tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sex Star Ch. 09

The Sex Star Ch. 09


"What do you think the chances are of us being rescued?" Brandi asked as the girls continued moving through the greenhouse.

"I think we'll be stuck in these woods for months," Summer said.

"As usual, way to be positive, Summer," Shannon muttered.

"That's not what I meant, anyway," Brandi said. "I meant, rescued from the Sex Star. I mean, cops have to be looking for us. Most of us have a lot of friends and relatives back home who would worry if we suddenly disappeared."

"What could cops really do, though?" Danielle pointed out. "I mean, we're in space."

"Maybe there are space cops?" Shannon suggested.

"Don't be an idiot," Summer said.

"What the fuck is your problem, bitch?" Shannon snapped.

"I'm sorry," Summer said. "I've been told I come off too harsh sometimes, but you have to bear with me. I have Asperger's Syndrome."

"Is it contagious?" Shannon asked.

Summer rolled her eyes, but managed not to say anything.

Meanwhile, Team 2 continued to advance further into the Sex Star. "I wonder what that prison area was," Kim said. "Were those girls being punished or something?"

"Nah," Lena said. "Probably just standard slave quarters. Otherwise they wouldn't have opened the doors... you can trust slaves to go back behind bars of their own accord, but you can't trust convicts to do the same."

"So they just have the bars for their door and that's it? No privacy?" Lorraine looked disturbed by this.

"The entire purpose of this station is sexual degradation," Vicky pointed out. "A little voyeurism goes a long way toward completely breaking a woman."

"She's right," Erin said. "I feel I'm qualified to speak from the male perspective, and I got pretty turned on looking at those naked women. Even the ones who weren't doing anything, and even before they hit us with the gas."

Tina nodded. "Speaking from the lesbian perspective -- although technically I'm bi -- Erin's right. It was hot watching those girls. I imagine crew members stop by that corridor and jerk off in front of the cells all the time." The thought made her pussy wet, and she saw Erin's cock stiffen as well.

"So this is what awaits us if we get voted off?" Lorraine said. "No privacy at all?"

"It's not like we have privacy now," Kim pointed out, gesturing toward a camera mounted up on the wall.

Lorraine sighed defeatedly. "I guess not," she said.

Team 1 had traveled a fair bit further into the greenhouse. Occasionally, something in the trees would splatter cum on them from above... however, they had yet to actually see any more of the greenhouse's inhabitants.

Now, however, they had come to a thicket. It was an impassable wall of brambles, stretching as far as the eye could see in either direction and too tall to climb over, as well.

There was no choice but to go through. Thorns pricked the girls over and over again, and each time they got hornier... the thorns were injecting some sort of aphrodisiac into their bodies. Their pussies were dripping steadily, and Angela's rock-hard dick was leaking precum nonstop, by the time they emerged on the other side of the thicket.

Shannon and Angela immediately started masturbating... Brandi took Angela's hands away from her cock and sat down on it instead, inserting its whole length into her pussy with one downward thrust.

Danielle straddled Shannon's face and got eaten out by the blond while she fingered herself; Priscilla and Leigh Ann got into a 69 position and started licking each other.

Katie and Summer locked their pussies together in a scissors position, and started humping each other. The moans of the 8 women got louder and louder as their orgasms got closer, and curious woodland creatures started to approach them again.

Even though the animals' bodies were arranged in such a way as to be familiar -- the girls could identify canine, feline, porcine and even ursine species -- they were most certainly not earthly animals, with features sometimes so alien it was obvious they were extraterrestrial rather than simply genetically modified.

The one feature that all of them had in common, Danielle noted after her and Shannon had cum, was that their dicks were all huge.

As each of the girls came down from their orgasmic high and noted the presence of the creatures, they reacted with lust rather than revulsion... the aphrodisiac in the brambles was still working on them, and they were going to be willing participants in what was about to occur.

Soon, each girl had a huge cock in her mouth and each of her hands, and had been mounted from behind in either the ass or the pussy as well. All of the creatures deposited huge cumshots in or on the girls, but the piglike ones were the worst... they shot what seemed like at least 5 gallons of jizz, completely covering the girls even when the cumshot started on the inside.

Eventually, what must have been every animal in the forest, as well as several of the pink creatures the girls had encountered earlier and a couple of dryads who engaged in further lesbian sex with them, had had a turn with the girls. They lay there facedown in the grass and leaves, exhausted and thoroughly soaked in cum.

"So," Summer finally said after taking a couple minutes to catch her breath, "how many different kinds of aphrodisiac are there on this station?"

"I don't know," Priscilla said. "It does seem like those brambles contained a different one, though. And that mosquito that bit Katie and made her horny..."

Katie nodded, confirming that the effects of that particular drug had indeed been different from the gas or the brambles. When she moved her head, droplets of cum flew off her face and splattered everywhere.

"So are we still on the path?" Brandi asked.

"Yep," Leigh Ann said.

"Let's go before something else decides to fuck us, then," Brandi said.

The girls kept marching toward what they hoped was an exit on the other side of the greenhouse.

It eventually became apparent that Erin's erection wasn't going to go down on its own... Team 2 had had to stop so that Tina could let the dickgirl fuck her. After both girls had cum, they resumed walking.

Eventually, they came to a door. After they stepped through it, it closed and locked behind them. "What the fuck?" Tina asked, looking around at the forest spreading out before the girls, extending as far as the eye could see in all directions.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Stacey said.

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