "Jace! Come here a minute!"

Jace was a kid still in Culinary School, but you could tell he had a knack for wanting to get in the game. He was a server now, just because he said he wanted to wait till he got further into school, but Brian knew he was ready to step in.

"Jace can I speak with you a minute?"

Jace trots over, plate in hand, and sits down. "What's up man?"

"We need a person to work salad station tonight and I think your ready. Elena and I will be on deck to help you with what ever questions you will have but she believes you are good and so do I. What do you think?" Brian smiles, winking at Jace.

Shocked, it takes Jace a few minutes to shake out of his trance. "Hell yea I'm ready! Let me go get my stuff!" The young man replies, happily running towards the locker room.

The night begins and everything starts off okay, until an irate customer storms to the cash register.

"I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER NOW!" Elena could hear him roar all the way into the kitchen. Brian and Elena look at each other.

"I don't wanna go out there." Brian jokes.

"Neither do I, but what do we do?" Elena smirks.

They play rock, paper, scissors, best two out of three, and Brian wins. Elena glares at him, flipping him off, growls and leaves the kitchen. Before she goes out in public, she takes off her coat and apron, takes a deep breath and walks into chaos.

The customer storms up to Elena and before she can get out a 'Sir, may I help you?', he begins to rant about his bill. He is drawing attention to himself as he goes on about the wine and steak he was charged for and never got.

His girlfriend, embarrassed, is trying to calm him down, but in his blind rage, he turns and smacks her. She begins to cry and one of the servers goes over to help her with her bloody nose. The man is now even more furious.

"BITCH!!! DID YOU SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" The customer blares in Elena's direction

Elena is in the middle of trying to calm everybody down, when Brian runs from the kitchen.

"You...your the reason I broke her nose you slut!" Without any warning, he charges towards her at full speed.

Someone shouts LOOK OUT as he raises his hands to Elena. She ducks just in time, but she loses her balance and slips on her back. As the customer is about to stomp down upon her, Brian steps over Elena just in time to shove him violently out of the way, flying into an unattended table.

"Sir you need to leave now. We cannot allow you back into this restaurant." Brian stands at the ready, The customer takes a swing at him, Brian blocks, grabs his wrist and quickly side steps behind him. He then shoves the guy into the wall, causing him to lose his breath. Holding his wrist behind his back, Brian holds him till the police get there and arrest him.

Most reservations had left in the middle of the debacle, but they did get the last three reservations since they were the last of the night. Elena was still shocked over the night, but played her MP3 to keep her hopes up. Always a Final Fantasy fan, the extended version of Snow's Theme from FF13 plays as the duo cleans up and gets ready to go home tonight.

"Brian, you wanna go out for a drink? I owe you for saving my ass in there." Elena looks over at Brian, hoping for a positive response.

"Na. I got a girl I'm meeting up with later, but we can do it some other time. Is that okay?"

Elena bites back the disappointment in her voice. "We'll do it later. I do owe you though, my friend." They both hug each other and go their separate ways.

Now she sitting on this bar wishing she had someone to comfort and hold her at the end of a day like this.

"I know guys usually don't go for big girls like me but damn!"

Elena finishes her glass of Riesling and walks through the dance floor to the bathroom. After she relieves herself, she took a good look in the mirror. Brushing back her Afro and washing her cinnamon colored skin, she reaches into her purse and reapplies her lipstick. She never wore foundation, her skin smooth enough to not need any.

She looked down at her arms, a little pudgy and scattered with burns from her battles in the kitchen, making sure she had no residual flour on her skin. "Might as well go home and take a shower. Thank God I have a day off tomorrow." She thinks to herself as she walks out of the bathroom and back through the dance floor.

As she walks through the throng of sweaty bodies, the song All Nite, Don't Stop by Janet Jackson calls to her, asking for just one dance. Her body becomes swept up in the beat, the sensuality of the music as it holds her in its drowning embrace. She puts her hands on her hips and starts swaying back and forth, closing her eyes, raising her hands to the ceiling, this energy coursing through her veins.

Luke had been sitting in the back, sipping on a rum and coke, enjoying a night where he could just be to himself. He loved to people watch, seeing how people interacted with each other. As he glanced to the dance floor, his gray eyes fell on this luscious big boned cutie. She was still dressed in her chef pants and Rurouni Kenshin t shirt, but she still looked carefree. She wasn't trying to attract anyone and with the smile on her face, she looked as if she didn't care if she did. She was in her own little world, and he wanted in.

Finishing his drink, he placed the glass down and makes his way towards this gem before she gets away.

Her underwear is already damp from the notes fondling her body. No concern can get to her head about the possibility of her body being sore after her long day. She is so entrapped in her world that when hands grip her from behind, she is drawn out just for a moment.

Stormy Grey eyes gaze down upon her, filled with such naughty secrets. This bulky Italian temptation observing lips that just screamed to be kissed. His lips speak in silence. 'May I dance with you, my beauty?'

Her mind glazed over with lust, the beat summons her inner flirt. She winks, smiles and backs into his arms. As they connect, her backside to his groin, the bond sends a bolt of arousal to her pussy, crying for need of release. His body responds in kind, his swollen dick pressing into her ass.

As the song switches over to Lil Freak by Usher, her trance gets deeper as she starts a slow grind, as her hips talking to his dick a secret message that only these two share. Luke can't believe that he is so close to losing it with a woman on the dance floor barely kissing or touching her! Encompassing her soft curves, he glides his hand into her pants and begins to feather her clit with the rhythm of the music.

She gazes up, watching his lips move lip syncing with the song............

'Be my lil freak, be my lil freak, let her put her hands in your pants, be my lil freak'. She wants to be his lil freak, even if its just for one night.

He reaches one hand in her shirt, playing with her nipples like a conductor, flicking and caressing the breast he wanted to suck on all night long. His other hand deep into her now dripping pussy he slides one finger in.

"She's so tight!" Luke growls as Elena reaches one hand, hanging on to his neck with the other in his pants to meet up with whats been talking to her horny mind. She can barely put her hand around him, stroking up and down, feeling his precome drizzling over her hand.

The dance floor, loaded to the brim, now became just the two of them, at this point more concerned with this connection that they did not want to break. This erotic dance becomes too much for Luke as he grabs her waist, bringing her close.

He leans over her, his hand shooting three fingers deep in her pussy and gives her kiss, setting off an explosion starting from their toes and echoing through their minds as they groan in unison, squirting all over their fingers. As the song ends, the people start to leave the dance floor, but they still stand,or rather Elena's frame is supported by this dashing mystery man.

Luke pulls Elena back to a booth and they both sit, trying to calm down from this wonderful experience. Luke savors the taste on his fingers, tasting this sweet nectar from this chocolate goddess.

Elena is shocked. She was used to being the nerdy one who didn't fit in. Now she's grinding on the dance floor with a guy, fine yea but a stranger none the less! She starts to panic and tries to leave, but this guy won't let her go. 'Oh God!' Her mind cringes as she turns around to see what fate had in store.

Luke can feel the unsure emotions coming through her body. 'She's so cute when she cums. I wonder what else I can find out about her.' Luke ponders as she finally turns around and their eyes meet. He smiles at her, leans her over and kisses her, softly.

"Madam, my name is Luke Barrington. May I get a chance to get to know you?"

Elena blinks twice. 'He can NOT be thinking about me'. Her face tinting a light crimson as the shyness rushes back to her at full force. "I don't know...I'm not usually like this. Um,my name is Elena James. Can we go outside for a while? I really need to cool off!" She gives him a timid grin as he laced his fingers with hers, strolling out of the bar, his arm wrapped securely around her waist. .

All comments are not only welcomed but appreciated and hopefully you will enjoy this. For those who read my first story Even Scars Are Beautiful, I am working on the second chapter right now and will soon be ready to put that out.

I can see how these other authors have problems putting things out now, especially when you have other projects dancing in your head and fingers.

For those who have supported me throughout this testing of the waters, thank you.(italics)

The Dark Phoenyx (italics)

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