tagRomanceThe Taming of Dane Ch. 01

The Taming of Dane Ch. 01


The view from the trail was spectacular. Hiking the trail to Half-dome was exhilarating, the air crisp and clean, and just the kind of thing we like to do for a getaway. Jack and I have spent the last few years exploring the serenity of the nation's parks, whenever we can steal time away together. We love the peace and quiet of hiking, and camping in the back country. Jack always likes to let me lead as we set out in the morning. He says so he can keep a firm eye on me. I think it's because I'm a better navigator than he is, and so he can keep his eye firmly on my ass. And, I'll be perfectly honest; I like him lusting after by my body. I especially like the way he trembles when I snuggle up against him and whisper "fuck me" in his ear.

On that particular morning, in our tent about 50 yards off the trail, he was still asleep just before dawn when my eyes fluttered open. I had fallen asleep with Jack snuggled up behind me, thick cock still damp from feeding my insatiable hunger, slumbering in the cove that formed at the base of my ass when my frequently spread legs came together. His right arm around me, his hand gently cupping my breast.

During the night, as always, we had settled into our sleeping positions. He always sleeps with one leg exposed. As I gently slipped out of my bed roll, I caught a glimpse of the head of his lovely cock lying limp against his leg, and the beginnings of an x-rated wake call crept into my mind.

Jack and I had met while he was in his medical residency, and I was working as a nurse in the trauma unit. He strode on the unit, acting all cocky and superior one morning, walked right up to me and told me that the one patient we had in common that day was scheduled for surgery and that I needed to get him ready. I turned around and said, "Well Dr. Tinney, it seems like you're behind the power curve this morning. Your patient 'was' going for a tracheotomy this morning, but that procedure has been canceled."

"Why?" He replied. Trying to appear in control in front of his medical student, a slinky little blond that I know was servicing him, or at the very least offering to. And that was fine with me. Someone had to teach him a few things, and keep his attention until I decided he was ready for what I had in mind.

"Because, we were able to get his pulmonary function to improve enough that we got him off the ventilator last night." I said as I handed him the chart. "That's incredible!" he said, eagerly flipping thought the chart. He sent his medical student off to gather info for him, and I leaned in and said "Not incredible, just good strong nursing! Looks like your gonna be the star on rounds this morning." testing the waters to see if HE felt like he was ready.

"Yea, I owe you big time! How about diner?" So cliché. I guess he felt ready. "Sure, if you can get your face outta Blondie's cleavage long enough to read a menu!" He looked genuinely hurt, but he bought me diner that night, asked me out twice the next week, and as they say, the rest is history.

I almost broke it off with him very early on, fifth date actually. While he was an outstanding kisser, and always got an extremely enticing erection during our oral fencing, he had up to that point always left me going to bed with my latex friend. Until, that night, half way through a Seinfeld re-run, I finally whispered "Fuck me, please!" in his ear as his lips inched toward my neck. He looked into my eyes, and held my gaze as I reached down and unzipped his pants, stuck my hand deftly through the opening in his boxers, and began to gently stroke his cock. Oh my, I thought, the timid doctor exceeds expectations.

I sucked his tongue back into my mouth as I pulled him into position in front of me on my living room couch. As he moved to kneel in front of me on the floor, he stared with obvious astonishment as my Lee jeans flew over my head landing out of sight behind the couch.

With our eyes locked on each other, he took both hands and pulled off my very expensive panties, purchased expressly for the purpose of being made into carpet decorations by the good Dr. Feelmeup here. I undid his belt and set his throbbing cock free, and I could picture in my mind the image of his erect penis just inches from my hungry lust. I used my feet to push his pants down, and he freed his muscular legs as I drew mine back up along his flanks. Nipples erect, my finger tips began pulling my fleshy male slot open to accept his special delivery, and he pushed his large headed pole gingerly inside of me. This was the start of what my aching crack had been waiting for, so I leaned my head back and moaned in encouragement, "Oh Yea, that's what momma's been needing!" and he exploded a hot nut all over my finely tanned stomach. Just after his third, very tenuous stroke of my thirsty hole!

My lust was nowhere near ready to return to its long dormancy, so I reacted by tossing my inhibitions the way of my dampened crotch jeans. I had the man I was after alone in my apartment, his pants were in a ball on my couch, and his man meat had just erupted its sweet au jus just north of my finely manicured fire crotch. I was hoping for MUCH more than my steaming ginger cunt had gotten, and I wasn't about let this sexy mother fucker go until I got it! Even if I scared him off, I was too far in to let my quarry flee the field tonight.

I pushed him off of me and flipped over on top of him on the floor as I said' "Oh, Hell no! Don't think you're gonna get off that easily!" He was still oozing jizm when I pounced on him, wrapped my hand firmly around the base of his shaft and took him into my mouth. His head passed my lips and spurted out the last of his life giving load as I throated him and tasted his cum mixed with the spice of my body. When I was sure his initial load was spent, I settled into a slow, licking, kissing, and sucking celebration of the fact that I had at least one round of this sexy mans cum on me and was beginning the quest for more.

Jack was moaning and timidly touching my hair, and I could tell I was edging him closer to feeding me a full helping of his hot wiggle juice. Jack reached down and took my hand and pulled. I looked up at him, never losing the air tight lock I had on my prey, to see him looking at me, "Let me taste you", the words came out of his mouth in a soft whisper, and I spun my body around, and stopped as my hot clit found a wonderful spot to linger. Those unbound (naked) yoga classes really paid off.

I couldn't decide what felt better, his tongue dancing between my lips, or his cock throbbing on my tongue, when his hands found my nipples. His caressing of my breasts was slow but very effective, and my sex engine began the build up for its run for the sun.

The good Dr. Tinney had obviously paid very close attention during his med school anatomy class, as he demonstrated with his cunning linguistic dissertation on the erogenous zones of nurse Dane Clarke's tasty twat. Jack's tongue rimmed my decidedly underworked vagina with slow, tantalizing thoroughness. His lip service deftly commanded the attention of my firming clitoris, and this devil's silver tongue expertly lashed my sensitive labia, with more than enough innate talent to capture this nurse's attention.

Jack stopped abruptly. Shuddering a little, I lifted up, looked down between our bodies at his face, met his gaze, and heard "Get on your hands and knees!" I couldn't get into position fast enough! I had just got clear of his body when his fingers slid inside me. His thumb first, then a couple of his longer digits. As his fingers probed the depths of my glistening crack, he gently pressed his pussy wettened thumb past my anal sphincter. I froze, and then hungrily rocked back against his hand. He thoroughly explored me as I begged for more, "Oh God Yea!", "I really like that Baby!" Jack pulled his digits out of my cock caves, and I lowered my upper body to my elbows in anticipation of what I prayed was about to happen, and was about half way through a deep cleansing breath when he mounted me.

His cock entered my pussy and hit my magic spot on the first stroke. Not intensely enough to make me cum straight off, but his staff's relentless prodding ratcheted up my revving engine with a profoundly cumulative effect. Jack stroked me for what felt like hours, and yet not near long enough. Just as I was nearing the edge, Jack stopped his assault on the tenderest part of me. He held his dazzlingly erect penis still enough that I could count his heartbeat thundering inside my chasm, leaned over and whispered "Turn over Baby".

I turned over hoping to be boned into oblivion, and found Jack had something totally mind-blowing planned for me. As I reached for him, he kissed me passionately, and lowered his face to my left breast. He began there by kissing the nipple gently, then a gentle lick, a maddeningly gentle tug from his teeth as he expelled a breath of hot air over the sensitive button of pleasure.

When he paused, I yanked him on top of me and he again looked into my eyes. I was eager to be ridden and tried to pull him inside of me, and he said "Wait, are you comfortable?"

I managed to pant out a breathy "Yes."

"Are you enjoying the sex?"

"Oh, Yea!" Not really sure where he was going with this, but more than willing swim in those eyes long enough to find out.

"Can I finish this my way?"

"Yes", eager to find out what 'his way' was.

Jack kissed me, drew back and looked into my eyes, and slowly, gently slid inside me. It was so subtly powerful that it took what little breath I had away. As I tried to breathe, he said "I've longed to make love with you since the moment I saw you!"

With that Jack began to stroke me, and we made love for what felt like a millennium, face to face. As I felt him thrust inside me it occurred to me that no man had ever treated me so gently, so respectfully, and made me feel as thoroughly sexually explored as Jack was.

I was near orgasm very soon but I put all my will into holding it back. I didn't want the slow methodically rhythmical pace Jack was setting to stop. And, amazingly, I was able to hold back the flood of my passion for a good while.

My control was starting to slip and I started to moan craning my neck, and Jack lowered his head and quickly took my right nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard. Pleasure nearly split me in two! I begged Jack to keep it going "Please, Don't Stop! Please God Jack Don't Stop!"

Jack's rhythm was like a steady drum beat pounding bliss deep into me and sending it resonating throughout my entire body, as I died my little death.

After a few minutes I was able to gain enough control over my body to meet his gaze, and his smoky eyes were right there waiting for me. As I demurely looked up at my new lover he said "I want you to cum again, just for me." I could only reply "Make love to me Jack, fill me full of your love."

We continued to grind, his cock inside me, my hands on his ass pulling him as deep inside me as I could get him with every stroke. I thought of his cock in my mouth still shooting his first load of the night, and the telltale fever began to build inside me again as Jack stoked my fire with his stiff attention.

"Baby, your gonna make me cum again!" was all I could get out before the fire overwhelmed me. Jack immediately picked up his pace "I'm gonna fill you full of cum!" As I looked into his sweet caring eyes his cock exploded and gave my body another drink of what it was thirsting for. We collapsed into a breathless, sticky mess. And I must admit, that suited me just fine!

As I snuck back into tent the morning of our fateful day, I was looking for any sign that Jack had awakened while I was watering the bushes and solidifying my plans to wake him up the way my man should be awakened.

Noting the rise and fall of a chest in gentle slumber I eased my naked body into position over Jack's powerful legs and parted my supple lips to ambush his soft manhood.

"You that anxious for breakfast?" my man said through slitted eyes. "Yes, are you ready to feed me breakfast?" and enveloped his flaccid penis deep within my hungry mouth. I reveled in our love for each other as his cock woke and grew into its full glory between my hungry lips with virility and eagerness. I settled in between his thighs to give my boyfriend a blowjob worthy of remembrance.

In the medical field you hear all kinds of crazy, insane, stupid things people do to get off, most of which is just way too bizarre to even acknowledge, but every now and then you hear about something that actually works. Like this ---

I lovingly nursed his member, licking occasionally, moaning occasionally, and letting my tongue also wet the middle finger on my right hand. When I had it well lubed I concentrated my attention on the lovely head of Jacks cock distracting him and slowly, gently slipped that wet finger into his anus. He moaned out his approval and I found what I was after.

I began to gently massage the gland at the base of his shaft, slowly upped the intensity and the size of my stroke until could feel the effect I was having. I breathed softly over his cock "Hold off as long as you can, baby." Then returned my mouth to servicing my lover, and my sweet reward.

I could feel him starting told hold back, after all I had nursed from his fountain many, many times before this. He started squeaking out "Oh fuck Baby, I'm gonna cum a big one!" I'm gonna cum in your mouth!" But to my man's credit he held off for another ten seconds, not a small feat for a man getting a blowjob, and having his prostrate massaged.

Mount Jack erupted, and I thought his flowing lava was going to drown me! He came, and came, and came. It was a challenge to take it all, I almost had to let it spill out all over us both. Jack came over and over, filling my mouth, and before I could get it all swallowed, he was quenching my thirst again. I kept up the massage and drank in every drop of the manna he gave me.

It's not that I like the taste of cum, though actually I do, but I LOVE Jack's cum because it's HIS cum, because he serves it to me with love and I completely enjoy being the sweet little woman his family loves, AND his own personal mindboggling porn queen. I have NEVER refused a sexual advance from him, and pride myself on the fact that I can, and will do anything it takes to keep him anxious to get inside me. Sometimes he can be a little rough, but so can I. Sometimes the sex is gentle and passionate, and I really get into our slow, intimate love play. I've even made consultation appointments at his office with a fictitious name and served him up a helping of hot pussy as a midday treat.

As his flood finally ebbed, I lifted my face to look at him and smiled and said "Good Morning lover! I think I should wake you up that way every morning"

"If I had any strength left I would turn your over and fill your other end as well."

"Don't tease me, Baby." I quipped as Jack pulled me up to his face and kissed me long and thoroughly. I lay snuggly in his arms as he snoozed. And I fell asleep dreaming of growing old with my man, and all the freakishly kinky things I would eagerly do to keep him well satisfied. I don't do kinky wild sex only to please him. I must confess, that I like it, and I feel blessed to have a man that not only wants me, but wants to please me as much as I want to please him.

A few hours later we awoke again to a bright morning and a trail ahead. We laughed and talked as we packed up our camp and prepared to move out.

Jack was constantly teasing me about being his 'soul mate', and his 'love muffin'. I told him I would be his love muffin as long as his 'butter dispenser' continued to work, if he couldn't supply my need, all bets were off. Then I flashed him my natural set of 34b's, and stood solid as he approached me, cupped each one in a confident hand, and gently rubbed my nipples with his thumbs. "Later today, we're gonna butter your hot little muffin, but good!" He stoically shot back.

"WE fucking better!"

You see Jack and I had come to an agreement about half way through the first year of our 7 year relationship. As we climbed into bed together one night he seemed distant. I asked as gently as I could "What's wrong baby?" And he sheepishly replied "Can I pass on servicing the queen bee tonight?" All I could say was "Sure, Can I fall asleep in your arms?", as I deftly tugged Victoria back into place to cover the secret flesh I had been eager to have him conquer.

Jack embraced me, and drifted off quickly. I lay awake most of the night stunned, wondering if this was the beginning of the end. Jack woke before I did and was already dressed and standing beside the bed shaking my shoulder gently, and telling me I was running late for the doctor's appointment I had been dreading.

"Can you reschedule it?" Jack called out as I ran into the bathroom, tugging on an old scrub top I used to cover up quickly when needed, for my morning 'sexy girlfriend' maintenance, and to take that first cleansing pee of the day. "Can you reschedule your appointment?" He was standing in the bathroom door now.

"Sure, I guess, why?" I spurted out around my toothbrush, sitting on the toilet with my panties around my knees.

"I've got something special I'd like to do with you today." as he left the room.

I finished my 'morning business', and walked down the hall to find Jack standing in the kitchen, holding the familiar cordless phone out to me. The call to Doctor Steinman's office was brief, and all the better since I didn't have time to get all the way across town, and wasn't looking forward to that wrinkly old bastard, spending way more time than was necessary with his fingers inside me during the exam. "So, what's up?'

"A couple of things, first I want to apologize for putting you off last night."

"No Problem." as neutral as I could.

"Second, I want to spend some time away, with you. Can we plan a trip?"

"Sure, where do you wanna go?"

"Somewhere, far away from our everyday, I'd like it to be a surprise!", a slight grin crept across his face as his imposed stoicism slipped ever so slightly.

"A surprise huh? I didn't know you were into surprises." as I turned may back to him to pour a cup of my favorite breakfast blend. The sound of the coffee pouring into my mug filled my ears and kept me from hearing him cross the room.

His breathy words touched my ear at the same moment his hands gently embraced my waist. I melted as my Jack intoned, "I will never refuse you sex again!"

I could feel his randy cock straining against the miles of restrictive fabric between it and my already dampening crack, "Take me to bed or lose me forever, Cocksman!", I demanded, hoping like all hell he actually would.

"I'll take you right here and you'll not only like it, you'll love it!" And god was he right! His speed was incredible, he freed his shaft, pulled my Victoria's down past my knees, brought both hands up to seize my breasts, and was buried deep between my thighs before I could take in more than a couple of heaving breaths.

I bent over the counter in an effort to engulf every inch of his throbbing penis. Jack took me, there in the kitchen as my eager body drank in his lust, while surrendering my own. My heaving bosom strained to be played with, and with his hands under my loose fitting scrub top his fingers danced over my erect nipples with the skill of a craftsman caressing a fine piece of Corinthian marble.

"Oh, Jack! Promise you'll NEVER stop fucking me!" I breathed out in short staggered breaths as his stokes rippled though my body, priming my building release.

"I'll never get enough of you quivering at my touch, you make me feel like....."

The rest was lost in the rapture of my bliss. The orgasm seized me, took my breath, forcing my soul into another plane of existence. I could feel his cock ravaging me, his fingers tugging at my nipples, my body aching. My spasms clamped down on the shaft of my lover and like the finely tuned instrument that it was, Jack's cock responded by expelling what felt like gallons of hot cum deep into my very soul. His hands firmly squeezed, and slightly twisted my hardened nipples as another spasm of exquisitely tortuous pleasure speared through my cum soaked loins.

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