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The Wilderness Canoe Guide


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Zac is a canoe expedition guide, something he started doing when he was in high school and continued throughout his university years. He has just graduated from university, but he keeps guiding because it makes the summer interesting. He really enjoys the people he guides as much as he loves being deep in the wilderness which God created for people to use and enjoy. The extra cash doesn't hurt either.

He is 28 years old, and a university graduate in the field of Environmental Sciences with a fresh new Doctorate. He is living in his own apartment in the city, and will begin lecturing in the fall at the university. It's a split position with half his time lecturing, and the other half completing research in the lab. He had the best of both worlds by protecting the environment and being able to use it.

He is a young looking 28 year old, 5'10", 165 lbs light brown hair which he likes to wear in a spike style. His grey eyes sparkle with intelligence, mischievousness, and the love for life. He has a natural olive colour to his skin which goes even darker by the end of the summer. Zac's mustache and beard are not heavy, but he likes to keep them trimmed with the stubble look sported by so many men these days. He has some hairs around his aureoles which stand out on his defined chest; Zac isn't overly muscular, just very solid from workouts and paddling a canoe all summer. His abdomen is flat and sports a thin line of hair from the belly button to the top of his cargo shorts. Zac has a nice little package which fills out his cargo shorts.

Zac had put up a sign at the GLBT Centre at the university advertising his guiding trips, and some extra business had come his way. The latest trip, which is planned to start today, is for three guys who emailed their booking. They had also said within their messages their group had not been out camping overnight before. After Zac had asked, they had sent him copies of their canoeing course certificates from the Parks and Recreation Department in the city. Zac's guiding trips included all the necessary equipment for the expedition; the participants only have to bring their personal items such as clothing and toiletries.

Zac had all the equipment spread on the ground, double checking it when a new SUV pulled up and parked next to the little warehouse he used as his base of operations. Three very good looking guys in their early or mid-twenties got out and walked towards Zac. None of them had shirts on and Zac's eyes were already enjoying looking at their bodies. "There are three, maybe one is single" thought Zac to himself.

"Are you Zac, our guide?" the tall blonde asked.

"Yes I am" he replied.

"I'm Nick. That over there is my brother Jon" he said as he pointed at the tallest of the three men. "And this is Aiden, my boyfriend." They all shook hands enthusiastically.

Nick is naturally a light blonde with longer hair. He stood about 5'10", 175 lbs, and had a good firm body. His blue eyes were very clear and they sparkled when he smiled. Other than his light treasure trail and underarm hair, he was naturally smooth. Nick was wearing plaid coloured board shorts and deck style running shoes.

Aiden is about 5'11", 180 lbs, and just as muscular as his two buddies. He was slimmer than the other two and smooth everywhere on his body where Zac could see, including his legs. He was a dirty blonde who also had his hair cut shorter on the sides and longer on the top. His blue eyes were alive with excitement when he looked at Nick. He was wearing brightly coloured board shorts which drew a person's gaze to them, as well as speculation of the contents within.

Jon is a darker blonde with a short haircut of 6'2", 200 lbs. He had beautiful grey eyes. His smile was warm and sensual, lighting up his entire face when it was present. Jon was wearing board shorts as well, which hung low his narrow hips. Jon had a light covering of blond hairs across his chest which formed a "V" down and disappearing into his shorts. His shorts were riding so low the top of his groin pubic hair showed at times when he moved. His legs were long and muscular, joining at the hips as if they were an arrow pointing to the bulge in Jon's board shorts. He definitely got Zac's attention.

"Nick, it's nice to meet you, after all we never got a chance to talk other than through emails" stated Zac.

"It's great to finally talk with you too Zac. Just so you know Zac, we've all been hanging together since we were babies. Our parents were best friends and we were raised together" said Nick.

Aiden continued the story. "We went to school together, played soccer and baseball together on the same teams and even graduated at the same time. We're still at university together and have finished our bachelor's degrees, now moving on for our Masters."

Zac asked "So what made you guys want to come canoeing? One of your emails said you had never done it before."

"Well, we saw the sign at the GLBT Center at the University and thought we would give our dream a try" started Nick.

"We have stayed in provincial and private campsites before but never in the real wilderness" replied Aiden.

"We have talked about doing like this many times and the opportunity presented itself, so we jumped at it" Jon said.

"That's great, so you have some basic camping experience. That makes me feel better" replied Zac. "I have been nervous about taking you guys out on the trip without some fundamental camping skills."

Jon spoke up. "I'm glad we could reassure you. I have been looking forward to this, now even more" as his eyes checked out Zac.

"You'll really enjoy this trip. The river is fantastic right now and the weather for the next few days is supposed to be real sunny and hot. I have planned the route through some of the best scenery, best fishing, and nicest camping spots so you guys have a great experience in the wilds" explained Zac.

"That sounds fantastic" said Nick. "What do we need to do to get started?"

"Let get this equipment sorted out and you guys need to get your personal effects into the waterproof containers" Zac instructed.

Under Zac's direction, the four men sorted out the tents and cooking equipment, dividing it for each canoe. The food was dispersed into waterproof containers and one cooler as well. The ice in the cooler would only last for the first 2-3 days of the trip, but it could be replenished at a portage about the midpoint of the route where a small supply store had been set up. The supply store was actually a small rental cabin office for a dozen rustic but cute cabins, used by wealthy tourists as part of a trophy fishing package. These people usually flew in on a float plane or traveled the river on a luxury motor boat.

Zac also grabbed some fishing rods and tackle, putting it in the canoes. He watched over the guys packed their clothing items into the waterproof containers. Soon everything was packed into the canoes, and they moved the canoes onto the beach.

"So have you guys discussed who is going to be canoe partners" asked Zac.

"Aiden and I are a team and you get stuck with the little brother" said Nick. He made a gesture with his finger and thumb approximately two inches apart, and added "My real little, little brother."

"Stop talking about yourself" Jon quipped and then stuck his tongue out him.

Zac paused, and then replied "From the indications of his board shorts, you may not be accurate about Jon. On the other hand, Aiden's shorts seem to concave....."

Aiden stuck his tongue out at Zac while Jon made a fist and swung it forward to bump it with Zac's.

"You are going to be a great canoe partner Zac" said Jon.

"OK, you're in the bow, and we will trade off during the day Jon" said Zac. "This leg of the trip is short today. It will take us about 6 hours to get to the falls, where we will spend the first night."

Aiden asked "Are there going to be a lot of other canoeists out there besides us?"

"During the first part of the month the place was quite busy, but not so many now as it is the end of July." replied Zac.

"Will we get to try fishing along the route?" asked Jon. "None of us have ever done it and it looks cool."

"Yes, we should be able to catch a fresh supper each night if you want and are lucky" answered Zac. "Last thing before we launch. There's a rope attached to an eyelet on the bow and the stern, let them drag in the water when we get out there."

"What are they for?" asked Nick.

"They drag behind the canoe and are sort of like a safety line. If you fall or get thrown out of the canoe, it creates drag so it won't get far. They also give you a chance to grab it if you are in the water and pull the canoe towards you" explained Zac.

"They didn't tell us that in canoe lessons Zac" said Aiden.

"Well, it's not high tech and sort of a more traditional way to canoe" he answered. "Let's launch the canoes and head out guys."

They headed out and paddled along the shore of the bay, into the main part of the river. It is located deep in the Canadian Shield, and is fairly rough in terrain. It is a large and slow moving body of water most of the time, but there a few sets of rapids along its length. The river bank alternates between densely packed spruce trees and large areas of exposed slabs of granite rock hundreds of feet long. Some of the huge slabs of rock show the marks which were scraped into them as the glaciers moved and ground across them. While some of the granite was smooth, some of looked as if someone had dragged their fingers over wet cement, leaving long parallel grooves. It is awe inspiring to understand the glacial process causing the marks so Zac explained it to the group.

The day was warm as they gently glided along the river. The fresh air they were breathing had a hint of natural pine mixed with wild flowers, and Nick was thinking this must be as close a person could be to heaven while still being alive.

Aiden was listening to the cries of a bald eagle, looking up, trying to spot it. He saw the majestic bird gliding on the waves of air high above them in a large circle, and occasionally flapping its wings to maintain control. He got Nicks attention and pointed so he could watch it too.

"It's so beautiful to watch it fly" commented Aiden.

"It makes flying look so easy" said Nick.

"That's a male up there" commented Zac. "It's a good sign or omen according to the old ways to have a bald eagle watching over you like this, and it means a safe trip for us. The eagle is a very strong totem to the locals, and they are a powerful good spirit to protect people. "

"That's cool" said Jon.

"You will see something really cool in a couple of hours. There are some wall paintings high on the rock face looking over the river which people painted hundreds of years ago" said Zac.

Jon spoke up "I would like to see that." Both Nick and Aiden agreed with him. They continued their paddling in silence, the men looking all over at the beauty around them.

Zac explained the historical significance of this canoe route to the three visitors. "At one time in history, this was the route used by the "courier des bois" or the "Runner of the Woods" who were the early fur traders. These men traveled throughout the north in over sized canoes, meeting and trading with the members of the First Nations. They traded trinkets, knives and some other goods for the furs. Basically, the courier des bois were paying pennies for each fur which was worth hundreds of dollars as a finished product. They transported the furs to trading posts and sold them to one of the companies who had been granted the rights to establish a post by the Crown. The company eventually transported the furs overseas and sold them in Europe. The Europeans used the furs for such things as formal Top Hats worn by such people as Charles Dickens. Today, some of the people still rely on the income from trapping for their livelihoods, except now the furs are run down the river in motor boats and sold to different companies. We are traveling the route used for the past 300 years by the explorers."

"Pretty cool" said Jon. Aiden and nick agreed with him.

Zac had been watching Jon's back as he was paddling. His muscles rippled as he dipped the paddle into the water, leaning on it as he pulled the paddle along the side of the canoe. He could see the muscle tighten and bulge under Jon's skin, relaxing after the stroke had been completed. He liked watching Jon's muscles and skin he paddled. "He's so cute" Zac thought to himself.

He had the men kneeling in the canoe for both increased stability and balance, especially important since Zac considered the three men to be novices. This position also gave them more efficiency and strength to their strokes. Jon's ass was wedged against the little seat in the bow. The materials of his board shorts were tight, detailing the shape of the muscular mounds of flesh beneath them. The board shorts had ridden lower exposing the tops of each white ass cheek, clearly showing tan line. It's a nice sight for Zac to look at, and fantasize about.

Jon found himself really enjoying the trip, and talking with Zac along the route. He was feeling comfortable talking with Zac, and he even was beginning to feel comfortable when there was silence between them. He had noticed Zac when they first pulled up today. Jon had thought "What a body on that man."

Finally, Jon got up the nerve to ask the big question, "So Zack, do you have a boyfriend?"

"No. I haven't been in a relationship with anyone for a couple of years. It was too hard to look or do the dating thing while I was studying for my Doctorate" he replied. "What about you Jon? Got a boyfriend back home?"

"No. I have been without one just about as long as you. In all seriousness, I've been looking for a stable man and a relationship. Not just a quick fuck. That has narrowed the field quite a bit in the gay community." answered Jon. "You're a Doctorate? In what discipline?"

"Environmental studies" answered Zac. "What Master's program are you guys going into?"

"The three of us graduated with undergraduate engineering degrees. Those two are moving over to civil for their masters, and I was accepted to environmental engineering" Jon said.

Nick and Aiden had been paddling along the calm river behind Zac and Jon's canoe. They were listening to the conversation take place in the other canoe.

"Will you two be bumping into each other at the university in the fall?" asked Aiden.

"It could be possible because we will be in the same buildings at times" replied Zac. "I'll be lecturing in the classrooms and working in the labs starting in the fall."

"I would like it if we did Zac" Jon commented.

Zac replied a little too quickly "I'm beginning to think the same thing Jon." Then he blushed at how he had responded like a youngster. Silence returned to the four men.

Jon was thinking about how Zac seemed pretty easy to be with. He was smart, but not overbearing or obnoxious. He had a great sense of humour, as well as being easy to talk with. Jon thought to himself "I would allow Zac to eat all the crackers he ever wanted in bed, if I ever got him in there with me. I would sure never kick him out of bed!"

Aiden and Nick had been talking quietly about how hot they thought Zac was, and how well he and Jon seemed to be getting along. Unless they were misinterpreting the signals, Jon looked as interested in Zac, as Zac was becoming in Jon.

"They seem to be getting along fairly well" Nick whispered to Aiden.

"Sounds and looks like it" replied Aiden. "I didn't realize Zac was a Doctorate in part of the field Jon wants to go into. That's quite the coincidence."

Nick replied with "Yes, it's quite the coincidence. Jon's also lucky; Zac's smart and cute."

They had paddled for a couple of hours when Zac had them pull over for a break. After they got out of the canoes and pulled them onto the shore, Zac said "You guys need to watch the sun reflecting off the water. It will burn you to a crisp if you're not careful so maybe you guys want to put shirts on for a while, or at least lots of sun block."

"We're used to being out under the hot sun, so it's not so bad for us" said Nick

"Well it's your choice, but we better drink lots of water too, this sun and heat burns the fluid out of you" suggested Zac.

The guys drank some water as well as some electrolyte replacement. Zac dug some trail mix out of one of the waterproof tubs and passed it around for every to eat. The guys were sprawled comfortably in the shade of the spruce trees and enjoying the break. After about 20 minutes of rest and re-hydration, Zac thought it was time to get back out on the water again.

They got their canoes moving forward. They had all changed positions and now Zac was in the bow paddling with Jon in the back paddling and steering. Aiden was now in the bow with Nick in the Stern.

The day was beautiful with just a light breeze, just enough to keep the mosquitoes away from their bodies. At times, the four men chatted while paddling. At other times, they went back to silence as they made their way along the river. They all really appreciated the wonder of nature around them as they paddled. They slowed down and drifted a few times as they passed wildlife on the shore.

They saw a large bull moose standing in the water up to his chest eating plants, amazed at the rack on his head was so big. The animal looked graceful as he dipped his head into the water to grab more plants in his mouth for eating. As they passed, the moose never stopped chewing, but he did follow the canoes with his head, watching them for any threat.

"That animal is huge" stated Jon.

"He is a little bigger than average Jon. He probably weighs about 1000 lbs, and the rack on his head would be around 90-100 lbs" explained Zac. "Could you imagine having to carry that weight around on your head?"

"Wow. No wonder their neck muscles are so big" exclaimed Aiden. "Is it true they grow a net set every year?"

"Yes, they lose them after rutting season and they start growing again shortly thereafter" answered Zac.

"They have a rutting season? Nick is rutting on Aiden all year round. He would never survive having it based on a season" commented Jon. Both Nick and Aiden stuck their tongues out at Jon. Zac started to laugh.

They stopped for a quick lunch after a couple of hours. Zac had sandwiches, cut vegetables as well as fruit for them to eat. He also encouraged them to drink lots of fluids. After a half hour, they started out again.

As they came around a slow, lazy curve in the river, Zac directed them to canoe over to the base of a set of rock outcroppings. The walls were straight up until they reached the outcropping a couple of hundred feet above them.

Zac pointed to a couple of spots on the vertical rock wall blow the lowest outcropping. "Hundreds of years ago, someone or maybe more than one person drew pictures on the rock face. The one on the right shows three men represented by stick figures who appear to be hunting a bull and cow moose. They are using spears and are holding them above their heads as if they we ready to throw them."

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