tagIncest/TabooThe Two Inch

The Two Inch


All persons in this sort story are consenting adults over the age of 18. I do not like to rush in my writings, but I do love to tease the readers.


"The two-inch wide straps around your ankles and wrists, are they too tight?" I asked in a pleasant voice.

"Just a little bit, Sir. Could you loosen them so they do not cut off the blood flow?" replied Miranda in her most timid voice.

"Does it hurt? Or are they just uncomfortable?" I calmly smiled as I reached for the left wrist and gave it a tug to tighten it another notch. As my hand left the strap, I ran it down her arm until I reached her neck inserting a finger into the collar holding her throat snuggly against the cross-member. I comment, "Not much room here either."

SMACK was the next sound she heard as I slapped her beautiful up-turned C-cupped tits. Her moan told me that she felt it and enjoyed the pain as her dark brown eyes watered and her mouth formed a perfect puckered "O" showing a tiny bit of her pearly white teeth.

My hand went toward her toned belly and made small circles feeling her abdomen become more ridged with anticipation, knowing that more of the pleasure she craved would soon be given and cheerfully received.

I traced around her hips, going past her shaved mound down to the tanned thighs pulling on the restraints securing them in an opened position just above the knees moving lower toward the ankles. All snug and tightly fixed. Yes, the Saint Andrews Cross had never looked so majestic.

After making sure she was not going to fall, I pulled the two retaining pins and rotated the cross and Miranda up side down placing her feet above her head. Her arms not quit touching the floor, so it put her mouth in the right position to use and maybe abuse as well.

Most importantly, it spread her pussy open for my visual delight and pleasure. I slowly inhaled from the flowering cunt. Intoxicating, the aroma caused my knees to wobble and shake and I had yet to taste the morsel and hidden juices.

I could hold back no longer, slowly I leaned in and dipped my tongue deep into the honey pot, savoring the flavor of musk and spring rain. I had to stop myself from devouring her at that moment. I was not ready to rush this play toy. I had needs and they were not to be denied before I allowed her off the cross.

When I tasted her cunt it was flowing and with just a few licks of my tongue against her clit her body shook and she started squirting so much that when I lifted my face away the juices shot over my head and drenched my chest, the floor and even ran down her body into her face. When it finally stopped, the juice from her orgasm had rolled into her mouth and up her nose as well. The fun was about to begin!

I stepped to the table and picked up a feather and immediately put it down, no, this bitch needed pain. I picked up the cat-o-nine, and laid a few swipes across her stomach and watched as the welts popped up with redden tones and she moaned saying "thank you Master, please give me more!"

I quickly knelt down, was face to face and responded "BITCH! Who are you to tell me what you want? You are my slut and you will not speak until I tell you!"

I went into the other room and set the timer for another 15 minutes, when suddenly the doorbell rang. I remembered I had ordered a pizza. I calmly opened the door and there was a young man about 18 or 19 at the oldest still had pimples and kind of a nerdy fellow. I smiled and said, "I don't have anything to give you as a tip, but if you follow me I think my girl has something for you." I turned away but turned back asking over my shoulder "Can you keep a secret? Can you keep your mouth shut while here?"

He looked at me and stammered, "Yea I think so."

I replied, "No you must not say a word"

He looked confused but said, "OK."

H followed me thru the house and into my secret room, but as we entered, I heard the nursery rhyme, "hickory dickery dock" I froze in place. Oh, no it was the code word for instant stop. I quickly moved to the cross and spun it back to the starting position.

I asked Miranda, "What is wrong?" her reply was, "Daddy, Randy took too long to get here and because of it, I have been upside down for almost a full hour. Now I have a really bad headache!" So I looked at my son and said, "Randy, go upstairs and unlock the cage for your mother and bring your sister a couple of aspirin. We will give them both a break. Once your sisters head stops hurting we will play a little more."

Randy knelt down and started to unbuckle Miranda's ankles. After he kissed her, he said, "Sis, I am sorry I took so long but the pizza was not ready. I tried to rush them but it seemed to slow the people down. You know I love you and would never do something to make you really hurt you!"

Miranda smiled and said, "yea, you are the best little brother ever. Now go and let Mom out of the cage and tell her to suck your monster cock and Daddy can fuck my pussy." Then she added, "just remember where we were so we can finish the game!"

Miranda stepped off the cross and quickly knelt down as she grabbed my belt buckle, undoing the button so fast that my cock slapped her face before her knees touched the floor.

The warmth of her mouth engulfed my hard cock almost to the base before her head stopped its forward progress. Not easy to take that much cock without getting loosened up first.

"That's my fucking little cock-sucking cunt!" I moaned.

As Miranda sucked her daddy/masters 8" prick down to my harry ball sack, I could hear my wife come towards the room asking in a concerned voice, "what's wrong with my baby girl? I pray she is alright!" and behind her I heard Randy saying, "Mom it's just a headache." And laughingly add, "I took too long."

As Annie came around the corner, I pulled my baby girl up and off my cock. She spun around reaching for her ankles exposing her ass and cunt to me. Before I could enter her, Annie jumped in and buried her face against the hairless twat. Randy reached out to catch Miranda from falling forward, his 9"inch monster poked Miranda in the eye.

This scene was such a comical sight that our whole family started laughing and falling into a pile of nakedness.

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