The Trophy Wives Club 03


"Oh fucking hell yes!" Bill cried. He lifted his head and clamped his lips over one of her nipples, cramming as much of her huge tit into his mouth as he could, before swapping to her other one.

"Mmmm, yeah, suck Mommy's tits, honey," Marie sighed. She reached between them to find his hard cock still slippery with her spit. "Want to fuck Mommy, honey? Want to fuck Mommy's pussy?"

Without waiting for an answer, she angled her hips down, her shaved pussy lips spreading around the head of his prick, the big knob slipping easily into her sopping wet twat. Inch by inch she lowered herself down slowly, letting her pussy get used to the thick fuck meat of her son.

Bill moved his hands to her hips, taking hold of her firm buttocks and starting to control her speed, raising her up and then sliding her back down a little further each time. He moved his hips a little, nudging his cock deeper into Marie's pussy, the pair of them sighing as, eventually, her bald pussy met his trimmed pubes.

"Oh fuck," Marie gasped. "You really are big, honey," She ground her hips on his cock, making sure she had every inch inside her, before raising herself up and sliding her soaking wet twat down the entirety of his length in one go.

"Jesus, mom," Bill said as Marie repeated the move, fucking herself with his dick over and over. "I can't believe - - we're doing this,"

"We are, honey - - and we're going - - to be doing it - - a lot more,"

Bill clamped his lips around her nipple again, swapping from one to the other, sucking at the perfect mounds as his mother bounced up and down on his cock, her flame red hair waving back and fore. Gradually her pace increased and Bill began shoving his hips upward at the same time she crashed back, stuffing his whole length deep inside her with every movement.

"Fuck me - - fuck me, honey!" Marie cried. "Fuck Mommy's pussy! Fuck Mommy's naughty cunt!"

"Love you, mom," Bill said around her tits. "Love fucking you,"

"Oh God - - fucking my own son - - fucking love it - - gonna cum, honey! Make Mommy cum!" she groaned. Bill grabbed her hips and held her still, pistoning his cock in and out of her pussy as fast as he could, feeling her slippery twat clasping his prick as she came. Marie groaned, falling forward on to her son's chest, her orgasm rippling through her.

"Ughn! Cumming!" Bill gasped, pushing his prick balls deep in his mother's cunt before unleashing a torrent of jism, his cock pulsing time and again as thick streams of spunk shot into his mother's pussy.

Marie sighed in pleasure, feeling the amount of cum he produced, grinning as it ran out of her plugged twat and pooled between them.

They lay together for a moment before Marie raised herself up on one arm and looked at her son.

"Did you like that, honey? Did you like fucking Mommy?"

Bill grinned. "That's possibly the dumbest question you've ever asked, mom. I loved it."

"You know," she said quietly, "I've a little confession to make. I hope you won't be mad, but I want to be honest with you,"

Marie told him briefly about the nightclub and the antics she and her friends had been getting up to, finishing with the tale of last night and her fucking his friend, Hank.

"But if you want, I'll stop all that," she said. "I don't want to lose you and would trade everything else in as long as I can keep you,"

Bill lay in silence for a minute or two before smiling. "I don't mind, mom," he said. "Long as you and I still get to do this, I'm happy if you want to fool around elsewhere. And from what you said, it sounds like I might get a crack at auntie Jessica and the others as well. If that's okay with you, I mean?"

"That's fine by me, honey," Marie said, kissing him. "I'd love to see you fuck my friends. Hell, I'll fuck them with you,"

Bill kissed her back. "Love you, mom," he said.

"I love you too," Marie said, sliding her pussy off his dick. "I think we might need to get the car cleaned before your dad sees it, though," she said with a laugh.

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