tagIncest/TabooThe Trophy Wives Club 08

The Trophy Wives Club 08


These stories will feature mature mothers with big, fake breasts enjoying the over-sized endowments of their sons. If that's not something you want to read then go find something else on this excellent site.

Feedback is appreciated but don't bitch about how unrealistic or clichéd the scenario is in the comments - - you'll be wasting your time and mine.

Everyone involved is 18 or over.

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When Samantha and Franklin pulled up outside their house it was just in time to see Trina, Adam's girlfriend, storm out, slamming the door behind her. Without saying a word to them, she got in her own car and sped off down the street.

"She didn't look happy," Franklin said as they entered the house. "Adam? You here, son?" he called out.

"In the kitchen, dad," Adam called in reply. Franklin and Samantha walked in to find him sat at the large table, a slightly bemused look on his face. Samantha smiled as she took in his large, muscular frame which was barely hidden beneath a white vest top and a small pair of shorts. She winked as he looked up at her.

"We just saw Trina leave in a hurry," Franklin said. "Everything all right?"

"Yeah, I guess. Just - - we broke up," Adam said with a shrug.

"Really? After all these years?" his father said. Adam and Trina had dated since high school and, as far as Franklin knew, they'd been set to get married at some point.

"Well, there's plenty more fish in the sea, right?" Samantha said as she walked past him, squeezing his shoulder in a comforting manner before fixing herself a cold drink.

"Do you - - do you need to - - ahh - - talk about it?" Franklin asked, clearly uncomfortable at the prospect.

"I could do with talking it over, dad," Adam said, almost laughing at his father's terrified expression. "I think Sammie might be better, though," he said. "If that's okay?"

"No, no, perfectly understandable," Franklin said with barely disguised relief. "Maybe the pair of you could, ah, head out somewhere? You know, away from the scene of the, ah, scene of the crime. So to speak."

"Oh Franklin, hush," Samantha said. "Don't talk about it like that. But it's not a bad idea, getting out of the house. If you'll give me a minute to get changed we can get going."

"And maybe you can get dressed as well?" Franklin said to Adam.

"No, I think he's okay," Samantha said. "I was thinking of heading to the beach, anyway."

Half an hour later, Samantha and her step-son Adam sat in her car as she drove them down the street. She wore a large, old T-shirt over a bikini top that was almost visible through the faded cotton of her top, the collar of which was so large it kept slipping over one of her shoulders, exposing the tops of her round, big tits. Other than that, Adam could only see a pair of shorts that were cut way up high on her thighs.

"So where are we going - - Mom?" he asked with a broad, simple grin.

"You like calling me Mom when we're alone, don't you sweetheart?" Samantha asked with a smile.

"Yeah. Is - - is that okay?"

"It's perfect, sweetheart. Mommy really likes it," she said, winking at him. "And as far as where we're going, Mommy's going to take us to a quiet little place she knows and, as long as no-one's there, we're going to have some naughty fun."

"Like yesterday, Mom?" Adam asked, thinking back to the first time they had sex.

"Oh yes, just like yesterday - - only Mommy plans on being a whole lot naughtier," Samantha said, reaching over and sliding her hand up the leg of his shorts, her fingers finding the big, spongy head of his cock, already half-hard. Adam moved round in his seat, allowing her to lean across a little, her hand now wrapped round his length. "Mmmm, such a big cock for Mommy," she sighed, grinning as she felt it buck and deliver a thick stream of pre-cum over her hand.

She withdrew her hand and, as he watched, sucked and licked the clear fluid from her fingers and palm.

"Mommy loves how you taste, sweetheart," she said, making a show of smacking her lips clean. "But you'd best keep that for later." Adam pouted a little which made her smile and slide her hand back up his shorts to rub at his cock head again. "You just wait, sweetheart," she said.

Samantha took them out to the beach but further along than Adam normally went with his friends, leaving the usual places that were frequented by townsfolk and tourists behind. She eventually pulled off the highway and drove out to a small parking lot that looked as though it had last been maintained in the 1950's. There was a ramshackle guard hut that obviously hadn't been used in years, the paint marking the spaces had all but worn away, and most of the lot's cracked surface was covered in sand.

"Good, didn't think there'd be anyone here," Samantha said, parking up and getting out. "Would you give Mommy a hand carrying some things, sweetheart?" she asked Adam as he got out. She opened the trunk and between them they fished out two fold-up sun loungers, a cooler and Samantha's beach bag. Together they walked out of the lot, down some old steps and on to the warm sand of the beach that was deserted even though it was still early afternoon.

Finding a spot that was hidden from the parking lot, they pitched up their sun loungers. As Samantha stripped off her T-shirt, Adam's gaze instantly fixed on her huge tits. The perfect, round orbs sat high on her chest, the cleavage between them wide as gravity pulled them slightly to the sides, the tiny dark bikini top offering no real support. It was just a couple of triangles of dark cloth covering her small, hard nipples, linked together by thin lines of cotton.

"You like Mommy's bikini, sweetheart?" she asked Adam, noticing his blatant stare. He nodded and smiled. "Really? Or do you like Mommy's big titties?" she asked, cupping her huge, fake mounds and pushing them together.

"Both, Mom," Adam said.

"If I'm going to do some sunbathing," Samantha said, groping her own tits, "I'm not going to want any tan lines. What do you think, Adam? Should Mommy take her little bikini off. Would you be okay with seeing Mommy's naked, big tits?"

Adam nodded eagerly and watched as Samantha tugged on the knots at the side, quickly throwing the tiny piece of material away, revealing her huge mounds to his gaze. She cupped them again, bringing first one then the other close to her face, flicking her tongue out and over her nipples, watching him the entire time.

"What do you think, sweetheart? Does Mommy have nice big tits?"

"Gosh, Mom - - they're great," Adam said with a big grin.

"Mommy doesn't want to get them sunburned, sweetheart. Would you like to put some lotion on them?" She laughed gently as he nodded again. "Get the bottle from Mommy's bag then straddle me."

Adam rummaged in her beach bag and withdrew a small bottle before stepping over her with one leg, straddling her waist. He opened the bottle and, as Samantha held her big tits together, he drizzled a thin stream of clear fluid all over them. It ran across her perfect orbs, dribbling into her cleavage and pooling in the base of her neck before he placed the bottle to one side.

"Rub it all in for Mommy," she said, moving her hands and letting him take over, the pair of them watching as his big hands slid across her huge tits, the slippery liquid allowing him to glide over them, spreading the clear fluid all over. "You like that?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, Mom," Adam said, almost in a daze. Despite the size of his hands, he still couldn't cover them. He loved squeezing them gently, watching the firm tit-flesh bulge outside his hands as he groped them.

Samantha reached up and ran her hands along the outline of his huge, hard cock that strained against his shorts, threatening to burst free.

"Mmmm, such a big, hard cock for Mommy," she said. "It is for Mommy, isn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah, Mom - - all yours," he said.

"Then lose the shorts, sweetheart. Mommy wants to see that cock of yours again."

Adam moved faster than she'd ever seen him move before, stepping back over her, whipping his shorts off and then straddling her again, his hands instantly clamped on to her huge tits once more. Samantha wasted no time either and grabbed his prick in both hands, using the liquid from over her tits to gently stroke his entire length from base to tip.

"Gosh, Mom - - feels so good," Adam said, still running his hands over her tits.

"What does, sweetheart?" Samantha asked with a smile. She loved how he found it difficult to say any dirty words.

"Your hands on my - - my - - my dick," he said, actually blushing a little.

"And Mommy likes your hands on her tits, and like I said yesterday, any time you want me, you just say, sweetheart." She gently tugged on his cock, pulling it down. "Right now, though, Mommy wants her tits fucked. Will you do that for Mommy?"

Adam bent his knees and at the same pushed her huge mounds together, watching as Samantha guided the flared head of his prick to her cleavage. He pushed forwards, the fluid easing his passage, and sighed as his cock slid between her big tits, disappearing into the hot, slippery cavern.

"Ohhhhh God," he gasped.

"Oh that's it, sweetheart - - fuck Mommy's tits," Samantha moaned as she saw his cock head appear just below her chin. She bent her neck, stuck out her tongue and lashed it all around the head of his prick, sucking on the bulbous knob as it slid between her tits.

"Mom - - what about - - what about the sun lotion?" Adam gasped, worried about her swallowing it.

She smiled up and winked at him. "It's not sun tan lotion, sweetheart," she said. "I thought you'd be too excited to notice but it's a water based lube." She sucked on his cock head again, slurping up the copious amount of pre-cum that dribbled from his piss hole.

"Oh Mom - - Mom that's so good," Adam sighed. When she let him go, he returned to easing his thick tool between the slippery valley of her fake boobs. "God I love your - - your tits," he said with a shy grin. "They're so big and lovely."

"Couldn't do this with Trina, right?" she asked, referring to his now ex-girlfriend who was completely flat chested. Adam shook his head. "And you just remember: any time you want to slide your big, fat cock between Mommy's big titties, you just come see her, okay? Promise?"

"I will, Mom," Adam sighed, his hands gripping her huge tits as he sawed his cock back and forth between them, the lube making the tit fuck effortless.

Samantha knew he would likely be more than happy to shoot his load all over her tits but she had other plans and after lapping up another drizzle of pre-cum she put her hand on his hard, muscular abs, slowing him down.

"Want to fuck Mommy again?" she asked him, grinning as his eyes lit up at the prospect.

"God, yeah - - can I?"

"Of course, sweetheart," Samantha said, pushing him back gently. "Any time you want, okay?"

Adam pulled his dick free of her cleavage and moved to one side, letting her push her shorts off, kicking them to one side, revealing her bald, shaved pussy. She lifted her legs, gripping them behind the knees, and pulled them back and apart. Adam stared at her glistening, wet pussy lips as he straddled the lounger once more, this time taking hold of his prick and aiming it downwards, sliding the bulbous head between her slippery lips.

"Ahhh, that's it, sweetheart," Samantha sighed as he slotted his cock into her pussy, easing the first couple of inches inside. "Yeah - - that's it - - slip that cock into Mommy's cunt."

"Wow, Mom," Adam gasped, looking down at where his big dick was disappearing into his step-mother. "You're even tighter than yesterday."

Samantha giggled. "That's because - - ahhhh, fuck - - because Mommy has - - a surprise for you." She groaned as Adam packed more and more of his massive cock into her pussy, sliding a few inches out, then a few more inside, slowly, letting her get used to his size again.

"A surprise?" he gasped.

"In a moment, sweetheart - - first you - - mmmmm - - first you have to make - - Mommy cum," Samantha said. "Hold my legs up - - and fuck me hard," she said.

Adam took hold of her legs, allowing her to cup her huge tits and bring them closer to her face. She stuck her tongue out and licked her nipples before managing to clamp her lips around them, sucking hard on them.

"God Mom - - that's so hot," Adam said as he watched her. With his big dick now pushed deep inside her pussy, he began moving it in and out in long, steady thrusts, the hot, slick walls clasping his fuck meat as he moved it. His hips shifted up a gear and he began pounding her cunt, shoving his whole length right up her twat with every thrust.

"Oh fuck yes!" Samantha cried. "Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy hard!" She could feel every inch of his steel hard prick sliding deep into her cunt over and over again, almost bottoming out with each shove. Even though he'd fucked her just the day before, she couldn't get over how big his cock was and she was determined to have it at least once a day from now on. "Oh Jesus - - fuck Mommy, sweetheart - - fuck Mommy's cunt!"

Adam's gaze moved from her pussy to her tits and back, wanting to watch everything as he slammed his length right up her twat again and again. Her pussy felt fantastic, the hot flesh wrapping around his meat as he plowed into her.

"Fuck - -gonna cum - - making Mommy - - cum!" Samantha cried, feeling the familiar stirrings of her orgasm rippling through her pussy. She'd never cum so fast with anyone other than Adam and put it down to a combination of his cock and the fact he was her step-son. "Ahh God - - fucking - - cumming!" she yelled, Adam fucking her through her cum.

Eventually, gasping and shaking, she put out her hand, pushing him backwards.

"Stop, sweetheart - - stop for - - a second,"

Adam slowed down then stopped, pulling his huge, hard cock from her tight little pussy.

"You okay, Mom?" he asked with genuine concern.

"Fine, sweetheart - - never better, honestly," she said. She brought her legs down, Adam letting them go, and slowly rolled over, bringing her knees up beneath her, her ass high in the air as she dropped her shoulders, her huge tits squashing out beneath her. "Want to know why Mommy's pussy was so tight and what her surprise it?" she asked him, looking over her shoulder, giggling as he nodded. "Mommy's been very naughty this morning," she said, wiggling her ass from side to side. "All night I was thinking about what I said yesterday, about how we have to work out how to get that big fucking cock of yours up Mommy's ass. So this morning, before I went to church, I pushed one of my dildos up my tight, tiny asshole."

She reached behind her with one hand and parted her ass cheeks, showing Adam the suction cup end of a dildo sticking out of her butt.

"Oh my God, Mom," Adam said.

"That's right, sweetheart. All the way through church today, I was sat next to your father with a big fake cock up my ass, thinking the whole time how it would feel if it was your real dick up there." She smiled back at him. "Want to take it out for Mommy and swap it with yours?" She giggled as she saw his prick lurch, a thick line of clear pre-cum dribbling from the knob. "I guess that's a yes."

He took hold of the end of the dildo and slowly pulled it out, staring at his step-mother's asshole as it stretched around the thick length she'd had inside her. The first inch or two of the rubber dick came out and she moaned in pleasure and surprise as he pushed it back in again, fucking her with it for a moment or two. Finally, though, he pulled it free, watching her asshole slowly close up again.

"Want to fuck Mommy's ass, Adam?" she asked him. "Want to squirt some lube on that big cock of yours and shove it Mommy's tight little asshole?"

Adam quickly grabbed the lube and squeezed out a large amount of the clear fluid onto his rampant prick, rubbing it all over his length before he pushed it down, aiming the spongy knob at her crinkled butthole. He gasped as he watched it disappear into her ass, inch by inch.

"Fuck - - fuck - - gently, sweetheart, gently - - you're so fucking - - big in Mommy's ass," Samantha sighed, closing her eyes as she felt his thick cock slide into her butt. She groaned as he began packing more and more of his big dick up her ass, sliding it in and out, going deeper with each movement.

"Is this - - is this okay, Mom?" he asked, holding her ass cheeks apart, watching his prick slide into her ass.

"Oh fuck yes - - oh Adam - - it's fucking perfect," she moaned, pushing her ass back against him, feeling his cock slide even deeper into her ass. "You like it - - sweetheart? You life - - fucking Mommy's ass?"

"God yeah, Mom," he gasped. "Do you?"

"Mmmm, fuck - - ahhhh, yes - - Mommy loves - - getting assfucked." She looked at him over her shoulder again. "Mommy's going to want - - her ass fucked - - mmmmm - - regularly. You going to do that? Going to - - ahhhhh, fuck - - fuck Mommy's ass again?"

"Yeah - - oh God yeah," Adam said, pushing even deeper into her butthole.

"Oooohhhh, fuck - - yes - - do it, sweetheart - - fuck Mommy's ass - - deep and hard - - buttfuck Mommy!" Samantha cried.

Adam pulled his prick out of her ass until only the head remained within before shoving the whole length balls deep into her asshole making them both cry out in pleasure. He began moving faster, sawing his length in and out of her hot asshole, the tight muscles gripping his stiff column of flesh, the lube allowing it to move easily along the clasping channel.

"Oh fucking hell - - fuck - - fuck Mommy's ass! Fuck it!" Samantha cried, pushing her ass up to meet his strokes, loving the feeling of her step-son's cock ramming in and out of her butt. "Gonna - - fucking - - cum!" she panted, her asshole and pussy clenching as Adam continued fucking her ass, never slowing as her second orgasm rattled through her body.

"God, Mom - - I love this," Adam gasped.

"What, sweetheart? Tell - - tell Mommy - - what you like," Samantha said.

"I love - - being in you," he said.

"You love - - fucking Mommy's ass," Samantha said, still amused at his reluctance to use coarse language. "Come on, say it - - tell Mommy what you like."

"I love - - I love fucking your ass, Mom," he said.

"Again! Tell Mommy!"

"I love fucking your ass, Mom," he said louder. "I love fucking you - - fucking your pussy - - fucking your tits - - fucking your ass!"

They laughed together and he shoved his cock deep up her ass with every statement, slamming his whole prick into her butt.

"Gonna cum, Mom," he cried.

"Do it, sweetheart," Samantha said. "Cum where you want - - in my ass - - on my face - - on my tits - - fucking cum!"

She wasn't too surprised to feel him withdraw from her asshole and spring off the lounger, appearing at her head, cock in hand. She quickly rolled on to her back and cupped her huge, round tits once more, watching her step-son jerk himself off for just a second or two before his big length pulsed and spat out a thick line of jizz. It splattered against her face from one cheek to another, before it was joined by another line, then another, heavy wads splashing over her gorgeous face time and again. It pooled in her eyes, forcing them closed before it ran down her cheeks.

He twisted a little, sending a thick spray of jizz over her huge tits, one continuous line running from one nipple to the other before it broke apart and slid over her mounds. Another spurt landed heavily on one of her jugs, sliding slowly towards her throat, just as another landed on her other tit, glazing her perfect round breasts. He kept pumping his cock, cum lurching from his knob and dripping messily over her tits before he turned back to her face.

Adam gasped in surprise and pleasure as she lifted her head and clamped her lips round his still spurting prick, taking the last few shots in her mouth, sucking and slurping on his cock straight from her ass. She then took hold of his cock and used it to push the cum from her face into her mouth, swallowing as much of it as she could.

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