tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Vampire's Sex Slave Pt. 02

The Vampire's Sex Slave Pt. 02


Chapter 1


'Excellent,' chimed Alex, his joy sending another wave of terror down her spine. 'Then we have much to do to get you settled in.'

Walking to another darkened edge of the room, Emma watched as Alex retrieved a shiny object from a cupboard she hadn't noticed was hiding in the shadows. As the little draw of the dresser slid shut she heard the jingle of something solid and metal shaking in his palm. Glancing quickly at Val, Emma watched him step back towards her trembling figure. Although he kept his back to her at all times she could imagine the stoic look dressing his face, his body rippling with contained muscle as he watched Alex move into the middle of the room.

'Here.' Alex handed Val the shiny object and nodded towards Emma with a smile. 'It's your turn to play the bad guy this time. You know what I want you to do Val, come on don't be shy.'

Emma hunched further into the stale mattress as Val took the item and turned for the first time in what had felt like forever back to Emma.

'Come.' He demanded holding out his hand, a blank look in his eyes. 'I need to put these on you and get you ready for Alex's next punishment.'

The blood flowing through Emma's veins ran cold. Didn't she get a reprieve? A moment to think about her decision before they went on to the next game! Staring tearfully at the two men locked tightly with her inside the dark room, Emma knew she had no choice. If she refused one of them would just make her do it anyway, Alex with joy and Val because he would be forced to comply.

Delicately Emma placed her hand in Val's and felt herself dragged from the false safety of the mattress into the middle of the floor. Her heart melted with terror every step she took further into the thin shard of light that penetrated the centre of the room from the small window she could just make out overhead.

Without offering her a look, Val demanded she hold out her hands. As she splayed her trembling fingers in front of her naked body and looked to the floor to hide herself from their watchful eyes, she felt Val press a pair of shiny silver cuffs around her wrists and click them down tight. A fresh wave of panic seized her body and without considering her next actions Emma began to scream and fight. She kicked wildly at Val's poised form and shrieking into the small space, prising at the tough metal with her fingers. Oh my God. Panic assailed her lungs... no no no.

She could handle anything but physically being restrained right now. She had been vaguely prepared to take a punishment, suffer pain in this new task that Alex had decided to start but the moment Val had clicked a pair of cuffs and restrained her arms even one tiny bit, Emma couldn't help but freak out. 'No...no' She cried, struggling to free herself from Val as he grabbed her arms and swing her to pull her into his body tight.

'Stop...calm down,' he almost begged, pinning her arms to her side so she couldn't damage her or himself while she screamed and lost her shit.

'No Val please... I can take whatever you want me to without these holding me down. Please I don't want to be cuffed. Please Val' Emma screamed. As much as Emma could sense him wince behind her as he tried to steady her flailing body, he kept her hands firmly in chains, even reaching around to grasp both her wrists in one hand and dragging them above her head.

'I'm so sorry sweetheart,' he whispered, careful to keep his voice low enough to avoid Alex's ears. 'I have no choice.' With his broken explanation he drew her arms into the air and caught the chain between the cuffs with the palm of his hand. Looking up to follow his movements Emma noticed with a tremor that hanging from the ceiling was a thick metal chain, a sinister looking hook hung from the last link waiting to grasp hold of something, anything and never let it go. It reminded Emma horrifyingly of the hooks they used to hang dead carcasses in freezers, the meat just swinging lifelessly in the air pierced by the vicious point that dangled below the strong metal cord. As Val reached to loop the cuff link bound to her arms over it, Emma let out another ear piercing scream. She knew it was helpless to struggle, helpless to do anything at all but take whatever her next punishment would be for choosing to stay with Val in this hell but she couldn't bring herself not to fight.

She had had only seconds to consider her fate before she had been forced to choose between a life of abject terror or death and although losing her virginity on a mattress upon a cold dark floor had been horrifying, humiliating and painful at best, somehow it hadn't extinguished her hope of someday finding a way to escape.

To go on and live a normal life in the sun surrounded by all the things she wanted, needed. A loving husband who would touch her gently and lovingly in the night, children too cuddle and play with each day. Yes the constant ringing of Alex's and Val's voices telling her she wouldn't survive their prison buzzed in her head but she had managed to ignore the words long enough to clear her mind, drag herself from despair and agree to stay in their gloomy jail for a time only because she knew eventually she would get free. But now as they continued with her torture without any reprieve and Alex watched Val hang her from the ceiling like a piece of useless meat, the uncertainty in her future came flooding back, pouncing on her mind with a ferocity that screamed she would die chained to this prison, swinging on a hook like a pig and once Alex had had his fun he would throw her out or bury her somewhere underground for no one to find.

'I can't... I can't... please Val just kill...'

Val's hand shot to Emma's face covering her mouth before she could finish her words. 'No please Emma... no... stay with me don't give up alright. I will get you out.' As Alex turned to retrieve something else from the shadowed chest of draws to Emma's side, Val released a shaking breath that Emma realised he must have been hiding whilst Alex was around. 'I know you're scared. Every girl that I have ever done this too has been before but I promise I won't do anything you can't recover from when you're free. Trust me Emma please. I... I want to get you through this hell like I have never wanted anyone to make it through before. I know it's so much to ask from you and you don't know me at all but please trust that I can keep you alive and I will find a way out. Just... just give me time. Until then we are both stuck playing Alex's twisted games. Just let him have his fill of you now and I know he will leave us alone for the rest of the night.'

Emma stifled another scream edging its way up her throat. Part of the reason she had chosen to stay in hell and fight was because in her darkest moments on a dirty mattress in the corner of the cold floor she had heard Val's voice. Telling her that the pain would eventually subside. At the time she hadn't been sure if he was talking about the pain she felt when he'd penetrated her core and taken her virginity or if he was talking about the whole ordeal. Eventually when she was free from this prison and back in the normal world, living a normal life the pain would subside. All she needed to do was wait, wait until Alex had had his fill of her humiliation and shame. Wait until Val could find a way for them to escape and then she could start to rebuild her life again away from the shadows of her jail, back in the sun where she felt safe.

Chapter 2


Val felt more than saw her eventual acceptance of being thrust up on the hook, as her body slumped into the handcuffs hold. Her arms hung above her head and her feet sunk heavily to the cold stone beneath. Val stifled back a shameful groan as he witnessed his unwilling hands positioning her legs shoulder width apart on the floor. From the angle he currently stood he could see down the entire length of her curvy body and the sight drew his chilled blood straight to his groin.

As with every other time that he'd placed a girl in the spot Emma found herself in now with her arms over the head and her body streamlined from the hook to the floor, he tried to resist his forced actions as Alex's thoughts guided his hands with a life of their own. When Alex had turned away to retrieve his next implement of humiliation and pain Val found himself doing something he had never done before. He had managed to angle close enough to Emma to offer her his apology and tried to sooth her with promises that he would find a way for her to go home. Of course in the past he had tried to be as gentle as he could with each virginal victim that had been subjected to pain but he had never found himself wishing he could kill Alex as he did right now. Val's mind had been so twisted by the darkness and the man in front of him over the years that sometimes he had found himself dutifully playing along with the torture, even though he had instinctually known everything that Alex commanded him to do was wrong.

At first he had even perversely enjoyed having another around to share some of the torment and the pain but over the years Val had become tired, haunted and guilt ridden for the dark role he played in bringing Alex's fantasies into reality and quickly he had realised that he was being tortured just as much as the female's Alex used every time he was forced to take part in the debauchery his captor demanded from him.

Now looking into the tear stained eyes of the new girl now hanging from the same hook, almost tore him apart. Emma had somehow found a way to effect his soul; if he still had one that was, and his chest ripped at his skin at the idea of using her as he knew Alex would want him too now.

'Look at her all ready for our next game.' Alex signed, a broad grin masking his face as he patted Val's naked back with his hand. 'Can't you just imagine the screams and groans were gonna get from this one huh Val. I could always tell you enjoyed a screamer even when you refused to respond when I asked you if that was so. I bet we can make this one really squeal tonight brother don't you think.'

Val wanted to rip Alex's hand straight from its socket, but although he wished the movement so much he thought he would go mad if he couldn't do just that, his arm, his hand heck even his fingers refused to move.

'Now comes the fun bit hey Val.' Alex groaned, barely containing his arousal as he watched the innocent girl swinging lightly from the meat hook he'd placed in the middle of the room. How many times Val had wished he could unfasten the meat hook from its chain and stab Alex with it he'd lost count but he could distinctly remember the first time he had realised it was there inside his cell. Alex had dragged him from a fitful sleep still as a mere human and had tied his hands with a rope. Next thing Val had realised was his arms being thrust over his head and his body dangling from the ceiling as he struggled to stay on his toes. The memory of what happened next shook him back to his core and Val could feel pain rising in his body just from recalling the thought. As he watched Emma swing he promised himself he would not be as harsh as Alex had been with him when he had been in her position many years before.

'I think it's time to show this little beauty what its really like to decide to live in hell don't you?' Although Alex posed it like a question Val knew he wasn't meant to answer his question with words. His numb fingers gripped the object Alex held out between them both and although he couldn't bare to look at the well-used item he now held in his hand, he'd memorised every inch of the sick instrument in his mind.

Silently Val begged for Emma not to raise her head. He couldn't bare to see her face distorted with the fresh wave of terror the object would be sure to bestow. Too late, he groaned as he turned to see Emma staring after his hand as he brought it and the cruel implement of pain to his front.

'Oh god no...' She began, her body reviving the tremble she'd so recently overcome. 'Please Val. You said you would protect me not hurt me. You promised me that!'

Chapter 3


Emma's head swam in a sea of terror and shame. From the way that Val looked over her hanging form with pity and the cruel instrument he rolled between his fingers ready to use she knew what punishment Alex now had in mind. The hard lines of the flat wooden paddle looked as though they were roughed up and rubbed down, as though Val had been forced to use the instrument so many times he had literally began to wear it away. Fresh tears flooded her eyes, making it harder with every passing second to follow Val's movements as he prowled around her defenceless body in the centre of the room.

Although she had begged him, screamed at them both and reminded Val of his promise not to hurt her in anyway, he had shown little interest in the terror he was set to enthral. For a second Emma had thought she could see a slight muscle twitch along his jaw as she had reminded him that he had promised to protect her but other than that he looked, cool, calm and ready to deliver whatever Alex felt he wanted to give.

Emma tried desperately to swing her head with his movements, keep his prised hand with the paddle in sight, but as Val disappeared behind her back she could do nothing but hang limply waiting for the hard wood to strike.

From the corner of her eye she could see Alex moving to take a seat in the right hand corner of the room, his eyes joyous to behold the sight of Val readying to deliver a beating to her body. Every nerve inside him seemed to buzz to life.

Emma could swear she saw him visibly shake with excitement as he settled himself on the small stool nearby. 'Come on Val my friend, show her what being in hell is really like. Make her feel pain and humiliation like I used to with you so many years ago before you became my instrument of torture no longer my toy.' Alex threw back his head with a cruel laugh, his sneer turning up the wrinkles on his face and lifting them high. To Emma he looked like a sick and twisted middle aged man, tormenting and punishing his toys for actions he knew they hadn't done. Emma wondered how Val had come to be involved with the sadistic man before her in the first place and why we would let a human torture and punish him for false crimes.

If she had had vampire strength and speed whilst she'd been standing behind a defenceless human being told to hurt them and bring them pain she would have turned her power on the monster forcing her hand. Sure she understood that something was going on in Val's mind, something she couldn't quite explain but she got the idea that Alex was somehow controlling Val's actions and intentions in any way he pleased and it appeared that there wasn't a damn thing Val could do to stop him doing anything he pleased. But judging by their sinister relationship and the way Alex addressed Val almost as a child, Emma couldn't help but wonder why Val had never found a way to escape before, a way to stop Alex's voice from penetrating his mind.

The pressing thought that perhaps there was no way Val could keep Alex out or find a way to escape brought goose bumps to her tender skin. If after all this time Val still hadn't found a way out of hell, then how could she believe or expect him to find one now. Now that she was locked inside the darkness with him, a fresh play toy to distract him from any thoughts of escape. Perhaps the promises that Val had made to Emma about escape, being free and seeing the sun again were just a ploy to get her to comply, just a way to make her take more punishment, stop her search for a way to escape herself. She swallowed back the bile that rose to her mouth at the devastation she would feel if that were true. If Val had been playing her as well as Alex all along. But unfortunately Emma didn't have another moment to contemplate what she would do if Val was a liar...

'Spank her. Spank her go on Val do it!' Emma heard Alex roar, a mixture of excitement and anger laced his voice making it come out almost as a growl rather than a coherent set of commands. Although she knew Val was primed behind her, her bare behind and back on full display ready for the show, she could almost sense his internal turmoil radiating through the small space between their sweating bodies, as though the fight raging inside him was almost palpable to her senses.

'Emma I am so sorry baby.' He groaned quietly, avoiding being heard by Alex as he cheered and shouted demands in the corner. 'I don't want to hurt you Emma believe me I truly don't but this will hurt and for that I am so sorry. I feel like I would rather tear my eyes out than see you cry anymore tonight but my arms are bound to Alex's whim and he wants me to hurt you... he wants me to hurt you real bad.' The last words came out as a growl as though Val was hearing himself speak and growing angry at what was coming out of his mouth. For Emma all that his words served to do was increase her fear and dread. She had never been beaten in all her life. Mistreated yes.

Thrown around a little by an angry kid at the orphanage maybe once or twice but never physically abused by a man wielding an instrument of pain. She could feel liquid trickling down her cheeks and instinctively knew it was her tears.

'Val what are you waiting for beat the bitch blue,' Alex howled, his harsh words piercing Emma's ears and rattling her brain. She was about to be beaten, abused and consumed by pain but she strangely felt numb. It was as though her nerves had frozen solid. Refusing to send anymore signals of terror to her brain. She sensed an impeding danger in the back of her mind but lost the urge to move a muscle to protect her tender back and behind. Of all the emotions she thought she would feel when faced with her worst fears, she didn't think she would feel calm, ready as though someone was squeezing her hand and promising it would be ok in the end. The strange feeling compelled her to try and turn towards the man preparing to inflict her pain. In a weird way it felt like the vibes of calmness and promises of a brighter future were coming from him. Emma nonchalantly shrugged the feeling aside and took a deep breath, trying to ignore Alex's demands to Val as she hung from her chains.

Although she waited for the stroke of the paddle to tear at her body and burn her skin to flames, nothing came. No horrible scream was ripped from her throat as pain soured along her back.

'What the fuck are you waiting for vampire, beat her as I have commanded or I will do it my dam self. I refuse to wait anymore.' Alex sounded like a petulant child, cursing at his toys refusal to switch on, begin the torturous game. Turning her head as far as she could, Emma dared to stare directly into Val's eyes. What she saw tore at her heart and broke the level of calm she felt in her mind.

Val looked as though he was being skinned from inside. His body visibly shaking as he strained to keep his muscles from acting out the horrible commands he could hear rippling through his brain. His skin looked sheened in sweat, causing it to glow in the low light offered from the window above. Although he hung his head away from Emma's sight, she could still make out the faint smear of blood on his lips as though he was biting into his lip with his fangs to keep from crying out.

'Val... stop. Listen to me please.' Emma didn't know what she was going to say but as Val slowly lifted his eyes to her heated gaze she found the words flowing easily onto her tongue. If she hadn't found a level of calm during her preparation for pain she knew the words she was about to speak would of never left her mouth but as she watched Val's torture burst blood vessels in his eyes she knew that she had no choice but to free him from his battle. 'Val please listen to me... it's... its fine. I know that you can't hold his commands back for much longer and I understand trust me I do.' She could see her words momentarily drawing his thoughts from Alex's internal flame and she found herself compelled to speak more just to ease his pain.

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