tagFirst TimeThe Virgin's Bag

The Virgin's Bag


Note: This is a story about my wife and me. This is very close to how things went down the night we first made love and she lost her virginity. The only differences are very minor details such as the weather and so forth. She is now 31 and I'm 39 and she's still as gorgeous as the first time I laid eyes on her.


She walked in the door and quickly shut it before the wind took it out of her hands. She scanned the room and let her eyes adjust to the light and surroundings and Jason came from the kitchen, greeting her with the big kiss.

"Good heavens, you're a block of ice! Didn't the car have time to warm up?" "Well, it's only three miles." "I know, I just figured...", turned into another kiss. Her nose was shockingly cold.

"What are we doing tonight, going to Raleigh? It's already good and dark out there and it's only 5:30." She said while taking her red coat off.

Sarah was cold, but she was five foot seven inches of a hot mess. At 18, she was a lot more mature than her peers for reasons best left buried, but she wasn't your average kid, whatsoever. Jason was 25 years old, six feet of a melting heart. All he did was think of Sarah. When they were apart, he caught himself day dreaming about her.

She was it for him, but she didn't really know what to say or do about him yet. She was afraid to open up completely; afraid that she would get addicted too. She had never been hurt. If anything, she did the hurting, as she'd only had one serious boyfriend and he was off to college with little, if any contact.

"Instead of going to Raleigh, come in here and let's finish cooking this chicken. I don't really know what to to do with it from here. I've basted it in some pack of mess from Food Lion and let them soak, now they're slow cooking."

"What sort of veggies do you have Chef?" she sneered in her best South Park Chef voice. "I think there's some carrots." "That'll work, I'll get started on getting them going. So, what happened today at work, you seemed a little excited on the phone earlier?" "I just was able to put some loose ends together, make some people realize what we've got is what they need and that's the biggest reason they should get involved at the ground floor. That's all. I'll figure out this week what all the details are going to mean."

He was on his way. Things were clicking, and honestly, Sarah may not have even understood it, but that was the biggest attraction, and he had great big blue eyes like lasers.

Sarah was looking at him while he was cooking, as she sat at the kitchen table, looking at floor plans that he had scribbled out. She saw so much drive in him. So much virility.

"What's in the bag?" He asked.

"I guess you're going to have to get through dinner to find out." She said with a wile look on her face. Sarah was tall, wearing high heels and the pair of jeans that absolutely meant one thing to Jason. Lust.

She wore them every Friday night as soon as she figured out that he loved the jeans. Then, after getting some money here and there, she got more of the jeans. They just showed off her ass, thighs, and when she reached for something, her belly, which was more of a washboard.

"I guess you're going to find out a little bit of what's in my bag before the appointed time." She said with a sly grin and pulling out a fifth of Gentlemen Jack, their favorite. She might have only been 18, but she had some very adult tendencies.

"Dang, another good reason to stay right here, rather than driving an hour to Raleigh." As she was pouring him a glass over some Coke and ice, making him wondering to what the bag could truly all be pertaining and containing.

"Well, if I'm going to go to jail for the delinquency of..." "Hey, I'm not 17 anymore. That ended last week." "Well, whatever the hell it is where you get in trouble for buying alcohol for an under 21 spanking hot chick, just to sleep with her." "Well, that sounds like multiple violations right there, sir." she said while getting in his face and rubbing his chest.


He was cleaning up the table, they'd already had two glasses each of the bourbon, and he wondered out loud, "If either of us have anymore of that how are you getting home?"

She smiled and said, "Don't worry. I've got that figured out." He started thinking that she must have Meredith waiting in the wings, able to pick her up and have her home by midnight. He just left that detail to her.

She said she had it, so let it be.

All of a sudden, he heard the sound of running water. It was the tub. In the master bath, there was a large tub that was big enough for seating two comfortably in preformed seats and was actually a hybrid Jacuzzi or spa tub.

As she sat on the side, she felt the water temperature with one hand and had the "Jack and Coke" in the other. With her being still fully clothed, Jason walked in and sat at the other end, close enough to touch, but far enough away to see everything.

"So, the bag. Can I see yet?" "That's going to have to be a progressive revelation." she smiled. But, as you can see, there's plenty of light." as she lit the last of several candles which she had stowed away.

"I had a hard day today at school. My joint project for honors biology is finished, but it was mainly me doing the work. I was so busy when I got up this morning trying to finish everything, I rushed out without even showering."

"Well, I can absolutely understand that; I'll just let you get comfortable and I'll check on you in a few minutes to make sure you have not fell down the drain." He said with a wink.

As he leaned over for a kiss, she was a little more aggressive than usual. She pulled his head a little closer and placed her hand on his chest while rubbing his pecks.


As he finished the dishes, he could here her splashing a little. For Jason to be 25, he was naive. In fact, he was standing there at the sink wondering if she just wanted to soak by own self alone or if she really wanted him there in the room with her, or in fact in the tub with her. He debated it for five minutes. Then he sucked it up, took his last swig of bourbon and walked in the room to an incredible site.


She had been letting the jets work for about 30 seconds when the door coming open threw the light of the bedroom in the darkened, candlelit room. She, on her fourth bourbon, was in rare form. Her head cocked and her back nearly level and her bubble and soap covered ass pushed right up on a vigorous jet. Her eyes were almost rolled into the back of her head as she gained focus on him in the door. He was just a silhouette, but as he closed the door and started taking his shirt off, she just smiled.

Lifting off of the jet, she sighed, "Honestly, I'd rather have you...if you want."

By that time, Jason figured it out. She grabbed his pants, he undid the belt and she pulled the button and the zipper in one swoop! Pulling down his pants, she took his dick in her right hand and looked in him the eyes for a second before putting it in her mouth.

And put it in her mouth she did.

She worked it hard. He thought he was going to cum right then and there, and the left hand massaging his sack was about all he could take. All of this, going from 0 to 100. The most passion they ever shared was kissing on his couch and his feeling of her ass through her jeans or shorts and then playing with her perfect B cup tits.

And perfect they were. She stood before him in the middle of the jet tub staring at him and then she extended her hand for help getting out.

As she stood on the floor, the light of the candles flickering on her wet skin, he reached for a towel and kneeled down starting at the bottom and worked his way up. As he dried her tummy and tits and then back, she said, "Jason, you're missing something important."

He was nervous and the liquor had made her very bold. "You've got to run that towel through the my ass and pussy or you're going to taste soap" she said while sucking his tongue in her mouth. So, he twirled her to the counter and she put her hands up there as if she was being frisked. He got on his knees and dried it and immediately tested it out with his tongue.

She turned to him, keeping her ass in his face, she grabbed his head saying, "Okay, that's enough for now." She was saying it with a cocky smirk. She knew that her 18 year old body had him completely mesmerized, as it should. Four years on the track and field team and cheerleading has simply carved out an incredible human specimen. She was everything he could ever dream of and exactly what he had waited so long to get.

She pulled him to the bed, where she sat down and took his dick in her mouth, playing with the tender head with her teeth and tongue, raking the coarseness of her tongue against the grain on his head, he was absolutely in heaven. She acted as if she had done this a hundred times or watched enough pornography as to learn what was needed. Pushing him back one step, she got on her knees on the floor and proceeded to lavish on his shaft to the bottom of it and to the back of her throat. Sucking his balls, she then pushed him to the bed where she pushed a leg up, exposing his ass and she dove in like his ass and balls was pussy for a lesbian - she was forceful, gentle, and having the time of her bourbonized life and he was groaning and on the edge of an event horizon!

Out of nowhere, she climbed on top of him and proceeded to kiss him with his dick throbbing against her ass and pussy. Then he rolled her onto her back where he took a full five minutes working her glorious breasts, then her tummy. He loved it. She didn't understand why and it sort of bothered her, but she let him indulge himself.

He found himself quickly at the top of her clit, but he only blew some cold air on it. He started licking and sucking the skin all around her pussy, with his lips grabbing her left pussy lip in his mouth she groaned and he hadn't even touch the inside. Then he took her pussy full into his mouth.

After two orgasms, she pulled his head up for relief, gasping for air and begging him to come up for air, she passionately kisses him, sopping up the juice her pussy poured on his face. And without warning, he pulled up and flipped her on her flat belly and she fully opened her ass to him.

"Are you sure?" "Yeah. I'm ready." "There's no turning back, Sarah."

He bent down and licked her anus, full on until she came once more. Lapping her cheeks and pussy, he stood up and traced his cock around her fresh anus with no intention of penetrating and then, with her legs and ass ready, he put the head of his dick in her pussy while she grasped the head board.

"I can turn back. We can have just as much fun without it. I can pull out." "No, I'm begging you to put it in me."

Her breath was pounding and as his thumb inserted into her anus, he pushed his cock into her slowly. She let out a yelp and then, breathing in violently, she screamed a "good scream."

"Good God! Oh MY GOD!" "Are you ok?" "I'm perfect! I'm in pain, but somehow, it's the best pain I've ever been in my life." "It get's easier after a couple times from what I hear." "Oh, my, God. Just take it slow, please. But, keep up the work."

He swayed his hips, back and forth, fully filling her up and emptying her of himself. He knew he didn't have long to go. He knew he couldn't hold it and told her so.

"Don't cum in me. I don't want that fear, even with the pill." "It's got to go somewhere!"

She pulled herself from him and pumped his dick in her hand while sucking his balls and all of a sudden, she could feel the cum exploding, getting her mouth over his cock just in time. She took all he had to offer and he couldn't figure out for his life how he had kept it so long.

She had cum on her lips, her neck, and breasts. Licking it from her lips, she smiled and told him plainly, "That's different."

"Really?" He gushed.


"So, Sarah, what's in the bag?" he moaned as they laid in the bed, almost like two puppies all cuddled up together. "My clothes. If you'll let me, I'm staying the night." "How the hell are you doing that? You're mom will utterly slay me?"

"I'm at Meredith's, don't worry about it." she said, while caressing his chest. "Besides, she's got her hands full with her boyfriend tonight, he's staying over at our place."

"And Jason? What's in the bag will change from time to time, so maybe that'll keep your attention."

"I think I'll let you stay the night."

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