tagIncest/TabooThe Wedding

The Wedding


Let me introduce myself…

My name is Rosy and this is the story of the weirdest night of my life, and the best sex I have ever, ever had. All of this happened the August after I left school, my last summer of freedom before starting at University in London.

I was a little “difficult” at the time, I was slim, blonde and pretty, I had done well at school and sexually I thought I knew it all. I had a string of fantastically inappropriate but glamorous boyfriends who were mainly there to shock my parents and impress my friends. I was off to university in the autumn and life was good. Then my parents split up.

Everyone always said I was the spitting image of my mum when she was my age and she was still a good-looking lady now that she had reached her mid-forties. Unfortunately it turned out she was also a bit of an old slapper who had been sleeping with her boss, the loathsome Martin (a headmaster of all things). Well mum moved in with Martin and I stayed with, and stayed loyal to, my dad, a quiet plain looking man. He was so fucked up by it all. He spent that summer crying and phoning my mum and generally falling apart, I told him he should start dating again and that mum was a bitch and he was better off without her. He always told me off for bad-mouthing her and said it was important that we all stayed friends, he said I would regret breaking off contact with her later, blah, blah, blah. Well he was probably right, (although no regrets yet, and all this happened eight years ago) but the whole scenario meant that I could run riot and enjoy finally having a good excuse for being bad.

The Wedding…

The wedding was such a disaster waiting to happen. The daughter of old family friends were getting married in August and we were all invited, my father, mother, the loathsome Martin and I. Everyone was really mature about it. The reception was in a hotel and we were all staying there, me and dad were sharing one room and believe it or not Martin and Mum were two doors down. Lovely!

I had a fit when I saw the room because it had a double bed. I shrieked and stamped and made a huge fuss and arranged the bedclothes so that I could sleep under the sheets and my father could sleep tail to toe under the eiderdown. I then sent daddy off to the bar for two hours while I got ready. Poor old sod. Anyway, I was dressed to kill, a little-little-little black dress, hair up, bare legs, strappy sandals and only a shimmer of make-up.

The ceremony was dull and the reception was awful. No attractive men, only the sweating brother of the bride following me around all night like a fat puppy. I disgraced myself by being caught smoking by Martin, and this gave my drunk mother the opportunity to criticise my drunk father’s child raising skills. He thought that this was a little rich coming from an adulteress. I burst into tears and said I’d smoked for years and that anyway it had “absolutely fucking nothing to do with you Martin!” which went down brilliantly. My father retreated to the bar, Martin and Mum went to bed early, and I got drunk and snogged the fat puppy. We were like the cabaret.

The puppy turned out to be quite persistent and nearly let him persuade me to “come up to see his room” but the thought of having sex with him was just too horrible. In the end he had to settle for a blowjob in the lobby to the fire escape. He lasted about three licks and four sucks before the bastard came in my mouth even though I made him promise to tap me on the head when he was about to shoot his load. This was my cue to storm off to bed. My work there was done.

Thankfully my father wasn’t in the room yet so I stripped off and got into bed and was in a deep drunken sleep within minutes.

The Fuck…

About four hours later I wake from a dark, sexual dream. I am gently rocking my ass and my breathing is shallow and my skin hot, I am feeling really ready for sex. For a second I try and remember the name of the guy I have drunkenly ended up in bed with. With a feeling of horror I remember the fat puppy. What the fuck is he doing in my bed?

Then it hits me like a brick. The guy is my dad. We are lying in the spoons position, my back is towards him. His arm lies across my front holding me back into him. Two things have woken me. The first is the firm grasp he has on my right breast. The second thing is the hot hard erection lying between my buttocks. I freeze as I realise I have been masturbating my father with my ass. I still have my little thong on and his cock is right in there, lying along the line if the string, between my naked cheeks. Fuck! I listen to my daddy’s breathing, it is slow and deep. He must be sound asleep. I start to breathe again. Just stay still and his cock will shrink again. Why the fuck isn’t he top-to-toe under the eiderdown!? He must be absolutely trashed. Strangely I do not feel as horrified by this than I did by the idea of the fat puppy. Instead I feel incredibly naughty and I am amazed to realise that I am really turned on. This is sooo wrong, my heart pounds with thrilling excitement. I move very softly against him.

He squeezes my breast giving it a gentle knead and gently thrusts his cock into my ass. Oh God, I am starting to get wet. He is asleep I think. I wait but the temptation is too much, I gently rock my buttocks up and down. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I am masturbating him again. I am so wet now my breath is coming in gasps, my head is reeling. I desperately want to get a hand to my groin but my arms are trapped. He thrusts against me once more. Oh this is sooo good! Then it all happens so quickly.

His hand leaves my breast reaches round between my legs, he pushes his dick down so that it pokes between my thighs. Involuntarily I lift my left leg up to let his cock in between my legs, pressing at my panty clad pussy. He pulls aside the gusset of my thong and presses forward and back with his massive hard-on. His swollen penis head slides up and down my mound, parting my slick lips, and running between them. I am frozen in shock. He slides his cock back and forward at the wet entrance to my pussy, coating himself in my juice. Now is the time to pull away. Now is the time to call out. This feels so good though. He rests the head of his cock right at my entrance, it nudges up at me. Oh my god.

He groans in his sleep, curls a little lower beneath me and thrusts up. I could move away but incredibly I press back very slightly and his wide, hot, cock-head pops into me. I am having sex with my father, he is inside me. He pushes again and his whole length slides smoothly into me and I cry out once. We are locked together, my father’s cock is hard and huge and hot inside me. His hand returns to my breast, and grasps and strokes my soft flesh. God oh god oh god. His breath is hot on my neck. I moan and push down on him, his length feels so fantastic inside me. He starts to rock a little and pump slowly at my rear and I push gently back at each thrust. What the fuck am I doing? We build a rhythm of small movements, I am soaking now, and I don’t think I have ever been as wet as this in my life.

Can he still be asleep? I am moving as much as I dare now to get as much in-and-outness as I can, but the position we’re in doesn’t really allow for too much movement. I am terrified that he will fall out of me. He can’t be asleep now, his hand has moved down to my hip to pull on me and his breathing is rough. I moan and he grunts slightly as he thrusts. The feeling is sensational, he is sliding in and out so smoothly, and his cock feels so fantastic. This goes on for maybe five minutes, he gently fucks me in the pitch dark.

All reserve has completely gone by now and my lust has built and built to an unendurable pitch. I want this so much now, but I want more than this endless gentle fucking, I want to be able to let go properly and I realise that he absolutely has to cum in me. I have to let him know it’s what I want, maybe he still thinks I am asleep. It’s little more than a whisper in the darkness of the hotel room, my voice is thick.

“Oh, fuck me daddy.”

He groans with deep lust, a real animal sound and rolls on top of me. I am prone and he thrusts hard twice into me, grinding at my arse. Then his knees are spread to either side of my rear and he is pulling my hips up towards him, clumsily I struggle to get my legs outside his and then we are in the doggy position. He pauses, stroking my arse and running his hands up the smoothness of my back, I reach out to the bedside table, things fall to the floor, and a glass breaks. I find what I am looking for, the light switch and turn it on. I want him to see his cock deep in his daughter’s cunt. He gasps.

“Fuck me daddy, please.” I say it again louder now, “Fuck me!”

He pulls right out of me and for a terrible second I think that he has come to his senses and is stopping. Then he rams his whole length up me, his balls slap at my thighs and I call out. No words no just shrieking moans and gasps as he begins to jackhammer into me. My cunt is squelching with each thrust, he is going at me with such fantastic speed, oh god I have never had a fucking like this. He pounds and thrusts into me, I push back with my arse, desperate for as much depth as he can give. His cock bangs at the opening to my womb. He tugs and tugs at my hips yanking me onto his dick. He grunts loudly with each long, fast penetration and I am calling out now and yelling with desperate need.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Ten ramming thrusts more, maybe twenty and a wave of purest ecstasy builds in me with each thrust, peaks, topples and then crashes straight through me, I convulse with a shattering orgasm, bucking, twitching and yelling out, I’m shaking uncontrollably. It’s too much for daddy, he gives a grunt and grabs my shuddering hips, pulling my ass onto him, then he cries out and pumps jet after jet of hot sperm deep, deep into me. He jabs with little stabbing thrusts, emptying out the last of his cum. I can feel it’s hot liquid weight in my womb.

He still pulls on my hips. My orgasm floods out of me and I would collapse forward if it weren’t for his strong grasp.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.” My voice is so shaky. “Fuck, that was so in-fucking-credible.” I look to my left at the mirrored cupboard that runs parallel to the bed. My daddy’s red face looks stunned, he is staring down at the naked, sweating daughter who is still impaled on his cock. He looks in the mirror and our eyes meet. He looks far more freaked out than I feel. I need to tell him how great this was, how much I wanted it to happen.

“I never let anyone fuck me doggy-style! Can you believe that?” This is with really strong eye-contact.

“Your mother wouldn’t ever let me either.” His voice is so shaky.

“She was, and is, a fucking idiot. That was fantastic – daddy.”

We look into each other’s eyes for a long second. Amazingly I can feel his cock start to stiffen a little and I feel another wave of lust.

“Imagine if she found out about this?” I gave my ass a little wiggle and slowly ground back against him. “Imagine if she found out that you were fucking me from behind in hotel rooms!”

“She’s only two rooms down,” daddy replied and he started to stroke my buttocks and spread them a little, looking down at his hard cock buried in his daughter’s wet pussy, “She and Martin probably heard us. You were pretty loud.”

He pulled his stiffening cock out of me and ran its head up and down my slit, I moaned involuntarily and he slid back up me to the hilt.

“Oh shit daddy that feels sooo good. Now that we’ve woken them up, are you going to give them something more to listen to?”

“Yes.” He pushed me forward slightly, inching me off his cock again, then he pulled me slowly back, filling me deliciously, “God! You’re so fucking gorgeous! You make me so hard!”

“Now’s your chance to try out everything you’ve ever dreamt about.”

“Say it again.”

I spread my knees a little further arched my back and then I looked at his reflection, I looked deep into his eyes, “Fuck me daddy.” He did.


We fucked for three hours solidly until the alarm went at nine o’clock. He had me everywhere, every way up. It was so fantastic, I came and I came and I came. In the end we stopped because we were both so sore and neither of us could move anymore. Daddy said he hadn’t come like that since he was sixteen. I can honestly say I have never had sex that was remotely that good ever again. We didn’t have time to shower so we went straight down to breakfast and silently munched food, occasionally looking at each other and blushing. Each time I thought of what we did I had another hot rush of lust, and felt like jumping him then and there.

Martin and mum came into the busy restaurant and irritatingly came over and joined us. My mother was in a vile mood.

“I had no sleep at all! If I knew who it was I think I would actually go up to them and say something!” She looked at us both.

“You must have heard them! A couple were at it all night. Grunting and squealing and banging! No decency at all!”

“I had to stop Marjorie from going down the corridor and banging on their door.” Said a disconsolate Martin. I felt the blood rush to my face at the thought.

“ “I’m coming! I’m coming!” disgusting! I don’t want to know if some awful little slut is coming or not!” My mother hissed.

“Steady on Marj,” said Martin and nodded at me, “I don’t think Rosy needs to hear all the gruesome details.”

My mother looked at my flaming cheeks.

“Must have been the other end of the corridor. You can consider yourself fortunate. Absolute pornography!”

“Didn’t hear a thing from any other room.” Said my father blithely, “Sorry to rush Marj but we should be off. Come on Rose.”

He stood and I did too, as I bent to kiss my mother on the cheek I felt a warm leak of daddy’s cum run out from between my puffy labia and trickle down my inner thigh. Why hadn’t I put any panties on?

“Bye-bye darling. Sorry about last night.”

“I had a great time mum, don’t worry.”

“Well I’m glad someone did.”

As I followed daddy across the crowded restaurant I found myself wondering if there’d be time for a quick fuck before we left or whether we’d be better off waiting till we got home. There was over a month of holiday left before university began and it suddenly didn’t seem like time enough for all I had planned.

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