tagNonHumanThe Thorned Rose Ch. 04

The Thorned Rose Ch. 04


Scarlett pursed his full lips as he leaned over to the low desk beside his bed, taking the quill that waited there, dipping it in black ink and tapping away the excess before making a note on the paper that waited beside him, speaking the words aloud in a soft voice as he did.

"The Orcess, while dominant in her nature, I have found, can be subdued with the right leverage. While they strive to come across as in charge and powerful, a statement certainly enhanced by their obvious strength and physical prowess, they, like most I have found, can be easily manipulated with the promise of pleasure."

"Hey, fuck you!" The Orcess, Linza growled, digging her fingertips into the softness of Scarlett's plush ass cheeks, glaring up at him.

Scarlett glanced back and down at the muscled, naked shemale Orcess splayed across his bed, whom he was currently straddling, the Orcess' thick green cock buried and throbbing in his soft elvish ass.

"If you don't stop complaining I won't finish you off~" Scarlett said, voice chastising as he moved his hands onto Linza's own, guiding them to his wide hips and holding them there. "Understood?"

Linza narrowed her eyes some, recognising an element of what Scarlett had just put to paper in his words, but as she felt the elf begin once more to gyrate his hips Linza closed her eyes and let out a low rumbling moan of pleasure.

Scarlett smirked some as she looked down at the Orcess, it didn't take much to make them his playthings.

He bit his full lower lip and raised himself slowly, letting the thick cock draw slowly from the hot tightness of his ass before pushing back down, letting out a soft feminine moan as he once more started to ride her, bouncing his ass against her as she panted and moaned, her fingers squeezing at his hips, guiding him up and down on her shaft, as if to use him as nothing more than a pleasure toy.

Scarlett felt his cheeks flush as the pleasure flowed through his body, tilting his own head back and closing his eyes as he bounced eagerly on her cock, feeling the veined length glide in and out of him.

He had done a lot of soul searching in the last week since his encounter with the Dark Queen and his discovery of Mayla's deception. He had been forced to confront many truths about himself and about the people around him.

He parted his lips, panting as his luscious red hair flowed in an almost fluid motion around him as he rode her, feeling the Orcess' heavy cum filled balls slap into his cheeks with each energetic bounce.

He had, for the most part, avoided Mayla since his discovery, barring her from his bedroom and only speaking to her in a polite and professional manner while out working the main Tavern floor. She had seemingly come to accept this penance, but he knew that with each passing day she grew more and more desperate to rekindle what had been a budding friendship, perhaps even romance.

Scarlett, in part at least, wanted that again with the chubby landlady, but at the same time his confidence in her, and indeed all humans had been shaken by her deceit. He wanted to believe things were different, but the wounds of her playing off of his naivety for her own gain sexually and financially were still all too fresh.

Almost as if to put off confronting Mayla he had instead turned his questioning inwards on the mystery that was Scar and Scarlett. Even after a weeks thought, even as he let this tall muscled goddess of an Orcess, with her pearly white fangs, slightly pointed ears and thick black hair pound her cock into his thick ass, he still debated his place. He was, he thought, male, despite his feminine mannerisms and aspects and despite his love of makeup and feminine clothing. After all, he had no desire to grow breasts nor felt any loss at not having a true womanhood. He just liked the girlier things in life.

An extension to that was his baffling and newly discovered sexuality. He had no real desire in woman, finding the prospect of being the one giving instead of the one receiving unappealing, while at the same time he found that he had no real desire in men, finding them crude and unattractive, instead finding his interests settle on the feminine body with a very singular masculine feature.

In that, he had all but stumbled onto what he hadn't even known was his niche, this Inn that catered almost exclusively to women with a little extra. That this was the cities only such place combined with his anxiety of trying to set up anywhere else, despite Mayla's actions had convinced him to stay, at least for now.

In all, he found it difficult to place himself, In essence, he wasn't anything set in stone, he wasn't truly a man, but neither was he a woman. He wasn't straight, he wasn't gay, he wasn't bi. He was Scarlett. The elf that had come out from the lands of his people to explore and learn.

He had first thought when he had set out that he had been gripped by the wanderlust randomly, as it was believed happened to Elves. But with each passing day more and more he thought that it might have been something else. Perhaps, not having ever really felt at home he had been struck by the wanderlust as a way of his mind telling him he had to find his place and himself.

Was that place here in The Thorned Rose Inn? Or was this merely a single stop on his journey of discovery.

"U-ugh, I'm going to cum!" Linza grunted from beneath him, causing him to snap from his thoughts about himself and Mayla back into the here and now, her fingers holding him tighter as she started to thrust her hips up, meeting his downwards bounces to increase their overall tempo, causing their slapping of flesh and flesh to echo throughout the room.

Scarlett blinked and looked down at the Orcess, about to scowl at her for breaking his inner reflection but quickly realised he was exactly where he had wanted to be. Orc's after all, for some historic reason were especially distrustful of Elves and in comparison to the usual advances made against Scarlett, he had practically had to throw himself at Linza to get her to accompany him to his bedroom to help him with his 'research'.

And she was good, strong and eager, with a high stamina and a very impressive length. She perhaps wasn't the most refined, of all the races Scarlett had 'coupled' with in the last week in a string of sexual adventures Linza was certainly the most unforgiving in her rough actions, hips snapping up, hands pulling down, forcing him onto her length again and again as his entire body shook with the force of the thrusts.

He had been giving too much thought to his conundrums and research as opposed to the Orcess herself, something he would have to make up for in the run to the finish line if he was to be able to entice her back with ease whenever he fancied something with a little more power than Mayla or the other human shemales could offer him.

He upped his vocals, no longer suppressing the noise he made out of courtesy for the other patrons in the tavern, instead he gasped, moaned and whimpered like the best of whores, his hands resting on her muscled abdomen as they fucked, his expression one of pure lust and desire, one that he had quickly mastered and one that, he knew, drove his partners mad.

It was quite one thing to be fucking, of all things, a genuine elf, but it was quite another thing to have that elf so incredibly interested in you that they looked at you with absolute pleasure and affection.

Given the near mythical status of elves sexually, for most just to know that they a mere human, dwarf, gnome or orc were genuinely pleasuring one, especially one such as Scarlett by fucking his ass generally provided a massive confidence boost to them.

However, to Scarlett's surprise, his sudden shift in demeanour away from being a fuck toy to being an engaging, pleasured partner, if anything, seemed to enrage the sex crazed Orcess further as if she was offended that an elf was getting pleasure from her rough, brutal ass fucking. Scarlett made a mental note to check this out in future 'experimental sessions', it was as if the Orcess had some sort of repressed dislike for Scarlett being pleasured and would've seemingly preferred to see him suffering on her cock. Next time they went at it, Scarlett decided, he would struggle more, cry out more and generally see if the Orc enjoyed that more, a little snuggle struggling.

But for now he had a plan and he would stick to it, gasping and moaning in pleasure, squeezing his tight ass down on the thick length filling his tight love hole, milking the Orcess shaft and trying to coax out the thick load of hot cum that he knew waited for him, secretly enjoying the extra layer of fury his pleasure brought her to.

He stared down at her with half lidded eyes as they coupled, their eyes locking as she fucked him, claimed him, tried to use him with increasing frustration as he got off on it. He started to lean down intending to lock lips with hers, desperate to see what it was like to kiss an Orcess in the full swing of passion, for science, of course, but as he did so he felt her hand suddenly move from one of his trips to wrap in a length of his fire hair, pulling him back and dominating him as she bounced herself up into his body.

No kissing, Scarlett made the mental note as he was taken, feeling the steely hardness being buried deep within him begin to throb and pulse in a way it hadn't previously, but a way he had come to understand.

"Y-yes!" he cried out in heated pleasure, his voice echoing not only through his walls, but he was pretty sure, through the entire tavern, the bed creaking and the headboard banging into the wall as her body pounded into his, each thrust becoming sharper and shorter and the orcs pleasure reached a climax, her hot seed beginning to spill out into his ass, long thick pulses that, disappointingly was almost identical to Mayla's.

With each successive partner, Scarlett had hoped to find something new and exotic, some new sensation or some new, extreme quality, like different quantities, flavours, temperatures, colours. But he was quickly discovering that all the races were nearly identical in these respects, only changing in the sizes of their otherwise uniform cocks.

The only time he had experienced something completely wild and out there had been that fateful night with the Naga and, to his own surprise, he felt himself almost missing the true weirdness and bizarreness she had offered. After all, his desire to suck dick and get fucked was matched only by his wanderlust driven need to experience something new, which, as it stood, was being hampered by just how similar every species was.

Not that the climax Linza was currently wracked with wasn't amazing, Scarlett lived for these moments, gaining his own ultimate pleasure in bringing her to her own. It was odd, but nothing felt quite so good to him any more than the knowledge that he had brought someone else to that place of ultimate pleasure.

She jerked her hips, holding his beautiful red hair balled in a fist and holding her other to his waist, keeping him deep on her cock as she instinctually 'bred' him, spending her seed as deep inside of him as she possibly could.

This too he had come to realise was a habit of many of his partners. Few had opted to cum on him, almost all exclusively desiring to spend their load as deep in his body as they could manage. He wasn't sure why this was, but it was definitely something he was making an effort to learn about through extensive study and practical examination.

The Orcess started to lessen her grip on his body and Scarlett felt the pool of warmth inside his stretched, full butt, recognising the sensation of a load of cum she had just deposited for safe keeping, her expression one of relief and happiness, her grin all the more interesting for the two protruding lower canines, or fangs that stood prominent and gleaming.

"H-how was that?..." Scarlett breathed, panting hard as he felt her hand finally fall free from his hair, letting him settle back into a tired sitting position on her still hard cock, feeling it pulse and drain every single last drop of creamy white cum from her cock into his ass.

"Fucking... Elf slut..." Linza growled some, her exhaustion obvious in her voice "Why'd you fucking take so long to persuade me to fuck you?"

Scarlett smirked a little, making a note in his mind for later about how easy it was to exhaust a physically superior orc with sex. Seemingly it left them vulnerable and weak. He would have to test whether this was achievable with something simpler like a blowjob at some point.

"Had to make you want it." He teased, biting his lip as he slid himself up, feeling the hot, cum slick length of Linza's cock slide from his ass. He let out a soft gasp as the head popped free, her cock flopping, soft and glistening against her stomach as he moved to stand.

She watched him as he moved to his mirror, fetching a brush and starting to fix his hair, "You going already?" she asked, moving her arms under her head, grinning as she relaxed, truly sated.

He shrugged, setting the brush down and giving his make up a touch up as he sat nude and glorious on the stool. "This was just my lunch break. I have to get back to work you know."

"Hmph, well don't be a stranger, elf." she grunted, closing her eyes and seemingly content to recuperate on Scarlett's own bed, not that he minded.

He smirked, "That depends on how well you tip I suppose."

"Pff, like I'd ever give you just the tip." She grinned, glancing across at him.

He laughed some and eyed her with an affectionate smile, he enjoyed a little conversation with his 'romancing', though he had learned not everyone of his partners had been into that aspect of spending their time with him, more interested in just busting a nut he was pleasantly surprised to find that, of all the races he had encountered, it was an orc that was one of the more keen to speak with him, not just fuck and go.

"Ooh I'll definitely be seeing you again." he said as he pulled on his serving girls dress, getting himself made up and ready, so easily going from a fucked-up post sex mess to being the embodiment of perfection. It came so naturally to him, "For other experiments, you know?"

"Ominous." she commented, but her tone was mirthful. Before she had cum she had been terse and snappy, desperate only to fuck him and spend her load, now that she had done she was almost a completely different person, talkative and humorous. Scarlett glanced towards his notes, wanting to write so much more down but knowing that he would be needed on the main floor soon to help Mayla, he would have to set time aside to get off the main floor early someday, take Linza back with him and give her a quicky so he could spend an evening with this talkative version of her.

"Just make sure you clean up after yourself when you come back downstairs." Scarlett said with an airy tone, eliciting a grunt of confirmation from the orc as he moved to the door, a bounce in his step as he left Linza behind him to recover, closing the door behind him and making his way towards the stairs.

Scarlett arrived in the main sweeping hall of the tavern, looking as pristine as he always did, drawing the attention of many of the regular midday patrons, as he made his way towards the counter where Mayla stood, the regulars let out a rolling cheer, raising their respective glasses and tankards to Scarlett, laughter and glee breaking out in the tavern.

Scarlett couldn't help but smirk and roll his eyes as he moved, leaning his elbows on the counter, his body bowed backwards slightly in a lithe pose. The patrons knew of his habits and deeds, they had taken up the duty of cheering whenever they noticed him return from his antics, which wasn't usually that difficult to figure out, especially today, what with him all but dragging his mark Linza away back towards his room then reappearing sometime later without her as she recovered.

"Have fun?" Mayla asked, voice cautious. She, as she had always done over the last week, tried to be polite, trying to rekindle their wounded friendship, but she was met with a frosty glance, his beautiful eyes looking her over.

"Mmhm." he responded dismissively, "It's quite quiet, do you need me to work? Or pick anything up?"

Mayla smiled a little and shook her head, "I sorted all that and I can handle the afternoon crowd if you want a break until this evening."

He nodded simply and stood, collecting his coffee which she had prepared for him and placed before him on the counter as she always offered after his little sessions.

He considered going back to Linza to continue their conversation and maybe have a round two, but as he scanned the tavern he noticed a group and began to saunter his way across the tavern towards them.

He smirked playfully as he approached the table which was full of shemales familiar to him, a couple of humans, a dwarf, two halflings, all of which he had played with at least once over the last week.

His friends greeted him cheerily, expressions and words playful as he moved to sit side saddle on the laps of one of the humans, her arms wrapping possessively around him as he settled down with his beloved coffee, happy to chat and socialise as the human woman held him, asking questions about his encounter with the Orcess.

Mayla watched on from the counter and sighed a little. It had been so long since they had had a real conversation, she was beginning to wonder whether or not he would every warm back up to her, but she would suffer her penance of silence, gods knew she didn't half deserve it.

Mayla worked on as the day pressed on into the evening, Scarlett, who had not been needed during these quieter day time hours had seemed to enjoy instead flirting and socialising with his friends, but now that the evening crowd were beginning to filter in he left their company to begin flitting around the room.

He was, as always, a delight to watch, though his mannerism from when he had first become a 'waitress' with her had changed. Where before he had scooted around the room serving drinks and politely making conversation, his dextrous form avoiding any groping hands and keeping clear from anyone especially rude, now, however, he was just as flirtatious, pressing his curvy soft rear back into the hands that would reach out to grope him, a playful smirk on his full red lips.

He had in his last week developed much more confidence in himself and his sexuality, the sexual creature she had known in private becoming unleashed upon any packing woman who showed him an interest, which in her Tavern was virtually everyone.

The evening progressed and the money rolled in, the takings always excellent when Scarlett was flitting around, the patrons all the more keen to order just to get Scarlett's attention and presence at their tables. Despite the fact that it had almost been two weeks since he had first walked into The Thorned Rose, the impact of his presence hadn't waned at all, people still in awe at the mere opportunity to see a genuine elf, let alone the chance to talk and interact with one.

Mayla initially had been concerned that his presence here would dilute her clientele. After all, the intrigue of seeing an Elf wasn't specific of her 'gifted' female guests, every gender of every race wanted to get a chance to see him. However, the rumours of Scarlett's presence here had initially been dismissed by most as just that, a rumour. The only ones to truly believe that Scarlett was there being her core visitors who had seen him with their own eyes. But as the rumours became more prolific and the people had become intrigued, Mayla's deception had been revealed and Scarlett had taken to, quite frequently in fact, walking the city, visiting other bars and taverns for a drink and giving the opportunity for those that wouldn't normally frequent The Thorned Rose to gawp at him without having to come by her little spot.

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