tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 02

The Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 02

bySassy Susan©

Cathy 2 -- Her domination and torture by Eric and Mark


Cathy is a charter member of the Sorority. She has come a long way in a short time by the time of this threesome. In this report she tells us of her experience with her ex-husband, Eric, and her ex-neighbor, Mark. Once Eric surfaced and became part of my domination of Cathy, he became my hands on-site. In this episode he shows he is into bondage, domination, and light torture. Cathy reveals how deeply into submissiveness she is, and also reveals her delight at being restrained and made helpless, and being dominated and tortured. She is showing (and discovering?) how much she likes pain.


Hi Susan,

I finally got my DP! At least I got one with two live penises, instead of one penis and a toy. It's been quite a while since I've enjoyed that.

Eric came over early. He wanted some alone time with me before Mark showed up. He had gone to work for an hour and took the rest of the day off. He told his woman that he had an offsite class today. So he got here shortly after ten.

We talked a bit, but he didn't want to waste time. He hasn't had sex since

late January because his lady is recovering from having her gall bladder

removed. So he was quite horny. And so was I, so no complaints from me.

We went into my bedroom and had just good old fashioned sex. A little

poking, sucking, and licking all over before he licked me to orgasm then jumped

my bones and fucked me. We always did work well together, and this time

wasn't any exception. He seems to fit my body and mind so well, and his erection feels wonderful buried in my belly. It's been too long since we've enjoyed each other physically like that.

After we both had orgasms we took a long shower, playing around together, and using my shower massager to clean his cum out of my pussy for Mark. When we stepped out and he dried me, I felt energized and refreshed. Nothing like a good fuck to make a girl feel desirable. By this time it was nearly 11:30 so we had lunch (bologna sandwiches and Pepsi, big time meal right!?).

We decided not to wait for Mark. I was afraid he wasn't going to show

anyway. I stripped naked again, and gave myself to Eric once more. This time he tied me up and bound me to the bed. He tied my hands together in front of me, laid me on the bed sideways, and ran a rope from my wrists, under the bed to my right foot. He tied my left foot to the foot of the bed leaving me

somewhat spread eagle with my head off the side of the bed. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable. I was defenseless. And I felt a little panicky; Eric could do anything he wanted to me now, and I could not stop him. I trusted him, but still I knew I was completely at his mercy. I also felt excited; being spread naked before him and at his mercy made me wet. I could feel and smell my arousal, and knew he could, too. And that made me hotter still.

He had a ring gag that he had bought just for this occasion and he asked if I'd mind wearing it. (He hadn't really kicked into the dominant role yet.) I had never used one but agreed readily. I wanted everything he was going to give me today, and he knew it. He inserted the ring in my mouth and strapped the harness around my head. Now I couldn't bite down or close my mouth. My mouth was forced open obscenely, available for their use at will. In fact, at that point my whole body was forced open and available. The only part of me they couldn't get to readily was my ass, but they would find their way to it soon enough.

Then with me securely bound, Eric started playing with me. He blindfolded me and started pinching and licking my nipples. The combination of the two sensations made me moan with pleasure. Then he began licking my pussy and running my vibrator over it. Soon he pushed his dick into my mouth and part way down my throat through the ring gag. The way he was using me made me feel like a slatternly sex slave. I loved it; I could feel my cunt leaking down into my ass crack.

He fucked deep into my mouth, making me gag a little, but I loved it. He used just the right amount of force as he used my throat like a cunt. While he was fucking my face he kept diddling my pussy and tweaking my nipples. Then just when he had me on the verge of an orgasm, suddenly my left nipple exploded in pain. He had snuck in some clothes pins and had snapped one on my tender nub. The unexpected pain shot through my breast and sent a shock straight down to my pussy. I think I yelled pretty loudly. Eric said later that my yell startled him. In all the time we had spent together in the past he had never heard me yell like that. Of course, he had never hurt me like that, either. Too bad.

I don't know if the pain was that bad, or it was the pain coupled with the shock of surprise that got to me. Taking his time, and warning me this time with a touch, he clamped my right nipple too. Again the pain coursed through me and I winced with it, but not in surprise. Now both my nipples ached and throbbed deliciously.

He started using the vibrator again, but kept pulling away just as I was

about to cum. Instead of letting me have my orgasm, he teased me unmercifully, shifting his touch to another part of my body. He seemed to take pleasure in watching me squirm and moan under his touch. That's when the doorbell rang and Mark arrived.

Eric left me frustrated and blindfolded and went to let Mark in. Mark laughed out loud when he came into the room. There I lay before them, stretched out naked and sexually open, my head hanging down toward the floor wrapped in a harness that made my mouth available to them whenever they wanted it, my breasts decorated with makeshift nipple clamps, and my breath coming in short pants. The blindfold kept me from seeing the look on Mark's face, but I could hear the glee and lust in his voice as he complimented Eric on his handiwork.

Then someone took the clothespins off, which hurt like hell again, worse than when they were put on. I felt the two of them rubbing my breasts and licking my sore stubs. I think they were trying to ease my discomfort, but they might just have been enjoying how erect and hard the pins had made my nipples. Either way, it felt good to have them working on me with hands and mouths.

Finally, Eric took off the blindfold and offered me to Mark. He said, "Mark, she is all yours if you want to fuck her mouth. I'll play with the other end while you do." I was beginning to feel like a piece of meat.

Mark started to fuck my mouth through the ring gag, and Eric knelt on the bed between my splayed thighs and began to eat me. I loved everything they were doing to me, even if I kept gagging on Mark's thick cock as he worked it forcefully into me. I guess having my head bent so far back made it easier for Mark to shove his cock down into my throat. Eric kept licking and sucking my cunt while he watched Mark fucking my face.

Unfortunately for me, Eric was getting off on this business of bringing me almost to an orgasm and then stopping, hanging me in near-pain with no way to force my orgasm. He told me later, with a lewd smile, that my legs kept flexing in their tight bindings and I was whimpering around the hard meat in my mouth. He asked Mark to try and pace himself, to cum at the same time as he, Eric, brought me off.

After not too long Mark groaned loudly, tightened his grip on my taut breasts, and said, "Oh fuck, I'm close. I'm gonna cum soon."

I tried to protest this new pain in my breasts, but my words were blocked by Mark's cock as he drove harder and faster into my throat. But the pain did some good; it pushed me finally over the edge, and I came with a vengeance. I could feel my belly clenching with the wonderful contractions of orgasm.

The timing Eric wanted didn't quite work out. I was already beginning to breathe again when Mark came, erupting loudly in orgasm. He flooded my mouth with his salty sperm. Spurt after spurt blew into me and I almost choked because my head was upside down.

When Mark was done, he stepped back and his wet cock dragged "up" across my face, leaving a wet trail of cum. I got a chance to swallow and in two or three tries got most of his gooey load down into my gullet. I was licking my lips when Eric stepped around and replaced Mark at my head.

He grinned down at me and said, "Nice work, Cathy. Ready for another?"

Truth was, my arms and shoulders were getting very tired and cramped. And my legs and crotch were feeling like I was being slowly pulled apart – like a still-supple wish bone.

Before I could say anything, which probably would have been a smart ass remark, Eric shoved his cock down into my mouth. And immediately I felt something hard and cool against my pussy. Mark had my vibrator and was using it on me.

So with my mouth full of cock and my body tied tautly, I could not protest or ask for relief. I felt a few tears leak from my eyes and run into my hair. But with Eric bent over me and pumping into my face, he could not see my small distress. So I made the best of the situation and concentrated on his cock.

Eric face-fucked me vigorously but the poor guy couldn't cum. But goddamn,

I sure could. Mark held the vibrator on me and wouldn't let up until I had another orgasm. It felt strange: my cunt was trying to clamp down on a cock that wasn't there, while the cock it needed was down in my throat, just two feet away. What odd thoughts go through your mind when you can't see but are in sensory overload.

Eric kept fucking my mouth but he never did cum that way. I really wanted him to but I guess he just wasn't ready yet.

So after I had come and Eric gave up, he decided to get even. Like it was my fault he couldn't get off in my mouth. Leaving me on the bed, with Mark for company, he went to the kitchen and brought back some ice cubes. I knew what was coming and protested weakly (I really like ice cubes). Then he proceeded to torture me with them.

I discovered in this encounter that my long-time friend has a well developed sadistic streak, what with the tight bindings and painful position, the forced mouth opening, the nipple clamps, the frustrating teasing and denial of orgasmic relief, and now ice torture.

He used the ice first on my nipples, practically freezing them, and turning them numb. (He should have done this before clamping them.) And he used the ice on my poor pussy.

He rubbed one cube all over my heated lips, icing me externally and making me squeal and squirm. But then the mean bastard put one up into my vagina. Oh, shit! It felt like I was being burned. And then a second cube went into me. The squeals turned to yells as the icy cubes froze my tender tunnel and melted up inside me. Damn they were cold. And I loved every minute. And the cubes didn't last long inside me.

By now I was begging for release and relief. I had a desperate need to go to the bathroom. (Eric says that I have you to blame for this next part, Susan. He got the idea from some of the other girls' stories you have circulated.)

They untied me from the bed and removed the ring gag harness, but left my hands tied together. It felt so good to be able to flex my arms and legs, and to work my stiff jaw. Then the guys led me into the bathroom. I knew they were going to watch me pee. I was not really surprised and to be truthful, I have always liked having guys watch me pee. I used to let them "catch" me peeing when I could. It seemed to excite them and it was a way for me to expose myself without blame. After all, it was an accident.

But then Eric did surprise me. He told me to get in the tub. And then he ordered me to piss in the tub standing up, while they watched and enjoyed my embarrassment. This was not what I expected, but then I thought, What the hell. Why not?

So I stood there facing them, spread my legs a little, and let my pee go. It felt wonderful to release my distended bladder. My urine flowed hot and wet down my thighs and pooled around my feet on the cool porcelain, a yellow contrast to the stark white. I made no effort to cover myself -- just let them watch me pee all over my legs. I felt a little embarrassed to have them staring at me, but I was aroused by the scene too. It was clear they were enjoying the sight of me messing myself. When I was finished I waited for Eric's next instruction. I thought he would make me wash myself off, but he didn't. Instead he surprised me for a second time.

"Sit down, Cathy," he ordered. I looked at him for a moment, confused. But I sat obediently -- right in the wetness I had just created. The wet tub felt cold under my ass, but that was not to last long. When I had settled, Eric stepped close, took his now soft cock in his hand and pointed it at me. Oh, god, I thought. Is he going to do what I think he is? We had joked on the phone about this, but I never thought he would actually do it. But he did, right then.

"I've been looking forward to this, Cathy. You know what's coming now, don't you?" he said, smiling wickedly at me. And to Mark he added, "I'm going to piss all over her, Mark. Why not join me?"

Then Eric let his pee go, and a pale yellow stream arched the short distance to my body and splashed on my breasts and chest. It felt surprisingly hot on my cool flesh, and it had a pungent, strong aroma. His piss wet me from my neck down. He seemed to have a lot in him and when he finished he shook the last drops off his dick and stepped back.

"Your turn, Mark. Have at her."

Mark had seemed a little taken aback by the whole thing, but now he recovered and stepped forward. He aimed his cock at me and let loose. Another hard stream of piss splashed onto me, but Mark did not spare my face. Whether he had poor aim – as he later claimed – or excellent aim and hit exactly what he was aiming at, I took much of his piss in my face and hair. I kept my eyes shut to avoid the sting of the hot urine, so I didn't see their faces, but Eric's chuckles were a clear indicator of what he thought.

When they were done I was left sitting in a pool of cooling pee, all wet and chilly. I was surrounded by the odor of piss and could taste in on my lips. The taste, as I licked my lips, was acrid yet a tiny bit sweet.

I was still a little stunned. They had pissed all over me, in my hair, my face, all over my body. They both seemed to especially enjoy seeing their urine splash over my breasts and run down into my lap. At least they had not pissed into my mouth, I thought, nor had they made me drink any. (Thank goodness Eric had removed the ring gag.) I know those options were featured in many of the stories Eric had read. So Eric had taken it easy on me. What restraint. What a guy.

I've only had something like that happen to me once before, and I'm not really into it. But being made to pee for their amusement, and then get peed upon, was somewhat exciting. But I don't really plan on making a habit of it. (Thanks Susan.)

Eric cut my hands free and ordered me to take a shower. Once done they took

me out to the bed and decided it was time for my DP.

Eric got on the bed and I climbed on after him and straddled his hips. As I sank down onto his long hard cock, I let out a contented sigh. Mark climbed up behind me, bent me over Eric so my ass was fully exposed, and pushed his fat, oiled cock into my ass. The air seemed to leave my lungs for a minute as his meat filled my rectum. I felt stuffed and loved it.

Double penetrations are just so sexy and taboo, and they feel so damn good, that it is getting to be a need-to-have event in my life – a craving that gnaws at me until I can find two cocks.

The guys, having cum at least twice each by now, lasted quite a while. But the wonderful stimulation of two hard cocks working in unison deep in my belly brought me to orgasm pretty damn quickly!

Eric came first, and as I continued to ride him, his cum squished out around his shrinking cock and down over his balls. I wasn't able to keep him inside me very well after that, but we did ok until Mark shot his load in my rectum.

After Mark came, I felt his cock slide out of me with a silent plop, leaving me feeling empty. We all fell apart and just caught our breath. We were all pretty exhausted. The guys cleaned up and dressed while I just lay on the bed enjoying the peace. They told me to stay naked until they left.

Mark thanked me for the "experience" and said that he had never before shared a girl with another guy. I asked him if he would do it with his wife, Donna, and he said no. He liked seeing her with another girl -- as he had when we did our threesome -- but didn't think he could share her with a guy. I already know the answer with Eric. He wouldn't be given the opportunity to do it either with miss prude (I'm sorry. It just slipped, Eric).

Eric hung out for a little while after Mark left. But said that he needed to

go back to work for a while. He only works 20 minutes from here.

I took another shower after he left. So I'm just about the cleanest girl

around here now. Hell, I've had four showers today! Not counting the golden


I cleaned up and am waiting for the bus to arrive so I can start the mommy

thing. I work tomorrow and Saturday. So I think my adventures for the week

are pretty much over.

Hell, the past two months have been more productive sexually than the past two years, at least. So I think I'm good for a rest. Being around you has sure heated up my sex life!!

Sorry, Susan, that they didn't get as rough with me as you were hoping. But I enjoyed myself just the way it was. And I know that both men will have a hard time putting this memory down when they're in bed with their own women.


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